ANONYMOUS MEETS with WILL SMITH HIMSELF - WS Justifies Study Tech (Result of 9/8 NVA)

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by MarcabEmpress, Sep 8, 2008.

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  1. MarcabEmpress Member

    ANONYMOUS MEETS with WILL SMITH HIMSELF - WS Justifies Study Tech (Result of 9/8 NVA)

    UPDATE. The curriculum for Will Smith school can be found here Thank you Anons who got these massive scanned and posted in under 36 hours.

    Mod update, August 2009: Smith and Pinkett fire school manager for not liking Scientology enough? Oh hell naw!

    Before you say pics or it didn’t happen, there was no way possible for us to take pictures or record what happened at the end of the picket: we met with Will Smith. The Fresh Prince himself came out to speak with us and discuss our concerns and issues.

    The other Anons present can name themselves; Hero and I have been faced already, so you’ll see our names here. There were five us for a bit, then four.

    Arrived at NVLA around 7:30, signs and fliers (neighbors wanted fliers, not the parents, and so did some kids walking by; one dad with his kids was very upset that Scientology is is his neighborhood and his kid was all excited “are you Anonymous!” yes, and we weren’t wearing masks because we didn’t want to upset the kids at the school). Gave fliers to director of security and Dr Oliver. Guy in SUV slowed pointed camera and we shouted for director of security who waved the guy over and cross-examined him—he is a paparazzo. Honks and slowing traffic for us. Staff of school very nice. About 40 cars pulled in. It was first day of school/orientation. Valet parking. Mostly very expensive cars.

    We had told his Director of Security who very nice, professional, warm and not a Sci that we were getting ready to go and he said “If you’re able to wait, Will would like to talk with you, he’s just finishing up inside,” so we waited about five minutes, the director of security went in and we saw Will Smith walking over.

    “When I was 10 and listening to DJ Jazzy Jeff, this not how I envisioned I would meet Will Smith,” said Hero, as the man himself strolled up the driveway towards us.

    “Hi, I’m Will Smith,” he said, shaking hand with each of us (at least half of us gave our real first names).

    “I have a mission statement I’d like to read to you,” he explained. It was handwritten in blue ink on lined notebook paper, and I caught a glimpse of it “At NVLA…” it began, and I said “Great, then we’ll give you one of our fliers,” and he smiled and laughed, “sure, of course, of course.”

    “But before that,” we said, “We have some questions and concerns….” And thus SoCal Anon delivered:

    We stated our concerns about Scientology in terms of disconnection, RPF and Fair Game. We compared licensing Study Tech and Applied Scholastics to buying blood diamonds.

    He explained how study tech had helped his son learn to read and now he loves reading, that the misunderstoods, gradients and mass make sense

    “Looking stuff up in a dictionary is nothing new…” he said.

    “Nope, Pepys and Johnson,” laughed one Anon, and WS laughed back, “Exactly, we apply classic stuff, Thomas Jefferson’s learning principles.”

    He is big on Jefferson and Franklin and thinks the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are two of the greatest documents ever written, and he was able to quote the Declaration to us. He is very sincere about his school. He feels that current public education is a factory, and he wants kids to be able to have true learning experiences.

    I was able to say, “I am sure you have been told what a great humanitarian Hubbard is but in fact he was an unindicted co-conspirator in the greatest inflitratration of the us govet. And he never got a medal of valor” Flinch from Smmith. That’s hard to hear.

    “Basically treason,” added Hero.

    He wanted to incorporate study tech because it worked for his kids. He did NOT license Applied Scholastics or Study Tech when Home Schooling and is checking to make sure that licensing is not occurring now. We pointed out that licensing ST and AP creates a funding stream for Scientology and brought up again RPF disconnection and Fair game.

    He assured us that the school has just taken what they like about StudyTech but to be completely transparent they are calling it what it is. It was brought up by Anon that Hubbard was scummy, so does using what he created give credence to the man?

