Anonymous is Dying

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by WhyAnonymous, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. Legion Member

  2. oh shit I didn't realize Anonymous died! oops. Guess I'd better stop protesting against a dying cult too.... oh. wait... It's almost like OP is trying to prevent MegaRaiding on LRH's 100th Birthday? Success?


    I'm going to make a cake celebrating that LRH is dead.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Oh fuck, I died and was born into a cult. Please be giving me cash.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Any deathbed confessions?
  5. Anonymous Member

    Your post has the very same stink as the one made by ArrogantGayPope in OCMB, not so long ago.
    You should be confined to that old gem of a thread in WWP titled Are you a useless faggot?
  6. Anonymous Member

    OP - Tommy Davis, is that you?

    what the fuck is this bullshit.
    go eat cawk and die.
  7. AnonLover Member

  8. CarterUSP Member

    OP is a douche.
  9. Permanoob Member

    yeah really.
  10. Permanoob Member

    the mods they accidently it.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Your soaking in it.
  12. Rockyj Member

    I have a rapture helmet! I'm not going anywhere!

  13. Robocat Member

  14. Miranda Member

    "A verb Senator, we need a verb!"

    And I believe some people got trolled.
  15. 3rdMan Member

    Does this make us all zombie IRL trolls?

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  16. Anonymous Member

    You think you're butthurt now? Just wait. You gave yourself away in this post, you know.

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  17. eddieVroom Member

    As a duly ordained Subgenius minister, please allow me to quote Saint Ripley the Alien bitch:

    "Are you crazy, Ash? That thing just bled acid. Who knows what it'll do when it's dead..."

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  18. Anonymous Member

  19. Z@Q Member

    this is why we cant have nice things
  20. Anonymous Member

    FYI, google "crippling bombshell".
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  21. DeathHamster Member

  22. Hey fail-tender! A round of double zombies all around, and don't water the fucking rum this time Pablo!
  23. Anonymous Member

    ya missed one, and its a doozy:

  24. Miranda Member

    too late i already raptured
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  25. Anonymous Member

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  26. Anonymous Member

    I only half read this drivel, is the OP really under the assumption there is really supposed to be 9000 of us ?

    Meanwhile back in real life I got a discarded Dianetics book from a library for 50 cents yesterday and joked with the librarian about it as she put it in a bag for me so I wouldn't be embarrassed being seen carrying it around in public.
  27. BlooAnon Member

  28. Anonymous Member

  29. Orson Member

    Those ladies love fashion and punctuation.
  30. OP, you were the ray of sunshine in my otherwise fail day. I thank you for that. As does the squirrel I now released upon which I had intended to visit many horrible sexual acts.
  31. COREarg Member

    God...I thought that we leaved this argument behind like...last thursday.
    If you really don't like it,guys...MAKE A DESIGN FOR XENFORO YOURSELF. And then share it to everyone.

    ...Or stfu and suck my pussy.
  32. Also, helmetfags, l2sarcasm. And if you're going to post pictures of fat chicks, tits or GTFO.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Oh great! /b/tards teaching our future generations. ....what could possibly go wrong?
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  34. Anonymous Member

    But think of how long we'll all live with the tits that will be shown!
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  35. Anonymous Member

    Are we dead yet ?
  36. Anonymous Member

  37. COREarg Member

    Is this some sort of spanish inquisition over WWP forums?
  38. God damn it, I expected tits by now.
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  39. Anonymous Member

    You should have texted me.
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  40. Anonymous Member

    Seriously! I'm ready to Unwatch and let this thread continue dying.
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