Anonymous Against Animal Cruelty

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by annonelite, Oct 22, 2010.

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    Re: Anonymous Against Animal Cruelty

    InB4 NYPA . . .

    Research where and how much money raised by HSUS actually goes to helping animals.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: Anonymous Against Animal Cruelty

    I'm so sorry your are unable to locate organized activists for whatever your cause is, much less out how to rally support for your own cause without begging to a different group for help. But its okay, you still have a chance to transcend this. All you have to do is:

    And your problems will be solved.

    Oh, and its spelled "disgusting." Not discusting. Lrn 2 spell-check.
  4. true colour Member

    Re: Anonymous Against Animal Cruelty

    I will answer the call of the bears (even tho im in canada.... EH!)
  5. Anonymous Member

    Re: Anonymous Against Animal Cruelty

    The Humane Society of the US is a weird front group for some animal rights /alt med nutters. Like Scientology it has a number of celebutard spokespersons. They use "Humane Society" in their title to fool the public into thinking they're somehow connected to local humane societies (like Narconon reminds people of Narcotics Anonymous).

    They get a lot of donations but don't do much good. Beware.

    ERV at scienceblogs has written some blog posts on them.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Re: Anonymous Against Animal Cruelty

    Nope. Now if you don't mind I have some mice to poison and some woodland creatures to ingest.
  7. true colour Member

    Re: Anonymous Against Animal Cruelty

    dick move
  8. mongrel Member

    Re: Anonymous Against Animal Cruelty

    Thanks but no. However, I will gladly stick my cock in your pooper. Would you like that?

    Here's a video for you:
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: Anonymous Against Animal Cruelty

    Bearbaiting you say.... Should be illegal...

  10. Smurf Member

    Re: Anonymous Against Animal Cruelty

    Don't get me started.
  11. Re: Anonymous Against Animal Cruelty

    This bear bating is in the United States, perhaps someone can point American Anons to reliable American animal charities.

    Quote from Investigation Documents Cruelty of Bear Baiting

    Will the American Kennel Club and United Kennel Club both suffer similar types of attack to what happened to Mary Bale and Little Red Drowning Hood? Bear baiting causes far more suffering than either of the two women above caused. Is there proof that those kennel clubs host bear baiting? If 4 Chan starts action against those who organise bear baiting I personally will be pleased but we deal with Scientology here and understand how to get Scientology. Does anyone want to start something over bear baiting?

    Since I posted this someone has suggested that the evidence is unreliable. Without corroborating evidence nobody should go for either of those kennel clubs.
  12. JustMissedMe Member

    Re: Anonymous Against Animal Cruelty

    I love this place. Normally I have to jump in with this explanation, but here I've been well and thoroughly beaten to the punch.

    But yeah, what Anon said. The HSUS is what happened when some people realized there was money to be made in the interest group market, and branched off the AHA. They have farktons of money and assets, but have jack all to do with much in the way of practical animal rights matters, or protection of real, as compared to assorted theoretical, animals.

    Back in my animal shelter days, a very wise lady once told me that if I ever got a real job and hence had money to donate, be terrified of PETA, avoid the HSUS unless I just wanted to waste cash, seriously consider the AHA, and then for best results I should give up on the entire can of alphabet soup and donate to my local shelter instead.

    It's been a couple decades, but it's worked for me. Granted, YMMV. After all, this was the same wise lady who also apparently sincerely believed I was a government plant sent to spy on the shelter's ketamine supply, because only a government agent would use a mop the way I did.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Re: Anonymous Against Animal Cruelty

    It's whatever. You want to get something going?

    Let's be honest; bear-baiting is just people taking out their anger. Better to take it out on bears than people. Shit, we shoulda given Bush and Osama fucking bears to take their anger out on (bare fisted), and shit wouldn't have gone down. Imagine the world if people had gone to fight a bear instead of taking anger out on other people.

    There'd be more dead people.

    Bears - 1, Humanity - 0
  14. xoixoi1 Member

    Re: Anonymous Against Animal Cruelty

    OMG That is so cute. He looks beautiful. I'd go gay for him.
  15. annonelite Member

    Re: Anonymous Against Animal Cruelty

    True colour... You are Honorable.

    Whether it was HSUS or some other organizations and groups exposing this (Which there are others as well exposing this animal cruelty) it does not matter.

    bottom line.. It's going on and it's wrong and for humans being more important than animals is faggotry... Both are important and should be helped when needed.
  16. JustMissedMe Member

    Re: Anonymous Against Animal Cruelty

    Um, it sure matters to me. Because the HSUS has a history of exaggeration, misrepresentation, and sometimes out and out lying.

    You mention in this thread the idea of the AKC and/or the UKC hosting bear baiting events. After all, the document posted by the HSUS would certainly seem to imply culpability on the part of these organizations for these events. Uh, let me say, I find show dog people a little weird, and a lot obsessive, but I can promise you the AKC is not hosting bear baiting, and I'm reasonably certain their UK counterpart, which is far less inclined to allow tail docking/ear cropping and so on, is probably even less likely to be doing so. There are thousands and thousands of 'breed clubs' here in the States.

    But out of those thousands of breed groups I mentioned? Only around 500 are actually affiliate organizations that the AKC has any say in whatsoever. You'll note the document mentions 'associated', not 'affiliated'. What that generally means that it's a club of breed enthusiasts who are enthusiastic about a dog breed that the AKC recognizes as a breed for the purposes of registration, but the club is not administered or controlled by the AKC in any way. The individual dogs may be registered, but not the club. Indeed, the dogs might not even be! I once belonged to a Border Collie breed club 'associated' with the AKC. Almost every dog in the group was ABCA registered, not AKC.

    So anger with the AKC because a bunch of hicks with registered dogs do something dickish is kind of like blaming the American Automobile Association because the drunk driver who ran into you has a roadside assistance plan with them.

    Also, look at the language they've used. Although the video uses the term 'bear baying', the document text and press releases and so on say 'bear baiting'. Although confusion exists, the practices are not the same. Yes, bear baying is terrible and cruel. There's a reason that every other state in the union has banned the use of live bears for baying, and instead stuffed or mechanical bears are used. But 'bear baiting' is actually a different, even more horrible, blood sport. It's related, both involve tormenting the bears and terrorizing them for hours on end, but in a 'bear baiting' the bear is torn or beaten to death, and many dogs die in the process as well.

    This is all actually fairly mild by HSUS manipulation standards. They often post photos out of context, misrepresent the time and place those photos were taken, and on and on, a laundry list of misinformation that muddies the waters and means real abuse isn't stopped or handled effectively.

    To Sum Up - Sure, bear baying with actual bears is horrible and wrong. Yes, it should be illegal in South Carolina. But it borders on the absurd to think that the AKC/UKC is somehow sanctioning these events. And without much more proof than this document offers, I wouldn't assume that the DNR is 'turning a blind eye'. Try to get the law changed, sure. Heck, you won't even have much of a wait, as legislation to ban baying live bears will come before the SC legislature in January and is generally thought to be a shoo-in to pass. But pooning the DNR as the HSUS suggests, or the AKC/UKC as implied in this thread, won't fix squat. It'll make the HSUS happy, but the bears will be just as fucked.

    TL;DR - Do you really want this to stop? May I suggest finding a SC legislator or several on South Carolina Legislature Online and writing a few letters instead of letting the HSUS manipulate you into wasting your time on the wrong targets.
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    Re: Anonymous Against Animal Cruelty


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