Anonymous français devant les tribunaux

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    Comme cela on sait que calin avait entre (22 et 27) - 4 = 18 et 23 ans lorsqu'ils ont merdé.
    L'entrave c'est du Ddos
    Loic schneider (alias journaliste liberty) 20 ans ; on se dit il est récupérable.
    Les deux autres 36 et 41 ans c'est moins sûr.
    (à cet age là soit on est capable de faire beaucoup mieux que du Ddos, soit on ne fait rien)
    ... Comme toujours on retrouve les mêmes conneries (le groupuscule anonymous .... ... lancés dans une contre offensive contre l'EI)

    On imagine les 3 précités lancés dans une contre offensive sur le web contre l'EI
    (ils vont se fendre la gueule l'EI)

    Sans compter que

    Il faut relire (bis repetita) bluetouff
    Le mieux c'est quand même ;
    plus clair tu meurs.
    Ce n'est pas parce que l'on participe à un signalement comme ça que l'on est auxiliaire de police à vie ; on peut faire ça le Lundi et se retrouver en garde à vue le Mercredi pour autre chose (manifestation pas autorisé avec port du masque par exemple ou autre) ou vice versa
    Ce n'est pas incompatible ; l'un n'empêche pas l'autre
    Faut pas étre sectaire à ce point

    Parce que
    lanceur d'alerte c'est bien, comme dit précédemment (voir thread sur G. Coleman), encore faut-il savoir auprès de qui lancer l'alerte.
    Alerter facebook, par exemple qui censure des photos d'étude de nus datant des années 1940 (affaire de la galerie du jeu de paume) et pas la propagande de L'EI, tant qu'il n'y a pas de nu dedans, c'est débile.
    Autant pisser dans un violon.

    Bon il y a des abrutis qui diront que faire un signalement à Pharos dans ce contexte c'est de la délation (on en a un qui l'a écrit ici ; n'aggravons pas son cas)
    ... Les cons, ca ose tout, c'est même à ça qu'on les reconnait ...

    Si il y a un prof. de Français dans le coin , c'est bien ;
    les cons, ça ose tout
    et non les cons ça osent tout
    Nan ?
  3. Roger.Guy Member

    Il marche bien le thread : 598 vues depuis hier.
    Ca doit être les mots clés :

    Ca fait toujours recette.
    Il faut bien les placer dans l'ordre

    Ca peut donner :
    anonymous francais devant les tribunaux, dans le sens ; un chouia en avance sur la justice
    ou anonymous devant les tribunaux français (idem dans le sens en avance ... la nationalité Française n'étant plus une condition Sine qua non)

    anonymous francais devant les tribunaux (pour être jugés ; comme le dit le thread)
    etc ....

    On a jamais essayé :
    Français devant les tribunaux anonymous.
    (je crains le pire !)

    Bon, j'arrête sinon je vais charger mon casier virtuel.
    Et je vais me retrouver dans le caca, le jour où c'est le grand Algorithme qui décidera de tout.
    Je suis toujours à deux doigts d'écrire algorythme.

    Le mot vient de l'arabe en fait.
    rien à voir avec le rythme
    (je dois faire une fixette sur les phénomènes périodiques ou style structure répétitive)
  4. Retarded adolescents "or" dangerous "Hackers: Anonymous three face justice

    Anonymous also recently made about him by attacking the Department of Defense, or by briefly down the sites of the National Assembly, the Senate and employment center. Tuesday, February 23, it was however for acts dating back several years that members of Anonymous activists informal collective cited the high court of Paris.

    Three men appeared before the 13th Criminal Chamber, after hacking and distribution in January 2012 of a database containing the names, phone numbers, email addresses and passwords of 541 union officers and delegates police. The information stolen from the site database to a union, were published on January 27 on the website The page is now deleted but a copy remains online. The list was accompanied by a message of claim, "in retaliation to the base methods of the state", and announced the publication of more data. For freedom of expression

    The three defendants, Quentin, and Florent Lucas - aka "Sunki", "Dump" and "Calin" - were arrested between June and October 2012. These men now in their twenties are judged both for hacking website Unit union SGP-FO police, but also for "disfigurement" (changing the home page) several government sites:, and

    Their participation in the collective Anonymous, usually on the chat channel that brought together nearly 300 people, was a militant act. They heard the fight for freedom of expression and digital freedoms. The atmosphere was hot at the time among Anonymous, between ACTA treaty on counterfeiting, Megaupload closure and the arrest a few days earlier for several alleged members of the French group, believed to have played a role in the attack of EDF websites in April 2011.

