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Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by anon2487, Apr 12, 2008.

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  1. Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    I have no skills. I'm a complete waste of human flesh, that has no business in decent society.

    No, but seriously I'm a level 9 cheerleader, with +3 pom-poms of doom and gianormous fake ta-tas.
  2. An0nYm0use Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

  3. Ironhead Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    I'm good with vids and writing. need something done PM me.

    I also work with audio visual equipment...for raid purposes.

    serbo/croatian translator
  4. Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    I'm a hollywood/mediafag. I like to help. That is all.

    I'm also really good at writing tl;dr shit that is easily misinterpreted.
  5. AnonymooseDK Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    My skillz include mostly grunt foot soldier stuff (taking pretty pics and vids)

    Great cook, especially pizza.

    Gay, so if you know of a scilon(or anon:) who is closeted I will totally do him

    Can translate to and from Faroese, Danish, English. Can read all Scandinavian languages except Finnish(but who the fuck can read Finnish anyway).

    Reasonable with research, give me something to read and i'll tell you what the main points were and write the draft for what is needed to get across.

    Good with internet research as well:)

    Love dancing and am VERY good at it:)

    Fluent in fagganese:)

    Only downside: Not good at leadership stuff, so if you want me to do anything tell me.

    EDIT* Have the SECRETDOX.rar file, if you need for me to focus on a particular book I will totally do that:)
  6. Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    Skillz- Ability: Graphic design, video editing, flash animation/interactivity(to an extent) basicaly if raw data needs to be turned into something for the public eye, im your man.

    Number of hourse i can commit, 2.5-7/day on weekdays. 10/day on weekends
  7. knightmarish Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    1. can drive a car
    2. machinist (manual/CNC Mills and lathes, and other machinery)
    3. also can weld steel and aluminum
    4. fast typer
    5. can order pizzas like non other!
    6. also can cook just about anything
    7. also good with internet research

    don't know if machine tool would do any good, but can't go wrong with what skills God gave ya...
  8. Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    My Skills :

    I'm an awesome public speaker.
    Can help motivate others.
    First aid (if rarely ever needed)
    Fast typer
    Okay at shorthand.
    Okay at writing.
    I'm an awesome cook! (Especially at making desserts and treats)
  9. AnonBox Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    1337 Media Design skills. I use photoshop for everything, but I'm not a shoop artist. I'm good at designing attractive ads/flier/brochures/pamphlets. Not altering reality though.

    Broad and acute knowledge of the development of progressive thought and rebellion throughout history. Really helpful in setting a logical precedent and understanding of a sociological response to a given action. Studied sociology and psychology for 10 years.

    Excellent at essay/editor style writings and PR communications. Very good at report building and establishment. Scary convincing when needed ;)

    Moderated AvidGamers for 4 years and loved it, very familiar with the quirks and rhythms of the forum environment, also capable of incorporating that experience with my sociological/political knowledge to create a stable and respectable environment in a medium like this. I hope to contribute as much as possible to the progression, visibility, and respect of this site.

    I can dedicate about 4 hrs/day week if I'm absolutely needed and feel like it's a worthwhile contribute to the community, and same story for 15 hrs/day on the weekend. I'll usually spend 2 hrs/day and 5-10 hrs/day w.end on the internet, and this will be one tab that's up.
  10. kybo Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    Kitchener, Ontario anon here.

    my skills:
    Writing/Editing: experience in essay writing, contacting media sources to get media attention and creative writing. I'm finishing my bachelor in English.

    Some Organizational skills: used to run a non-profit art gallery with my pocket change for a couple of summers.

    Limited photoshop skills: I'm a media coordinator for a club; basically, I make posters for events and put them up around campus.

    Public Speaking: I've done interviews, manned informational booths, talked to people of various ages and I work customer service in a call center.

    Artist: Been doing chalk designs for a few mini-raids, also do signs.

    about 4 hours a week, depending on work schedule and the project. Some I'll be able to devote more time on than others. So PM if you think you got something for me to do.
  11. Optimisticate Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    I have excellent research skillz and putting together tangents that don't appear to be related.

