Anonimos Mexicanos

Discussion in 'Español' started by Torgo_goat, Jun 15, 2008.

  1. Torgo_goat Member

    Anonimos Mexicanos

    :anon: Topic abierto para los activistas mexicanos,ya sea que vivan en USA o en Mexico.

    DEspero encontrar mas paisanos para discutir el problema de la Cienciologia en el pais.
    Hay 10 misiones y dos iglesias! No he visto nada de accion de nuestra parte.

    Aqui les dejo el canal del Anonimo Mexicano, si alguien(no importa que seas deotro pais) nos quiere ayudar con material se lo agradecemos de todo corazon.

    YouTube - anonimexi's Channel

    -Perdon por los acentos..pero mi teclado nomas no jala.:frustration:
  2. xenubarb Member

    Re: Anonimos Mexicanos

    The cult has been placing fliers in taqueiros, corner markets and such in the latino communities in San Diego. Their fliers are in English. Ours should be en Espanol. Except I don't speak it well enough to write one.
    Two points would be family and religion, how Hubbard called Jesus a myth. How Scientology breaks up families and goes after people's money.
    We definitely need Anonimex! Mexanon? anonico?
  3. Torgo_goat Member

    Re: Anonimos Mexicanos

    That's bad, that's bad.

    If you want i can help with the translations, latino families tend to be hardcore catholics so more than one will be upset if they found out what they think about the main icon of their religion.

    Anonimex? lol, sounds good.
  4. Re: Anonimos Mexicanos

    Well I'm mexicana, pero no hay ningún centro "cultural" de dianetica cerca de donde vivo....
    almenos no en el país...

    I can help with the translations, but I must warn you, I dont get a thing of what LRH says :lrhtalking:.... is that even english? :idunno:
  5. Torgo_goat Member

    Re: Anonimos Mexicanos

    Aqui donde vivo tampoco, bueno...habia uno, but they FAILED. But i've heard they have some missions in Monterrey and Mexico City, and some other major cities.

    we can do our best always.
  6. xenubarb Member

    Re: Anonimos Mexicanos

    There was a Scientology front group called 'Second Chance' operating in the Ensenada, Baja prison for a while. You'll be happy to know that this program was finally rejected due to its unscientific hype and failure to follow up on "students" after they left prison.

    I've heard noises, off and on, about Scientology trying to establish itself in Tijuana, but so far, no success as far as I know.

    If you don't mind, I will find a good flier for translation. There is a Scientology mission in Chula Vista, near San Diego. We would like to inform priests and the people of the community as there really is a push to recruit our Latino neighbors. No me gusta!

    Muchas gracias!
  7. xenubarb Member

    Re: Anonimos Mexicanos

    No. :)
    That's how they get you in, sometimes. They'll tell you they have a course that can "help you with that."
  8. AnonMSW Member

    Re: Anonimos Mexicanos

    Sadly, I am an expert on Latino/a cultures without the bloody language.. PLEASE, when considering what to write regarding who we are and what CO$ is, remember to touch upon the following culturally related triggers: communidad, familia, respecto, dignidad, personalismo, orgullo, machismo, marianismo, confianza.

    Also, ask your parents / elders for appropriate dichos to incorporate into our text. Examples might include:

    "Dios no le diá, alas a los alacranes." - "God did not give wings to scorpions."

    "Todo es que des el primer mal paso y de ahi en adelante son puros tropezones." - "Just take the first bad step, and from then on you will stumble."

    "Cuando el rio suena es que agua lleva." - "When the river sounds, water is running."

    Dichos are often geographically or regionally related to particular parts of Mexico and therefore cannot be considered completely "universal" per se, but like that last one above (which implies when rumors become so loud as to be deafening, then perhaps there's more to it than simply rumor), they are extremely effective when communicating cross-culturally.

    If someone wants to mock something up in English, I'll have a look at it both before and after the translation. One of my undying shames is that I still am not fluent enough in Spanish to work without a bloody translator at my side.

