Anonymous issues fatwa against the iranian regime (good article)

Discussion in 'Iran' started by PresidentShaw, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. PresidentShaw Member

    Fintan Dunne News: Anonymous Issues Fatwa to Iranian Regime

  2. a desert Member

    Ahaha, that is excellent.

    I doubt we have them shaking in their boots, but hey, anything that makes the bastards lose a little sleep... I'm pretty sure they're already well aware that we're difficult to fight.
  3. lol delay, old news.

    Shaving lol.
  4. a desert Member

    ROFL. I need to stop posting when I'm not fully awake. Thanks for catching that. ;) * goes to fix *
  5. Hechicera Member

    Aww why fix it? The mental image that we are now facing a regime with clean-shaven feet (out of fear) was a wonderfully wacky thing to do to my brain before I had my coffee.
  6. i did not know anonymous had the power to issue a fatwa. lol.

    also, old news. but still, a good reminder to the oppressors of what and who they are up against. It would be interesting to see Anonymous go down in the history books as a player in the cyberwar against tyranny in Iran.
  7. THEsonOfPan Member

    Agreed. It is fucking excellent. May not garner national media attention, but it's media nonetheless.
  8. Need a new word

    "Fatwa" has too many religious connotations. How about "Fart-wa" instead? Imagine an elevator full of people where someone has let loose with a death fart. Everyone can smell it, but there is no way to trace the source.
  9. This. Yes.
  10. It's giving me a mental picture of fallen hobbits. A gang of gollums. But surely this is a foot-kebab resemblance only. I kind of liked gollum. :(
  11. a desert Member

    You guys are scary this early in the morning. :eek:
  12. heres dee fartwaaaa from Ganesha
    (remover of obstacles!)

    more than just dust ;)
  13. Jakomeyu Member

    bizzare post?
  14. I think this is highly intelligent. You my friend have taken the fart jokes to new level of glory!
  15. farts to darts

    !! *


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