    These skills do not, however, lend themselves to halfway intelligent writing. I would be more than happy to present info to a literary fag.

    I want to help.
  12. Frank Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    Drupal web development. I'm not a programmer, but am pretty good with Drupal.
  13. hotdog57 Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    :roll: my skill is calling around to all my x scn brother,s and telling them to get off there ass, and start protesting, it,s been hard because they are so messed up lol, my best skill is or was going in side the cult compound and getting them the hell out of there recruiting out. scientology keep,s there people mind locked up tight, I don,nt understand way most of the free zone is sitting on there ass, how ever I,v been able to recruit lot,s out, but not at the cost of being caught, now there on me, so no more going inside, because they know who I am. it,s funney for the last 20 year,s I walked amongist them gang banged sec checked me up the ass on the metter, over 20 report,s on me, but there O T power,s knew jask shit,, and that meter is bull crap, one thing that was in my favor was there are so maney lie,s going around in there that no one really know,s any ONE, this helped me loads, because scn lie about each other all the time and they never know when the real thing is in front of them. they were told exactly who I was by a scn and still they could not find out, it was his word aginst mine,
  14. GUITARninja Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills


    Guitar Virtuoso. [fingerstyle, percussive, classical, acoustic rock... you name it]
    song writing would be a nice way to jab at Co$

    Photoshop Guru

    Medical/fire aid if ever need be.
    [firefighter and soon to be EMT-P]

    I can also throw together a fairly fluent piece of literature when need be.

    hours i can devote:
    as much as needed to the right project. :)
  15. skidmark Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    I am a published author and a Business Analyst by trade. Simply, that means I can take a crapload of crap information and do crap to it that makes it readable. Then I mash it all into various programs and turn it into a beautiful information filled booklet. I am also the resident grammar nazi.

    I also managed a web design team for years. If you need someone to stick a stiletto up the asses of our various slacker designers, I'm your gal.

    Other than that, I'm a foster parent for the largest Christian agency on the fricking planet. That means if you ask me to watch your kids, they will come home knowing plenty of cursewords and I will have told them to shut the motherfuck up at least 9000 times.
  16. Ten Tigers Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    Various and extensive field and improvised medical knowledge.
    Combat experience in two wars.
    Still in contact with a variety of "colorful" characters in governmental/DoD capacities.
    Skilled and articulate writer and public speaker
    Fluent in spoken Japanese and Arabic. (Translating the written word, not so much...)
    Play piano, guitar, drums, bass, trumpet, and sing
    Well read in a vast variety of fields and topics, including nearly every world religion
  17. subrosa Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    Technical Surveillance Countermeasures
    Electronic intercept Technician
  18. Scaturday Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    I have access to every wireless account for Alltel Telecom in the US. Im sure you can thinki of something to do with that. As long as I dont get axed, Im down. :guyfawkes:
  19. doctorwho Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    Long time salesman and manager. I can interface with people, blend in, gain trust, and gather information very, very well. Tech geek and decent with Photoshop. Decent writer and proofreader as well.

    I can get a group of people inspired, delegate tasks for optimal coverage, and can process information to relay to team members. Also decent at blending into a crowd for the purpose of being a lookout for scilons trying to follow or snap pics.

    I'm also a very decent driver, having participated in a namber of autocross and road rally events for fun, and have good working knowledge of auto workings and repair.

    I have extensive cellular knowledge having spent many years at major cellular providers. Many contacts within the providers.
  20. Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    Creative writing student. Fair artist (traditional only, if you want Photoshop you'd better buy me the goods). Actually physically fit (thank the steroids). Can talk about WW2 history until listener's ears fall off, so if you want to bore a scilon to death, I'm your... um, plane, I guess...
  21. narCONon Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    experienced protestfag reporting in.... rebellion and disent is in my blood. By the time I was 5 I was sitting in the road in front of trucks, protesting live export with me dad.

    done all sorts of shit like that.
  22. PenneNoodles Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    Cute looking girl. Easily approached by the public during protests (I'm a lot less intense and, uh, unusual looking compared to most anon)

    Future law student. Undergrad in psychology.

