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  1. Anonymous Member

    I have Optimum Online and the site is currently blocked and just turns up a google search page.
    However on Roadrunner ISP the site is accessible.

    Hotspot shield the site is blocked and Tor as usual is not working for me.

    Has anybody else found that their isp blocked this site? How can we fix this problem?
  2. sem Member

    • returned (SERVFAIL)
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    I think server is temporally down
  3. Anonymous Member

    then why can other people access it?
  4. Anonymous Member

    Singapore, Singapore: Unknown host:

    Amsterdam2, Netherlands: Unknown host:

    Florida, U.S.A.: Unknown host:

    Amsterdam3, Netherlands: Unknown host:

    Hong Kong, China: Unknown host:

    Sydney, Australia: Unknown host:

    München, Germany: Unknown host:

    Cologne, Germany: Unknown host:

    New York, U.S.A.: Unknown host:

    Cairo, Egypt: Unknown host:

    Amsterdam, Netherlands: Unknown host:

    Stockholm, Sweden: Unknown host:

    Santa Clara, U.S.A.: Unknown host:

    Vancouver, Canada: Unknown host:

    Krakow, Poland: Unknown host:

    London, United Kingdom: Unknown host:

    Madrid, Spain: Unknown host:

    Padova, Italy: Unknown host:

    Austin, U.S.A.: Unknown host:

    Amsterdam, Netherlands: Unknown host:

    Paris, France: Unknown host:

    Melbourne, Australia: Unknown host:

    Shanghai, China: Unknown host:

    Copenhagen, Denmark: Unknown host:

    Lille, France: Unknown host:

    Zurich, Switzerland: Unknown host:

    Mumbai, India: Unknown host:

    Chicago, U.S.A.: Unknown host:

    Nagano, Japan: Unknown host:

    Haifa, Israel: Unknown host:

    Auckland, New Zealand: Unknown host:

    Antwerp, Belgium: Unknown host:

    Groningen, Netherlands: Unknown host:

    Moscow, Russia: Unknown host:

    Dublin, Ireland: Unknown host:

    Oslo, Norway: Unknown host:

    Kharkov, Ukraine: Unknown host:

    Manchester, United Kingdom: Unknown host:

    Vilnius, Lithuania: Unknown host:

    Ashburn, U.S.A.: Unknown host:

    Bucharest, Romania: Unknown host:

    Bangkok, Thailand: Unknown host:

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Unknown host:

    Jakarta, Indonesia: Unknown host:

    Cape Town, South Africa: Unknown host:

    Glasgow, United Kingdom: Unknown host:

    Lisbon, Portugal: Unknown host:

    Chicago, U.S.A.: Unknown host:

    Dallas, U.S.A.: Unknown host:

    Buenos Aires, Argentina: Unknown host:

    Istanbul, Turkey: Unknown host:

    Gdansk, Poland: Unknown host:

    Beijing, China: Unknown host:
  5. Anonymous Member

    working fine here
  6. sem Member

  7. Anonymous Member

    I think everyone should take a good look at the info on there.
  8. Anonymous Member

    I am. Found this one (I don't know the rules here, if not allowed to post this here, delete, I will take notice):

  9. Stickman Member

    This bit is classic!

    HBGary Federal, the specialized and classified services arm of HBGary,
    flexes it's muscle today by revealing the identities of all the top
    management within the group Anonymous, the group behind the DDOS
    attacks associated with Wikileaks. HBGary Federal constructed and
    maintained multiple digital identities and penetrated the trust upper
    management of Anonymous, and was subsequently able to learn actual
    identities of the primary management team. This information was
    critical for law enforcement, yet all the intelligence work was done
    without law enforcement or government involvement. Only after
    achieving the mission did Aaron Barr, the CEO of HBGary Federal,
    reveal this information to the Feds. This underscores the need for
    new blood in the intelligence community and the abilities of small
    agile teams that are unhindered by the bureaucratic machine.


    On 2/4/11, Greg Hoglund <> wrote:
    > We should post this on front page, throw out some tweets. "HBGary
    > Federal sets a new bar as private intelligence agency." - the pun on
    > bar is intended lol.
    > -G
  10. Anonymous Member

  11. Anonymous Member

  12. cooljetguy Member

    This is a great win for the lulz.
  13. I read the irc logs also, and then when i read little greggy's emails, I see why he didn't want any released. Quite the interesting read....maybe we should make a video , and put some of the irc/email info on it.
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  14. cooljetguy Member

    Yes a consolidated and concise video detailing everything is a good idea.
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  15. 1nV1518L3 Member

    That sounds like a good idea, I'm in
    lets get started shall we?
  16. Z@Q Member

    i cant stop reading. im going to be at this for awhile lol
  17. Silly433 Moderator

    Bump, video is an excellent idea!
  18. make with the IRC logs nao!!! please... im in the mood to piss myself laughing since an asshat coworker of mine got caught going on facebook on office computers and has brought forth the anger towards all of us and internet blocking rage of upper management....
  19. cooljetguy Member

    tl:dr Version

    Cali based security firm tries to take down anonymous...

    Deletes 1 Tb of backup data
    Leaks over 60k emails
    Wipes Aaron Barr's Ipad
    Hijacks his Twitter
    Hijacks his Linkdn
    Exposes criminal activity inside HBGary including plans by Aaron Barr to Intimidate wikileaks donaters.
    Personally Humiliates Aaron Barr (CEO of HBGary) causing HBGary's Financial backers to sever all ties with him.

    Conclusion: Anonymous has defeated HBGary and exposed a criminal plot to harass and intimidate innocent people.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, but has Barr really lost his job? Dox, please.
  21. cooljetguy Member

    He did not lose his job.. he is still the CEO.. However other companies that were backing his company have since severed all ties with him after they found out he was going after wikileaks and doing illegal stuff.
  22. well you know....
    not losing his job
    losing HBGary backers

    pretty soon there wont be A job for him to have
    either way WE WIN!
  23. cooljetguy Member

    This is exactly the point. He took it upon himself to do things he knew was against the law all in the name of attacking anonymous and wikileaks. He took it upon himself to bring his entire company into this mess.

    If you read the articles on gawker and other news sites you will read that his own people told him it was a bad idea and that what he was doing was dangerous.
  24. haha well then having the mastermind of said operation basically singlehandedly DESTROY not only himself but his entire company assuring he wont be pulling shit for a long time with out us having to do much is a GALACTIC WIN OF EPIC PROPORTIONS!
  25. Ann O'Nymous Member

    My guess is that the two other companies will not go scot-free.
  26. yeah
    in a clusterfuck this big there's no way in hell anyone is walking out scot free...
  27. agent156 Member

  28. agent156 Member

  29. uncoerced Member

    ^Hope is such a silly word. Aaron, Aaron... tsk tsk. Did you really think they wouldn't?

    Penetrating is a good word though.
  30. Zak McKracken Member

  31. uncoerced Member


    I think it's because I like Medusa better. I'm being silly, Zak. Real hope, the kind that gets you through, idunno, protests for a new government that will likely kill you, or out of a concentration camp or someshit- that's not a silly word. The way Aaron used it (I know they will take it personally but I'm going to state things in this manner to show I am mature even though I just talked myself into some real stupid shit) is silly. Mm, the self-trickery of that "hope" is silly.
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  32. uncoerced Member

  33. Zak McKracken Member


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