Anon tattoo

Discussion in 'Resources' started by XenuonaZebra, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. XenuonaZebra Member

    Anon tattoo

    Let me know what you guys think of this - a friend of mine liked it better without the edge of the mask, so I'll post it here both ways so you guys can see each one!



    Suggestions? Ideas?
  2. Re: Anon tattoo

    the edge shows that it is a mask while withought the edge shows it in a more dignified manner, I guess I would rathjer have it withought the edge, hmm, I never considered tattoos before..
  3. XenuonaZebra Member

    Re: Anon tattoo

    So far, I've only got a handful, but I'm always playing around with ideas for new ones. It's true what they say: once you get one, you'll probably wind up getting lots more (unless you're a pain-sissy, that is).

    And yeah, see, the original GF graphic is more just a flat representation of the face rather than the mask - I did try to figure out a way to trim the top a bit at a curve and add some shading, but I don't have a tablet or anything and suck at drawing freehand, anyway. :doh:
  4. Anon1990.572 Member

  5. Faggot Police Member

    Re: Anon tattoo

    whats wrong with declaring yourself an SP for your entirelife?
  6. XenuonaZebra Member

    Re: Anon tattoo

    You could. Me, I'm considering the real deal for my right shoulder blade...:colbert:

    And self-declaring as an SP - what's so bad about that? The only bad would be if you actually decided to join the $cilons years after you got it (provided they were still around). Though it'd make for a touchy situation between you and the new COB, I'd imagine. :text:
  7. MarcabEmpress Member

    Re: Anon tattoo

    Without the edge.

    If my neighbor hadn't told my mom about my very large tattoos she would have gone to her grave never knowing about my ink.

    There are quite a few GF tats floating around. Just make sure you have a GREAT artist doing the work and EAT a large meal (or a least a milkshake) 1/2 hour beforehand--helps wiht the pain mgt.
  8. SciFITOlogy Member

    Re: Anon tattoo

    I have a scannable barcode in the sleeve on my right arm that contains all my aliases online.

    Nerdy, but at least when I die someone can compile my horrible side.
  9. anonprkour Member

    Re: Anon tattoo

    i was thinking about getting an anon tattoo
  10. Namenlos Member

    Re: Anon tattoo

    Hmm... interesting idea...
    I actually design tattoos to make a bit or money on the side...


    I like it better with the line.
  11. Nataku Member

    Re: Anon tattoo

    An 'Anon tattoo' is a contradiction in terms.
  12. kissyfur Member

    Re: Anon tattoo


    also, at a reputable tattoo shop (WHICH IS THE ONLY PLACE TO GET A TATTOO, YOU HEAR ME KIDS???) requires a photo ID which is copied and filed. With a description of the tattoo on the paperwork.
  13. abattoir13 Member

    Re: Anon tattoo

    I personally like the one without the outline. I myself having quite a few and most of them rather big,I would have to say if you feel like that is a part of your life you wish to keep with you so be it. I did see a "anonymous" tattoo online that was of the suit with the olive branches behind the "person" and that came out looking good.
    At this moment in time I should give out a protip here: when on a /r/aid,protest and such keep any tattoos hiddin' so the cult has a harder time figuring out who you are.A tattoo will make people remember who you are a lot of times.
  14. Anoniemert Member

    Re: Anon tattoo

    I'd do it without maskline
    Altough personally I wouldn't take an anon tattoo at all.

    Someone did though:
  15. Battletoads Member

    Re: Anon tattoo

    I love tattoos, have tons, but I would never get anything anon related. Anyone who does deserves to be raided HARD.
  16. AnonRiver Member

    Re: Anon tattoo

    I love the one without the line, keeps it looking clean and simple :)

    hope to see more :)
  17. Haruhi Member

    Re: Anon tattoo

    Paging Dr. TA to WWP. Dr. TA to WWP.
  18. Re: Anon tattoo

    Here's an idea : UV ink, only shows up in blacklights, and is hidden the rest of the time, completely invisible on skin.
  19. Namenlos Member

    Re: Anon tattoo

    ^ also, looks pretty bitchin'.
  20. Haruhi Member

    Re: Anon tattoo

    Enjoy your cancer.

    Also, inking causes scarring. It's not quite that invisible.
  21. Re: Anon tattoo

    I think it's a great image... but doesn't having this kind of defeat the purpose ofbeing anonymous. I may get it though... just like... on my shoulder, or ankle....
    But, I agree, without the line.
  22. Namenlos Member

    Re: Anon tattoo

    The UV tattoos aren't as risky as they were a couple of years ago (I had been considering getting one myself, done the research).
    Also, that kind of scarring is much less visible, unless you get up all close.
  23. the_cloak Member

    Re: Anon tattoo

  24. Yoni Alter Member

    Re: Anon tattoo

    You're fine as long as Anonymous doesn't take on a cause you don't like and comes to represent everything you hate 20 years from now.

    ....which will probably happen.
  25. Re: Anon tattoo

    I am agreeing with you completely on this. I think it would be bad to have it openly displayed... it may or may not end up being a symbol of hate in the near future... at the very least, you'll have to explain it to everyone.
    I am all for making pcket signs out of the image, or possible temp tats.
  26. Zak McKracken Member

    Re: Anon tattoo

    No problem.
    When that happens, get this tattooed on your forehead.

  27. Re: Anon tattoo

    An Anonymous tattoo! Wow, way to be anonymous.
  28. pardmepard Member

    Re: Anon tattoo

    Does the Guy Fawkes Mask represent chanology and/or anonymous ?
    Yes I was thinking of getting one too, but I'm glad I read this first.

  29. Haruhi Member

    Re: Anon tattoo

    It represents Alan Moore fanboys. Get a matching set with a Comedian's Button tattoo.
  30. Both tattoos are shit, i would rather you guys not put these tattoos near your dicks,vaginas, shoulders. Put them somewhere else plz.
  31. Random guy Member

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