    Used to sing opera. Decent soprano/good mezzo soprano.

    I have two arms and therefor can hold up a sign.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    Yesterday I learned how to masturbate with no hands.
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  24. knightmarish Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    sorry dogs and peanutbutter don't count as masturbation...
  25. lsimpson Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    Writing press releases
    Media Interviews
    Editing writing (you name it..advertising copy, brochures, letters)
    Crisis Communications
  26. CrazyFag Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    -data entry
    -online research
    -letter writing
    -voice "acting" and narration (if can get myself a freakin mike anytime soon)

    I'll add more if I think of any.
  27. Slowamous Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    Getting drunk
  28. Paresthesia Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    Graphic Design: I use Paint Shop Pro 8, Adobe Photoshop and Imageready. I've been paid to make logos for websites/companies, edit photos and design T-shirts.
    Debate and online research: See 'Scientologist Lady' link in my signature. 'Lies Exposed' shows online research skills. My code name is "Feisty" on the website.
    English/Writing: Excelled in English/Writing my whole life. Qualified for school spelling bee every year, won once. LOVE editing grammar/spelling mistakes. Always been my strongest subject. Rarely get lower than 98 on my report cards in English.
    Visual Arts: Includes photography, painting, drawing, pretty much any medium.
  29. Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    I am very skilled with PR (I have a lot of sales experience) as well as writing convincing and concrete propaganda. (Average anon flier + ovar 9000 passion = my work), Infiltration (I am not afraid to sneak around inside an ORG) I speak and write spanish, and would make an excellent wheelman.
  30. anon5 Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    Can tell you how to make bigs signs on a budget, got video editing cheepo stuffs to play with, had* a camera (it's around here somewhere) critical thinking.
  31. Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    ebaying, (hats, the V masks, stuff like that)
    making signs,
    supplying stuff (caek and other food stuffs for protests)
  32. DH1900 Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    Video/audio editing, CGI
  33. hotdog57 Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    the best sign is, 50 years of proven fair game. this scn sing hits the scn hard because most of the scn think fair game was canceld 1968 and it well jare them. or 50 years of proven corruption. all so most scientologis think scn management is snow white. they think D M or scn never break the law. there perfect ethical people and all ways doing good.
  34. AnonNaEireann Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    Bittorrent is your friend.
  35. littlesnabes Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    public speaking
    chemistry (not sure how useful but hey)
  36. anon5 Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    I have a unique skill to piss people off...
    sometimes I do this unintentionally - most of the time I do it for entertainment value.
  37. Locutus Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    Infiltrationfag. I think I'd be able to sit through a class with the Scilons. But if we want it filmed I'd need the equipment.
  38. **zero** Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    I am good at IRL skills mostly, black ops. I have been on a few "missions", all solo and out of the sight of anonymous and whatnot. I also have two jobs, and I am an insomniac, giving me a lot of time to do whatever.

    I can get support from friends when Im at college, so I have the ability to get /b/lackup whenever starting next month. My basic writing skills are decent, but im good with philosophy so many ideas that capture the identity of anonymous (or rather, the lack thereof) I usually step in to help. I used to lurk think tank moar and contribute where I could, but it seems like everything goes on well without me. I generally don't view myself very important in the scheme of things, but why not, I guess its a good thing to have as many people as possible.

    Going along with the /b/lackup, I have an entire forum of people roughly 25-30 who are willing to research on my behalf if needed I have not used that resource yet, nor do I think we will need it, but if it comes to a big point in the protest, I will point them to us. They are very wary of us, but with my support they are willing. I just need a reason for them to get in at this point, an incident in which their help will be valuable. (such as a point in which massive amounts of research is needed, which may or may not happen) So they are on hold.
  39. ghost115 Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    My list might be useless but here goes....

    Former Military - for anonymity won't list branch, but didn't pick up a lot of technical skills that weren't combat related. (hopefully these skills not needed)

    Outstanding swimmer

    Former Rape Agression Defence instructor



    Sales and Marketing

    P.S. may be only member of anonymous not overly computer literate
  40. Anonymous Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    Making an ass out of myself
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