Anonymous delivers ultimatum to Westboro Baptist Church

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hushpuppy, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. MsOrangensaft Member

    Not sure I want to watch.. haha. This is no doubt going to divide this thread even more, but I think there was a pretty broad consensus that it's not wise to give the hate mongering attention whores of WBC yet MORE attention.
  2. grebe Member

    Anons, you might be able to talk me into protesting Phelps. The gay-bashing thing is mean and their shtick does get old fast.

    But while watching "Whorish Face" a minute ago I thought of Paulette Cooper and suddenly I felt such love for those crazy fuckers.

    Really, right now I could hug them all. I would say, "Thanks guys, from the bottom of my heart, for never doing anything mean to anybody's li'l puss."

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  3. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, so discussion closed, right?

  4. no
    broad consensus lolwat?
  5. uncoerced Member

    I just want to send them some carefully written erotica. They'll get turned on and then self destruct. Oh, man. I am. I'm gonna start it out like they helped me "come to my senses and obey" and then turn it into something FILTHY. Just for fun. I mean, uh, lulz.
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  6. MsOrangensaft Member

    It means that the majority of people were of the opinion that WBC isn't worth the attention.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Another thing that people should keep in mind: no matter what you say to WBC, you will not sway them. Every insult and death threat they get only convinces them further that what they are doing is the right thing. The best way to deal with them is to just match their absurdity with absurdity (ie "god hates "flags" signs)
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  8. ...orly?
  9. Agreed. Erotic fiction sounds good. Maybe Ann Lander type trolling letters asking for advice?
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  10. MsOrangensaft Member

    Haha, do you disagree? Did you read the entire thread? What's your opinion?
  11. Anonymous Member


    They are the ultimate attention whores.
  12. I am being ironic
    there is no broad consensus here. or narrow, or whatever. We each do what we want unless we don't want to.[/quote]
  13. Anonymous Member

    Ms AnonOrange may be confusing our tiring of this discussion with tiring of trolling WBC,
    or ad hominem attacks on her own person, as indicating support for WBC.
    She may be confusing trolling with serious business.

    On the other hand, Anonymous may be confusing their heads with their asses
    and maybe the H in IHM really means "Hug"

  14. cookiemonsta Member

  15. MsOrangensaft Member

    As we've all debated this, I've wondered.. if it wasn't started by an anon whose family member's funeral was protested @ by WBC. Imagine your father, mother, lover, whoever, being killed in combat & @their funeral these tools show up saying "Thank God 4 IEDs" and "Thank God 4 Dead Soldiers," etc.. Or perhaps they were affected in another way, being @ the receiving end of some of WBC's abuse? Just a pause for thought. :) Carry on.
  16. MsOrangensaft Member

  17. Zak McKracken Member

    In the same way, I do wonder if the original Anonymous protests against Scientology were started by bitter apostates motivated by revenge for having been kicked out of their Church. Its the same knee-jerk reactionism all over.
  18. grebe Member

    I did have an angry WTF? when WBC started their act a few years ago. Now its like re-runs or leftovers and I don't care so much.
  19. MsOrangensaft Member

    Haha, and that changes from day to day, I've discovered :) That's good, though, because so do I. Hey, did you see that picture of my rack? Totally mine. The kitten thing was a dare, though, FTR.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Imagine a lot of shit going on in the world, and then make a thread about it, inserting lots of irrelevant threads into the forum. Then squee when only 2 or 3 Chanology threads exist on the first page. Where is this new army of one-day members posting inane threads coming from? OP, why are you at a Chanology site?
  21. MsOrangensaft Member

    Not going to engage. Nice try. And FTR, I've been reading threads for quite a while, just didn't join until recently. Even still, not going to engage.
  22. Anonymous Member

    Boy has this thread degenerated since yesterday...
  23. Anonymous Member

    When Fred Phelps is dead there will be a funeral by the WBC and then it's payback time.
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  24. uncoerced Member

    I'll stop writing erotic fiction about Ms. O's boobs just to get there.
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  25. Faggot Police Member

    I must say though, it is very sad that unless you type "/sarcasm" mods can't tell when you're joking -__-
  26. Faggot Police Member

    rules 1....and 2
    RULES 1 AND 2
    RULES 1&2
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  27. Faggot Police Member

    No, i merely meant to make up for everything i missed. had i been online, i would have replied to said post as they were posted.
  28. uncoerced Member

    Phew. So I'm not the only one! :)
  29. Anonymous Member

  30. Anonymous Member

    That was some pretty weak trolling there. But I appreciated how the author accentuated the downside for anonymous -- that it would give them press. The are attentionwhores, and have thrived on it since it first broke-out. And that breakout put this handful of shitheads on the map. In my observation, the press they get is the ONLY thing they have going for them. Okay, they are cattywampus in the brain, and present as trailer trash. They can't have any real funds, but have discovered how to get millions of dollars worth of free advertising. Please just drop this. Sure they are an amalgam of fail and aids, but still -- we have better things to do right now.
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  31. I eagerly await the day a news anchor says, "Westboro Baptist Church? Who are they?", and is told, "Y'know, those pricks who protested funerals, Bar Mitzvahs, and Dairy Queen openings." I can imagine the blank stare on the news anchor's face, then a flash of recognition: "Oh yeah, those assholes. They were a big story a few years ago, but I still can't figure out why."
  32. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Two of my favorite things: Tits and kittens.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Fred Phelp's oldest son, Nathan, is a gay & lesbian advocate in California & often speaks out against his father, as does his brother, Mark, who lives in Costa Mesa. Fred claims his son's have been brainwashed by fags.
  34. Anonymous Member

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  35. MsOrangensaft Member

    HAHA. If you ever protested WBC you could make a sign that says, "God hates YOU, But He <3 Tits & Kittens." Or not. I'm sure you guys could come up with a lot better! :D
  36. Anonymous Member

    Oh, we guys are pretty funny!
  37. MsOrangensaft Member

    Yah for fags! If he was my father, I'd be gay just to spite him! ;)
  38. MsOrangensaft Member

    I know! The things you all could come up with would be EPIC. No doubt. :)
  39. Well, I'm all for protesting the hell out of the WBC. They're more annoying than really harmful (unlike Scilons), but damn if they aren't annoying. Besides, they responded to Anonymous' warning with, to quote, "Bring it." I mean, come on. XD

    They're a small enough target, though, that as a practical matter you really can't mobilize globally against them, as they're never in more than a couple places at one time.
  40. Z@Q Member

    Ha! did you see their letter back to Anonymous!? "Bring It" .... LULZ are about to be in full effect.

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