Anonymous confront the British government....

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by .Anonymous, Feb 3, 2014.

  1. .Anonymous Member

    ...what's the next step?
  2. Perfecto Member

    The next step is to inform the rest of us what you want to confront the British government about.
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  3. cameron is just a sissy


    Category: Animal Welfare

    Called by: Care for the Wild International

    Tesco is under a boycott call from Care for the Wild International due to the sale of live turtles, tortoises and frogs in their Chinese stores. Criticism of Tesco also features prominently in many other areas including tax avoidance, food labelling, use of palm oil, supply chains.
    Detailed Company Profile (subscribers only): Tesco Plc, Tesco Personal Finance Ltd, Tesco Stores Limited, Tesco Underwriting Ltd

    Boycott Profile Page: Tesco Boycott.

    Related Product Guides: Supermarkets, Furniture Shops, Garden Furniture, High Street Clothes Shops, Mobile Networks, Mobile Handsets Home Phone Providers, Baking Flour, Bananas, Biscuits, Bottled Water, Cat Food, Chocolate Bars, Chocolate Boxes, Disposable Nappies, Cold Remedies, Dog Food, Flowers, Fruit Juice, Milk, Nuts, Razors & Shavers, Rice, Squash & Cordial, Tinned Tuna, Wine, School Uniforms, Current Bank Accounts, Saving Bank Accounts, Child Trust Funds, Ethical Investment Funds, Mortgages, Car Insurance, Home Insurance, Pet Insurance, Travel Insurance


    Category: Human rights

    Called by: Palestinian Solidarity Campaign

    The company is based in an illegal Israeli settlement in violation of international law.
    Campaigners say the company is complicit in, and profits from, the illegal occupation of Palestinian land.


    Category: Worker Rights

    Called by: Industrial Workers of the World and Organic Consumer's Association

    Starbucks is under a boycott call from the Industrial Workers of the World and US Organic Consumer's Association over its treatment of Ethiopian coffee farmers. Also heavily criticised by Ethical Consumer over corporate tax avoidance.
    Detailed Company Profile (subscribers only): Starbucks Corporation

    Company Profile (free to view):Starbucks

    Related Product Guides: Coffee Shops


    Category: Environment

    Called by: Ethical Consumer

    This company subject to a boycott call from Ethical Consumer for involvement in Canadian oil sands. Also see our ethical profile of the Big 5 Banks for information about tax avasion, environmental destruction and human rights abuses relating to HSBC.
    Detailed Company Profile (subscribers only): HSBC Bank PLC and HSBC Holdings Plc

    Related Product Guides: Current Bank Accounts, Saving Bank Accounts, Child Trust Funds, Ethical Investment Funds, Mortgages



    Category: Environment

    Called by: Ethical Consumer

    This bank is subject to a boycott call by Ethical Consumer for its involvement in destruction of the the Canadian Oil Sands.
    Detailed Company Profile (subscribers only): Barclays PLC and Barclays Bank PLC.

    Related Product Guides: Current Bank Accounts and Saving Bank Accounts


    Category: Tax Avoidance

    Called by: Ethical Consumer

    We have called a boycott of Amazon over their outrageous tax avoidance.
    Detailed Company Profile (subscribers only): Amazon Inc


  5. Cop Caught on Camera Wrongly-accused UK protester released on video evidence


  6. David Graeber Withdraw your consent

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3
  7. "It's about relationships.It's about people comming together.Having relationships,about how we're going to exsist,because it's about personal experience.And that needs to grow."

    Mark Mcgowan

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  8. Perfecto Member

  9. What sort of democracy do we need?

  10. .Anonymous Member

    There was a video uploaded by Anonymous listing the grievances we have with the government. This list is huge and I suggest you watch if you haven't already
  11. 12:33 is TL;DW but I'm not a Brit fag. And turn off the fucking siren.
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  13. .Anonymous Member

  14. .Anonymous Member

    Tax cuts for the rich, the removal of benefits for the sick and vulnerable, bedroom tax, zero hour working contracts, the increase in food banks, exploitation of the poor, the government using our tax money as their own private purse...etc
  15. The Internet Member

    The “...etc” might worry people who don’t want to write a blank check to an angry protest movement. Focus on a couple of the most important issues and stay focused for great success.
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  16. White Tara Global Moderator

    Quoted for truth

    Protests with too diffuse a focus are more likely to fail.
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  17. .Anonymous Member

  18. .Anonymous Member

    For anyone who's interested 'The World Wide March Against Government Corruption (London)' has been organised and will take place at Trafalgar Square, at 1pm on March 1st. Let's stand together and make a change.
  19. A.O.T.F Member


    People stripped of benefits could be charged for challenging decision

    Critics argue that proposal in leaked document from Department for Work and Pensions would hit poorest people in the country
    People who have been stripped of benefitscould be charged by the government for trying to appeal against the decision to an independent judge.