    “Let me ask you something,” replied Will. “Did you take the freeway here? Where to think that came from?” We knew the answer “autobahn.” And one Anon mentioned not agreeing with the composer Wagner’s political views, but occasionally enjoying his music.

    Smith says that he and Jada have traveled all over five continents looking at educational techniques, and have incorporated them. The co founder of the school is Muslim, staff includes Christians and Jews. He says Tom Cruise is his friend and he has looked in Tom’s eyes and KNOWS Tom wants to help people that he means well (he compared TC to the rabbi at the Simon Weisenthal Center in terms of that degree of dedication).

    Will said he had worked very hard to make sure all study materials at the school were secular and had had his pastor at his church (which he named, but out of respect I wont) look at them to make sure they were secular and that no religious agenda was being pushed.

    He reacted very strongly and a little confused when asked if he had been audited, used an emeter or done the purif: “I am looking you straight in the eyes. NO! I am NOT a Scientologist.”

    He made a point to give us direct eye contact, addressing our questions and assuring us that he would follow through on seeing if they were licensing AppliedScholstics at NVLA, but reiterated that he does not want to license any teaching methods.

    We also told him that he might be told that Anon are paid by the German govt, by Big Pharma, even Bill Gates but we are not, that the same passion that drives to create a school for kids with organic food for lunch and very intensive ciriculum (of which we were given copies —about 150 pages of material) is the passion that drives us expose the abuses with in Scientology.

    Do I feel we were handled? I came away thinking “We got our signs wiht URLS for ESk and seen by the parents, we gave WS info on RPF, disconnection, ESK, LRH that he didn’t have before. We were able to tell him about our own experiences with Fair Game. We were able to hear from him his goals and vision, where he goes to church, him say that he is not a Scientologist and (because we jokingly asked) that there is no sauna and niacin set up for the kids.”

    He feels the methods called Study Tech work. He doesn’t want to license AP so he can be free to “sample” and remix some of the aspects with other methods. We discussed that Hubbard’s name attached to Will Smith might lead people into Scientology, and he realized that his promoting Study Tech can be seen as gain to Scientology. He said that if Scientologists tried to come in and tell him how to run his school he’d “do this” making a an elbowing gesture, “as I’d do to anyone.”

    He is a very sincere and intelligent, strong willed guy.

    Lest you think me star struck or naive, I am not. At all. We weren’t being run. We were being addressed as people willing to discuss an issue important to all parties. Smith is very pro-American Dream (he is a living manifestation of it). He has a vision and curiosity, is open and willing to being informed. Otherwise, last week and today would not have happened.
  2. MarcabEmpress Member


    oh and for you fashionistas: Will was wearing a light grey suit, a cream shirt which featured wide soft yellow stripes and narrower grey stripes, un buttoned just enough to show the top 1/4 inch of a very expensive wife beater, and super tapered black loafers.

    You got Anon lit into Will's hands..WIN. You got him to hear and answer your concerns, WIN. He sounded sincere, WIN. If he goes home to google and actually checks OUT the websites, TRIPLE WIN...

    He looked into TC's eyes and knows he's sincere about helping people...LOSE...trouble is, TC wants to "help" people with one of the most corrupt organizations on the face of the earth...sincerity aside, hopefully WILL SMITH will know this too...

    I call WIN on epic scale. Congrats LA ANON. Congrats!
  4. Anonagi Member


    I came. Multiple times.
  5. Snake Member


    Once again! Great job to everyone who went!

    I know the anons who went know their stuff and could communicate it clearly with Woll Smoth.

    Hopefully he does take time to read up on this and maybe think about his involvement with Scientology so far!
  6. anonymizzz Member


    so... why was there no possible way to get photos/vids?

    Interesting ME, thanks for the writeup.

    I don't really buy his denial about not being a cultist, since he handed out free cult auditing session coupons in gift baskets earlier this year. Why would a non-scilon be recruiting for the cult? Wish someone would have thought to ask him that.

