Anonymous Lays Siege to Scientology

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by TorontoSP, Apr 20, 2008.

  1. @n0nym0u5 Member

  2. VeniVidiVici Member

    Re: Anonymous Lays Siege to Scientology

    Der Kommisar's in town, oo-oh-ohhh!

    sorry... couldn't help it.
  3. Re: Anonymous Lays Siege to Scientology

    awesome video is awesome

    This shall be a summer (+winter) long remembered
    It will see the arrest of Miscaviage
    It will see the end of Scientology abuse as well

    May the lulz be with you
  4. moose Member

    Re: Anonymous Lays Siege to Scientology

    Americans again thinking there's no live outside of their borders, right?

    (damn... if it wasn't for America, there wouldn't even be a CoS!
    And now they're f***g everywhere!)
  5. Crackbaby G Member

    Re: Anonymous Lays Siege to Scientology

    Don't blame the people of the US for this, blame their government, who continues to allow this to go on.

    Without the US there wouldn't this here interweb we're all on right now....
    at least not as we know it.
  6. Tom Socrates Member

    Re: Anonymous Lays Siege to Scientology

    Something like this?
  7. DSAnon Member

    Re: Anonymous Lays Siege to Scientology

    I think this video has the same impact as the Call to Arms but has more "Fear THIS" factor on a subliminal level. If I were OSA watching this I'd be shitting bricks!

    The call for Flash raids is an excellent idea both strategically and psychologically. This will definitely push Co$ over the edge as they have no real defense against the unknown, just as they cannot pin down individual Anons.

    They can't react fast enough nor can they get a hold of their PIs in time.

    Its obvious though that for this to be effective,de-centralizing the individual Cells would be first and foremost priority.

    I know most have done this already,but not everyone.
  8. anoncosstl Member

    Re: Anonymous Lays Siege to Scientology

    Win. Very... very win.
  9. Flynn Member

    Re: Anonymous Lays Siege to Scientology

    Video is WIN

    Summer of Lulz logo is WIN
  10. TorontoSP Member

    Re: Anonymous Lays Siege to Scientology

    I think it says in the text that "Anons are encouraged to" etc. I don't think the author or group who made this vid are trying to make decisions for Anons. It looks to me as if this vid is making a suggestion for action by Anons as retaliation for the C0$ actions against Tory, Mark and Anons OSA targeted for outing and harassment by using the law, as per Co$ policy.

    Besides, a siege was done before from 1999 to 2002 by ARSCC.wdne picketers. With just dozens of SPs the C0$ was in a big uproar. You Anons are numbered in, well, LEGIONS. C0$ is not going to be very happy.

    Your ability as the "communication generation" to throw flash raids at the C0$ at anytime is much more effective than what we OG did in the past. You have the superior "tech" to crush the C0$ public dissemination ORgs once and for all and leave them only with the BlackMail income from WISE.

    Keep up the good work Anons, everywhere!

    Gregg Hagglund SP7
  11. Re: Anonymous Lays Siege to Scientology

    A "lulz killer?" Spare me. I love it when Scientology gets made fun of, but here's my issue.

    I've been studying Scientology a lot in the past few months. I probably only know about 5% of what's going on, but that 5% is rotten to its core. I know enough to educate my friends about Scientology's beliefs and practices. Quite honestly, the stuff is so bizarre that I sound like the guy in the bar who talks out of his ass just to have something to talk about. Example - I have a friend who is exactly like this. He will talk about how Mickey Mantle used steroids in the 50's, how lighter weight boxers could easily beat heavier boxers because they punch more, etc. Well, the truth of Scientology is that bizarre.

    When I try to explain to my friends why they should care about this threat, I get the feeling that they don't believe the stuff I say because it is weird and something that would come out of a science-fiction/Orwellian novel. Then I tell them the good news - that a group of people have banded together to fight against the church. I tell them about Anonymous' bravery, and how Scientology is shitting bricks because of this group. But my friends ask me about "looooongcat" and stuff like that, which to people outside of the chan world is foolish. Some seem to think this group is a bunch of internet geeks who are only out having fun, not with a serious message. So instead of focusing on Scientology, I also have to explain things concerning Anonymous that doesn't make much sense to those who feel it is immature.

