An Open Letter to Kim Belotte

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Xenu Is Lord, Aug 11, 2015.

  1. Xenu Is Lord Member

    An Open Letter to Kim Belotte

    For some time it has been know but not publicly stated that Kim Belotte
    of the Washington DC Founding Church of Scientology has been forced to resign her post as Executive Director of that ORG.

    Many of you will recall she is the one that made a false accusation against protestor Anon Sparrow a few years back.

    Kim’s temper is legendary as noted by Sparrow and it looks to be the reason for her removal. Apparently this started in mid 2013 to early 2014. She was sent to LA to be audited for her outburst. It had become so out of control that members of her own ORG could no longer take it and complained to the right persons. After four months she was sent back to DC in a lowered condition and found that she was no longer the Executive Director.

    Needless to say this did not sit well with Kim and over the next few months she attempted to assert herself as if in her prior position. It got so bad that she was told to leave and she is now routed off of staff all together.

    Kim is now listed on Linked-In as working as a Real Estate Property Investor and in Health, Wellness an Fitness.

    This all brings me to the point of this Open Letter. Kim, I got to ask, was it worth it? The 16 years you put in? After all you did, after all the stress, long hours and towing the line you got treated the way you did? What would you do different? Why do you think things degenerated they way they did. Are you going to blame the protesters?

    One thing is clear to me, people are not who they are outside Scientology as they were when they were in. We have seen Mike Rinder, Marty Rathbun, Debbie Cook and many more leave and become better people for it, will you join them? We noticed that you still like Scientology on your Facebook so are you in good standing?

    Naturally people on this side are not happy with what you did to Brian (Sparrow) but I can also tell you, many of us have made peace with Marty and Mike and you will find that we can be supportive and willing to listen.

    We want to hear your story, we want to know your side and please understand, what you have to say will make a difference.

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  2. RightOn Member

    Only thing I want to hear out of this bitch's mouth is an apology to Sparrow.
    If she has something else to contribute to speaking out against the cult, then fine.

    And "WE" have seen Marty, Mike and Debby "becoming better people for it"? I think you may have some disagreements there.
    I am glad they are no longer touting Scientology, but I am still not convinced they have done all they can to help and more info needs to come forward.
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  3. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Indeed RO, especially with a peon who was ousted involuntarily, seems to take those ones longer to come-around/decompress than those who figure it out beforehand, they hang on forever to any straws they can grasp, delving deep into their hearts hoping to find some sort of validity that doesn't make them total suckers, though I am sure that many develop that horrid 'nagging-doubt' long before then. The apology thing, well, having witnessed how that works with new ex's...... bwahahahahahahahahaha! Cult has the moral compass of a bad STD picked up by LRon in an outhouse in China and spread amongst his faithful flock in all the juice-boxes.
    Kim got chucked from the veritable 'short-bus', but to her, it wasn't Ron's fault as far s I can see her seeing, probably that little fruit-bat upstart DM's fault, off to the freak-zone I suspect.... unless... rebellion! *koff*

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  4. Malory Member

    An apology and a statement to the police that the cult forced her to lie in court.

    Meanwhile I shall don my worthless e-Shrink hat and suggest Kim's temper outbursts were maybe a result of her having to suppress so much emotion underneath cult programming and she kept blowing like a pressure cooker.
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  5. RightOn Member

    Because it could lead to others AND DM who are guilty of lying, fair gaming and trying to ruin someone's life.
    What Blotto did was utterly despicable. The cult used her and spit her out like sour milk. waaaaaah!

    She had the nerve to say he was stalking her AND that he had an erection! I just get SO angry all over again when I think of the expense and trauma she put Sparrow (and I would imagine his parents too) through. I ran 2 auctions to try to help Sparrow out with the lawyer's expenses and Denise Brennan (then Larry), helped out with mailing out the prizes. Thank you again my dear Denise!

    Blotto, Sue and Sylvia Stainedpants AND DM and who ever was involved needs to spend some serious time in jail for lying and wasting the court's time.
    This case reeks of a Paulette Cooper "light" story.

    And what about Blotto's hubby poo? She was shipped off to LA, so wtf did he do then? He must have been labeled PTS, if she was assigned to lowered conditions?

    I think back on all of Sparrow's vids and how much I looked forward to them. And all the sciloon stars like Clyde, Sue, that robotic guy, the two Vickies and Tony the guitar guy. I hope Tony got out.
    And also that NOI vid where that guy threatened him on film. Great Xenu Sparrow was put through the wringer. Oh! and Clyde also threatened him on vid too. Aww the good 'ol days.

