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Discussion in 'Pictures' started by Anton Onszers, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. Anton Onszers Member

    Gentlemen and especially Gentlewomen,

    I'm working on a design that can easily be printed to posters and/or stickers to drum up support from women in Iran.


    This is still an early beta (so please don't publish it yet) as there is still some work to be done...

    In particular, I would need confirmation from some knowledgeable people about the following:

    (1) Is the typesetting working? I have no knowledge of the language and ran into many technical problems with this text so there is a danger that something might not be as it shoud.

    Also, are the line breaks as they should be? Without understanding the text it is difficult to find the best line breaking points.

    (2) How about the ornaments. I wanted some floral ornaments, but with a bit more "sting" than the usual flower patterns. However, I am aware of the risk of evoking some unfavourable culture-specific connotations (thistles aren't, after all, the nicest of all flowers)

    Still to do from my side are:
    - add an "Anonymiss" logo
    - possibly add a URL or other means of contacting us

    Any other comments, ideas, praise, disses, etc.?

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  2. Lorelei Member

    It looks very nice, but, like you, I don't read the language.
  3. AnnieOnOmas Member

    Dude i like it, and being a kiltfag the thistles give me a semi.

    Can't read it though.
  4. hushpuppy Member

    Just lovely.

    I too would like a english translation :)
  5. Anonymous Member

    Very nice artwork, I can't comment on anything else though.
  6. Anonymous Member

    I can't read the language but I do find the kerning in the top right corner a little weak. The three lines below are working well with the leading and kerning.

    I believe that someone fluent in the language will be required to answer that question.

    I like the symbolism of thistles in the background and the figure standing into the foreground of these - '....putting all that behind her....' I find the patterns to be very strong.
    Carry on with the "Anonymiss" Logo and the URL. I think it is shaping up quite beautifully. I'm very impressed with the idea and the execution as far as you've taken it. Reservation noted above.

    As for overall composition/design, you might want to re-think where the "Anonymous" logo appears. The location in the lower right gives the design some imbalance.
    I'd try the logo in the top left if it were my project. However, perhaps that is a non-problem because the "Anonymiss" logo will assume a place in the top left.

    Overall, very nice work. Please keep us updated with your progress.
    P.S. Don't forget T-Shirts!

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  7. Anton Onszers Member

    Thanks a lot, all - and especially Auntie. Will try to take all these ideas in.

    Oh, and I can not take credit for the actual design. I really just traced this really great image by Tuffix here:
    (note to self: extra line giving credit should be added to the picture!)

    As for the logos - I'm a bit unsure on how to balance them out, as I was thinking it might not be such a good idea to give a URL which is easily blocked in a country like Iran, but rather just some hints on where to find more information by adding some logos (Anonymous, Anonymiss, Telecomix, etc.) and rely on a women's instinct to find out more by any means available...

    My idea was just to modify it in a way that it can be more easily (and cheaply) be printed on your home (laser) printer, which will make distribution much easier (and safer!). It's just about printing

    Other language versions are also in the making ... I have French and English ready, of course. And I'm trying to get a good Arabic translation (anyone here who could help?). If you want to contribute any other languages, please feel free to contact me - but I should say that the image probably "speaks" mostly to Middle-Eastern women, and eg. a Swedish or Croatian version probably won't make much sense...

    In any case, I'll keep you up to date :)


    PS: Oh, and does anybody have a vecorized Anonymiss logo?

    PPS: Hm, ,T-Shits ... oh, this would make a great T-Shirt design. Oversized shirt, and the thistles would go all around it on the back... But I'll think of that later :)
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