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Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by anon2487, Apr 12, 2008.

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  1. anon2487 Member

    Anonymous: List your skills

    Anon needs YOU.

    Now's the time for us to start upping our game.
    The first "Message to" video. Definite win.
    The 3 global protests. Oh baby yes, yes yes! that'll be some moar winsauce on them there fries.
    It's what comes next.
    At the minute, the Scilons are reeling like never before, and we're in a position to start pushing them back towards the ropes.

    So many options, so little time...

    Lulzy. Srs bznss. Viral. Clever pranks with an eye on the media. Investigative research that'll grab the press' attention like a kick to the nuts. ??????.

    There'll hopefully be more and more good operations coming up, so if you have skillz and a certain amount of time you're prepared to use on the right project, please list them in this thread. It's then a simple matter for Anon to find the abilities he needs, and PM you with info and a link to the Op. Some you'll have time for, some you won't. Some you'll know you HAVE to be a part of. Other's not so much!

    What skills? Everything and anything, with the exception of things that could help identify you if they were known.

    Web Design. Video Editing. [STRIKE]Writing[/STRIKE]. Telephone Research. Legal Pointers (not advice). [STRIKE]Online Research[/STRIKE]. Joke writing. Graphic Design. Song writing. Programming. The list is pretty much infinite. Whatever you know you're good at and could be of use, together with a rough amount of time you're prepared to commit. Stick 'em down. :grin:

    EDIT: Struck out two, because there're now a goodly number of us ITT who do the old ("writtin" and "browsing for pron"). Having said that, if you know you're the next Hunter S. Thompson or really can make Google/Dialog/Nexis dance the tango then "helloO there..!" still needed, wanted and loved. Just didn't want them to be 95% of the things being listed. Diversity being our biggest strength 'n' all that.

    Interesting times ahead.
    History and much laughter are beckoning Anon.
  2. anon2487 Member

    Re: Hey you...YES YOU...YOOOOU!...

    Skillz - Ability:

    Online research - Good.

    Phone-based research - Good.

    Writing - Not my strongest point, but passable.

    Number of hours I can commit:

    4-5 per week for the right project.
  3. Stabby McSpy Member

    Re: Hey you...YES YOU...YOOOOU!...

    I could probably do some creative writing here and there. Speeches, essays and press releases - I could work collaboratively or by myself on any of these.
  4. Wolf Member

    Re: Hey you...YES YOU...YOOOOU!...

    I am a Burner; Burners are good at creating spectacle and organizing full cities out in the middle of nowhere. I am already approaching this as Art... the Ultimate Win against the Co$ will be the Ultimate Masterpiece! ;)
  5. jargonbot Member

    Re: Hey you...YES YOU...YOOOOU!...

    :text: Editing.
    You’ve got 1000 words and a 200 word limit? Send me your shit. I will cut it to shreds.
    ESL? I got your subject-verb agreement right here.
    Will also check for grammar, spelling, repetition or general fuck-up-ed-ness.
    15 years of experience.

    Specific stuff.
    Editing for letters to:
    - the editor
    - site-specific media (a reporter or news org [need name & links])
    - academics (again, name and links)
    Editing for letters from:
    - a concerned citizen
    - a uni grad or prof
    - a crotchety old fuck
    Script writing and/or formatting:
    - for film
    - for theatre
    & Choreography (I can makes and teaches it). Bust a move.

    4-5 hours a week.
  6. incognitus Member

    Re: Hey you...YES YOU...YOOOOU!...

    I have some reasonable graphic design skills, and a lot of general photoshop skill. Give me data and I can turn it into flyers and/or posters.
  7. Anon265353 Member

    Re: Hey you...YES YOU...YOOOOU!...

    I've got a music collection of 30,000+ songs, a disturbing amount of which was legally acquired if that's an issue, and I write news for a living. Take your pick.
  8. Lilanon Member

    Re: Hey you...YES YOU...YOOOOU!...

    Skillz - 10 years in news and talk radio
  9. Kelz Member

    Re: Hey you...YES YOU...YOOOOU!...

    Alright at Graphic Design, and video editing. Check the Christchurch April 12th video if you want an example of a video I've strung together.