    Moar than likely he doesn't want his acting career to go down the toilet like Cruise's has, so he's staying in the closet about his cult ties.

    But what an epic photo op to miss! Doh! :doh:
  8. churchlady Member


    Empress, I am so glad you were there. Thanks for the fashion report. How did you know how curious we would be? Next question, how tall is he?

    Did he come out of the driveway and stand on the street where everyone driving by would see or did you guys go down the driveway?

    What were the anons wearing?

    What was said about Heron books, written by LRH, the college drop-out?

    Did they have school today, and what was the age range of the kids?

    Next time you guys raid, I'll submit a list of questions in advance so you'll know what to look for.:hooray:
  9. anon131 Member


    That's incredible. What websites were on the fliers you gave him? I'm assuming exscientologykids, but what else? Just curious because Will Smith seeing this information is HUGE.

    Awesome win.
  10. none given Member


    Well done and excellent reporting.
    Thank you Empress.

    If he is the man you say he is (and I don't doubt it at all) then he will do research. If he does research this already major win will snowball.

    I think Will and Tom may have a long, uncomfortable conversation ahead of them.
  11. iaxiloll Member


    All I see is Will doing what I said earlier that he had to do I really suspected that he would turn up. Why for flying fucks sake did he have to bring up his friend TC? Now that left a slightly sour taste in my mouth. You where slightly handled and a wee bit star struck, but you gais would make any warm blooded Anon proud. Epic Win
  12. 043 Member


    This is really fucking huge.

    Like a big big big deal.

  13. iaxiloll Member


  14. indeedindeed Member


    epic win!
    I think it's great you got to talk to Will Smith as well as to the school people, what more can one ask for? Even if it may be handling from their point of view -or for some of them- it's still win.
    If he actually looks the stuff up on the net, that would be great.
    Sure, Tom Cruise honestly thinks he's helping people by promoting Scientology. The dedication is sincere.
    But a lot of people have suffered from CoS's hands and continue to do so.

    That's good. Let's hope that once he finds out more about CoS he'll consider this as something more problematic.
    Once again, this is really a great success imho. Shame there's no pics/vid though.
  15. Snake Member

  16. iaxiloll Member


  17. Robert S Member


    I've already started sending info to the showbiz bloggers - Smith says "I Am Not A Scientologist." That's the news. Spread it like raging infernal fire mwa haha!

    If he was bullshitting, spread it far and wide anyway! (rubs hands)
  18. Unlisted Member


    But can you name the brand/s baby?

    It's cool that you got to meet Will, but some of the things he was saying doesn't sound right...
    Will and Jada still broke my heart.

    Make sure to mention him politely talking to Anonymous in the same story. If he is a Scilon, he will get spanked by the cult for doing so. If not, PR win.
  20. Anonymous Member


    This is a good week for Anon, Scientology being sued, and this. Next, SeaOrg blow sup or something lol
  21. iaxiloll Member


    It is really sad that we don´t have one single pic taken. No matter what we say Will can deny it. Very smart move Will. How do we prove that any of this is true or that Will spoke to Anonymous. We can´t. What do we do if someone says pics or it.................
    I would say very slightly handled.
  22. Moralfag Member


    Adolf Hitler also claimed he wanted to halp the German people and we all know how that turned out.
  23. anonymusicz Member


    I think they way Will Smith was dressed is indicative of the how bad the cult is hurting for mon....

    Wait, never mind, thought I was in the TC/KH megathread talking about Suri's outfit... Carry on.

    As much as Will might deny being a Scientologist, ^^^ that reaction is very telling all on its own.

    And I don't wanna sound like a downerfag, but the fact that he was able to look you in the eyes doesn't amount to much. If he's had his TRs, then he could have stared deeply into your eyes and told each and every one of you, with palpable sincerity, that he was born on Saturn. Doesn't make it true, though.

