Anon makes WikiNews featured article!

Discussion in 'Media' started by TwilightAnon, Feb 10, 2008.

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  1. TwilightAnon Member

  2. Orderous Member

    Yeah, saw a guy at the London protest with a wikinews press badge
  3. bunt Member

    United We Stand
  4. TwilightAnon Member

    Oh, just read that users can submit photos to wiki news. It may not be CNN but this medium can definitley reach countless. Send in those photos peeps!
  5. TwilightAnon Member

    Gah, some idiot from Anon (or scio plant) is making the article biased towards us. Wikinews should not lean towards any side idiot, I fixed up the article a bit, hoping one of their regulars will fix it up a bit better.
  6. Legion Member


    I lol'ed
  7. TwilightAnon Member

    Stuff like that's going to give Anon some rep. problems. :cry:
  8. Legion Member

    True. I'm going to keep an eye on the article. By the time I got back to it, the bel-air was gone.

    Guys please keep memes and other lulzy stuff off the wiki please. I know it's funny but this is our public image here.
  9. Anaunimus Member

    The crowd could be heard shouting "It's a trap!" when members of the public were offered free Stress Tests by the members of the Church of Scientology.

    I laughed.
  10. MarkSherman Member

    I don't think people should be encouraging others to tear up any pamphlets CoS hands out. Just give them one of ours too. Remember we're for free speech.
  11. JV Member

    Not to mention the Police were giving littering tickets to people tearing up flyers.
  12. Anonymous55 Member

    Guys, no meme shit in Wikinews. When this is done, xbox heug lulz will be had. Don't blow it with weak, stupid little jokes that only last 30 seconds. If we take down Scientology, this will go down in the history books, forever. lulz will be had on a scale never experienced before. Don't fuck it up.

    For the rest of us concerned about more than just lulz: Keep up the good work. You guys know what you're doing. These protests were an astounding success. Good work from EVERYONE who showed up. Even if all you did was just stand there, you added to our numbers, to our show of political force.

    I look forward to the final stats/results of today's efforts.
  13. Actually, they only gave a ticket to one guy who dropped the flier on the floor - everyone else just got a friendly word (mostly to see if they were actually a protester) and then let on their way.
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