Anarchy U.S.A

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ronaer, Jun 11, 2015.

  1. ronaer Member

    What is this?

    I personally cannot word what I think of this 'documentary' yet. It appears farcical to me; calling 'negroes' deluded for protesting. On the other hand, what does this 'ancient' video say of the current climate?

    Is this propaganda?

    -gasps- Is Anonymous by extension somehow supporting some shady agenda?

    Should I even give a shit about this or call it a waste of an hour?

    Where should something like this even be posted?
  2. Hugh Bris Member

    There definitely was some overlap between the civil rights movement and communism, since communism/socialism was accepted among many in the civil rghts movement


    IMdB says this movie was produced by the John Birch Society, which is as rabidly anti communist as they get. Probably not a good source for accurate history but a good look at how the far far right thought about the issues of the day.
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