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    Yeah, sorry. Didn't realise you were quoting from the letter until I clicked-through and read it.
  2. Did the Govt brief D Mail about Patrick Rock

  3. Tory failure to tackle financial squeeze on families is pushing up welfare costs

    Rachel Reeves: while the Conservatives claim they are on top of welfare spending, in fact it is continuing to rise.


    The Tories like to claim they are on top of welfare spending. The reality shown in the budget small print is that they are losing control. For all their rhetoric about a "welfare cap", spending is rising.
    The budget documents showed overall government spending on welfare is already set to be £1bn higher this year and next year than ministers were planning in December.

    The government that is talking about capping welfare is the government that has spent £13bn more than it originally planned on welfare. This is the cost that the country is paying for ministers' failed policies and their failure to understand the cost-of-living crisis that is leaving families squeezed between falling wages and rising rents and prices.

    The costs of the Tory-led government's chaotic implementation of universal credit are staggering. A programme repeatedly described by Iain Duncan Smith as "on time and on budget" is now judged to have wasted more than £130m on failing IT and won't be rolled out until well into the next parliament. Figures released in the budget documents have now shown how much the government's failure to deliver a fair system of disability benefits and help more sick and disabled people into work is stacking up costs for the state.

    The Office for Budget Responsibility's March assessment of the public finances shows that, since December, the annual cost of the employment and support allowance (ESA) has risen by £800m. That's on top of the £700m increase between March and December 2013. These figures are less surprising when you realise how badly the work programme is failing disabled people. The latest figures show the programme has found a job for 3% of new ESA claimants.

    Again and again this government is being forced to spend more just to pay for the costs of its failed policies.On Wednesday, Labour will be challenging the government over its failure to control welfare spending. We will vote for a cap on welfare spending to keep the overall costs of social security under control. But we will be also be making the point that the reason the government cannot control the costs of social security goes further than its basic incompetence. Ministers' total lack of understanding of the cost-of-living crisis means that they do not get the point that falling wages and rising rents are pushing up the welfare bill.

    Working people are now worse off by an average of £1,600 a year under David Cameron, and the Tory low-wage economy is leaving too many people trapped on tax credits in order to make ends meet. The OBR shows that under the Tories that's getting worse – spending on tax credits over the next parliament will be more than £1bn higher than ministers were predicting six months ago. Housing benefit paid to people in work is also rising sharply.

    Just as George Osborne's budget did nothing to tackle the cost-of-living crisis, it does nothing to help bring down the cost of welfare. Labour has set out how we would make fairer choices on welfare spending, including scrapping winter fuel payments for the richest 5% of pensioners and abolishing the bedroom tax, which is not only cruel and unfair but risks costing more than it saves. We would get a grip on the Tories' failing programmes, such as universal credit.

    But we would also control the costs of social security by taking action to tackle the cost-of-living crisis and take on the drivers of rising welfare bills. We will tackle low pay with a strengthened minimum wage, and encourage employers to pay a living wage. We would also get 200,000 more homes a year built by the end of the parliament to bring down the cost of rents and tackle the housing crisis.

    The fact that there are too many people out of work is also pushing up costs. Long-term youth unemployment has doubled under David Cameron. What a waste of the precious skills and talents of our young people. The cost of dealing with the failure of this government to get young people into work is £330m every year. So a Labour government would introduce a compulsory jobs guarantee to get the young and long-term unemployed off benefits and into work.

    Ed Miliband called for a welfare cap in June last year to help us to control the costs of social security. We will be voting for the cap on Wednesday. Controlling the costs of welfare will mean taking tough decisions. But it is also about doing the right thing to build a better Britain.

    Sauce ..

