Anonymous Berlin - 5 Years Chanology Raid

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Remoulade, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. Remoulade Member

    Berlin delivers!
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  2. Remoulade Member

    Over 9000 Berlin Anons!
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  3. amaX Member

    LOVE y'all! Always freaking amazing protests!
    Loved that you thanked Ursula. Nice.
    Was the pinata made out of concrete?
    Well done, BerlinAnons! <3
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Berlin always delivers Awesome Lulz!
  5. Anonymous Member

    Amazing turnout. Well done fags.
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  6. MagnumBerlin Member

    The pinata-creator was worried that it would break after the first hits. Obviously he was wrong. :D

    This weekend was extremely fantastic for everybody who participated - except the $cientologists. I hope that I'll have more photographs soon, so I can make a report.
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  7. Krautfag Member

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  8. moarxenu Member

    SO many lulz! Insect pinata lol. It is impressive to see so many Anon flags.

    >9000 WinRar & Lieks!!!
  9. Remoulade Member

    Flashraid @ the day after
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  10. Ogsonofgroo Member

    BerlinAnons! Showing the world how its done in spades and setting the bar up there ^^^^!!!

    What an awesome turnout, love the haz-mat suits! How appropriate in dealing with a toxic, diseased, fungus such as the cult of CoS!

    Lonnnng-cat and I am laughterin' like crazy at 'Indestructo-Pig' piniata, tres fantastique!

    Can't likes enough, here ya go!&amp;gt;

    Thank you for all you do, y'all frikken ROCK!
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