    I hope that makes sense. I'm not bashing anyone who speaks out against Scientology because I am right there with you. We need to rid the world of this dangerous organization. But calling me a "lulz killer" just because I think Anonymous would do better if it slightly reformed some of its tactics is, well, immature and makes my point for me.
  12. Anon Y. Mouse Member

    Re: Anonymous Lays Siege to Scientology

    Oh don't worry about him. He is just a little nationalist fag. And if he happens to be a socialist also, that makes him a NAZI!
  13. Re: Anonymous Lays Siege to Scientology

    All I can say is thank you (and everyone else) who have been at this for years. Your hard work is finally paying off!
  14. Re: Anonymous Lays Siege to Scientology

    We're already working on the WISE angle. We're hitting them in every direction at once.

    On the other side of all that razor wire at Gilman hotsprings, it must look like the end of the fucking world...
  15. Anonhopeful Member

    Re: Anonymous Lays Siege to Scientology

    Excellent video, brilliantly made and with well chosen phrasing

    I would like to see this video spread as far and wide as possible DIGG,on Forums, On Blogs e.t.c

    Anon get the word out and lets try to top the last video (a fking huge task but will be amazing if it can and i think this is a production that is up to the task)
  16. Re: Anonymous Lays Siege to Scientology

    Oh and good job, Anonymous. I'm proud to say that "I was there" when a group of people stood up against the CoS and for freedom of speech, and I'm very proud of you guys because you have helped expose the scam of Scientology.

    I'm really excited to see how this new tactic works!
  17. Re: Anonymous Lays Siege to Scientology

    this was also discussed in length in certain places, so it was made with some assurance there would be support for it.
  18. Re: Anonymous Lays Siege to Scientology

    Flash raids are made of win, get out there enturbulate spread enthata, and have fun.
  19. SASAnon Member

    Re: Anonymous Lays Siege to Scientology

    bah...says video is not available. :(
  20. niffin Member

    Re: Anonymous Lays Siege to Scientology

    Pretty good, but, way, too, many, commas. :) :(
  21. danaBanana Member

    Re: Anonymous Lays Siege to Scientology

    Meh. Needs work, but I'm thinking something like this.

    Excellent logo, Tom!
  22. MollyBloom Member

    Re: Anonymous Lays Siege to Scientology

    Ok as a protester from the 60's I have to say I love the summer of lulz idea ( that's just me though so I don't expect everyone to run with that) and Tom that logo is groovy.

    Summer/Winter all rolled up into one?
    It's the summer of lulz for us but the winter of 'their' (CoS) discontent. ;)
  23. Edges Member

    Re: Anonymous Lays Siege to Scientology

    I'm not American ... in case you didn't notice there's at least half a dozen non-American countries where Anon is active that are in the northern hemisphere.

    There's the US, Germany, France, Canada, UK, and maybe a few other European countries where Anon is active (plus Tokyo!)

    Close to or perhaps over half a billion people for whom it is summer ... and maybe 25 million for whom it's not.

    We won't stop having Christmas in December and calling it a winter holiday either.
  24. Whanonstler Member

    Re: Anonymous Lays Siege to Scientology

    Logo = Win
    Flash Raids (Thursday before 2PM at the local org, anyone?) = Epic Win
    Summer of Lulz = Legendary Win.

    It would almost be sad if they were brought down in the next month or so before we could really kick this off. XD
  25. Lrononymous Member

    Re: Anonymous Lays Siege to Scientology

    Excellent vid. When I watched my thought was " good, what is already in the works is being declared for what it is, an efficient, chaos inducing tactic to spread the truth to people, gain more attention from the public and media and to show the cult that we are not going away at all."
    The video is not a directive from on high, it is a reaffirmation of what has already been going on and growing. Anyone can choose to participate or not. There are at least thousands of "anon" videos on youtube calling for this and that. making statements that end up only being what one or a few individuals think this should be about. The vast majority of them are never acted on. The Horde doesn't see the value in them to the movement as a whole.

