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Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by anon2487, Apr 12, 2008.

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  1. Dunvegan Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    -Information Security Consultant /CISSP/ Partner, InfoSec Firm
    -Speaking Engagements: DefCon, InfoWarCon, other venues
    -Former radio Director of Public Affairs, Talk Show Host, Copywriter
    -Can bake tasty cakes
    -Rolodex of contacts in gov't/alphabet agencies/defense contractors/law enforcement (local and federal)/military/fiduciaries/media/think tanks/yadda - 18 years of former clients and work-related relationships
    -Web design and forum hosting experience
    -Bake a pretty delicious cake
    -Former Director of Security for infamous P2P entity, familiarity with DMCA, torrent upload ready
    -Some time on my hands - working from home, recovering from stupid injury, baking cakes for occupational therapy
    -BAVC Video Post-Production training. Have extremely modest/home-based video editing suite
    -Will cold call anyone (if appropriate or needed)
    -Have home network that is frankly embarrassingly overbuilt, overclocked, and overtakes my flat
    -Got stamps, envelopes, paper and printers and not afraid to use them
    -Did I mention I can bake tasty cake?
  2. tn5421 Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    general internet hero, research, and epic troll here.

    edit: knows serverfags
  3. anonfgt Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    writing, photo and video editing, drawing/painting.
  4. Anonylondon Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    Trained and Qualified (not to mention renowned) in public speaking.
    Good at organising (mainly biiig groups of peoplez, but projects are good too).
    Budgetting skillz R coool.

    Some udder stuff, but my fingers are tired.

    Also, 3 - 4 hours, ish.

    + cocks.
  5. xellas420 Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills


    Programmer (Not expert, but can get shit done), decent writer, decent researcher. Have contacts within a major university, so I can get professional info on almost any topic.
  6. anon11 Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    I can do digital and analog painting and drawing, especially comics.
    Decent Shooping skillz.

    I can translate English to German and the other way around and can write English summaries to French or Spanish Articles or news reports.
    I am also fluent in an European Language I will not name here.
  7. An0nYm0use Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills


    great OP.

    this kinda thing and a /r/ forum for requests for help work perfectly
  8. ancientone Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    Being a small business owner I do a lot of: web design, photography, video, writing, publishing, selling, buying, apprassing, public speaking and anything else one might need to do to run a business.
  9. SenatorXenu Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    Web Design
    Forum Moderation
    1337 Gamer
  10. Legione Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    Ive got like, ninja skills, and bow skills, and drawing skills.
  11. anonagia Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    I can cook. Make you weep with love sort of cooking. Sadly, I cannot bake a good caek.

    Lots of energy. Need moar outlet plz (and more time)
    Writing is OK, but grammar sux ballz.
    Access to major university research DB
    Not too terrible on the shooping skillz, and can paint.
    Learning Arabic, will be a while before I can translate docs.
    I am told I was a very good MT before I quit WoW.
    the boyfriend tells me I am nearly as funny as I think I am.
    and cocks. and some other shit that does not apply.
  12. calliope_cat Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    PR princess

    edit: choir girl
  13. raziel Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    excellent researcher , runs a home web server+ftp
  14. An0nYm0use Member

    Re: Hey you...YES YOU...YOOOOU!...

    this thread is very encouraging.

    the more the old guard sources are de-tl;dr'd and put into info packs on the various topics the better imho
  15. >:3ANON>:3 Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    Let's see....

    I am:

    - Poster creater.
    - I can Won over 9000 lulz against an OTIII.
    - Writer.
    - And I am Anonymous. <--- The c-c-c-c-combo breaker.
  16. HeavenlySins Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    Researcher (Both online and off if the need arises.)
    Moderate writing ability (mostly professional communications/technical documents, I refuse to use l33t)
    Excellent ability to apply logic to any situation (not beneficial to relationships)
    Amazing patience (when distracted)

    Probably more, but oh well.

    Oh, about 2-6 hours a day depending on how much there is for me to do, and what of course.
  17. Mouseyhair Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    - Media spokesperson, have spoken for anon on radio and mainstream television and done magazine interviews
    - Press contact, press release author/editor as well as grammar nazi
    - Newfag mom and keeper of local bi-weekly mailing list
    - Artfag: I make XBOX HUEG signs
    - Write/designfag: I make flyers in .pdf as well as .psd or .idd
    - I speak English, Dutch and German and am willing to spend a few hours properly translating something
    - Scanfag and dedicated media thread starter
    - In possession of OCMB account
    - Exceptionally skilled at getting the Old Guard drunk off their asses
    - Researchanon: can speedread and gather/document any information
    - Own and have read several Hubbard books
    - Contact for nearby anons, can organize a very nice mini-raid in under an hour
    - Enturbulator: can get Scilons of most levels to listen, enter discussion and come out thoroughly enturbulated (tested on part-times, pre-clears, nice old ladies and a celeb OT5, all of which now know all there is to know about Sara Hubbard)
    - Wiki editor for local hub and ED
    - Occasional huganon

    Exceptionally bad at:
    - Explaining the tax situation
    - Security
    - Singing and dancing
    - Baking caek
    - Megaphoning (I can't stand still with the things)
    - Web design
  18. anonyHAL Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    Tactical Bullshit Artist. ;)
  19. scrumpmonkey Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills


    Writing - V. Good
    Video making/ editing - plausible (not great but I'm competent)
    Debate - V. Good
    On-line Research - Good
    Source analysis - Good
    Knowledge of Scientology - VVV. Good (i have a copy of Dianetics and Science of survival and know all the ludicrous things in them backwards)
  20. AnonMSW Member

    Research Anons Needed - Need to Verify Teaching Credentials - New Village Academy

    Someone suggested I put a link to this thread here and so I am:

    I've done a preliminary search on the California public school system's website for which if any of the teachers at Will Smith's new school are certified. Out of all the names, only one turned up as possessing a valid teaching certificate (the PE teacher).