    Good catch; I'm completely unsuprised they're hitting the taqueiras and mercados. If someone will up the ante on the Espanol translation effort, I'll see that the materials get broad national dissemination to major Latino/a groups like healthcare pros, National Council por la Raza, and the National Latino/a Psychological Association; they'll eat it up like conchas.

    Con todo respeto, these perros have no place in mi barrios.

    :anon:, MSW
  9. Torgo_goat Member

    Re: Anonimos Mexicanos

    Ok. I've translated large texts before(English to spanish), and the final translation always looks quite coherent.

    ...I tried to translate some :lrhmoney: the other day. Oh my god, he was a horrible writer, that was just...some nonsense that made my brain bleed. :sad:


    Thanks AnonMSW for the tips. The last dicho(or known as refran too) is very common in the country.

    You can find in Google a lot of pages with several dichos, for example this one:

    Refranero mexicano - A
  10. plaguedoctor Member

    Re: Anonimos Mexicanos

    Yes, LRH does tend to make the brain bleed, even if you're not attempting to translate it ... :/

    I agree -- Anonimex is awesome. It rolls off the tongue so deliciously :D

    Donde esta el gato?
  11. Torgo_goat Member

    Re: Anonimos Mexicanos

    Hey a quick one!

    beware of "Juventud por los Derechos Humanos", as they are part of he Co$.
    I'll search for more information.
  12. Torgo_goat Member

    Re: Anonimos Mexicanos

    Ok, mas informacion. Aparte de La Juventud por los Derechos Humanos, tenemos tambien aun tal Grupo Elron.
    Ese tal grupo hizo gala de su Fair Game(una patetica demostracion debo decir), contra los escritores de una pagina llamada Tumbaburros.


    Ok, more info. We already have Juventud por los Derechos Humanos(Youngmen for the Human Rights), but there's also a organization known as "Grupo Elron" (Elron Group). Their webpages are full of bullshit, ignorance and lots of Dianetics.
    Also this group played their Fair Game -a lame one- to the writers of another webpage known as Tumbaburros(a webpage half serious half comedy that once wrote about the danger of the Co$).

    Anonimos Mexicanos BEWARE of Grupo Elron. If you know of someone that has been reading their webpages, please,please, let them know the truth.
  13. AnonOrange_ Member

    Re: Anonimos Mexicanos

    Scientology is trying real hard with the Latino community of Orange County, California. I have seen the 200 question list in two restaurants. They have bought a new building in Santa-Ana, California.

    Please beware in Mexico !
  14. AnonZombie Member

    Re: Anonimos Mexicanos

    If anyone needs Spanish fliers, I'm pretty sure I could hook you up. DC has already made some. Just PM me if want.
  15. Don Carlo Member

    Re: Anonimos Mexicanos

    Family is incredibly important to Mexicans. Tell them,
    "If you join Scientology, and your mother, father, brother, sister, son, or daughter complains, Scientology will tell you to disconnect and never see them again."
  16. Mamonima Member

    Re: Anonimos Mexicanos

    Acabo de registrarme.
    Con gusto puedo ayudar con traducciones.

    ¿Es que hay iglesias y misiones en México? ¿Dónde? No estaría mar echarles un ojo para ver el nivel de actividad que tienen. Estos anónimos dan miedo: cuando el culto pierda suficiente poder en los países primermundistas, se nos van a echar encima con todo lo que tienen.
  17. n0name Member

    Re: Anonimos Mexicanos

    Hola y bienvenido :)

    pues en Coyoacán (C.P.04000), en Cuahutemoc (C.P. 06500) , Portales (C.P. 03570), en Colonia Roma, Metro Chapultepec (C.P. 06700), Entre Xola y Morena (C.P. 03220), monterrey (C.P. 06700), en Guadalajara, Jalisco (C.P. 44100).

    que quieres decir exactamente con eso, que estos anónimos se nos van a echar encima con lo que tienen?por qué tienes miedo de anon?
  18. Mamonima Member

    Re: Anonimos Mexicanos

    No... los cienciologos son los que se nos van a echar encima. Anon. están haciendo un trabajo extraordinario, no les temo a ellos sino a los buenos resultados, si me doy a entender.
    Creo que la Co$ pierde mucho en donde está establecida, y sobre todo pierde reputación... tons se van a descolgar a donde la gente no está tan informada.