    The fact that Will was already a reasonably talented actor before he became besties with TC makes the job that much easier. He's not as intense as Tommygirl, so he's not as off-putting - he's always been able to deliver dialogue and make it sound comfortable and naturalistic. The $cilons train people to be able to lie convincingly on the stand and those are regular people who don't have that knack for naturalistic acting. Somebody like Will is a boon to these bitches.

    Just something to keep in mind, is all I'm trying to say. He might sincerely believe all that shit that he said and for his sake I certainly hope he is telling the truth. I just wanna point out that some of his reactions sound ... wonky, for lack of a better adjective. :text:

    I can appreciate his passion for educating kids and helping them reach their own goals the way he did, but when I think about Will now - he seems like he's being groomed as TC's replacement. He's relaxed and casual and friendly and believable without shoving it down your throat.

    Like others have said - I've always gotten the vibe that Will is a shrewd, intelligent cat. Hopefully he'll do his research.

    tl;dr - Got some Anon lit to the Fresh Prince and got to admire his dapperness. Win. But I'd say it'd be a good idea to continue monitoring His Freshness. :colbert:
  25. Robert S Member


    Copy that. Am sending direct links to this OP and the other thread without comment except "hmmm, look at this!"
  26. iaxiloll Member


  27. xenubarb Member


    Big fan of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, is he?

    Wonder how he feels about the Bill of Rights. Free speech in particular.
  28. Anon_1HG Member


    This is a win. Thanks for getting out there.

    Will you be going back?
  29. QAnon Member


    Epic Fail by Anon. You had the opportunity of a lifetime and you didn't take it. You had the CHANCE TO BEL-AIR WILL FUCKING SMITH AND DIDN'T DO IT!
  30. JRhumperdink Member


    Fantastic win.
  31. iaxiloll Member


    Please feel free to elaborate...............
  32. D... Member


    That's not the problem.

    The issue is not the general concept, it's how its applied. Word clearing isn't a bad idea, it's the fact that at times it can be used to quelsh opposite reviews or used as punishment. Remember that interview that one professor did at glosslip?

    You think that LRon's books is full of shit. LRon said that the only reason you don't like his book is because you have MUs. Thus you get stuck with wordclearing for hours. Rinse, repeat. Eventually you stop voicing your opinion at all.

    The tech is used in a way that manipulates, but presents itself as common sense.

    Also, doesn't the school have an ethics program? And does it apply Narconon as its drug education program?
  33. LRonAnon Member


    jury is still out on this one
  34. anonxa Member


    did you tell him all about how you life got flip-turned upside down? :D
  35. MarcabEmpress Member


    In answer to some questions:

    We took pics of us protesting and video of the cars pausing to read our signs, but it would not have been appropriate to video his conversation with us--I feel it would have changed the vibe, and we weren't gonna ask him to pose with us for snapshots afterward! There are times when Rule22 needs to be set aside and this was one of them.

    Will stood on the sidewalk to talk with us. At one point a car drove by and someone shouted "Go Big Willy!" and he laughed and said "Don't drink and drive!"

    The urls were, and
    Plus there was info on study tech, anonymous, scientology and LRH being an unindicted co conspirator, college drop out and gneral miscreant. I didnt make the fliers, so I dont have all the text but the quotes below I had dug up for School's Closed and they were used on the flier, with the citations, so you have an idea of what we did there.

    The fliers included the following examples of Hubbard's teachings:

    Hubbard on Natural Science
    There is no such thing as a fat cell
    (L. Ron Hubbard, "The Purification Rundown Replaces The Sweat Program", HCO Bulletin 6 February 1978, re-issued 31 July 1985

    Human beings evolved from clams who were preyed upon by birds
    (L. Ron Hubbard Scientology: A History of Man: p. 53)

    Hubbard on Math
    What would happen if you put in three nights a week at two hours a session? That adds up to six hours a week, doesn't it? How long does that take to get to a hundred hours? Sixty-six and two-thirds, is that right? Well, six and two-thirds weeks.
    –L. Ron Hubbard "Summary to Date: Handling Step I and Demo," lecture 54 of the Philadelphia Doctorate Course Lectures, 17 December 1952