    Critics said the proposal, contained in an internal Department for Work and Pensions document leaked to the Guardian, would hit some of the poorest people in Britain, who have been left with little or no income.

    In the document about the department's internal finances, officials say the "introduction of a charge for people making appeals against [DWP] decisions to social security tribunals" would raise money.

    Other ideas include selling off child support debt to "the private sector to collect", though civil servants remark that the government would be unlikely to raise more than 5-7p in the pound from the £1.4bn currently owed to the DWP. The department currently collects arrears.

    Earlier this week figures showed that in the past year nearly 900,000 people have had their benefits stopped.

    Continued -

    That's Smart :rolleyes:
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  20. Is this real life?
  21. Craptcha Member

    No it's magical Candy Land, with mystical fairies and mythical creatures!

    Leprechaun's and Golden Nuggets!

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  22. A.O.T.F Member

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  23. A.O.T.F Member

    HSBC CEO Stuart Gulliver is getting a £1.7m 'fixed pay allowance' on top of his
    £1.2m salary to stop the EU bonus cap from cutting his pay. Photograph: AP

    HSBC hands allowances to hundreds of bankers to avoid EU bonus cap

    Britain's biggest bank awards staff 'fixed pay allowances' to side-step restriction on bonuses imposed by Brussels

    A defiant HSBC is handing its chief executive, Stuart Gulliver, allowances worth £32,000 a week – on top of his £1.2m salary – to get around the EU's cap on bonuses, in a move that is expected to be replicated by the other high street banks.
    HSBC became the first UK bank to reveal how it will sidestep the pay restrictions imposed by Brussels, as it further fuelled the debate over City pay by also revealing that 239 of its bankers received more than £1m last year. Gulliver, the boss of Britain's biggest bank, hit out against the new rules, which restrict bonuses to 200% of salary even with shareholder approval, but the TUC accused HSBC of "soaraway boardroom greed"

    Continued -

    Your everyday, drug money laundering, low life Asshole .... Tick Tock Tick Tock.
  24. .Anonymous Member

    I wonder what would happen to these bankers if everyone in the country decided not to pay back any money they had borrowed?
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  25. .Anonymous Member

    This is happening on Saturday if you can get there please do.

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  26. A.O.T.F Member

    ^^ Cheers Anon -Excellent;)

  27. A.O.T.F Member

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  28. [IMG]




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  29. White Tara Global Moderator

    Um, No
    probably not later either.

    wwp, is all for the legal peaceful stuff.

    Try to keep that in mind.
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  30. [IMG]

    He's Called Ian Dunked-in-shit for a very good reason.

    "9.8 Million people in the UK are living in relative poverty"

    Hungry Britain - Panorama - Hunger Crisis in UK

  31. fishypants Moderator



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  32. fishypants Moderator

    I have a lot of sympathy for this cause, and this kind of ludicrous exaggeration does it no good at all.

    It's also disrespectful to the millions of people murdered in the real holocaust, to use their memory in this way.



    A rational critique of what ATOS and the government are doing wrong - and I agree that they are doing it wrong - is much more meaningful than hysterical cries of "Holocaust".
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  33. Cameron aide arrested over allegations relating to child abuse images

    Patrick Rock resigned as deputy head of Downing Street's policy last month on day before arrest
    A senior aide to David Cameron resigned from Downing Street last month the day before being arrested on allegations relating to child abuse images.

    Patrick Rock, who was involved in drawing up the government's policy for the large internet firms on online pornography filters, resigned after No 10 was alerted to the allegations.
    Rock was arrested at his west London flat the next morning.
    Rotten,rotten to the core.The lot of them. What? .. what are they going to tell us? that it was fucking homework? These cunts have got to go.

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