And Palestine ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RedBust, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. RedBust Member

    Hi all.
    I think we should give some interest to the Palestine people, I'm from the Free Plaestine Movement.
    Quoting the official website :
    The purpose of Free Palestine Movement is to defend and advocate for the human rights of all Palestinians, and in particular the right of access to all of Palestine. We propose to support these rights by defying barriers imposed by Israeli and international authorities upon travel and trade to, from and within Palestine for Palestinians and persons invited by Palestinians, such as visitors, human rights observers, humanitarian aid workers, journalists, merchants or others, and to impose pressure and sanctions upon any parties that deny such rights.
    Because we're human, and we should defend them because of what they are enduring.
    Because we're human, we can't accept that (shocking images) :

    Mod Edit: Extremely violent images deleted. OP, we don't do that publicly on this website. If you wish to post these images, you can do so in the Thunderdome, but I don't think they are necessary to promote your cause.

    Please help me, as an anonymous, or as a human person.
  2. Anonymous Member

    So long as the US supports Israel and its genocidal program, Palestinians will be in harm's way.

    Follow the money.

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