    "Scientology is the only specific (cure) for radiation (atomic bomb) burns." - L. Ron Hubbard, All About Radiation, p. 109

    "Radiation is apparently enormously water-soluble as well as water removable. According to researchers, one merely has to take a hose to a building surface or a road to wash the radiation off of it. This factor is well known to defense trained personnel." - L. Ron Hubbard, Clear Body, Clear Mind, page 47

    Hubbard on Life in General
    "THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN CONTROL PEOPLE IS TO LIE TO THEM. You can write that down in your book in great big letters. The only way you can control anybody is to lie to them."
    - L. Ron Hubbard, "Off the Time Track," lecture of June 1952, excerpted in JOURNAL OF SCIENTOLOGY issue 18-G, reprinted in TECHNICAL VOLUMES OF DIANETICS & SCIENTOLOGY, vol. 1, p. 418

    "The names and connections, at this time, of the bitterly opposing enemy are: 1. Psychiatry and psychology (not medicine). 2. The heads of news media who are also directors of psychiatric front groups. 3. A few key political figures in the fields of "mental health" and education. 4. A decline of monetary stability caused by the current planning of bankers who are also directors of psychiatric front organizations [that] would make us unable to function."- L. Ron Hubbard, Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter, 16 February 1969, "TARGETS, DEFENSE"

    Hubbard on Space
    The spirits of most humans go to Mars for reprogramming when their bodies die
    (L. Ron Hubbard Scientology: A History of Man: p. 116)

    This quarter of the Universe is ours. And it's so much quarter of the universe, and this is so lost in the middle of it that there's been no command post occupied for this system now since 1150 A.D., at the time when a group on Mars was finally abolished and vanished, and so forth, and nobody took any interest in this system. This system has been running wild since that time.
    - L. Ron Hubbard, "The Free Being", SHSBC #309. 9 July 1963

    The kids were ages K through 6, multicultural mix, about 40 of them.

    I did want to ask about the coupons given out, but we needed to hit on other things, like licensing materials from RTC. I always thought the coupons were a gag gift anyway that he did that since it was right around the time the Sci rumors started.

    Fashion alert for churchlady:
    I wore a power MILF outfit: floral betsey johnson knee length button down dress, with coordinating flats and bag, and nice jewelry. Hero and the other male Anon wore suits and ties; one femme anon in geek chic jeans and tee shirt, while another in black pants and Anon tee shirt.

    Oh and Will is about 5'10, maybe a little taller. I am 5'7 so I am basing it on that and how tall guys I know are. He was def shorter than Hero (!) and a little taller than me.
  36. Anne Ominous Member


    Anyone mention LRH's delightful 'nigger' quotes?
  37. fotoanon Member


    Quick picket report...many items repeated from other with it.
    Also, it is meant as a representation of the feel of the event and attitudes of the participants...not on a judgement if all items discussed were the truth.

    The picket started just after 7:30 am, with 4 anons

    No anons took pictures or videos of students, parents, teachers, or inside the school, but a paparazzo did, and anons took pictures of him only in case he was actually a PI. No anons wore masks so as not to create a perceived negative atmosphere near the school.

    The sky was overcast for most of the picket, creating a very comfortable day.

    At one point, another anon joined the group to add up to 5 anons.

    The Sheriff dept had been called before the picket to confirm our presence and the size of our group.

    A few Sheriff cars drove past, but never stopped during the picket.

    We stood near both driveway entrances with our signs, but did not approach any cars unless asked some people wanted our informational pamphlet. One anon had to leave early at this point.

    The head of security was courteous and professional throughout our stay, and handed us syllabi for all the grades taught at the school, (which are being scanned) near the end of the picket. We were perusing the documents, and were getting ready to leave, but the head of security asked us to wait. A few minutes later, at about 9:35am, we were greeted outside by Will Smith himself and his head of security. No one else was nearby, so we were able to have an open dialogue. Of course no filming was done either, so don't ask.

