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Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by anon2487, Apr 12, 2008.

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  1. grayeyes Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    I started two weeks ago…with nothing much else to do I’ve been on almost 24-7; I’m a serious activist and committed to this until the end. I have too much faith in us. Got plenty of time to commit for now… I’m still doing a lot of research and I love to study and learn--pretty much anything.

    Talented writer
    Creative, artistic
    Writing lyrics—halfway decent
    Experience with Adobe Premiere
    Web site design
    Computer person (then again I guess maybe we all are)
    Could try to design T-shirts and other items for Zazzle, Cafepress, whatever else; possibly posters—I can create concepts but not too skilled with graphic design
    Love to be sneaky…I’m brave, called really tough by many who know me, but sometimes I fear maybe too dangerously brave (I crave danger.)
    But don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely empathic, understanding and kind in nature. I will risk my life for the right cause...yet hopefully that won't apply here...
    Like to debate
    Enjoy psychology, but I've still got to learn a lot more
  2. 0p3ny0ur3y3s Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    What we also need is people in sciences right?
    Our skills:
    1: Pharmacology: developing drugs and synthesizing existing drugs.
    2: highly advanced physics, electonics, development of certain custom 'weaponry' against the cult...

    SUMMARY, we're basically a couple of brains.
  3. 0p3ny0ur3y3s Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    p.s. eventual lawyer
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    I think we need more people capable of writing....

    ME: (in various past lives)
    infantry guy
    military intel guy
    linguist guy
    reporter guy
    wiretapp guy
    oilfield guy
    mechanic guy
    sales guy

    Basically, I'm qualified to stand around on street corners holding signs.:headbang:
  5. DaftAnon Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    Translating (3.5 languages)
    Spy (TF2 ^_^)
  6. Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    I can down six beers in under two minutes.

    Decent research skillz - I actually know the difference between secondary and tertiary sources (yay me).

    Can sew a bit.

    Can do a bit of leather and metal work.

    Know a bit about shaping plastic.

    Can drive literally anything it's legal to operate on the road except certain firetrucks.

    Can't get around much for the next couple of months though.
  7. Girl Fawkes Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    I've been going to the SF protests since March.

    My skillz:

    Pre-protest signage: I can print out nice full-size signs. I printed up the SF protest's "It's Not Thetans" and "A Cult You Can't Believe In" signs for July, and the "Stress Test? DO NOT WANT" sign in August. I usually rip shooped pics from the sillier threads here to make the signs. I'll make them look professional and powerful. Minor Photoshop skills to create from scratch if needed.

    Speech writing: My partner (who was watched way too much West Wing for her own good) and I are pretty good with words if we have enough time to think about it. I'm no good on impromptu, but give me a starter to use as a backbone and in a few hours we'll whip it into a crowd-pleaser.

    Public Speaking: Some skill, as long as I have something to read from. No good at improvisation, however.

    Supply Mule: Every time I go, I always bring at least two extra masks and enough fliers to supply anybody who runs out. If you're at the protest and you need (or forgot) something, let me know.
  8. toast Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    SFfag here
    i always have extra materials lying around like postcards and paper to make fliers
    im an ex tagger so i have experience getting to high places using spraypaint and stenciling
  9. Rihan Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    1 organisation
    2 translate (german, english)
    3 fuck up others minds with sensles stuff
    4 is being a total moron a kind of skill? if yes i got this skill over 9000!
  10. anmoyunos Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    I take pretty pictures.
    I can shoop.
    I can make protest signs without words trailing off at the end because I didn't sketch it out.
    I'm fairly well-versed in computer geekery.
    I have balls, and you will lick them.
  11. teh_platypus Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills


    Internets Know-How
    Personal/ computer Security Shiz (Applies well to being followed etc...)
    Comms (Radio communication, telecommunications etc...)
  12. Aristocles Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    Hello, first post here. I'm impressed by what Anon has been doing, and I hope to be a part of it.