    Entrubulator, I'm glad you are on board. This is an awe-inspiring thing to be a part of. The use of memes has been discussed repeatedly, flogged to death really, over the past few months. I'd suggest lurking moar on that. This movement has spawned numerous websites dedicated to the cause. From deadly serious to just freaking outrageous. There are places to point people to for information.

    I think we are finding a good balance between lulz and serious business. We are being effective. We are gaining in strength and influence. And we have fun doing it.

    I think it really drives scilons crazy that we WOGs, lower classes that we are, can repeatedly go out there, have a great time, look stupid when we want to and continue to grow. They are, after all, supposed to be able to control us and "shatter suppression". Yet, we come back again and again. Dancing, singing, memeing AND building relationships with the police, legislators, public interest groups and the media.

    I think Chanology self regulates. For myself, the major lulz come from knowing that this arrogant, totalitarian cult does not know how to handle this new force. They keep trying and keep failing miserably. The lawyer letters, the hate crimes videos-everything. FAIL. And we still dance.

    For the good of mankind and for our own enjoyment.
  26. Ivlesin Member

    Re: Anonymous Lays Siege to Scientology

    My main gripe about that video:
    Presently, you have successfully manipulated Youtube, to remove the accounts of two major detractors of your criminal organization.

    No. Just no. Do we have any proof of these claims? It looks a lot more like silly Anon work to me. When Anon gets together, they can do the same thing in a matter of hours. Not everything is "OSA OSA OSA!" or even "Scientology Scientology Scientology!" In some cases, those who disagree with us are just normal, uneducated people. Or trolls.

    Take off your tin-foil hats and look at this realistically.
  27. Asiram Member

    Re: Anonymous Lays Siege to Scientology

    Needs less commas and more cowbell.

    But good nonetheless.
  28. Ivlesin Member

    Re: Anonymous Lays Siege to Scientology

    The commas are there for the automated voice.
  29. Re: Anonymous Lays Siege to Scientology

    You are probably right. I have been visiting these boards for a few weeks, but I still need to get acquainted to different ideas. I'm all for the protests and I enjoy seeing the public support the anti-Scientology stance.

    I just hope one bad apple doesn't destroy the bunch. I support Anonymous doing peaceful protests, but I fear that one day someone may go overboard. Of course, my immediate speculation would be that it was a Scieno in Anonymous clothing. But I don't want to speculate too much because Anonymous has done an excellent job of staging peaceful protests. Keep up the good work, guys. The more you peacefully protest, the more you raise awareness and give yourself validity and credibility.
  30. AnonX Member

    Re: Anonymous Lays Siege to Scientology

    Anonymous... fuck yeah!

    crappy 3 liner aside , it's very powerful and a great idea. It will be more manageble for some people to go to theses flash raids ( work schedule , etc...).

    to all anons that get shit done : Get ready to siege thoses bastards. I know I will.
  31. Anon Char Member

    Re: Anonymous Lays Siege to Scientology

    Now that is some good videos
  32. anonasdf Member

    Re: Anonymous Lays Siege to Scientology

    I'm with you, here!

    If anons show up at the big monthly protest, and do one flash raid per month, the Co$ will continue ruining their panties and shooting foot bullets in an EPIC ORGY OF PTS! I'm preparing my own mini raid .... details to be posted (ahem) anonymously.
  33. Ten Tigers Member

    Re: Anonymous Lays Siege to Scientology

    Favorited. Nice work, if a tad too long, but brilliant, nonetheless.
  34. Re: Anonymous Lays Siege to Scientology

    Oooh, that made my heart beat just a little faster, especially the bit at the end.
  35. Anonagi Member

    Re: Anonymous Lays Siege to Scientology

    I'm loving the comment war at the bottom. Scilon or troll?
  36. Re: Anonymous Lays Siege to Scientology

    no idea, but the whole first page is negatory now.

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