    (The paparazzo left before the arrival of Will Smith. Bet he feels like an idiot.)

    Will Smith greeted us each individually and appeared very at ease. He stated that he was aware of the issues that concerned us regarding the school, and the parents and teachers were also aware.

    Will stated that he had a mission statement he wanted to read to us, pulling out a small folded piece of paper. We indicated that we had concerns and questions...and in addressing them, I don't believe he was able to read his mission statement (but I believe he was able to relay the gist of it during the subsequent talk)

    Will said that he was using Study Tech because he saw that it made such a difference in his own children. His son had difficulty reading, and using Study Tech helped him to enjoy reading and excel at school...and felt he needed to share this with other students.
    Will said he and Jada traveled to 5 continents to learn different learning techniques for the school. He also stated that he was using portions of different educational systems, and was not licensing them, so he could adjust them as needed to fit the needs of his school. But Will said he needed to confirm that no money was in fact going to RTC or other church entities.

    Will Smith did not seem to be aware of negative issues concerning Hubbard, and Empress noticed he flinched when she said Hubbard was an “Unindicted co-conspirator in the largest infiltration of the US Govt. in history, and that he never received a medal of valor". Will Smith was handed the pamphlets that we handed out to passerby that discussed Hubbard and his lack of teaching skills. Hopefully he or his staff can research the points made in the pamphlet to come to a truer representation of L. Ron Hubbard. Will Smith stated that he had only taken the secular portions of the tech, and was using the part that works for his school…and used the analogy of the modern freeways, and were they originated...Nazi Germany.

    Will said Tom Cruise was a good friend and he respected his passion to do good, even if he didn’t agree with him on all matters. Will had nothing but praise for Tom.

    Getting back to our concerns, Empress brought up the issue of any monies given to Scientology for the Applied Scholastics would be returned to Scientology to hire PIs to harass the protesters, and maintaining a system that has RPF (Rehabilitation Project Force), slave labor, and child labor. Empress compared it to buying blood diamonds.

    An Hero and Empress remarked that school looks great, the curriculum looks great, but still expressed concerns that the study tech would be a gateway into more involvement by scientology, or that other schools would use study tech (after hearing of New Village Academy using it), but would not use due diligence to prevent scientology involvement. Will stated that he was concerned about any interference in his school, and would block it no matter the source.

    Will Smith when asked by Empress if he had ever been audited, taken Scientology courses or had the purification rundown, looked confused and stated that he had not, and that he was NOT A SCIENTOLOGIST. While still maintaining his pleasant demeanor.

    Will Smith made mention of his own pastors and churches. He also stated that some teachers were Muslim, Jewish, but mostly Christian…and so he wanted to have a secular curriculum. NOTE: Will Smith never stated that some teachers were scientologists, which is in fact true.

    Will and his head of security maintained a friendly and upbeat manner during the entire meeting.

    Will Smith spoke with us for just under 20 minutes, and returned back to his school. We indicated that we hoped the vision HE HAD for the school would be achieved. So, we need to confirm at differnt times in the future that scientology hasn't tried to infiltrate further as the months go on. I sincerely hope that this meeting will plant the idea in Will Smith's mind that if he wants his school to succeed as he envisions it, he will need to keep tabs on it...because we will be doing so.

    One final note...Empress fails at sign tech. We needs moar glue next time.
  38. Flynn Member


    WOAH GUISE! That rocks SO HARD! Winnie win is WINFUL.

    Great report MarcabEmpress.

    brb, pants mess
  39. iaxiloll Member


    Basically this is your case. Will walks up to about 4 of you, and not one can casually slip back take a pic from a polite distance then come back.Did he pay you to give us this bs or where all your jaws still on the pavement when he left.
  40. Flynn Member


    oh SHI-.... That would have been the mega mega super Mario WIN. Well perhaps another time....
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