    A ticking human time bomb.
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    If there was a subject for us as a country to concentrate on majorly improving i.e abolishing all debt and making the bankers responsible for our global debt situation, getting rid of Atos, saving and improving the N.H.S, bringing down living costs, improving living standards for the poor, what would your suggestions be? What topic would you use to spearhead a campaign to shake up this government and get everyone passionate about taking a stand? The time for our voices to be heard is now, we know we can't rely or 100% put our faith in any government whatever banner they fly. The only people who can really make a change are us. Let's get organised, let's communicate and let us not sit by whist we continuously get raped and abused by the system. The hole we're in will only get deeper unless we unite and climb out together.
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    Enjoy your well deserved R&R Mark. I'll miss the Monday morning Roar! :D
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    The brilliant and beautiful, Sue Marsh

    Part One

    Part Two

    Part Three

    I have to go into hospital today

    It'll all be brill mate. breathe in, don't bite your arm off.;)

    Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream ....

  7. D017_Coach_PdeVue.jpg

    The door handles are made of New Zealand gold and encrusted with 130 sapphires and 24 diamonds. The glass panels are hand blown and cut by Edinburgh Crystal. The four coach lamps are spun in brass and topped with the royal crown. The wheels, crafted in alloy to be safer, are gold plated. The interior is upholstered with 20 yards of pale gold silk brocade, woven in England.

    She gets a five million pound pay rise, while the majority of Brits are struggling to pay the bills and to put food on the table. These right royal parasites have got to go.
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  8. Last year, the queen received £12.7 million from the Duchy of Lancaster, and the Prince of Wales £19.1 million from the Duchy of Cornwall. And both were exempt from business taxes.

    Such “lost revenues,” argues the anti-monarchy campaign group Republic, should be regarded as state handouts to the queen. On this basis, Republic estimates the total cost of the monarchy to the taxpayer is more than £200 million a year.

    According to Forbes magazine, her personal worth is $500 million.

    A queen who is privately so very rich, yet who publicly pleads poverty.

    In the past, reverence for the monarchy was rooted in a sense of deference and an acceptance of hierarchy. Today, deference has been replaced by cynicism — but as long as the public despises politicians and favors the royals, one of the richest families in the world will continue to live luxuriously at the taxpayers’ expense.


    The british public are either complete morons,or they're too afraid to do anything about it.
    A mix of propaganda and fear.
  9. Boris Johnson to buy three water cannon for Metropolitan police

    London mayor justifies the speed of the £218,000 purchase by saying the machines are needed in case of disorder this summer
    Bring Paintball guns and laser pointers. That'll fuck them up. Can't shoot what they can't see.

    Steven Ksiezak
    10 June 2014 6:48pm
    You make the poor poorer and the rich richer and then your intelligent response is water cannon. With all your of your priveliged upbringing, the high level of your private education and now your position of power you are simply not able to apply any of your self important intelligence to the subject of history choosing instead to believe that your own and other's greed can solve this problem. Good luck with that.
  10. Happy Birthday Chucky

  11. Cannons At The Ready
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  12. Another Faux News anchor, with a psychiatric disorder.

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    The bold part is important. In fact, belief in what we call "government" is at the root of the frustration. Replacing "these cunts" (as another poster said) with other cunts vested with the same supposed power won't change the nature of the situation. At most it will move the primary dissatisfaction around from one segment of society to another.

    "Government" is corruption. Who can lead your life? Only you. Institutionalized bullying will never satisfy people who believe that bullying is wrong, even if it's called something else, like "democracy".
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    Mark McGowan: the artist taxi driver with a rear-view manifesto

    Mixing an artist’s eye and cabbie’s perspective, Mark McGowan’s online polemics against social harms he sees caused by politics are moving traffic


    Mark McGowan, aka the Artist Taxi Driver, has an audience of over 40,000 for his YouTube political videos, recorded in his minicab. Photograph: Martin Godwin for the Guardian
    Mark McGowan spends an awful lot of time in cars, as a minicab driver. To fill the dead time, he records videos on his iPhone – short rants about politics, social and current affairs, and uploads them to YouTube, where he is better known as ChunkyMark, the Artist Taxi Driver.

