Annie Broker (Annie Marie Tidman) died 7 months ago

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Random guy, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. Random guy Member


    Annie Broker was one of those to whom Hubbard had entrusted the leadership of the cult. When David Miscavige made his coup, she were assigned to eternal RPF. She managed to flee in 1992, but were intercepted by Rathbun, using John Travoltas privat plane. She were returned to Gold, to eventually died 20 yers later, age 55. It appears she died from lung cancer at Gold. Untreated, it is a nasty, brutal way to die.

    Thread on ESMB:

    It was revealed by Marty Rathbun. Karen De La Carriere and him (and I guess Rinder) found out, and was the ones to eventually bring the news to her family. According to Rathbun (i.e. take this with a pinch of salt) the receptionists at Gold had said she could not come to the phone for the last months.

    Mary's blog:
  2. Anonymous Member

    Did she spend much time onboard the asbestos contaminated Freewinds, or was she just chainsmoking like many cult victims?

    Seems like a LOT of $cientology victims dying of lung cancers. Way more than average.
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  3. Random guy Member

    No, I don't think she spent much time there. Living on substandard food, working too long hours and sleeping on a cold mattress will wear down your immune system though.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    All it would take is ONE trip on the Failwinds.

    Breathing asbestos means 99 percent chance of developing cancer in the lungs.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Failure to declare a death, illegal, right?

    Poon Hemet coroners and try to get info on cause of death?

    Post mortem info must be out there.
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  6. Random guy Member

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  7. Sonichu Moderator

    That's funny in it's own way. (The receptionist, not the death).

    [Hypothetical call]
    Person: Excuse me. I'm calling for Annie Broker. Can you put me through please?
    Receptionist: I'm sorry, she's not available. May I take a message?
    P: She's not available? That is odd. I'm sorry I can't leave a message, this is important that we establish a comm cycle right away. This is really important business.... Do you konw when she will be back on?
    R: I'm sorry I don't know... and I can't transfer your call. You will have to leave a message with me.
    P: THat really won't help. We need her input very soon.

    [/Hypothetical call]

    It really shows as a sign that there is something really wrong isn't there..... when someone who works at the base cannot get calls forwarded and receive. It means 2 things:

    1. all the people at the base that is "Supposedly" sci's headquarters, none of them are capable of or called up to help. Does that make sense? i.e. if you called Warner Brothers Headquarters, there are probably >9000 Executives who work there that are in charge of something.

    2. Scis have no system for accepting courtesy calls from Family. Even if you are a nobody sea ogre, shouldn't there still be some way to contact Jimmy SeaOgre, a no one? Once again, Scilons insinuate that their work is so important, that things like "Family" and the second dynamic are not as important as the 3rd and 4th dynamic..
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  8. Anonymous Member

    The fake ship at Gold has got blue asbestos in it, too.
  9. Anonymous Member

    When one dies at Int Base, do they just chuck you in the pond, or do they process the dead body for food?
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  10. xenubarb Member

    No. Soylent Gold is Wogs!
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  11. DeathHamster Member

    I laughed at the posts on Marty's blog saying that this sort of thing was all due to the Midgetcabbage. (Not telling the family, etc.) Sure, like it never happened on the Apollo in Hubbard's day. (Susan Meister)
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  12. Anonymous Member

    A bullet in the forehead would have been more mercyful.
  13. Random guy Member

    I appears her death eventually ended up outside, perhaps she even died in a hospital bed. She left a paper trail that De La Carriere eventually picked up. Anyone want to bet she was not cremated at earliest convenience?
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Well, yeah, you can't die within the confines of the Int Base. That'd give the law an excuse to enter the premises.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    The cause of her death would seem to be something not requiring a criminal investigation, cf. Hubbard's.

    The Scientologists have very odd ways of dealing with the dying and the dead.
  16. RightOn Member

    wow this is sick
    I was just talking about her the other day believe it or not.
    Someone asked about DM taking over. I was telling them about Annie and Pat Broker and that I thought I read somewhere that someone had said that last time they saw Annie Broker she was really out of it. (this was written MANY MANY YEARS ago after DM took over)
    And how terrible and listless she looked and was talking to herself? And that they really "broke her"
    I can't remember where I read it.

    Such a pretty young picture of her. RIP Annie Broker.
    COS can't hurt you any more.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    I recall reading same. ^^^ I'll hunt around.

    Was it Tory Christman who said this??
  18. Anonymous Member

    How old was she?
  19. RightOn Member

    I found this , but this wasn't what I read. Although it was prolly what happened before hand?

