Anonymous Berlin - 07. December 2013

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by Remoulade, Dec 9, 2013.

  1. Remoulade Member


    Anonymous Berlin raiding Scientology (like always) :rolleyes:

    it was very cold and windy so we were not as many as usual



    SantaAnon bringing Caek and chocolate


    Scifag doesnt like caek :eek:


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  2. Schwabe Member

    Kuchen unter Polizeischutz. :D Ich lachte.
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  3. Remoulade Member

    Berlin ist eine gefährliche Stadt :)
  4. You tried Santa Anon. Guess the culties aren't feeling the love. Lulz
  5. Anonymous Member

    Can someone translate for us non German speaking people? Did an anon attempt to give them a Christmas gift? If so, what was it?
  6. Remoulade Member

    Schwabe said: Caek under police protection
    My response: Berlin is a dangerous city

    yes, we put together a hamper with caek, chocolate & cookies. (also a few flyer & cards)
    when the anon went inside, the scientologist's responsed:
    ''Go out. The guys wearing this creepy smiling masks are causin' evil. We are not allowed to take any kind of gifts''
    Anon answered: Last year you did just eat the Caek, ask Robin (Some sea org scifag from berlin) :)
    ''No we wont take it so please, leave''

    When the Anon looked up, an IAS Scifag took some pictures
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