    The first videos appeared in 2010, and were watched by only a few hundred people. McGowan’s unscripted and usually expletive-laden clips have now garnered him a formidable audience, with over 42,000 subscribers on the channel, and 40,000 Twitter followers. The 3,057 videos, which have now branched out to include interviews with any political or public figures willing to fill his passenger seat, together with three feature-length films made by Chunky Productions have been viewed more than 11.5m times.

    The Artist Taxi Driver persona sprang from a short conversation outside the Frieze art fair in London. “I went to Frieze, and couldn’t get in, and someone said: ‘Are you a taxi driver?’ I said, ‘no, I’m the artist taxi driver’ and that’s how it was born,” he explains.

    McGowan, 50, grew up in a working-class family on a council estate in south London in the 1970s. “I was brought up on a really beautiful estate, the North Peckham estate. I loved it,” McGowan says. “Anyone that talks [dismissively] about estates – for a kid it was amazing, absolutely amazing. It’s not like today, you couldn’t wait to go home, leave school, to run around with kids from your estate.”

    After a period of what he describes as “skullduggery” he became a mature art student, studying at Camberwell School of Art, and he started a master’s degree at Goldsmiths University, though he didn’t complete it. He has taught art practice and theory at various art colleges and when we meet he is preparing to give a lecture on Scottish politics and the failings of Westminster at the Edinburgh College of Art.

    He has been driving minicabs for a living for four years, but for a decade, before beginning the Artist Taxi Driver videos, McGowan was best known for his artistic stunts. These include pushing a peanut along the floor with his nose, from Goldsmiths to Downing Street in a protest at student debt; eating what he claims was a swan, followed by a corgi, and attempting to cartwheel from Brighton to London.

    These stunts were all politically motivated, he says: cartwheeling from the seaside to highlight the damage caused to British shores by people taking stones home, and dining on swan and corgi “to protest at the Queen” and the royal treatment of animals respectively.

    In person, he seems initially shy and speaks in a soft monotone. As we settle into his Nissan Primera he places his new iPhone 5 on the dashboard and begins filming the interview. It is unclear for the next 40 minutes who feels more self-conscious. Once he starts filming, his manner slowly changes, he gets louder, there is more gesticulation, he becomes more of a geezer. It is difficult not to take some of the things he says with a pinch of salt as he moves into performance mode.

    “There’s been a massive transformation from being an artist and doing these monologues, to being more like a journalist,” he says of his videos.

    McGowan reserves disdain for all three main parties, for supporting privatisation and cuts, and for fostering political disillusionment. “If Labour comes in, they might as well just form a coalition [with the Conservatives],” he says. “All the things that have happened, PFI [private finance initiative for building new hospitals], workfare [employment schemes], privatisation of public services, student fees; the Labour party is as much to blame as the Liberal Democrats, the Tory party – they all work for the same people, for corporations, for banks, looking out for their interests, not people’s interests.”

    He is in remission for bowel cancer and married to a nurse, and is passionate about the NHS, but furious at PFI and what he sees as creeping privatisation. “We’re in a mess, we’re in a state. Last weekend they had tents outside hospitals. Politicians seem to be saying: it’s your fault, we’re eating too much, we’re drunk. We’ve got Ukip saying it’s immigrants [causing the strain], and you have all this blame, but where is all the money going?”, he asks.

    “Private companies want to make profit from a hospital, so they walk into a place where you’re sick, your children are sick, your life is at risk. Who’s going to pick up the pieces with Circle?”

    What angers McGowan most about politics? “The main thing is the ideology of austerity. Under the cloak of austerity, the primary purpose of this government has been to move public money into private pockets,” he says. “You see it every time David Cameron or George Osborne come on telly. They talk about how many jobs they’ve created in the private sector.”