    Ok, inventory of relevant skills:

    Writing (English major)

    Flash animation

    Photoshop (I'm half decent, no master)

    Research (pretty good on the internet, but I can hit the books if need be)

    Debate (I have a poison tongue, and I'm a philosophy minor)

    It's kind of measily but I'm working on it. I hope that I'll be able to contribute.
  13. LilyBelle Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    Skills valuable to anon;
    - Work in the media
    - Writing (includes press releases and press information)
    - works with the media constantly (knows how to talk to them and get their attention etc)
  14. Darkanon5 Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    Basic Computer repair skills, Some photoshop, plenty of time available and tons of music. I'm also pretty good at organizing things, strategies, fucking with people's head along with a decent sleuthing skill. I also have a discount at the local hardware stores so that may come in handy Oh and I have a lazer printer for mass printing jobs...should come in handy
  15. Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    I've got a body.

    In addition to this, I'm proficient in Photoshop, have access to a tuxedo, fedora, and Guy Fawkes mask, and can confuse the hell out of people. If you've ever read Catch-22, you'll know what I mean. Also, I'm good for various black ops around the greater Boston area.

    Some skills that aren't too helpful are my artful photography and musicianship. :3
  16. Aveeno Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    1. Organization and promotional ideas. I has them.
    2. Artistic ability. I love making signs and flyers.
    3. Correspondence and typing. Guess those office jobs taught me something about that.
  17. XenuonaZebra Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    • Writing
    • Tons of experience with Adobe Photoshop and Premiere (shoops AND vids!)
    • Brainstorming
    • Boundless enthusiasm/Pompomfag!
    • Correspondence, data entry, typing (60+ wpm)
    • Amateur psych/true crime fag
    • Masterness of intertubes (Research, HTML skills, YouTube knowingness)
    • Craftiness
    • Spreading rainbows and caek (maybe even some glitter)

    Hours available: 5-10 hours a week! Yes, I do have that much free time. Shaddap.
  18. ClearSkies Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills


    Writing: Alright, once I've put enought thought into it.

    Jokery: Not a comedian by any means, but I do have a talent for political pranks.

    Electronics: Learnt some electronic engineering in school, I can make a couple of things..

    Public speaking: I've read alot of dialogue in movies video games and plays and a couple of novels, and I'm pretty good at changing my articulation to suit the individual too.

    Athletics: Haha, just jokes. I can run like hell for ages though.

    Any amount of time necessary.

    -Vae Victus!
  19. ZackZero Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    Skills (w/ modifiers!):

    Web Hosting: +15 - High-bandwidth account via *omitted name of host* with large amount of space, unlimited hostable domains. Not afraid to drop an extra tenner to add to the cause... "Fawkes News", anyone?

    Web Research: +22 - Knowledgable of search-engine mechanics and cross-checking; most recently used to out "American Rights Counsel LLC" as an OSA front as it has no Web reference outside of the news relating to the 4000 takedowns (FAIL on them for not making it OVER 9000!!!)

    Picket Monitoring: +5 - Decently able to spot attempts by Scilons to "fair-game" protesters and/or disrupt events in other ways.

    Speak Language (English), Read/Write Language (English): +>9000 - Damn, I'm articulate
  20. Daywatch Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    ABility to make anyone doubt their sexuality at 50 paces

  21. Smurf Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    I can count to 10.
  22. Garrett2533 Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    Well, I'm brand-new here, so I don't really know how you guys operate, or if these skills will be worth anything to you, but here they are;
    I'm a Magician, I have good crowd control and public speaking skills. I can take control of a situation, and have been self-studying human behavior and body language to read others and/or unnerve/uplift them.

    I want to help this campaign in any way I can, but I'm a bit of a workaholic, so I'm pressed for time. I'll be watching for upcomming events in the hopes that I can be a part of this.
  23. kitteh Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    Hey, that's pretty good! I usually have to actually date men before they turn homo on me...


    (for 'date' read 'fuck')
  24. Re: Anonymous: List your skills



    3.Fully versed in Sarcasm
  25. Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    My skills?