    They now wish to qualify or deny their involvement in the attacks. "People who actually made [these attacks] were anonymized and really knowledgeable," says "Dump" at the hearing. He and "Sunki" confirm having sought flaws on the site of Unit SGP-FO police - one of them is believed to have downloaded the database without the broadcast - but explain not having visited government sites "disfigured" after the attack, carried out by them by other militants. As for their participation in Anonymous, it can not be qualified as criminal conspiracy, "there are no instructions, no agreement and division of labor," pleads their counsel, Ms. Anne-Sophie Laguens .
    "His nickname is" Calin ", his email address," Big Blue Teddy ""

    For its part, "Calin" ensures that it did not have the technical knowledge to participate in the attacks and that he was involved in Anonymous that from January to March 2012; that investigators confirm. "His nickname is" Calin ", his email address," Big teddy blue ", and the IP address is that of his mother," says Laguens me. However, it confirms that circulated on Twitter the database after its publication, but said in censoring a part.

    One defendant claims to have discovered the fault of the police union website at the end of 2011. He said he warned at the time the site administrator, reporting to him in detail what the technical vulnerability, without anything be done to correct it. "This is a whistleblower," argued his lawyer, Matthew Hy, referring to digital bill that provides penalties exemptions for well-meaning hackers. Still in January 2012 on an Anonymous chat channel in full swing, he mentions the vulnerability, and a "Shanon" comes to him for advice. It is this fourth Internet, unknown to the authorities, who have downloaded and published the coordinates of 541 police officers, provide defendants without having certainty.

    In court, "Sunki" said he had not realized at the time the seriousness of the publication of such a list of personal details. "I imagined they would deface [neologism meaning deface a website by breaking its homepage] the site by using the vulnerability," he explains. He assured that there was, in the group chat channel, discussions on whether to publish that information.

    Today, the three men are all working in various areas of Web and IT, one in Dublin, Ireland. They regret the three actions that led them to the criminal court, and their attorneys ask the court to dismiss the prison sentences or even relax the defendants.
    "As cybercrime, it calls some"

    The prosecutor, which requires for all defendants the same sentence of one year suspended prison sentence and a fine of € 5000, called him, not to minimize their actions. "The actions of Anonymous have costs" for the state, he said. "The DCRI has better things to do than look after teenagers retarded, 'says a lawyer for the civil parties. But the prosecutor, he is not unconscious but young "dangerous people".

    It highlights the damage suffered by police officers whose identities were revealed. One of the lawyers for the civil parties reported spam and telephone messages received by a dozen victims. "They defend anonymity, but what about the police? "Asks another, denouncing" a trivialization of computer attacks. " The decision was taken under advisement.

    As emphasized by the prosecutor during the hearing "for cybercrime little one calls" while promising that "it is not to make those three heads of Turks." However, the authorities had the means. In 2011 and 2012, the Central Directorate of Internal Intelligence (DCRI, ancestor of the Directorate General of Internal Security, ISB) had in fact investigated the actions of Anonymous in France, particularly on the "Greenrights" operation that targeted EDF as revealed Owni the site in June 2012. She had led to the indictment of two people January 26, 2012, including the administrator of a site known under the pseudonym "Triskel" eventually acquitted.

    If the facts were judged on Tuesday former, the Anonymous movement keeps its currency. The slowness of justice provoked a strange crossover. When three men were tried in District Court of Paris for actions committed there several years of Internet posing as members of the informal group claimed piracy and dissemination of the Defense Department database .
  5. Roger.Guy Member

    Il n'y a pas que moi qui " parle mal ", donc.
    (je le savais depuis longtemps, que je n'étais pas le seul :) )

    cf. :
    Ça finira probablement devant les tribunaux ....
    L'op Afrique : kesako ?
    Le rapport avec le CIMD ?

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