Anonymous is pissed -- #OpDomesticTerrorism

Discussion in 'Anonymous News' started by mojo, Aug 15, 2017.

  1. mojo Member

    Mod Warning: Threats of violence in the video

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  2. Fuck off you silly bitch , Anonymous is always pissed off at something and ANYONE can post a video claiming to be ANONYMOUS and running an op too.
    So howzabout you GTFO.
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  3. There is no need to vandalise statues - there are so many creative people out there who oppose such scum, they can surely find better ways to heap their righteousness upon these Nazi bastards.
  4. Video in OP reported for direct threat of violence. Listen to 4:35-5:02

    This belongs in the Dome.
  5. Also OP is an alarmist reactionary fucktard.
  6. "The Charlottesville tragedy came close to home for me because I teach at the University of Virginia and because it signaled the reappearance of a threat I had encountered before: the rise of well-armed private militia groups. For those close to the action, including the law enforcement personnel on duty, hardly any aspect of the Charlottesville confrontation was more menacing than the appearance of organized, often uniformed, private bands of men in military getups, openly brandishing assault rifles and other long guns."
  7. This last paragraph is the important one, my bad.
  8. White Tara Global Moderator

    Ah, another 'anon op'
    This is where I point out that anyone and I mean anyone can call themselves anonymous. I also would like to point out that wwp constitutes a whole bunch of people with varied interests and philosophies. Some here consider themselves anonymous, others, not so much. wwp is a site for the discussion planning and promotion of strictly legal and peaceful forms of protest only. The shared youtube was not germinated, created nor will it be promoted here, any vile entreaties to vandalize and/or to exhort violence are in no way a reflection of wwp's users values. Users may feel free to point and laff at will. Thank you however for sharing what a questionable subset of people who share the internet have been up to.

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