    BEFORE I / we can appropriately bring this to public awareness, it is extremely important that we excersise an inordinate amount of due dilligence regarding which ones are connected to Scientology AS WELL AS which person has what degree.

    Anybody out there who has mad web skillz or suggestions on how to go about getting copies of the c.v. / resumes of the people listed at the above link is invited to participate in this much needed research.

    Thanks. :hooray:
  21. twelve Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    Programming, research, writing.
  22. Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    I have a degree in Advertising & Marketing and work in PR so:

    - Press Releases, give me info and I can structure, edit, title and basically make it news fodder for you
    - Audio Editing, I've just won an award for the corporate podcast I produce
    - Graphic Design, anything you need, artwork, advertising, fliers
    - Advertising, I know how to reach the people you want to reach, I has the demograqphic profiling skillz, I can also help you to grab attention without pissing people off
    - Web Communications, stucture your site so that people will actually read it!

    Contact me if you need anything :)
  23. Moralfag Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    I work in marketing, am quite busy atm so can only spare a couple of hours per week.

    In the army I was a pathfinder and qualified as a sniper.
  24. genxanon Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    SKILLZ- Grammar/Spelling Nazi

    I am a hands on person.. Need a Illudium Pew-36 Explosive Space modulator? I can fab it out of duct tape and paper clips.
    Got a lulzy idea and want to know how it might be made? Fire me a harpoon...
  25. Mål Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    You know, like nunchuku skills, bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills... Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills.

    That said I'm good with graphic design, basically anything illustrator and most photoshop bullshit.

    I also have a coder on call that cand code for next to nothing.
  26. dojo Member

  27. Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    I'm a master lurker (no raids yet) and I have limited time (maybe 2-3 hours a week). I have some legal skills and a lot of financial analysis and business skills. I've got a few degrees in all that.

    I reads gud and writes gud too.
  28. AnonMSW Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    I've let COMANON DELTA FORCE know of yer existence. When contacted, you will be prompted with the passphrase, "The $cientologist motors south in an asbestos submarine."

    Reply, "Not if my JAR can stop him first."

    My skillz:

    Things social policy, mental health, education in some terms. Also "cultural competence" including the analysis of religion and its effect on the psyche (normally from a positive perspective of, "How can this person's faith be a strength in their mental / social health picture?").

    I'm also a rather wordy critical essayist.

    tl;dr - too late I already told you so.
  29. PFD Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    in general: artist.

    in detail:
    -independent filmmaker. Covered all aspects in one project of another (screenwriter, producer, director, editor, actor). Filmmaking's my passion so that's my main awesome skill.
    -graphics design
    -print media
    -web design
    -sewing: I made the Yoshi outfit i wore to a raid- i can sew anything biatches!
    -fundraising events, gaining sponsers.
    -flash animation
    -human resources
    -lurking on enturb instead of posting (i got brisanon to rage at, local community can deal with me raging, not the global one :p)
    -debating and raging :O :p

    Got other tools but the above are the main things i deal with and have experience with that was gain from some sort of 'formal' project. No OMG GUISE LOOK AT MY DA PAGE bs ;)

    btw- I'm in the middle of an IT and multimedia degree- majoring in Software Engineering and any aspects involved in those I have atleast basic knowledge if not more.

    *goes back to lurking*
  30. norma_scock Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    Network engineer (CCNA, MSc)
    Programmer & accredited Ethical hacker
    Hosting websites, forums, IRCd, podcasts (I have my own linux server)
    DJ (complete with parts of a PA system)
    great at proof-reading/writing docs
    good cook :cake2:
  31. Anon556 Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    Some ability with Java and C++. Good at optimizing code for speed and effeciency.
  32. ScudMuffin Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    Video Creation
    Analysis and Planning
    Liason (Police mostly, and council, have done some with media)
    Flyer/Sign/Poster Design
    Flyer/Sign/Poster Creation
  33. Anon_Vimto Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    I can write....songs, poems, limericks, etc.... i can paint, act, sew (for costumes and banners), trained at 1st aid too....make stuff, face and body paint, photography, video name it i can do it...except sing....
  34. umbrellaanon Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    I can translate anything into Spanish. Fast typer. Can sing/dance/act/do weird voices for lulzy eye-catching at protests, if need be.
  35. blackking Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    Reasonably good programmer (experience in Java, C/C++, Visual Basic (had no choice) and PHP). Also, I'm mildly shit at design, but I can create a W3C compliant and, more importantly, user friendly website if I know how people want it to look.
  36. AnonMSW Member

  37. Re: Anonymous: List your skills


    Writing: Passable

    More often than not, I've been working as a potential "candidate" to the Orgs. Getting important dates out of them and passing them along to protest organizers.

    I'm a jack of all trades, master at nothing.

    I'm just in it for the lulz...

    "Make it so, Numbuh One."
    - Capt. ATol, Fleet Commander, 6th or 7th Space Cav. Marcab Fleet. (Current Location Classified)
  38. Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    Skillz - Ability

    Graphics - More towards layouts than actual designs, but I'm alright there too.

    Web - But of course. I'm good at following cross references, but fail at script and such. Ich bin nicht ein hacker on steriods... or german.

    Writing - Getting great grades in language, so I'm pretty comforable with written media, especially letters, etc.
  39. Daywatch Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills


    putting action figures on my schlong

    immune ( mostly) to tiny explosions
  40. An0nYm0use Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    you have been putting these skills to good use.

    with all the skills in this thread it is not surprising that some much has been produced. and to think that some people thought there was a cancer of complacency
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