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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TehShamrock, May 23, 2011.


Would you buy an anonymous flag (5' x 3') if the option was open to you?

Yes 16 vote(s) 72.7%
No 6 vote(s) 27.3%
  1. TehShamrock Member


    First of all, this is my first time posting on the site, so I apologise if this is in the wrong section,
    and please correct me if it is.

    But, to the matter at hand..
    I've been looking around for Anonymous flags for quite a while now, and I haven't been able to find any anywhere, and i've come across a few people asking for them.

    Anyway, it's possible to get flags custom made, but only in bulk (I.e. in the hundreds which would cost usually in excess of $1000) and, not surprisingly, this won't work out for the average anon.

    So, i've been considering it for a while now, and i'm prepared to have some Anon flags made in bulk, and sell them on to hopefully make my money back (And hopefully a slight profit to make up for the time spent shipping them out etc.) and I just wanted to see first if there'd be a big enough demand for them.

    So, would anybody here be willing to buy a 5' x 3' very high quality Anon flag for 25-30 Euro ($35-$42) if it was available to you?

    I'm willing to sell any amount of them to people anywhere in the world. E.g. If you wanted to buy say 20 of them to re-distribute/re-sell at protests, that'd be fine with me, and I could probably negotiate a bulk discount with you.

    If you think the price is too high, just tell me, but even a few dollars is a lot when you multiply it by the hundreds of flags I'd have to sell. And this is also a pretty big monetary commitment.

    So, in short. the question is:
    If the chance was open to you, would you buy an Anon flag and would you pay that much for one?

    And if there's enough interest i'll get them made and i'll be happy to sell them to anyone anywhere. Bear in mind that i'm based in Ireland, so if you live in Ireland or the UK the shipping will be slightly cheaper. Though I'm still willing to send them anywhere, but just bear in mind the shipping will be slightly more. (Feel free to contact me for a quote beforehand.)


    EDIT: Willing to sell the flags for $20 to anyone who wants one.
    I don't have them yet, though, so I can't get them out to you straight away
  2. WMAnon Member

    There was one anon that did something similar in 2008, I don't know if he's completely run out his supply at this point.
  3. TehShamrock Member

    Well, I can't find him anywhere if he hasn't.
  4. Dragononymous Member

    Skull you no voting whore
  5. Char. Limit Member

    I voted yes. But I don't have the money right now. Try the Friday after next.
  6. TehShamrock Member

    Well, if I go through with this i'll have several hundred to sell, so you'll probably have some time to buy one.
    Also, i'd really appreciate if people could spread the word where possible, or re-direct anyone looking for a flag here.
  7. mudkip Member

    i need a pic first,
  8. TehShamrock Member

    I'll get a picture to you once I get the flags.
    I just want to be sure there's some degree of demand for them before I 'take the risk' of buying in bulk (min. order is 400)

    Essentially, it'll be on a 3 foot by 5 foot flag printed on both sides.
    (I'm not sure if that'll help you much, but I might as well include it anyway)
  9. mudkip Member

    would it be a bad idea to hang it out side my apartment?
  10. Dragononymous Member

    Depends, you like fair games?
  11. Anonymous Member

    Advertising that you're Anonymous kinda defeats the point.
  12. TehShamrock Member

    Although, on the other hand, you'd be less likely to recieve so much junk mail when the postman realises you're a hacker on steriods.
    Double points if he's from DHL
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  13. Interrobanger Member

    It is a nice courtesy to your neighbors. It may keep the FBI from accidentally kicking in the wrong door.
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  14. lostatsea Member

  15. TehShamrock Member

    That could be a problem
  16. Interrobanger Member

  17. TehShamrock Member

    I was under the impression that he'd ran out. :p
  18. Dragononymous Member

  19. mudkip Member

    aha, i can barely hack, i can fire the loic... thats bout it. but if any of you are willing to teach me ill be a good student.
  20. Dragononymous Member

    You can press a button and copy paste, bravo
  21. mudkip Member

    now i have hacker pro....
  22. TehShamrock Member

    I'll buy and distribute the flags if I get 25 more Yes's in the pole (30 total)
  23. Mark Cabian Member

    People have been getting them from that guy on eBay for a long time. See the post lostatsea made - that's the one.
  24. TehShamrock Member

    I suppose.
    No harm in having a second source, though. Might work out better for the Europeans among us, postage-wise
  25. Orson Member

    Tread lightly in this thread. No offense to OP but we have a known, trusted source. Why would anons want to out themselves to a new source?


    Also, no one else needs to report this thread, thanks.
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  26. AnonymousMeng Member

    unless u want to be picketed
  27. TehShamrock Member

    I suppose, I can understand that.

    Also, at the time of posting I wasn't aware that you already had a source, sorry about that. :p
    I'm still willing to go through with it (if that's okay with you) if there's enough interest, but if there's already a legit supplier, as you said, I doubt people would want to change to a new source.
  28. xenubarb Member

    I just got some temp tattoos from that guy on eBay. Little anonymous flags.
  29. ZeroC Member

  30. moarxenu Member

    Pix or it didn't happen.
  31. anonymous612 Member

  32. TehShamrock Member

    I'm willing to drop my price to $20 per flag.
    I'm honestly just trying to help you anons out there. Thought I realise how suspicious this looks, and I know my word doesn't mean much on the interwebz :p
    So, anyone willing to give me a try (And hopefully boost my reputation a little) feel free.
    Anyone else, I completely understand why you'd buy from the guy you know you can trust
  33. WMAnon Member

    TehShamrock, it's not that people think you're being sketchy, it's just one of those "ain't broke, don't fix it" things for a lot of older anons. There's still lots you can do besides buying anon flags, even if you just want to be in the "buying things in bulk for anon orders" business. I know some folks were talking about getting Marcabian Confederacy patches done up and that never materialized, I'm sure there are other similar projects you could take up :)
  34. Interrobanger Member

    No competition $35-42, with competition $20. I hope it's clear to you why your credibility wanes.
  35. Anonymous Member

    Try tshirts.
  36. Anonymous Member

    If HotScubaGreg had a twin brother I bet we could get them for $10. :D
  37. TehShamrock Member

    Heh. thanks for the tip.
    sorry for all the bother
  38. Anonymous Member

    Irish anons don't seem to have any fucking clue who this person is. So we advise caution.
  39. Anonymous Member

    I'd sooner buy this guys flags since I'm from europe, less effort for everyone, americans buy american flags, Vise versa, that is if I know he's trustworthy, nothing wrong with gaining a new and valuble anon.
  40. TehShamrock Member

    Yeah, that's the sort of thing I was going for

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