Discussion in 'Media' started by Airman Anon, Feb 10, 2008.

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  1. Airman Anon Member

  2. AnonSoul Member

    Good stuff, at least the edit lined up "cyber-terrorist" with normal looking people deflating the use of the term.

    Maybe they think all cyber-terrorists look like normal folks though?

    excellent coverage, but someone needs to deal with the white powder issue in the media. From what I've read the FBI has determined that ANON had nothing to do with it, and in fact there is some doubt that it even happened. The media has a responsibility to challenge the statements of the CO$ when they are such blatent lies.
  4. ^^^^
    I like you. We're on the same page. :)

    We have to start negating this from reports as soon as possible. We have already stated that we had absolutely nothing to do with the "powder", and we condemn such actions. This right here proves that they probably did that to themselves: backtracking to try and pin us as the real bigots by scaring a bunch of "innocent" people.

    Maybe cook up another press release for a response against the cult's allegations?
  5. brvandal Member

    fucking epic win, guys. great job to everyone who participated.

    everyone who made signs, brought extra masks, and lugged bottles of water for people they didnt know, thank you all.
  6. its.an0nym0us Member

    If the FBI has cleared Anonymous, then we need the news channels to get the report from them, I think.

    A press release would be of help, but it would need to be backed up with something meatier news-wise to get the reporters to dig.
  7. AnonyTsunami Member

    Isn't it a crime to publically condemn someone for something they were proven innocent of?

    Edit: It's libel isn't it?
  8. Slander since they're not members of the press. We should let it slide legally though, the one thing they'd love more than anything is to engage any of us on legal grounds, that's their turf. By staying anonymous and letting our ever-smiling faces deflate their arguments and claims, we will win the battle of PR.

    When your opponent only knows negativity, it is our positive energy and momentum that will prevail. The issue isn't whether they lie about us, we know they will. This is an enemy that won't fight fair or even try. We can become teflon, though, and as the schoolyard adage goes, "I'm rubber, you're glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you"
  9. FALLEN Member

    Yes, it is. And in fact, it's libel for them to claim ANonymous did it even if Anonymous hasn't been cleared yet. They have to say ALLEGED. Otherwise it IS libel. They're flat out saying Anonymous did it. Innocent until proven guilty.

    You know, this would be a GREAT OPPORTUNITY for Anonymous to point out Co$ complete and total and continual disgregard for the Constitution. First with free speech and now with labeling people as criminals w/o due process.

    Do we have any lawyers here who could address this as a press release?
  10. FALLEN Member

    PS: Also, I think we are to be highly commended for organizing 24 hours of continuous protests in (how many?) cities around the world without ONE SINGLE ACT of violence or vandalism. The media needs to get this message out, as well. If we were the terrorists Co$ is saying we are, then doesn't our behavior over the past 24 hours disprove that?
  11. to win that, someone has to sue.

    to sue, someone has to drop their mask and say their name

    then they have you "out-sue" the Corporation of Scientology over the next 15 years and 10s of millions of dollars

    all while surviving dead agenting, back pr, and fair game

    any volunteers?
  12. AnonyTsunami Member

    I think the press release is a good idea, including how ludicrous the idea is that a collective with no leadership can enforce a reading list.
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