Anonymous helped expose government plot to control media

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Then there is Isael's Megaphone software...that is used to censor free speech, alert to youtube videos they want flagged and removed...
  2. greez Member

    This is truly disgusting... Any links supporting?
  3. Anonymous Member

    Common misunderstanding.
    Its Raël, not Israel.

    Actually, the Raelians and allies in the Markab 5th Infantry Column control the Internet.
    They'd sure like you to think its the Israelis, but the poor Jews are no better off than the rest of us.

    [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]
    [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]
  4. Anonymous Member

    The links in the OP seemed pretty good too. HAHA RAEL.
  5. Anonymous Member

    OP, the topic of "is israel controlling the internet" - is serious tinfoil unsubstantiated bullshit.
  6. Anonymous Member

    this is like something that some hamas cocksucker reads while jerking himself off with his suicide bomber waistbelt.

    btw your links all 404'd.
  7. No they are not 404'd do you know how to internet?
  8. Anonymous Member

    links work fine. lrn2net?
  9. Anonymous Member

    hello. yes, your links did work. i did have a look see at that. thanks.
    those links seemed to address matters surrounding the HBGary stuff.

    the links that did not work appear to be in the OP's posting, the latter paragraph which is making an extraordinarily odd connection between this topic and the tinfoily speculation that "israel is controlling the internets"

    im not always so great at working the internet, but i try.
  10. Anonymous Member

    HELLO, tinfoil? You can download the software called MEGAPHONE and read the INSTRUCTIONS that come with it (IE what they want you to DO with it) right there on the website I linked to. The fourwinds article is just one of COUNTLESS articles out there. Lrn2google.

    There is no correlation, just evidence that two governments have active programs to manipulate opinion and censor information on the Internet. What more do you need? If this post is picked up by Megaphone software I'd expect to see comments calling the post tinfoily despite the content of the article. THAT is what the software is designed to do. It says so on the instructions.
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  11. If you look at MEGAPHONE software you will see the description. I was wondering if there is MEGAPHONE for other purposes? Like alerting me of posts/videos about marblecaek?

    But indeed it looks like you are right, its not Israeli, its American.
  13. Somewhere there is a link- the recent virus that tried to take down Iran's nuks is thought to require the resources of a government (sic). Anon got blamed for that worm but no.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Stuxnet. Anon has it now. Israel made it.

    Did all the I CAN'T READ tards come on this thread?

    THIS link is to the US government's concerted effort to control public opinion and THEIR software.

    THIS link is to the WELL KNOWN Israeli operation AND THE SOFTWARE called MEGAPHONE. This is not a secret, the dirctions tell Israelis how to use the software to set up a type of google alerts and to go to that site and write opposing opinions..>GOSH sorta like the clambots. They also attack any youtube video they don't like and try to get it removed..sorta like the clambots.

    LOL did I hit the bots already? lrn2google, it's not a secret.

    xenu halp us
  15. Anonymous Member

    Looking for "american" in this "about us" and it's not about IMPROVING anything, they do the same thing the sibots do.

    About Us is a coalition of Jewish and pro-Israeli organizations working together to help the Jewish community voice its opinion in an effective, active manner. It has put on its flag a goal to improve the channels of communications between the different organizations, their members, the state of Israel and the outside world. was first founded by WUJS and is now supported and operated by our partners. It is a non-for-profit organization that is supported by donations. If you wish to donate please contact us here. We appreciate all help offered. Thank you.
    Megaphone,�s software, is delivering real time alerts about key articles, videos, blogs, surveys and update messages from the coalition to community members. Members can easily voice their opinions and work together to support Israel on the public opinion front.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Why is it wrong when scilons do it but OK when Israel does it? NO one should do it, let alone governments.
  17. I stand corrected.
  18. Anonymous Member

