An opportunity to take the fight to the streets (of cyberspace)

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Miss Information, Dec 18, 2011.

  1. I will no longer sit idly by while the fate of the internet is decided by the least qualified people on the planet for the job. Will you join me? I am not asking for your money. I am not asking for your signatures, but your support. Will you join me? I'm not asking you to do anything new. I am asking all of you, denizens of the internet, to do what you do best. Our mission is to troll the shit out of ANYONE and EVERYONE who opposes liberty and free expression in cyberspace. Now, will you join me?

    A threat to liberty anywhere is a threat to conscious thought everywhere.
  2. telomere Member

    Thank you, but next time try using a smaller font.
    This is too large and it hurts my eyes.

    Pastafarianism is just another engram; but instead of money they want your noodle.
    And tbh, trolling is so 2010.
  3. I am offiacialy in. What do you need help with I specialize in Ddos and doxing
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  4. Anonymous Member

    off is the general direction.jpg

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