    From his back-of-the-cab interviews with campaigners and protesters against the government, he says it is clear who has been hit hardest by the coalition’s cuts. “The people who’ve been hurt the most, which is the people at the bottom, by the attacks, by the cuts to the Independent Living Fund. That’s 18,000 severely disabled people who want to live in the community,” he says. “I’ve interviewed these people and they’ve said: ‘What are we going to do, are we going to live in [residential] homes?’ It’s an ideological move, because it’s so small. Like the bedroom tax, it’s completely ideological.”

    Watching McGowan’s videos, it is obvious he appeals to the same audience caught up in Russell Brand’s recent politicking. Does he see himself in the same, anti-politics mould? “Russell has millions of followers and speaks in a way no one with such a large profile has ever done before,” he replies. “I don’t believe he is anti-politics – the exact opposite. He’s calling for a ‘new politics’.”
    Contrary to the wishes of a Facebook group of 3,500 fans calling for him to be made prime minister, McGowan says he would not want to be an MP and sees his videos as his political contribution to exposing the coalition. “This government has been and still is despicable,” he says. “We have one million unemployed, we have despicable, heinous workfare schemes, forcing people to go to work for massive corporations, under pain of debt.”

    So does he have any answers? Perhaps, unsurprisingly, for an artist, McGowan’s solution is creative. “Do you realise how many albums were written on the dole? Don’t send kids off to do slave labour at Tesco, give them a pen. Give them a guitar.”

    McGowan approaches potential interviewees via Twitter and has interviewed Labour politicians including John McDonnell and Paul Flynn. His outspoken views and honesty have attracted a fiercely loyal online following, and Green MP Caroline Lucas, comedian Frankie Boyle, crossbench peer Tanni Grey-Thompson and actor Ricky Tomlinson have all been interviewed in McGowan’s car.

    Not everyone invited into his cab impresses him, however. “I interviewed George Galloway and I asked him about his comments on rape and Julian Assange, because I felt really uncomfortable talking to him. And I asked him about [former Respect party leader] Salma Yaqoob and said “Did you feel bad about her having to resign?”. He said: ‘In a few years, no one will remember who she was.’” The interview, far shorter than his usual 30 minutes, ends with Galloway being cut off mid-sentence.
    He has set his heights high for potential future passengers: Lord Ashcroft has followed him on Twitter and he has sent a message asking him to go on. He says he would also love to interview Bonnie Greer, whose approach to politics he says he greatly admires.

    Asked about the 2015 general election, McGowan is more exasperated than hopeful. “I don’t know what’s wrong with society, the government, with hedge fund managers, private equity, and vulture capitalists. When is enough, enough? We need to be creating a society that is better, not a society of growth that says: ‘How much more money can the rich make?’”

    Curriculum vitae

    Age 50.
    Lives South-east London.
    Family Married, two children.
    Education St Thomas the Apostle College, Camberwell; Camberwell Art College, BA hons fine art; Goldsmiths University, MA in visual culture, art and politics (not completed).
    Career 2010-present: minicab driver; 2008-13: associate lecturer, Chelsea College of Art; 2004-07: associate lecturer, Camberwell College of Art.
    Films This is not a recession it’s a robbery (2013); The War Machine (2014); Westmonster the Movie (2015).
    Interest Cooking, event theory, recording sounds, gardening, how to overthrow the monarchy.

    Source -

    One will find the youtube interview with Dawn Foster, here. -

    A True Brother In Arms
  16. Thousands gather in London to protest against lack of affordable housing

    The March for Homes brings together campaigners, tenants and trade unionists to demand building of council homes and curbing of private rents

    Thousands of people gathered outside City Hall on Saturday to demand Boris Johnson urgently tackle the lack of affordable housing in the capital and curb the spiralling rents that they warn are “ripping the heart” out of London.

    An estimated 5,000 encircled the building and urged the mayor to tackle the burgeoning housing crisis by building more council homes, control private rents and called off the proposed demolition of properties on up to 70 London estates.

    The crowd marched in boisterous spirits, confident that they can make the increasingly divisive issue of housing a genuine general election battleground.

    Moar ....

    Do you have a message for Boris?