    This is just another case of an ex (if she is an ex, I think she is still in) of keeping quiet and sitting on some very damaging info that can take a lot of people down.
    If she is out, she needs to come forward and "make it go right".
    Not bloody likely that she is going to throw all those people under the bus including DM, who of course had to be calling all the final shots. If she is out, I am sure she signed some sort of internal gag order of some sort?
    If she is still in, I hope she (and all others involved) are all suffering from the guilt that is hopefully eating them alive for trying to ruin a very kind man's life.

    Sparrow planted many seeds of doubt and a person also came forward and they said that Sparrow was the reason why they got out.
    One of WWP's greatest farmers.
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  6. JohnnyRUClear Member



  7. RightOn Member

    :rolleyes: ^^^
    corrected so that nervous tick in your face will go away.
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  8. xander meehan Member

    I must tell you "Right On," You are one seriously very cool person in my books. You actually get it. These turd eaters you've written about absolutely deserve arrest, prosecution, conviction, and a very lengthy stay in one of the many "Stone Palaces." with their respective new boyfriends "The Bubba(s)," jamming and jacking them in their respective keysters right through a fracking key hole. This year Lisa will have been dead 20 years. In my view Wavy Davy, Rinder, Rathbugger, and many many others need to get what they seriously need to get.

    I have one great question for all of you. In remembering those lost by death, and as a very specific example, what did Kaja Ballou do in one meeting with them, one singular time that caused her to go home, and throw her self out of her apartment window to her death. What actually happened in that very brief time span? Think clearly before answering? No jokes .... I would like you to look deep within yourselves before you answer, and I would like others to answer as well.

    I have many of your posts "Right On" and I seriously like how you think.
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  9. RightOn Member

    She filled out a personality test and they made her feel like she was a complete failure, as far as I know.
    Then again, they do that to all who take the test, even if you fill in all the correct answers . If they didn't do that they would have nothing to "help you with or correct".
    Kaja just took it to heart.
    Her dad was very well to do, and I was surprised that this story is not too well know by the general public. i think all death stories need to come out all over again. SOME of the general public has heard some of the ex's stories. Especially because of Going Clear. But there needs to be a huge spot light shown on all these deaths.
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  10. anon8109 Member

    Prison rape is rape.
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  11. RinderRathBugger. RathinderBugger. Love it.
  12. xander meehan Member

    Remember when the journalist caught up with Davis, and the other nuts in England at the airport? I think you can still find the you tubes on it, if you look into their eyes closely, anyone of them, while the confrontation is ongoing, their eyes do not look right, seriously. Remember, with the Scienos, its all about domination, control, utilizing neural linguistic programming, and trauma based mind control techniques. When a person wakes up to this, they actually realize that they are being fully manipulated. What Scientology actually teaches is mind control, and mass manipulation.
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  13. incog712 Member

    But as with everything else in scientology, nothing is as it seems. While on the surface, it appears to be teaching mind control and mass manipulation, in actuality the student is really being conditioned to be controlled and manipulated.

    It's why these cultists get so confused upon discovering that the techniques that they've been "taught" only seem to work when applied towards other scientologists.

    Must be because non-scientologists are just too low on the tone scale to recognize that they're being "controlled".
  14. SOJOA Member

    Im surprised they didn't just force her into the Sea Org......
  15. RightOn Member

    she may have smoked pot or done some drugs at one time, which would be a sure fire way of her not being able to join or be forced into the SO
  16. xander meehan Member

    You know, for the most part I agree with your view, yet not completely. Where I depart is specifically this. They practice these techniques, on a full scale, and it seriously takes time for any individual to master these techniques. It is very easy to see into their respective and very simple logic. Yet it really is far more than this. There are things that I personally know that I have yet to divulge. If and when that day comes, you will seriously be dumb founded. You will be substantially more angry when you put it all together, all of the pieces. If you are smart, you will come to a full realization that all of this is far far far far more serious than you ever ever realized. This is specifically why I am so happy about so many of you. You saw what was happening, and you stood the frack up... and drew a line in the sand, not only for your self, but those you loved, cared about, and the community that you live in day to day. As I said before, this year Lisa will have been passed 20 years. Little Kaja Ballou, never stood a chance. Nor did the other innocent lost. If you could speak to Kaja's dad, the Diplomat, what would you say to him? What...."We're really sorry for your loss!" Why are you here? What is the real reason you're here? I'll bet its because you're like me. Your mad as hell, and your not going to take it any more, not sitting down, not standing up, .... its 44-40 or FIGHT. Get me? That's why your here, either that or you're bored, and just wanted to hang out where interesting topics come up. Answer the question for your self... not me or anyone else.... why are you here? What is the overwhelming force that brings you here?

    All of my very best to you, I find you to be a very thoughtful person.
    Saxxx (Xander)
  17. RightOn Member

    the waffles
  18. xander meehan Member

    Every one comes here for the waffles eh? So do you get syrup and jam with those tasty waffles, or maybe some butter, or honey? Waffles actually sounds good to.
  19. RightOn Member

    no not everyone.

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