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    Hi there,

    my name is Roman. I'm an acting-student from Germany. I'm working together with the theatre of Bochum ( on a play that's called "Children of the Revolution".
    Basicly it's about forms of Protest that my generation brought up in the last years.
    I would very much like to research and work with forms of protest in the "world wide web".
    Anonymous is for me a very important movement and I would like to get in contact with you guys.

    For my research I need someone who is willing to write or talk with me about the movement, protests and whatever is important to him/her. These interviews will in some way be part of the drama-text. it will be 100% anonym and there will be no names or personal stuff, if you don't want to.
    The play will be played from apil 2013 in Bochum and Germany and I would be very happy, if anonymous will be part of it.

    you can contact me by mail:
    FB: Roman Pertl
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    Since you have posted this thread in the English forum, here is the Google Tranlsate of your link.
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    Roman can get in touch with some German Anons.

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