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  1. #Anonymous #COVID-19

    A Must Read


    "We have been betrayed. For three years, we have been abandoned, misled, shepherded to our dooms. Millions have died. Hundreds of millions have been disabled. All the while, respectable faces with plastered-on grins breathlessly offer hopeful platitudes, assuring us we’ll all be OK. Just trust the system."

    Let Them Eat Plague
  2. Here's the Late Jeff Beck's Drummer, Anika Nilles


  3. Before i go ..

    #Anonymous Anti Censorship Package (A client side encrypted PasteBin"
    All pastes are AES256 encrypted)

    Authorities around the world will attempt to censor their civilians, activists and those who oppose tyranny. A package has been created to get around many of these bans. While not full proof it is updated regularly NUPFY0Q4tHGb6I1NoDbYRMCvoQvgl 3/5

    Massive thanks to PUCK
  4. Anika Nilles - Full Studio Live Session @ LITTLE BIG BEAT STUDIOS

    ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°) Y'all Be Cool Now
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  5. Somehow it seems timely

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  6. Disambiguation Global Moderator

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  7. Was there ever a doubt?
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  11. Okay, let us just keep this thread closer to the top and not buried by the various douche bags who sign up here.
  12. OKAY:

    New Massive Scientology Embezzlement Scheme Exposed

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  13. jacob1 Member

    Reporter Seymour Hersh on "How America Took Out the Nord Stream Pipeline": Exclusive TV Interview

  14. jacob1 Member

    [nordstream sabotage] + [Ukraine] = [high price of gas sales by the United States of America to Europe] + [US arms sales jump by 50%] = Make America Evil Again
    I Love Maths !
  15. Zen sursula Member

    5 killed in Arkansas plane crash while en route to scene of a fatal explosion at Ohio factory

    Five people who worked for an environmental response consulting firm were killed in a plane crash Wednesday in Little Rock, Arkansas, while on their way to a metal factory explosion site in Ohio, officials said. The plane was carrying employees of the Center for Toxicology and Environmental Health when it took off from Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport in Little Rock around noon Wednesday, according to the firm and the Federal Aviation Administration.

    The employees were headed to John Glenn Columbus International Airport in Ohio to respond to a fatal explosion at a metal factory, a spokesperson for CTEH told CNN in an email.
    The twin-engine plane crashed and burst into flames shortly after takeoff near the Little Rock airport, the National Transportation Safety Board told CNN in an emailed statement.
    “We are incredibly saddened to report the loss of our Little Rock colleagues,” Dr. Paul Nony, senior vice president of CTEH, said in a statement. “We ask everyone to keep the families of those lost and the entire CTEH team in their thoughts and prayers.”
    The cause of the crash is under investigation by the NTSB. Investigators are expected to arrive at the scene Thursday.

    “Once on scene, the investigator will begin the process of documenting the scene and examining the aircraft. Part of the investigation will be to request radar data, weather information, air traffic control communication, maintenance records and the pilot’s medical records. NTSB investigators will look at the human, machine and environment as the outline of the investigation,” NTSB said in the statement.
    Emergency services were alerted to the crash at 12:02 p.m., the Little Rock Police Department said in a Facebook post.

    There was a line of storms moving through the area around the same time, according to CNN Weather. There were no warnings alerted for the storms, but the National Weather Service issued a special statement calling for gusts up to 50 mph.

    The highest gust at the airport was 46 mph, recorded at 12:02 p.m.
    CTEH is a consulting firm that provides responsive services, including environmental data collection and management, incident management, industrial hygiene, safety, toxicology and human health consulting for public and private sectors, the company said.
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  17. Since the jerk-off just had to spam on this thread, I thought I should at least try to bury his spamming post with another post.
  18. dododo Member

    France accused of attack on press freedom after journalist arrest

    Ariane Lavrilleux, who reported on leaked documents alleging French intelligence used to target civilians in Egypt, is in custody. In November 2021, Disclose revealed an alleged campaign of arbitrary executions orchestrated by the Egyptian dictatorship of President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi.

    France has been accused of an unacceptable attack on press freedom after the arrest of an investigative journalist who reported on leaked documents that alleged French intelligence was used to target civilians in Egypt.

    Police arrived at the home of Ariane Lavrilleux at dawn on Tuesday and took her into custody after searching her property. The news agency AFP reported that she was being questioned by agents of the DGSI, France’s domestic intelligence agency.

    Lavrilleux wrote a series of articles published on the investigative website Disclose in November 2021 that were based on hundreds of leaked classified documents. These allegedly showed how information from a French counter-intelligence operation in Egypt was used by Cairo for “a campaign of arbitrary killings” against smugglers operating along the Libyan border.

    Disclose described the arrest as “an unacceptable attack on the secrecy of [press] sources”. The Société des Journalistes at France Télévisions and Reporters Sans Frontières (RSF) also condemned the targeting of the journalist. “We fear that the DGSI’s actions will undermine the secrecy of the sources,” RSF said.

    Virginie Marquet, the lawyer for Lavrilleux and Disclose, said they had only published information of public interest and condemned the arrest.

    “I am appalled and worried about the escalation in attacks on the freedom to inform and the coercive measures taken against the Disclose journalist. This search risks seriously undermining the confidentiality of journalists’ sources,” Marquet said.
    The Disclose articles said the leaked documents showed the information from French intelligence was used in at least 19 bombings against smugglers in the region between 2016 and 2018. The documents also showed officials within the French government had warned that the Egyptian state could use the information from the counter-intelligence operation codenamed Sirli, but the operation was allowed to continue.

    “The aim of this latest episode of unacceptable intimidation of Disclose journalists is clear: to identify our sources that revealed the Sirli military operation in Egypt. In November 2021, Disclose revealed an alleged campaign of arbitrary executions orchestrated by the Egyptian dictatorship of President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, with the complicity of the French state, based on several hundred documents marked ‘defence – confidential’,” Disclose wrote in a statement.

    France’s ministry for the armed forces filed a legal complaint for “violation of national defence secrets” after the articles were published. The Paris prosecutors’ office opened a formal investigation in July 2022 that was handed over to the DGSI, which argues the published information could have identified “a protected agent”.
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