    you can just as easily use some form of "google alerts" to bring to your attention whatever subject may be of interest to you.
    i'll have to read more, i suppose, but if megaphone were to function like a google alert like mentioned above, i am not fully convinced that it is as sinister as is being implied here, as the internet is so much more vast and complex than this one aspect.
    from a cursory view, this just struck me as being more of a political commentary. again, being that the internet and mass consciousness are so huge, and freedom of speech being such a beautiful thing, this is like a drop in the bucket.
    since the topic of politics came up in this quote,
    i might like to address this. it raises the subject perhaps of fair representation. There are 26 Arab/Muslim countries which seek to collectively use their voting power in the UN to gang up on Israel. Are there issues that need to be addressed, sure there are.
    the arab countries have their own form of this, in a matter of speaking ...The League of Arab Nations, who collaborate together to also sway public opinion, etcetera.
  19. Anonymous Member

    the arab league...from wikipedia:
  20. Anonymous Member

    THIS is the same excuse the Co$ give for trying to manipulate public opinion.....which, from what it appears on the American gov's side seems important enough to create their own software to do the same thing only sneakier (something Anonymous exposed) if it is wrong for the US gov, why isn't it wrong for ANY government? Tavistock anyone?

    Ganging up to remove youtube videos you don't like isn't right. Anon doesn't pick and choose sides, free speech is FREE even if we don't like it and governments shouldn't be making a software to manipulate it. People aren't stupid. THIS isn't the UN and being somewhat connected on the jewside, THIS software offends me and it should offend any proponent of free speech no matter who you don't like. It is every bit as sinister as implied, coming from an inside track it IS and I know it is so any attempt to tell ME otherwise is just brain spam. I don't hate Israel, but I hate this manipulation no matter who does it and I told my bubbas I was gonna speak out about it because it's wrong.

    Like every other ANON I have the ability to discern information. I can say this, I watched a shit load of fellow jew peeps starting to change their minds about a lot of stuff because through the expose of the Egyptian protests, even they realized their opinions were being manipulated. And google alerts take day/weeks. Just sayin' when trying to manage public opinion time is of the essence.....
  21. grebe Member

    I guess I want to understand how this sockpuppet manager thing works. But I don't want it to do annoying things to my puter and I don't want to waste my time on something that's no better than Google alerts. Have you guys tried it?
  22. O.M.F.G.
    I dont need software to do that, just a pot of coffee and a few hours : )
  23. Anonymous Member

    And this is under Anonymous vs Scientology because...?
  24. Anonymous Member

    People using software to post comments on websites because they wish to defend Israel does not constitute government control of the media and government censorship, as the title of this thread screams out.

    Baloney fear-mongering is baloney.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Did you read the first link?

    ANONYMOUS helped expose the US government's program. Since you didn't read that I can only guess you came to complain about Israel being linked to similar programs.

    Again, why is it bad when Scientologists do it to defend Scientology but OK when others do it?

    brb popcorn.
  26. Anonymous Member

    OK I know I'm being trolled, but your question deserves an answer because it is a valid critical point.

    I didn't read the first link, I was responding to the second, longer part of the OP, with a link to a post entitled "Is Israel controlling the Internet" which was posted presumably as another example of government control/censorship of internet. In fact the OP spends about 2/3 of its words on the topic of Israel.

    As for Scientologists defending Scientology on the internet, they don't. It's a handful of OSA people that knowingly and carefully apply Scientology techniques of misinformation: attack the attacker, change the subject, slime the whole area, etc. whenever there is any criticism of Scientology.
  27. Anonymous Member

    Ok so you didn't read the first link and chose to focus on the longer quote which was, quite honestly an accident of scrolling copypasta not with intend to post one quote longer than the other for TFH reasons.

    And it's not an army of US gov. people, they were creating a bot by which one person could control 10 personas. The Israeli program enlists an army of individuals who may or many not use the alerts and employ "bots". I am not speculating on that. My problem is that an army of anything that sets out to block hide or delete web content because it hurts their feelings is WRONG and it is against our credo no matter who is doing it...right? It offends me anytime someone whines to get a youtube video removed that does not break TOS just because it upsets them. If that is permitted there wouldn't be anything ON youtube because everything upsets someone.

    Which is exactly what Israel IS doing (only it's not a handful) and what the US wants to do. Is this OK?
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