    Yo resido en beep supongo que tengo trabajo, ahora .
  19. n0name Member

    Re: Anonimos Mexicanos

    ahora entiendo lo que quieres decir, gracias. bueno, miedo tampoco tienes que tener a ellos, pero te aconsejo un poco de precaución.
    no digas a nadie de donde eres y no dar nunca informaciones de tipo privado a personal a nadie, ni aqui ,ni en otro sitio en internet.
    si te gusta el movimiento de Anonymous entonces te sugiero de moverte clandestinamente en internet.

    sobre todo nunca des informaciones personales tuyas a nadie!

    si quieres saber donde exactamente se encuentran ellos en tu region, mándame un mensaje privado.
  20. Mamonima Member

    Re: Anonimos Mexicanos

    Gracias. Mensaje anterior editado.
  21. AlbanyAnon Member

    Re: Anonimos Mexicanos

    Hasta la victoria siempre!
    yo vive en Sonora para un año, entonces yo hablo un poquito de Español, pero tengo que practicar si quiero escribar un mensaje o un flier para Anonimo; pienso que la iglesia de scientologia no es moi popular en Mexico, pero no se exactamente

    sorry for butchering the language x_X
    I only lived in sonora for a year so I am not really good enough to write flyers, but gl!
  22. DamOTclese Member

    Re: Anonimos Mexicanos

    With the advent of the Internet, the ARSCC, and now Anonymous, the Scientology crime syndicate has been targeting people who lack Internet access, trying to find rubes, marks, and suckers who don't have Internet access because almost everyone who does knows that Scientology is organized crime, a scam, a fraud.

    The crooks have been targeting Mexicans and people of other nations where the Internet is rare, slow, or non-existent, and that is the majority of the world's populace.
  23. gfdsrh Member

    Re: Anonimos Mexicanos

    :cool: Yeah, i think so. i like it.
  24. asdfg Member

    Re: Anonimos Mexicanos

    Im mexican too.
    Si algun dia se hace algo (pagina, protesta, algo...) aqui estoy.
  25. 0815 Member

    Re: Anonimos Mexicanos

    There has never been a TJ raid on the local mission, San Diego Anons failed to deliver.

    Nunca ha habido una redada en TJ sobre la mission local. San Diego Anons fracasado.
  26. Lizzy0lizzard Member

    Re: Anonimos Mexicanos

    Saludos desde Argentina! (Hi from Argentina)

    No sé si escribir en inglés o en español jejeje. (Should I write in English or in Spanish, I don't know, so both hehhee)

    Quería que supieran que en Argentina estamos empezando a movernos. (We are moving and organizing in Argentina)

    Cuando armemos una protesta tal vez sería mejor si se hace simultáneamente en latinoamerica. (When we plan a protest, maybe we can coordinate and do it in all LatinAmerican countries, it will hit harder)

  27. asdfg Member

    Re: Anonimos Mexicanos

    Estaria bien hacer algo colectivo.
  28. Annia Lilith Member

    Re: Anonimos Mexicanos

    Hola Anonimos

    Para todos los Anonimos, especialmente en México, los invito muy cordialmente a nuestra pagina ning:


    Annia Lilith :)
  29. ObamAnon Member

    Re: Anonimos Mexicanos

    I dont know a thing about Mexican laws regarding picketing or demonstrating. I do think that flyers in Spanish are a good idea!
  30. ObamAnon Member

    Re: Anonimos Mexicanos

    OMG! What a great idea for a San Diego theme: Mexico Anons! Sounds like fun.
  31. Annia Lilith Member

    Re: Anonimos Mexicanos


    **Mariachi Anons invade San Diego** OMG!

    Andale Andale Arriba Arriba!!!( Speedy Gonzalez voice)
  32. Anonymous Member

    Re: Anonimos Mexicanos

    We welcome any [strike]invaders[/strike]visitors.

