An Open Letter Regarding the Westboro Baptist Church

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RevModemac, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. RevModemac Member

    This has been on our Web site (a wiki) for years. It applies here as much as anywhere else.


    To ANONYMOUS: The best way to destroy the WBC is to remove what they want most of all: PUBLICITY. If you really want to hurt them, you must make them unknown. You must make it so that PEOPLE DON'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT FRED PHELPS AND THE WBC. If you can do that, then you WIN THE GAME.

    The High Weirdness Project
  2. Anonymous Member

    So, let me get this straight. You don't want to give them publicity so you write an open letter about them. Makes perfect sense.
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  3. Rockyj Member

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  4. Anonymous Member

    Well at least the Anti-WBC faggots got it out of their system (they've been whining about WBC for 2 years). Now if only they'd learn to get their fail out of their system too.

    Observation; A Difference between WBC and Scientology:
    1) Scientology hates bad PR. They take efforts to hide all their vices and lies, which is lulz to reveal them as Anonymous has done for 3 years. Their reactions are like the scrambling of ants after pouring boiling water into their hill.
    2) WBC loves bad PR, hell, ANY PR! They thrive on it, which Anons against WBC have successfully helped them with.

    The only win you can ever get from trolling WBC is if you can catch Phelps in homosexual relations. But so far this pissing match is fail.
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  5. PhAnonynom Member

    Supports their freedom of speech plus bitchslapped them. Best of both worlds.

    As a follow up their should be a gay picket of their church. Gays in GF masks. Also best of both worlds?
  6. Rockyj Member

    They were asking for it! I watched that radio interview & a female member of the church was spewing so much a hate & attacking Anonymous it was disturbing. I have no doubt WBC was trying to set up Anonymous & it backfired big time! Payback is bitch & out of all the hateful groups out there WBC REALLY deserves it!
  7. Smurf Member

    To those that are perpetuating this hacking campaign... Shirley Roper is not stupid. Underneath all the fire & brimstone yap, lies a very smart attorney who has earned her family a fortune in lawsuit damages & settlements. Fred Phelps has 13 children. 11 of them are active attorneys. If you don't think under this tit-for-tat going on with them, they are not fully cooperating with the FBI Cybercrimes Unit, to have some people arrested & convicted for hacking, you're incredibly naive & quite stupid.

    Think of the publicity windstorm that they will get when some an "anon" or "anons" are nabbed & convicted. It gives them even more of what they want.

    Just notice this today from the kooks. Evidently, some Amish children were killed recently in a Kentucky accident.
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  8. Is this thread still alive...?
  9. Anonymous Member

    Are U?
  10. I honestly have come to the belief that WBC is just a long-running irl troll in order to get people to take actions that will result in law suits and get them money.
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  11. Mr.4n0nym0uS Member

    Hello, W.B.C. will be brought to justice its just a matter of time.......EXPECT US
  12. Anonymous Member

    How do you make something unknown?
  13. Anonymous Member

    The same way you recall 50,000 e-mails released onto the web.
  14. Anonymous Member

    I reckon they should just flood their website with gay porn. Preferably lesbian.
  15. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Problem is: Will they get any publicity windstorm from that? So far, only attention they have gotten is on the tubes. ABC, CBS, & NBC have remained mute. I haven't seen/heard anything from CNN and Faux News, but that is me and my lack of lurking. Thing is, nobody likes the WBC and are the cancer and AIDS of the religious right. So, any attention they get is probably gonna be from them making a stink about it.

    As for any legal messes from the hackers, it probably will end on the FBI's doorstep like a bag of lit dog shit. The WBC can help, but as far as being head lolsuit lawyer, well... that may be a footbullet in the making. Here is the thing: The FBI's super secret party van has got moar things to worry about than the WBC's website... Yeah, Shitty Roper is a big ass lawyer and so are 11 of their inbred cousins children, and yeah they may have some clout... but I have extreme reservations about how involved the FBI are because:

    1) The WBC isn't too keen on the US Government and their involvement.

    2) The FBI doesn't want to look like they are helping an Anti-USA group.

    3) This site got DDoSed and the FBI said, if I remember their exact words right, "LULZ, NO U". IOW: They are not going to waste time, money, resources, or shoes on some petty ante website like the WBC. They got to worry about bigger sites... like Wikileaks.

    Now let me make this clear to you and everyone: You ARE right Smurf and you ARE correct in your statements. DDoSing those inbred herpes stains is going to end badly for those involved. This will give them the attention they crave. My TL;DR is that the attention will probably be because they force it on everyone and probably will not happen as fast as they want it to be.

    Whaa?? Now they got to pick on the Amish? They don't do anything worth the attention! Boy they must be desperate...
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  16. uncoerced Member

    Again, sending them erotica to satisfy my own needs of an eye for an eye, even if it's only the sheer outrage I feel at their words and actions being reciprocated in some filth. However, I like the idea of setting up a place for people to donate to charities that the WBC would oppose in their name. I know we should ignore them, but I just can't ignore how irate I am when I think of them and I have to do something besides masturbate.
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  17. Anonymous Member

  18. Anonymous Member

    You think? They sound pretty convincing of their beliefs, here.
  19. agent156 Member

  20. Anonymous Member

    Alot of Topeka, Kansas teens are yapping on Facebook that Shirley's son, Isaiah Phelps-Roper, is a closet gay 18-year old that has been seen doing things which make his mom shriek and grandfather disconnected from the clan. Isaiah, allegedly, spends alot of his time at the Tool Shed Tap, Topeka's only gay bar. Nate Phelps, who fled the family & now speaks out against it sez Isaiah's orientation is a well-known secret in the family.
  21. agent156 Member

    So I guess we lie in wait until their Jenna Miscavige comes along.

    We just need to make sure they come to us, or sit back and laugh while someone else does the hard work.
  22. Anonymous Member

    I hear Scientology can cure you of Tourettes.
  23. This thread is still alive...
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  24. Anonymous Member

    FUCK! You're right

    Dome this shit please. Oh ya, no dome...pity.
  25. VendettaX Member

    this church disgusts me. i respect that they have free speech but i think that they should have anon protesting in front of the church 24/7
  26. BamBam Member

  27. BamBam Member

    I think you are 100% correct. This is worse than a cult. It's a con.
  28. BamBam Member

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  29. Django Member

  30. I have nothing to say, I just wanted to post this picture one more time.
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  31. agent156 Member

    Well since they aren't going to leave us alone.

    Meme them into irrelevance.

    Turn their protests into the most awesome, diverse, fagtasic, spontaneously bi-curious, parties this decadent, doomed, democracy has every seen. Parody proving them right.

    Obviously, not a job for anonymous...

    But we are all not anonymous... at least some times... most of the time, and probably 90% off-the-hook egomaniacs. ;p

    I didn't really like the Grateful Dead. I always looked forward to them coming to town.

    Air dropping 500 slutty G*th girls on Afghanistan would have done more to undermine the tribal/theocratic regimes that were keeping them down, than anything our military or CIA does.
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  32. This^^^
    Or placards pointing out it is a con

    Group Incites=Group are Lawyers=Lawsuits=$$
  33. uncoerced Member

    I would love to counter protest them as parody and will happily smooch girls for this sake. In a navy uniform.
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  34. they are giving you ammunition.. right they hate the LGBT community so counter protest with gay couples kissing infront of the westboro church members. its simple as.

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