    A: "Get the fuck out!"
  17. British army creates team of Facebook warriors

    Soldiers familiar with social media sought for 77th Brigade, which will be responsible for ‘non-lethal warfare’

    The British army is creating a special force of Facebook warriors, skilled in psychological operations and use of social media to engage in unconventional warfare in the information age.
    moar ...
    Translation - To escalate propaganda for the British government, the military industrial complex, and for the corporations with heavily invested interests to keep the perpetual wars in motion.
    There catch phrase should read - Never was so much owed by so few to so many.
    We can spot them a mile off.
  18. A.O.T.F Member

    OMFG!!! Tory party are buying Facebook likes????

    Who are these fucking people!!!??????????????????

    Honestly, I'm lost for words :mad:
  19. Sekee Member

    It’s why they’re called the nasty party.
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  20. A.O.T.F Member

  21. we are Starting this thread post election,as we have conservative government now for 5 more years.
    Please talk about feelings towards austerity measures,NHS etc.
    The main objective is for newfags from the UK to have an outlet.
    How can we change this country for the better as a collective? what issues can anons move into action on?
    how can we fight back?
  22. A.O.T.F Member

    I was wondering how long it was going to be before the Ministry Of Fear raised it's ugly lying head. Interesting to note how they avoided any mention of the (MI5 / MI6) 7/7 false flag operations.

    They're about as trustworthy and welcome as a flaming paper-bag full of dog shit.

    MI5 chief says 34 UK terror plots disrupted since 7/7 attacks

    Andrew Parker says agency aware of thousands of people in UK who support or are engaged in violent extremism

    Here's the real truth. 1.06 in .. (Spy Crimes - false flag Op. detonating explosives on UK streets)

  23. remember ,remember the fifth of november ... you can start right now the october revolution starting earlier
    I love cameron ;.......diaz
  24. A.O.T.F Member

  25. A.O.T.F Member

  26. Anonymous Member

    It would be good if we could have groups who could meet and organise on a more local level and co-ordinate with other similar groups to protest and campaign on a national and international level.
    It is very difficult to fight back when you are a lone voice. Pissing in the wind springs to mind.
  27. My Lords and members of the House of Commons.

    My government will legislate in the interests of everyone in our country. It will adopt a one nation approach, helping working people get on, supporting aspiration, giving new opportunities to the most disadvantaged and bringing different parts of our country together.

    My government will continue with its long-term plan to provide economic stability and security at every stage of life. They will continue the work of bringing the public finances under control and reducing the deficit, so Britain lives within its means. Measures will be introduced to raise the productive potential of the economy and increase living standards.

    Legislation will be brought forward to help achieve full employment and provide more people with the security of a job. New duties will require my ministers to report annually on job creation and apprenticeships. Measures will also be introduced to reduce regulation on small businesses so they can create jobs.

    Legislation will be brought forward to ensure people working 30 hours a week on the National Minimum Wage do not pay income tax, and to ensure there are no rises in Income Tax rates, Value Added Tax or National Insurance for the next 5 years.

    Measures will be brought forward to help working people by greatly increasing the provision of free childcare.

    Legislation will be introduced to support home ownership and give housing association tenants the chance to own their own home.

    Measures will be introduced to increase energy security and to control immigration. My government will bring forward legislation to reform trade unions and to protect essential public services against strikes.

    To give new opportunities to the most disadvantaged, my government will expand the Troubled Families programme and continue to reform welfare, with legislation encouraging employment by capping benefits and requiring young people to earn or learn.

    Legislation will be brought forward to improve schools and give every child the best start in life, with new powers to take over failing and coasting schools and create more academies.

    In England, my government will secure the future of the National Health Service by implementing the National Health Service’s own 5 year plan, by increasing the health budget, integrating healthcare and social care, and ensuring the National Health Service works on a 7 day basis. Measures will be introduced to improve access to general practitioners and to mental healthcare.

