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Discussion in 'Support Questions' started by El mussiw, May 10, 2011.

  1. El mussiw Member


    I would like to learn something:

    What are the main websites, blogs, irc, belonging to anon?
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  2. BrakTalk Member

  3. veravendetter Member

  4. Anonymous Member
  5. El mussiw Member

  6. Anonymous Member

    They can be found on the internet you faggot moron.
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  7. You already found one. Also, a few of the others are currently, erm, otherwise engaged let's say.
  8. Anonymous Member

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  9. BrakTalk Member

  10. El mussiw Member

    There is this one, and there is 4chan.

    But i cant necessarily guess which ones are the most populated and most browsed by anons.
  11. El mussiw Member

  12. BrakTalk Member

    You expected a stupid question to yield good answers? When your thread is troll bait, what is the general outcome?
  13. El mussiw Member

    Nothing stupid in asking what are the most populated anon websites.

    Now, fuck off ?
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  14. cfanon Member


    I wish I could be fucking arsed to pull up a LMGTYF link...
  15. Anon Gin Member

  16. Anonymous Member

  17. Anonymous Member
  18. Anonymous Member

    The Leader of Anonymous has a blog, and he loves reader comments

    Introduce yourself there, they love noob anons
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  19. Zak McKracken Member

    try this one:
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  20. L1Qu1D Member

  21. Anonymous Member

    This site is full of practicing Chanologists in good standing.
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  22. anon0004 Member

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  23. Anonymous Member

  24. Anonymous Member

    pls stop posting this old/dump news.

    and maybe you can get over it.

    anonops is dead
    deal with it

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