    I'm also not bad at speech writing, drawing, and just writing in general.
  10. BagAnon Member

    Re: Hey you...YES YOU...YOOOOU!...

    I am a writer well-versed in passionate, technical, dense, or academic language. I can describe a sunset in poetic terms and still make it fit in a classified ad, and edit even the most opaque prose into a bastion of clarity. I also spend about 20 hours a day in front of various computers, with plenty of free time.
  11. Re: Hey you...YES YOU...YOOOOU!...

    Efficient in Web-design.
    Full-time independent filmmaker. Specialty in editing and direction.
    Culture-Jammer and Media Prankster.
    Writing skills exceptional.
    Prepared to do what is needed.

    Remember, Isaiah Berlin was wrong.
  12. Iforgot Member

    Re: Hey you...YES YOU...YOOOOU!...

    I write. Damn well, in fact.

    I have been considering writing a letter to the Navy Times re: Educating sailors to be aware of Scientology and their front groups. Attaching a picture of the Sea Org all dressed up like Admiral Farragut wannabe's, and detailing some of the incidents (fucking chain locker) that took place on the Apollo and Freewinds, will probably serve to _enrage_ the armed services community.

    I am also considering writing to my governor's* office to provide details on the current controversy surrounding Scientology, and describe their ongoing attempts at infiltration of school boards, police departments, local and state governments, government organizations, etc. The only problem with that is I have no credible evidence of any such activities occurring in Alaska. If any Alaska goons are privy to such information, then I can go ahead and include that. I would be much more effective in describing the parasitic nature of the CoS and their front groups if I could find one or more actively operating in Alaska, drawing on state funding.
    tl;dr = gonna need some help doing research before I write to the Governor

    *Governer in question
  13. Sanjuricus Member

    Re: Hey you...YES YOU...YOOOOU!...

    I write too....only limitation is that I need a muse...I need inspiration to hit me. Once that happens I'm in the zone. Currently writing a stageplay that I've always wanted to do, only got the inspiration two days ago and have already got most of the first draft completed!!!

    If you want to know a little more about me check out my Youtube channel. It gives nothing of my identity away before anyone accuses me of namefaggery. :)
  14. AnonKiwi Member

    Re: Hey you...YES YOU...YOOOOU!...

    I speak for 2 research anons. If the project is winzor.
  15. Re: Hey you...YES YOU...YOOOOU!...

    i saw someone had culture jamming as a skill. nice :)

    anyways. my skills:

    graphic design or really anything involving photoshop, and to a much lesser extent; illustrator
    decent writer.
    BACK ALLEY PROPAGANDIST. aka neighborhood beautification specialist. aka aerosol ninja. aka supreme euphemism technician :)

    i am neither confirming, nor denying any part i may, or may not have had in the application of the subject of the picture in question. i am merely posting said picture because it's nice to look at.
  16. Anonymeep Member

    Re: Hey you...YES YOU...YOOOOU!...

    I am communicanon.. trained in how to best bring across a message to a certain group of people.

    I have a reasonable amount of time available but due to med problems currently very limited attention span, so I don't want a big lump of work to do on my own - it wouldn't get done. Best suited would probably be to send me drafts I could comment and suggest on. Also me and my stormy brain are full of ideas for brainstorming.
  17. anontourist Member

    Re: Hey you...YES YOU...YOOOOU!...

    I can write and edit rather well.

    Ready to help.
  18. Peregrine Member

    Re: Hey you...YES YOU...YOOOOU!...

    Writer. Video Editor. Speaker. Online activist. Degree in communication and cultural studies. Cultural anthropologist. Philosopher, zen thinker and mystic. A lot of knowledge on a huge variety of subjects. Studier of language, religion, culture. Pattern-noticer, data analyst.

    Take your pick.

    4-5+ per week is yours for the asking.
  19. Anonymouth Member

    Re: Hey you...YES YOU...YOOOOU!...

    Graphic design skills here, and a shit ton of time on my hands. Let me know what you need.
  20. Niknar Member

    Re: Hey you...YES YOU...YOOOOU!...

    Skillz - Ability:

    Decent at writing, decent at creating flyers, decent at various IRL stuff that is either protest related or public relations related but that is only really of use locally...