    Measures will also be brought forward to secure the real value of the basic State Pension, so that more people live in dignity and security in retirement. Measures will be brought forward to increase the rights of victims of crime.

    To bring different parts of our country together, my government will work to bring about a balanced economic recovery. Legislation will be introduced to provide for the devolution of powers to cities with elected metro mayors, helping to build a northern powerhouse.

    My government will continue to legislate for high-speed rail links between the different parts of the country.

    My government will also bring forward legislation to secure a strong and lasting constitutional settlement, devolving wide-ranging powers to Scotland and Wales. Legislation will be taken forward giving effect to the Stormont House Agreement in Northern Ireland.

    My government will continue to work in cooperation with the devolved administrations on the basis of mutual respect.

    My government will bring forward changes to the standing orders of the House of Commons. These changes will create fairer procedures to ensure that decisions affecting England, or England and Wales, can be taken only with the consent of the majority of Members of Parliament representing constituencies in those parts of our United Kingdom.

    My government will renegotiate the United Kingdom’s relationship with the European Union and pursue reform of the European Union for the benefit of all member states.

    Alongside this, early legislation will be introduced to provide for an in-out referendum on membership of the European Union before the end of 2017.

    Measures will also be brought forward to promote social cohesion and protect people by tackling extremism. New legislation will modernise the law on communications data, improve the law on policing and criminal justice, and ban the new generation of psychoactive drugs.

    My government will bring forward proposals for a British Bill of Rights.

    Members of the House of Commons.

    Estimates for the public services will be laid before you.

    My Lords and members of the House of Commons

    My government will continue to play a leading role in global affairs, using its presence all over the world to re-engage with and tackle the major international security, economic and humanitarian challenges.

    My ministers will remain at the forefront of the NATO alliance and of international efforts to degrade and ultimately defeat terrorism in the Middle East.

    The United Kingdom will continue to seek a political settlement in Syria, and will offer further support to the Iraqi government’s programme for political reform and national reconciliation.

    My government will maintain pressure on Russia to respect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine, and will insist on the full implementation of the Minsk agreements.

    My government looks forward to an enhanced partnership with India and China.

    Prince Philip and I look forward to our state visit to Germany next month and to our state visit to Malta in November, alongside the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting. We also look forward to welcoming His Excellency the President of The People’s Republic of China and Madame Peng on a state visit in October.

    My government will seek effective global collaboration to sustain economic recovery and to combat climate change, including at the climate change conference in Paris later this year.

    My government will undertake a full strategic defence and security review, and do whatever is necessary to ensure that our courageous armed forces can keep Britain safe.

    My government will work to reduce the threat from nuclear weapons, cyber attacks and terrorism.

    Other measures will be laid before you.

    My Lords and members of the House of Commons

    I pray that the blessing of almighty God may rest upon your counsels.

    What a load of unfucking believable BULLSHIT!

  28. Calm down and have a wank.
  29. 865

    Oh hai butthurt government troll
  30. Sekee Member

    Nothing surprising in the speech it’s pretty much what was expected. With a slim majority of only 12 MPs getting their policy’s through parliament and the lords, where they don’t have a majority will be their problem. What is surprising that leaving ECHR wasn’t there because their own back benchers are already in revolt about it. It would also cause problems within the Union because the Irish good Friday agreement and agreements with the Scottish government have tie ins to the ECHR.

    We live in interesting times.
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  31. [IMG]

    ^^^ The Real Benefit Street

    There's a storm coming.
  32. Anonymous Member

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  33. Thousands march against austerity cuts after Queen's speech - video


    Several thousand people march on Westminster in protest against austerity cuts that will come into force under the newly elected Conservative government. Demonstrators took to the streets following the Queen's speech on Wednesday, which included further cuts public spending. At least three people were arrested when protesters broke through police lines and marched past Downing Street and the Houses of Parliament
  34. They mess with just one of us, they mess with all of us. :mad: I can see a future when the glorified security guards for the rich are going to be outnumbered.

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