    "attempted suicide
    #81 on page three of the January mailing had no last name. The name is Mario Brigliatto.
    Broeker, Annie
    xxxxx Case Supervised Annie Broker when she had a psychotic break in auditing. When last this staff member saw Annie Broeker she was being audited quite a bit. She remembers a lot of screaming and yelling coming out of the auditing rooms on a daily basis, and she sensed something was wrong.
    She was last seen being held under armed guard at the Gilman Hot Springs RPF (Rehabilitation Project Force) by Blake (last name withheld at his request), a former Sea Org staff member who currently lives in Los Angeles and is in communication with Joyce Stephenson, Secretary, Cult Awareness Network of Los Angeles."
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  20. RightOn Member

    found it
    It was Robert Vaughn
    Robert Vaughn Young (September 2, 1998)

    "While I was on the RPF, a directive came out from Miscavige saying the supposed final message from Hubbard that named Broeker was a forgery by Broeker and it was being canceled. That same day, Annie Broeker appeared on the RPF. This was not the Annie I had come to know. What stumbled into the RPF was a completely broken person. She was pale and hollow and her eyes were empty. There was no mistaking it. She had been broken and only now was she being thrown away into the trash heap called the RPF. Even then, she was kept under guard, just to be sure."
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  21. RightOn Member

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  22. Anonymous Member

    Eer - wasn't there something with OT III? Maybe in the end ... we all get a terminal illness of our lungs?
  23. Anonymous Member

    Soon the only one who knows the real truth about Hubbard's end will be David Miscavige.
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  24. RightOn Member

    this would be a great story to run
    story line?
    She was present at Hubabrd's death. Her and her husband were slated to take over for Hubabrd, but DM stepped in.
    How does a person that was trusted by Hubbard die 7 months ago and who was missing for years stay so quiet?
    COS needs some 'splainin' to do?
    Tony O to the white courtesy phone
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  25. RightOn Member

    yeah whats true for him
  26. Anonymous Member

    Is Shelly Miscavige the next one we hear about, postmortem?
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  27. Random guy Member

  28. RightOn Member

    from Marty's blog

    "Irrespective of what Annie may have been coerced to sign prior to her passing, I’ll always remember her for what she stood for twenty years ago. When I intercepted Annie during her 1992 attempt to reunite with her then-husband Jim Logan, we flew alone across the country overnight in John Travolta’s private jet. Annie, in the inimitably vague manner in which such prohibited thoughts must be shared within corporate Scientology, communicated in so many words the following, she was returning to the Int Scientology base for one reason alone: to protect LRH’s legacy from David Miscavige."

    she was being intercepted from reuntiting with her husband. And he claims she said that she was returning to Int base was to protect LRH's legacy?
    I ain't buying it.

    and hey JT! did you know what they were using your jet for?
    you know/have known! What do you have to say about that Johnny?
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  29. Anonymous Member

    Very very sad. So young.

    Also fuck Miscavige for not telling her family. Wonder what that twat did with the body? Something unnatural I would guess.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    if she died outside of COS, then he himself did nothing. you know they had nothting to do with it.
    But I would imagine that cremation would have been the choice?

    So she was denied caner treatment and suffered all those years.
    Claire Reppen OTIII also died of cancer. One of the last pictures of her was of her setting up a Christmas display in Florida. She looked terrible. All people setting up looked terrible. Pictures were taken by Tildman
  31. Anonymous Member

    ;et me clarify
    when I said "you know they had nothing to do with it"
    I was being sarcastic
  32. Anonymous Member

    I got ya.

    From the ESMB seems that she died outside of RPF and Gold. That makes sense since they offload anyone old or infirmed.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Marty helped do her in, which is the part he's withholding from saying. Typical of a known professional accessory.
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  34. Anonymous Member

    He knew she was being held there and I'd guess he knows of others. His total lack of action to help these people is unforgivable and I wish criminal.
  35. Anon1720 Member

    Sad but I'm not surprised.

    From the comments on Marty's blog - this person says she wasn't informed when her mother died either but then goes on to post this:
    Zephyr | January 15, 2012 at 9:13 pm | Reply
    Right on!
    Mind you I saved my mother’s life once applying a Scientology assist when she had a heart attack. Later on, when giving her a nerve assist she said “that cannot be a bad church”. She never said anything bad about Scientology from then on.

    I don't even.....
  36. Random guy Member

    Actually, he did talk about it in one of the segment of the Truth Rundown series with the (then) St. Petersburg news. She had blown Gold (she must have been 35 at the time) trying to reunite with her husband. Rathbun, being flown in in John Travolta's private jet, intercepted her. He described how her shoulders slumped when she saw him, and she came without any arguments. Reading it, I get a strong feeling he feels bad about it.

    Rathbun have said she indicated she was coming with him with the intention to outlive Miscavige and repair what he had broken (she was a through and through Ronbot, being born in). She lasted 20 years in the RPF.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Whatever real compassion Rathbun might have had was audited out of him long ago.

    Rathbun reported (para 2) that when? And who corroborates it? The other witness to the purported statement is now dead. Plus, there was an entire generation of SO members who knew Miscavige only, and had never heard of her, only seen her running around in boilersuit.
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  38. DeathHamster Member

    Here's the video where he's saying it (not playing for me):
  39. Anonymous Member

    what is martey taking credit for now? :)
  40. Anonymous Member

    you are starting to sound like marty, righton. you are better than that

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