Anonymous No More - Scifags hand out dox flyers in Berlin.

Discussion in 'Fair Game Reports and Personal Experiences' started by Honigdachs, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. Honigdachs Member

    Last Saturday Scientology handed out Dox flyers about long term Anons in Berlin.
    Pictures, personal information and the usual black pr - Hatecrimes etc.
    They also visited homes and Neighborhoods of the anons on question to distribute the flyers.

    Not a real drama, but after long scilence of Scientology in Germany, they try to bite again.

    Good thing that thier reputation has crashed in the last 4 years and, it is seen as a good thing doing activism against an ufo cult in Germany.

    flyers have been anonymized.




    Translation in progess: Done

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  2. Anonymous Member

    oh she mad
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  3. Honigdachs Member

    she - as far as I know - is now in Munich.
  4. Anonymous Member

    The pamphlet appears under her name. Is there someone else who should get due 'credit?'
  5. Honigdachs Member

    Well there is a lot done under her name.
    I guess on the internet these are multi user socks, and I think the flyer responsibility is a similar thing. I mean her name gets used for everything coocked in that Building up until she objects, which will never happen I guess.
  6. anonymous612 Member

    Lol they still do that? Berlin Scientology, that's so 2000 and late.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Berlin, you must be doing it right! Congratulations all!
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  8. Honigdachs Member

    that was my first thought, too
  9. Anonymous Member

    I wonder if this hast something to do with the Scientology documentary and talk show double feature tonight on n-tv (german attempt on a CNN style network). Like "yeah there was this thing on tv about us but we handed out fliers. we're handling the situation you see!"
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  10. skeptic2girl Member

    It amazes me that they aren't aware of how this makes them look.
    That's fine, though: Fail On, Kult; keep following the "tech" to attack and manage while we enjoy the sight of your "rocket ship" crashing...
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  11. Anonymous Member

    What Scientology doesn't seem to be getting is that anons wear masks as a symbol, not because they really try to hide their identities. Anons just know that masks irritate scilons.
    Anons are not afraid of the Church of Scientology knowing their names. I dare to say that most of our employers already got letters from Scientology calling us religious bigots. And most of anons already received cease and desist letters and sometime fliers to neighbors calling us sexual perverts. Little good did that do to OSA.
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  12. fishypants Moderator

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  13. DeathHamster Member

    It's classic Scientology: If it doesn't work, then you must be doing it wrong, so do it again until it does work. (Also a classic definition of insanity!)
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  14. BigBeard Member

    Do these flyers violate any EU privacy/libel laws??

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  15. afternon Member

    Way to go, $cientology Germany-you certainly know how to underline the already well known fact that you're creepy!
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  16. Honigdachs Member

    it is beeing checked as far as I know
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  17. Anonymous Member

    If they say anything which is:

    - untrue


    - derogatory


    - about specific people


    - not a matter of opinion

    then they are libellous here in the UK - I'm not sure how German libel law differs, but probably not by all that much...
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  18. CarterUSP Member

    Looks like another emergency push by a failing cult.
    The Berlin org must be so downstat that the staff are having sec checks and doing KRs on each other and then having to do amends by spotting an enemy and striking a blow against them.
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  19. Quentinanon Member

    Time for some tit for tat.
  20. anonamus Member

    ^^ Exactly.
    And, WTG BerlinAnons! You must be doinitrite!
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  21. Random guy Member

    I just can't get over the lack of understanding if they think outing their critics are going to win them any favours! Perhaps the flyers are all for "internal consumption", like in "look, we're so handling Anonymous!"
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  22. BlooAnon Member

    Posting in epic thread. I love you BerlinAnons! Keep kicking them where it hurts; their balls and wallets!
  23. anon walker Moderator

    the really elronic thing is, they criticize us for wearing masks, while their entire organization is one giant mask.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    Germanons are fantastic - they have totally fucked the cult in Germany and contributed internationally to bringing down scientology.

    Could you find a documentary maker or journalist to report on Germanons as a movement and specifically cover the cult's latest stunts against you?
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  25. muldrake Member

    Good jerb. Every little factoid in that pathetic hack job cost them dearly. They spend top dollar for this idiocy.
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  26. Honigdachs Member

    Started rough translation, will add it to OP
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  27. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Thank you Honigdachs, it is appreciated.
  28. Honigdachs Member

    Okay here is a quick translation.
    I could not translate the subtle "we are victims that write strange worded texts" feeling between the lines that comes with this flyer.