    I am decent at source mapping (you know, garrys's mod, and such..)

    I can use 3ds max 8 well, meaning I can make 3d models.

    I can make youfoundthecards..

    I can use microsoft paint as if I was using photoshop. portal-2.png

    I can persuade people using a barrage of tactics.

    and I love tactics =D

    also I can use C++ crapily, I am a noob at it,

    I can make videos, but I have no camera.

    I can play games..

    Full of commitments what I'm thinking of. < no srsly xD
  26. Deetinator Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    I can do flash animations and have an amateur knowledge of pyrotechnical chemistry, if that helps.
  27. AnonNEG Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    I am a writer. Persuasion and "watch out" advertisements would probably be my best fit. When I have to write something that I am passionate about, I tend to perform admirably.
    I am currently enrolled in classes pertaining to Law and taking a class next semester on Cults. I am a Criminal Justice/Psychology major.
    I can notice patterns very well and I tend to be a workaholic if the time calls for it.
    I would definitely say that persuasive essays would be my strong point. Speech writing would not be out the question.
  28. aggro control Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    Very good at making media, like flyers, stencils, ect. If anyone emails me a pic I can make it into a stencil and email it back within a day or two.

    I'm also a pro internet researcher :p
  29. An0nym0us1337 Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    I'm a Developer, 1337 hacking skillz are available.
    Internet Researches, Converting and Editing Files, Spamming&Flooding, good at making people angry. Great Knowledge about teh internets.
    Got about 40 hours per week ^^
  30. Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    I can do EVERYTHING I need to do.
  31. Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    I have access to a recording studio and talented musicians. We can make any Anonymous recordings needed, and maybe a proposed Anonymous theme song?
  32. arPnonymous Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    Maritime specialist.

    Have any Sea enviroment issue's, questions about the international law or relations of country's among each other, I'm the man.

    For this I have the biggest maritime library under my fingers for most part of the week.

    I'm also not bad at economical issues, finding relevant articles of law that can be used in court (as a matter of fact got a court date tomorrow) and have contact (trough my former collegues specialising in distrubiting audio-cd's) with some really good informed copyright specialists.
  33. Trepalium Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    I have multiple programming skills.
    (C#.NET, VB.NET, ASP.NET, PHP, Perl, C++, ASM, Fortran, etc.)

    I also have a wide knowledge of Windows and *nix operating systems

    I also have knowledge in networking

    I also have amateur knowledge in pretty much any other IT thing you could come up with.
  34. me57 Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    learning to burn cds
  35. bAnon Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    shoop and flash
  36. Anita Bonghit Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    Image manipulation, graphic design, some web design (elements). I've done a few demotivators & other images for the cause, as well as 1 flier. As Also, I can write lyrics.
  37. ryangiggs Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    1. deep -in the dark- research, while the world sleeps.

    2. creative ideas.

    e.g. Protesting the IRS (read about it somewhere here the other day).
    Sign, or acted out:-
    Daveyz/Ronz? hand holding a scientology/occult cross with strings,
    making a puppet dance. The IRS logo is the puppet. The cross is the thing
    that puppetteers use.

    I checked out the IRS logo online, and the logo seems to have a little
    man on the right. Add some shoes to him and watch him dance!:p
    or just use whichever part of the logo the public recognize best.

    you can slap me if you want.
  38. Lacelotte Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    1. I am fully trained infantry soldier with excellent OBUA skills
    2. I am very good at writing complaints letters and jumping all over flaws in English law
    3. I am an seasoned Fruit & veg grower (so Anons will never starve)
    4. I am an excellent lover with the ability to charm even the most stubborn, man hating ladies (this claim excludes lesbians who have hands like shovels)
  39. Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    Dude hell yeah I love written complaints!
  40. kitfisto Member

    Re: Anonymous: List your skills

    lvl 9000 balla,
    ballin 24-7 bitches

    (not really sure what ballin is)
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