AnonMomAnon2 Arrested at July 6th Clearwater Raid

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Anonymous, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    and, coming back to Clearwater again, it was that homeless persons issue which was initially what interested the late Shawn Lonsdale. It suprised him that here was this huge organisation occupying a fair chunk of downtown, which calls itself a church, and yet there were no signs of any charity coming from this scientology "church" to help the homeless people, not even in the most basic way. He investigated further and got attacked relentlessly by the scientologists.
    Of course most of you know this and I merely type it not just for finger excercise but also to remind any noob lurkers, especially Clearwater cops, that it is one of the reasons why we protest.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Shawn is missed.
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  3. PodPeople Member

    Only thinking Happy Thoughts while awaiting news...

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  4. Random guy Member

    Anxiously awaiting, poking sticks and all!
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  5. hushpuppy Member

    Fingers crossed for good news!
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  6. anonsparrow Member

    I can has good news now?
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  7. Anonymous Member

    For the love of God will you please delete MS Paint before you hurt yourself or someone else?
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  8. BLiP Member

    This is a good point. Being a soft-touch for the underdog, I used to fall for the "poor ole me" tactic the Scilons love to pull, especially on-line with the calls about "bigots and haters". It was then pointed out to me how Scilon thinking works in this respect:

    From the wonderful Veda over at ESMB:

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  9. subgenius Member

    =83% of all human interaction
    (wild bullshit estimate, but prove me wrong)
    Looking forward to good news cult footbullet tipping point win so i can go back to my regularly scheduled chaotic random tragic frustrating life
    (oops a mind expanded by an idea can never go back to its original size......damn)
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  10. BLiP Member

    Oh, for sure. The tactic has been around for a l-o-o-o-n-g time. Here's how the exact same situation was handled by the LA cops back in 1999:
  11. BigBeard Member

    F5, F5, F5, F5, F5, F5, F5, F5, F5, F5, F5, F5, F5, F5,...
  12. subgenius Member

    Yes, the breakfast burrito at the place across the street from me was awesome again this morning....the guy hand-makes the salsa with each order....and the waitress is a cute delightful Romanian girl with huge tits....
    oh, meant about the topic of this thread?
    oh shit.....I'm waiting too
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  13. It's not big beard!!! He didn't sign his post!!!!1!1!11

    lol jk
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  14. Smurf Member

    The homeless are degraded beings.. they are the result of their own undoing. Aaron Saxton admitted that he shot at them with a BB gun and beat a few up when he was in the SO. This is the typical Scilon mindfuck. I confronted Scilon guards on several occasions at the HGB over their disgusting behavior toward the homeless that hung around outside the HGB.. on the public sidewalk. Once, I had to plant myself between Andy Knapp & a homeless man when it was apparent what Andy planned to do.
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  15. anonymous612 Member

    Sorry for the delay, what to post was being discussed.

    Two main facts:

    First, AMA can has lawyer.

    Second, AMA can has Luke Lirot. That would be Luke "Hey, let's totally ruin Scientology's day, again" Lirot.

    I'd like to have a moment of silence in memory of OSA's balls, because I'm pretty sure they just fell off.
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  16. xenubarb Member

    Fucking WIN!
    Excellent choice, madam! Way to enturbulate the cult even moar by hiring someone they already hate.
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  17. anonymous612 Member

    He came highly recommended. :D
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  18. Anonymous Member

    I came.
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  19. adhocrat Member

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  20. Anonymous Member

    [quote="anonymous612, post: 1815781

    AMA can has Luke Lirot.

    O hai Kendric! Red eye much?
  21. LocalSP Member

    I like this >9000
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  22. anonymous612 Member

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  23. RightOn Member

    hey guise
    As Six just mentioned, AMA got herself one hella lawyer. :)

    Starting this Saturday the 16th in a thread near you....
    I will be running an auction for AMA's legal fund.
    I will be offering a few trinkets as prizes.
    It will run for TWO weeks and end July 30th.
    If anyone wants to contribute anything, please let me know via PM. Do not post it here.
    Please know that with anything you contribute, it is your responsibility to mail out whatever you are offering to the winner.
    The winner will see the post mark on the package and you will be area fagging yourself, (if that matters to you at all) or you can always mail it from another area. You can also use a fake address, but the post mark won't lie.
    You will also have to provide me a pic and a description. Please do not post pics here or in the auction thread.
    If you have anything to offer, please let me know ASAP via PM.

    The one and only <3 wonderful <3 Larry Brennan will be mailing out the winning prizes for me as he did with all of Sparrow's auctions.
    Thank you Larry once again for getting on board and helping out me and AMA!

    More auction details will be posted in the auction thread OP.
    There will be donation details, address information and Paypal details too.

    If you don't agree with the auction and you do not want to particpate then don't, but please keep all comments outta that auction thread pleaze!
    Nobody is twisting anyone's arm to donate, I am just trying to help another person who has been victimized by COS bullshit once again.

    Info just in for those who wish to donate to AMA's legal fund now:
    This info will also be posted in the auction OP this Saturday.

    L.A. Flynn
    P.O. Box 2465
    Tarpon Springs, FL 34688

    paypal ling-
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  24. adhocrat Member

  25. Lorelei Member

    Fantastic news! HELL YEAH.
  26. subgenius Member

    Waiting for paypal link. One can just donate instead of bidding right?
    Not a big fan of the auction thing.
  27. BigBeard Member

    Hope the first thing he does is subpoena all of the Cof$ security camera footage for that day. They should provide all the evidence needed to show the "pattern of behaviour" by the Cof$ goons. Be interesting to see what a judge would say if it all wasn't available due to a 'technical glitch', being 'accidently overwritten', or just plain lost somewhere.

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  28. anonymous612 Member

    Request passed along.
  29. RightOn Member

    yes of course, all that info will be put in the auction OP
    and here as soon it is made available
  30. anonsparrow Member

    Wow Luke Lirot. I'm so fucking happy right now. Wonderful news.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    Sounds like a Sparrow case all over again. Gee all of that footage, what footage?
  32. Anonymous Member

    Just keep in mind that if there's any auction escalators going on(ie if you send your non-winning bid, a donor will match, and other methods), AMA will benefit more from a bid than a straight donation. Should you happen to win, you can just do what I did with the Travolta pillow auction; ask Larry to send the items to the second highest bidder.
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  33. anonsparrow Member

    I'm sending Luke Lirot a gift basket or something. I'm really so friggin' happy right now. Any decent lawyer should not only shut this bullshit down but also open the door to damages which AMA is clearly owed.

    So Luke, would you like fruit or a basket of porn?
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  34. Anon1942 Member

    I'd rather poke their balls with a stick or throw poo at them.
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  35. Loki's spawn Member

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  36. BlooAnon Member

    I just caught up with this thread. Wow that was a lot of crap I had to wade through. Glad you have an awesome lawyer AMA! Go get 'em!
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  37. RightOn Member

    Ok here is the info for anyone who wants to donate to AMA's leagl fund
    This info will also be posted in the auction OP this Saturday

    L.A. Flynn
    P.O. Box 2465
    Tarpon Springs, FL 34688

    paypal ling-
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  38. anonymous612 Member

    Confirmed. And to reiterate:
    After a local scilon-on-anon assault, their claim was that "the resolution was too poor to make out who was who or what was going on."
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  39. BigBeard Member

    Yet the resolution is good enough to pick up license plates they are interested in. I'd say get the tapes and let the judge decide if he can make out who's blocking who during the protest.

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  40. Anonymous Member

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