    I'm killer at online research and I can do some IRL research as well.

    Number of hours I can commit:

    Pretty much as many as I have awake, except when I am looking for a job...
  21. Drums of War Member

    Re: Hey you...YES YOU...YOOOOU!...

    Writing: Both creative or summaries, provided I take my time to do so.
    Video editing: Good
    Online research: Great

    I can spend at least a few hours a day on projects.
  22. Buffanonlo Member

    Re: Hey you...YES YOU...YOOOOU!...

    Writing, editing, research (best on the internetz). I can BS like nobody's business on paper and make it look good.
    As for free time.. I don't have much of that. Maybe 8-10 hours a week.
  23. Orderous Member

    Re: Hey you...YES YOU...YOOOOU!...


    Might not sound as much, but I currently have access to, and know how to use, many of the most used journals and scholarary search engines. I can read and understand the information, and make it easier to understand for the average person.

    Willing to do what is needed if an issue on the scientific nature of Scientology does indeed come up, but uncertain of how much time I can invest since last exams in my Bioscience degree is coming up much too fast.
  24. Re: Hey you...YES YOU...YOOOOU!...

    Graphic designer; more illustrator/indesign/quark/layout/typesetting than photoshop, but not too shabby with the latter.

    Also a decent writer. Note the use of "latter" in the above. Pretty skillful, eh?

    As well, I'm an excellent brainstormer and idea generator.
  25. Lucylulz Member

    Re: Hey you...YES YOU...YOOOOU!...

    Pretty good at drawing (although I have no Photoshop skills, but give me a pencil/marker/pen and I'm good!)

    Also an internet research junkie. I could do grunt work too :p

    I could work probably 3-4 hours a day.
  26. photon Member

    Re: Hey you...YES YOU...YOOOOU!...

    I'm a photographer, I've used just about every medium. Digital, 35mm, Medium Format, Large Format. I currently have access to a complete* photographic darkroom. I can Photoshop, and generally have a lot of information about any technical aspects of photography.

    I worked a lot in digital video before, and I still have a LOT of equipment for that, but I can't edit right now.

    *or at least mostly complete
  27. AntonAnon Member

    Re: Hey you...YES YOU...YOOOOU!...

    Atlantic Canadian Anon here.

    Have been lurking for a couple of months now, as I'm unable to protest our lone east coast Scilon outpost - much love Halifags for all your perserverence in the face of miserable weather! - but I want to come out of hiding to add my footprint to this Epic Movement. I have no doubt that the actions of Anonymous will be in the history books of our Grandchildren, and I want to be able to tell my grandkids that I had at least a small part in it.

    I've been told I write fairly well, so I'd be more than happy to help draft press releases/media statements, or provide proofreading and the like. Additionally I also have some pretty solid Photoshop chops, as well as talent in the graphic arts.

    Finally, and I'm not sure if this will prove useful or not, I keep some pretty strange hours, as I'm awake when most of Canada is sleeping. I also have pretty much non-stop Internet access during the whole time as well. If this can come in handy, let me know.
  28. cubby Member

    Re: Hey you...YES YOU...YOOOOU!...

    Central US here...
    Mucho experience writing, editing, and proofreading.
    Some filming, film editing as well, though i don't currently have any useful equipment as regards that.
    PM me for details, I can devote 4-5 hours a week.
  29. googoomuck Member

    Re: Hey you...YES YOU...YOOOOU!...

    Well, what are you guys waiting for?

    Less "somebody should", more "I will". I can't wait to see what you come up with :D
  30. CherrieZ Member

    Re: Hey you...YES YOU...YOOOOU!...

    Well let's just say I have a LOT of free time :)

    I usually get assigned the tasks that nobody else wants to that's me in a nutshell! I can write and do internet research and I'm SUPER good at organizing stuff (thanks to a mild case of OCD).

    For Operation Reconnect I've collected a good representation of protest vids and posted them on my youtube channel YouTube - Anonymous1075's Channel (I'm putting it in order at the moment!).

    Msg me if you need anything guys!!
  31. Re: Hey you...YES YOU...YOOOOU!...