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  29. DeathHamster Member

    That part sounds actionable.
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  30. muldrake Member

    Especially in Germany, which has very strict libel laws.

    While unlike in the United States, you are not likely to see multi-million dollar verdicts, German courts very often smack down defamers with traffic-court level fines. One OG German Scientology critic was even (unfairly) slapped with such a fine.
  31. anonymous612 Member

    They'd better be able to prove that part, too.

    Interesting: found the criminals you were talking about today...but these aren't them? Then what's with the fliers?

    Uncertain about German law, but in the US, the bolded portions above would constitute Scientology accusing this Anon of committing a crime.

    Same for bolded part here:

    And particularly:
    In the US, violating someone's civil rights is a crime, so those would constitute accusing someone of breaking the law. As of course would all the references to harassment and illegal filming. I'm sure Germany has a similar if not identical outlook. And if you aren't breaking the law (and I have no doubt you aren't) then they are knowingly accusing someone falsely to harm their reputation.

    Anyway that's what jumps out at me at a glance.

    And for the record, whichever German anon prefers sunglasses over the mask, you have taste. Sunglasses are how the badasses raid.
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  32. jensting Member

    They're "delivering an effective blow to the enemies .. despite personal danger."

    No. Really.

    Congrats on being so honoured, Berliners!
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  33. Random guy Member

    Damn, I wish I could travel to Berlin and come protesting with you guys! Yo are amazing!
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  34. fishypants Moderator

    I think that, in spite of the disclaimer, a reader could quite easily be misled into thinking that the persons named had done the illegal activities named.

    It would be very interesting to find out whether a court would agree.

    Does Germany have "no win no fee" (technically 'contingent fee arangement') libel lawyers?

    Because if they do then this could be a great opportunity to display some of the cult's dirty laundry in court.
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  35. Anonymous Member

    Any settlement should involve a written retraction that should be in the form of a flyer.
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  36. Honigdachs Member

    We will see if this is a single incident or if there is more behind it.
    Picture Materials on this flyer are 2008ish, as well as at least one of the named anons has quitted before 2009.

    Could be old stuff that they dug up, could be a new remix.

    Next big raid in Germany this month is Hamburg in a few days, so lets see if they put something similar up, or not.

    (afaik) The filmig and taking pictures they are talking about took place during public events where filming and taking pictures is allowed, without asking for permission, because of the nature of the event.

    They will say otherwise, it wasn't on events.

    Then it is word against word. So the pictures they were talking about must be found, time and location determined etc. etc.
    And propably they'll lose and be fined, or so.
    But you know, court cases as well as these flyers are made to harrass, to discourage etc. not to win...

    I heard that the Anons in question have a lawyer on the case to check what can be done. And I guess as soon as there are results we'll hear from them.
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  37. anonymous612 Member

    In US law, they'd be the ones to have to prove that accusation and (in theory) you'd just have to sit there and go "lol dox or gtfo". But it should be godawful easy to date photos. They kind of come with that info built-in.

    Ahh but even with the disclaimer. They go on to accuse THESE SPECIFIC ANONS of illegal activity. Harassment, illegal filming, civil liberties violations. And my favorite, "radical violent harassment of a religious minority."
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  38. moarxenu Member

    So when is The Darth Xander going to raid in Berlin?
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  39. afternon Member

    Counter flier- pointing out the cult's "fair game" policy, refering to "operation freakout" and advising people to check out Mark Bunker's wesbite to see the harassment he got from the cult.

    Also, the wearing of these masks is very much part of my religious practice and attacking me for it constitutes a hate crime against a minority religion!
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  40. MagnumBerlin Member

    All Berlin Anons that I have talked to about the flyers are far, far away from stopping or even reducing the activism. The only mentality that I have yeard yet is: "Now more than ever." The last one is my personal one too, by the way.

    Oh, it sucks to be a scientologist today more than ever. Especially OSA. Another shot in their own foot.

    Let's roll on! We obviously hurt them badly. We were ennobled by OSA and are not going to waste that title. See you sunday, OSA. And the next one too. And the next one too. And the next one too... And don't even try to figure out what we plan in the background. It's gonna hurt you. I promise.

    Please dox me, OSA. I want to be ennobled personally as well as the other Anons. :(
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