    Is there even an active cell anywhere in Mexico?
  33. Annia Lilith Member

  34. Re: Anonimos Mexicanos

  35. none given Member

    Re: Anonimos Mexicanos

    Anonimos México - Anonimos México

    ¡Gran sitio! Es atractivo y fácil navegar. El Anons en México, America Central y Suramérica necesitan trabajar juntos.

    I suggest we need a one-word name for Spanish speaking Anons from all countries.
    I would try to come up with one myself but I am a spanglish speaking gringo so it would come out sounding offensive and retarded.

    Please keep the rest of us informed of your progress.
  36. Annia Lilith Member

    Re: Anonimos Mexicanos

    Mil gracias none given!
    Thanks to themadhair of Anonymous Ireland for help me with the config of the ning
    Please check it up Anonimos España, Anonimos Espana
    Es muy buena tu idea de unificar las paginas hispanohablantes.

    Best Regards
  37. moarxenu Member

    Re: Anonimos Mexicanos

    Hola anoninmos!

    It is so great to see Mexico, Argentina, and Spain on the rise for great justice. We need a strong Spanish-language presence to help us in Southern California and especially to counter the Vulture Ministers continually circulating in Latin America.

    Germany and the US have had good success recruiting psychs. The religious anons are making headway in their churches.

    One huge thing for Catholic countries is that the Church has now spoken out against Scientology for the first time. Cardinal Marc Ouellet in Quebec who is the Primate of Catholic Canada denied that Scienology is a church. Quebec anons delivered an awesome letter to him.

    Three days later he criticied sci a second time and also defended Anon's right to free speech.

    He is now the highest-ranking SP in the world.

    Let me know if you want moar details, and any other way i can help you out.
  38. Annia Lilith Member

    Re: Anonimos Mexicanos

    Hi Moarxenu!

    Thanks for your comments.
    Totally agree with you, we have a lot of information, but have to organized it. :p
    In my opinion ArgentinAnons are role model to Mexianons. They already did the picket and media and press were informed and for all info in spanish and translations that the have done! is for justice and LULZ!

    About the Catholic Church declaration in Qebeq: EPIC WIN!!!!
    The Catholic Church here in Mexico is very important! I would like to informing me more about the declarations of Cardinal Ouellet, maybe we could do the same in Mexico :p

    Of course he is now one of the highest-ranking SP in the world!!! hahahahaha

    Best regards!!!
  39. Lizzy0lizzard Member

    Re: Anonimos Mexicanos


    We are in!!
    Argentina's cell, as small as it is, is active and very willing to make a stand.

    Annia Lilith:
    We are already in touch and working together.
    Remember I can help translating.


    --- Now in Spanish - Ahora en español :p


    Cuenten con nosotros!
    En Argentina somos pocos pero estamos activos y con muchas ganas de hacer todo lo que podamos.

    Puedo ayudar con las traducciones español/inglés.

    Nos cerraron un canal que tenía muchas visitas y videos en los dos idiomas, estaba funcionando bastante bien, pero You Tube lo cerró y no mandó razones por qué lo hizo, así que ahora hay que empezar a subir el material de nuevo.
    Va a llevar un poco de tiempo, pero vamos a hacerlo.

    Abrazos a todos los hispanoparlantes =)
  40. rakushu Member

    Re: Anonimos Mexicanos

    Saludos a todos los anónimos mexicanos. Yo también me considero parte del movimiento y cuando se tenga algo planeado ahi estaré para apoyar el movimiento. Espero conocer más anónimos mexicanos o hispano hablantes ya que es difícil encontrarlos por internet.

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