Andrew Morton warns for messiah Tom Cruise

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    Andrew Morton warns for messiah Tom Cruise

    English translation of Andrew Morton waarschuwt voor messias Tom Cruise

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    Andrew Morton warns for messiah Tom Cruise

    WO 28 May 2008 | 12.17

    The media and journalists must follow hollywood star Tom Cruise much more critically. At least, that argues the British writer Andrew Morton, who has recently completed an 'unauthorized' biography about the actor. The book, of which the Dutch edition appears, discusses especially the role Cruise has in the much discussed Scientology church.

    'He represents a very controversial religion' , thus Morton, who was on a visit in Amsterdam Monday . 'But in contrast to politicians, there are put not enough question marks at his elaboration. Because of how successful he is.'

    In his book Morton describes the glorious career of Tom Cruise, who with his roles in films like Top Gun, Rain man and Jerry Maguire acquired a boundless star-status. But also the writer discusses critically the growing devotion to the Scientology Church and how Cruise was compromized for this reason. How the action hero condemned modern psychiatry as a Nazi method, how he attacked actress Brooke Shields concerning the use of antidepressiva during her postnatal depression and how he was jumping on the couche at Oprah Winfrey explaining his love to Katie Holmes.

    The Scientology teachings have made the actor, according to Morton, 'a welcome, but dangerous guest, because he carries out the standards and values of a belief that is both and ridiculized and feared'. Cruise is a complex person, the writer says. 'He only sees everything black or white. There is no space for doubt.' Morton warns that Cruise with his star-status influences even presidents and political leaders, such as the French leader Nicolas Sarkozy, to spread the teachings of Scientology.

    Andrew Morton got worldwide eminences with his biographies of princess Diana and Monica Lewinksy in the nineties. A couple of years ago he he decided to especially especially evaluate Tom Cruise, because of his fanatical partisanism of the Scientology church. How could a man who has succeeded so much such as Cruise change in a fanatical sect member, Morton asked himself.

    It had to become an 'unauthorized' biography. Each authorised book concerning Tom Cruise or Scientology, lacks all credibility.' Directly as from day one Cruise's lawyers sent threat letters to Morton about judicial steps, but the writer nevertheless got to speak a lot of old friends, collegues, well-known stars and Scientologists concerning the actor.

    “It was refreshing how many people wanted to see me”, Morton says. 'More-over, many people in Hollywood and of Scientology told that me it had become a very accurate biography. They even came with new stories concerning Cruise after they had read the book.' In spite of the threat letters a lawsuit against Morton has not started, but the fear for damage eclaims was that large that the biography has not appeared in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

    The editors in these countries fear that they are accused for calumny if they nevertheless publicize the book. 'I have heard stories that Tom Cruise and Scientology wanted to sue them for a 100 million dollars as it happens anyway' , Morton says. According to him there is no talk of freedom of expression, even in his homeland. 'However, my biography is publicized in countries such as China and Vietnam.' According to the writer Scientology sends 'aggressive and hostile' letters to editors in countries where the book appears anyway.

    Mortons will not change his opinion on Cruise. His influence will become only larger in the future, the Briton warns. 'As a film studio boss he helps shape popular entertainment.' The Scientology message will sound through, says Morton, who loathes the belief. 'They think of having the solution for each problem in the world. It is a form of intellectual arrogance'.

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    Re: Andrew Morton warns for messiah Tom Cruise

    neat neat
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    Re: Andrew Morton warns for messiah Tom Cruise

    Yep. This very much echoes his closing comments in his biography of Cruise.
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    Re: Andrew Morton warns for messiah Tom Cruise

    Thanks for the translation. Added to the list of Anonymous work.

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