    Video Editing:
    Fantastic, I have Vegas Video 6.0 and use it all the time for video contests. Send me shots and I can make a kickass video.
    Graphic Design: Fantastic as well, I was the art director for my advertising club at my college for 2 years. As much as I hate corporate advertising now, my photoshop skillz have gotten really good as a result.

    At the next protest, Im planning on having some videos made I can play on a projection screen. That would get so much attention the scilons' thetans will burst out of their bodies sonic diarrhea style and party with us.

    MY TIME: is infinite.
  32. Re: Hey you...YES YOU...YOOOOU!...

    Skills, etc

    Drawing (lifelike to cartoony), song filking/parody (think Weird Al), sloganizing, writing/editing/proofing, hand-writing/lettering, debate, brainstorming/playing devil's advocate, photography, photoshopping... ummm... (if I think of anything else, I'll edit and add)
  33. moosepickle Member

    Re: Hey you...YES YOU...YOOOOU!...

    Quiet Mainer, artist. Can spend some time perpetrating minor acts of visual horror, but art software is limited (Painter and The GIMP) as is time (2-3 hours/day, but I can work fast) and ability is pretty much limited to comic books and pseudo-airbrushed things in the style of old horror movie posters. Also can spend time on images similar to usericon. *Points.*

    Fair editor, as long as you're just asking me to clarify and fix grammar, find typos, etc. Total Grammar Nazi, but dyslexia prevents me from reading large chunks of text and retaining full comprehension.

    Do you want stupid eyecatch graphics that are somewhat less generic than a lolcat? The moosepickle draws moosepickles, chibis, and inanimate objects in various states of expressiveness.
  34. Edges Member

    Re: Hey you...YES YOU...YOOOOU!...

    Used to be on the editorial staff for the Industrial Worker, a union paper for the IWW, many years ago. (And good luck on figuring who I am, since the staff and location changed practically every 2 years!)

    I'm good at proofreading and editing.

    I used to do layout, but I wouldn't know how anymore. We were using brushes and heated glue, exacto knives, rulers, Xerox, and a typewriter. :shock:
  35. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Hey you...YES YOU...YOOOOU!...

    Good writer, when I know my material, but I prefer essay/article-length stuff over composing a flier and *WILL* put too much shit on your signs.
  36. Lanternjim Member

    Re: Hey you...YES YOU...YOOOOU!...

    5+ materials fabrication for fun and profit.
    Metal, fabric, foamcore, wood.
    What can I build for you?
  37. _anonlita_ Member

    Re: Hey you...YES YOU...YOOOOU!...

    Mostly a writer. Can edit/proof/type like a mofo, also good at researching and BSing my way through papers. Need slogans? I can probably come up with them.
    In addition I'm a fairly decent digital photographer with minimal training, and minor shoop skillz. Need artistic opinion? I can give it.
    I'm fairly pressed for time at the moment but once the semester end, I will be completely at your service, my dear anons.
  38. DemonEnturb Member

    Re: Hey you...YES YOU...YOOOOU!...

    Speaking. I speak well. Trained in Youtube Atheism.

    I can write if I'm pissed off enough.

    Also good at predicting moves of people. May come in handy if OSA is afoot. I'm a Psychological Warrior.
  39. Re: Hey you...YES YOU...YOOOOU!...


    mods, this should be moved to (stickied?) current projects and blah blah. its bound to be lost the april 12th post game section. lol.
  40. Himbeertoni Member

    Re: Hey you...YES YOU...YOOOOU!...

    degree in business communication, can translate all your stuff into german and back (though i´m no translator), working as a consultant, can explain complicated matters very easy that´s why the younger anons at the pickets point at me: " Frag den, der kann dir das besser erklären ;)!" (ask this guy he can explain it to you properly!), trained to stay calm under pressure and to argue very rationaly. Specialist in analyzing business structures and believe me the Co$ is a business and a very dirty business!
    Some programming skills! Pretty good speaker.

    Begging for the topic Wise and the frontgroups in June!

    can play several instruments, will deliver NO U-boats for the marcabian fleet and Lulz for Anon.

    Time ... well 4 to 10 hours a week, depends on my shedule!

    Willing to do what is needed!
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