Anonymous in Mexico City, Mexico?

Discussion in 'Rest of the World' started by TorontosRoot, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. TorontosRoot Member

    Flash raid planning in Mexico City, Mexico (in between october 25th and 30th)

    I will be traveling with the band of mine to mexico city, mexico, and i'm actually wondering if there are some active anon cells in this region of the city.

    I even did a google maps trace for directions from there to the hotel and it appears to only be a subway ride away. Now I am fully aware that solo raids might be dangerous, I need to know if there are any such planned protests or flash raids that Mexicanons might be able to attend.

    Note: I do not speak spanish, nor do I understand it.

    Screenshot of the Org and the approximate location of the hotel: [IMG]
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  3. TorontosRoot Member

  4. TorontosRoot Member

    Re: Anonymous in Mexico City, Mexico?

    Just posted on the mexican anonymous board, linking the forum post. Now just waiting on a reply.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Re: Anonymous in Mexico City, Mexico?


  6. Paax Member

    Re: Anonymous in Mexico City, Mexico?

    I've seen the Scientology's building near a subway station, here in Mexico City. I want to know more about this topic, besides I already know one or two people that supports the scientology.
  7. TorontosRoot Member

    Re: Anonymous in Mexico City, Mexico?

    There is a main scientology building outside and beside the park in front of the hilton reforma hotel and another one. "scientology' is clearly printed in english. I have since returned to toronto as of october 30th 2010.
  8. sondemar1226 Member

    Por casualidad no sabras de Anons en Monterrey, N.L.? O de "iglesisas" en la region? Suerte en el D.F. camarada!
  9. Adarla Member

    Soy del df, mi ingles es para nada bueno, alguna informacion de como contactar a mas personas en el distrito??
  10. Karenina Member

    Yo también estoy en DF ¿saben si hay algo organizado ya para el 15 de octubre?
  11. SeenTheLight Member

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  12. kennay Member

    i live in mexico
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  13. kennay Member

    i wanna tell you something
  14. I've been there.
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  15. OK, go ahead.
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  16. kennay Member

    really ???
  17. kennay Member

    first of all, where you are. ???
  18. I wouldn't lie about that!!!
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  19. kennay Member

  20. TorontosRoot Member

    I haz been thar myself once. :)
  21. moarxenu Member

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  22. Anonymous Member

    Please stop making three new threads for the same thing
    thanks bai
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  24. kennay Member

    allright and sorry
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