Anonymous of the world! Europe is in the streets - we need support!

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Anonymous, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    i am sure you know what is happening in spain and what is happening every Sunday in the whole europe (every big city).

    i see that the focus here is on Scientology but this is a bigger goal.

    tags: european revolution, spanish revolution

    see what happened in madrid, see paris last sunday etc. it has begun! Some of us, protesters are anonymous some are not aware that they are anonymous.

    this must spread, momentum it has caught. the powers at be met to discuss this at San Moritz, the EU stopped the normal internet TV transmission when they discussed about this.

    Let us smell their fear together.

    Very important: Germany is still largely unaware of this (attendance is incredibly low compared to france italy spain grece etc.)

    It has begun!

    They are expecting us!
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  2. Anonymous Member

    this revolution will not be televised!
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  3. Anonymous Member

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  4. Anonymous Member

    No it's not.
    madrid, something unrelated in paris, 3 blokes in amsterdam.
  5. Anonymous Member

    you are in error, inform yourself, do not expect me to bring proof, inform yourself. live video streams are available every Sunday. In GRECE and SPAIN the sqares are still occupied with tents, people fighting peacefully for what we, anonymous believe in (livecams available).

    the veil is torn, inform yourself

    these are related, people are using the same cries: REAL DEMOCRACY NOW! Democracia Real YA!

    use youtube (thousands of videos of police beating the peaceful protesters around Europe) , use facebook (thousands of groups from every city)


    You can dismiss this but this is happening NOW!
  6. Anonymous Member

  7. apparently the uk is getting involved..
  8. Anonim1 Member

  9. Anonim1 Member

    "Global Revolution"

    are you aware?
  10. Anonymous Member

    Police escorts undercover agitators recognized by the protesters:

    (the agitators started fights with the special forces in order to give them reason to react, when they are recognized by the crowds, the same special forces come to retrieve them)

    details here:
  11. Anonymous Member

    that was in Barcelona

    this is in Greece:

    This was the G20 in Toronto last summer (unrelated somewhat but same secret service tactics):

  12. Anonymous Member

    Who can translate this into english?

  13. Anonim1 Member

    found the translation:

    " Message for the undercover security corps.

    After the press conference declaring they had detained the chief organizers of anonymous SPAIN.
    they have been the biggest joke on the internet.

    police inspector: "very important important important attacks where taking place."

    ...The lack of knowledge and concrete information demonstrated that lies, deception, police batons and handcuffs
    are their tools these days.

    They called us "terrorist organization" we don't terrorize anyone though there are some that fear us.
    and we are not organized but we are inside all organizations.

    You said that we tried to steal information from your undercover infiltrators..., but we didn't need to , we could
    point you out.

    But we don't want to talk about us, we want to talk about you.

    Who do you think you are protecting? you are the pawns for people that do not appreciate you, that humiliate you in their
    mass media strategies, and force you to become what really deteriorates the image of this country.

    We will continue taking beatings with our hand up in the air, but now we know your faces. We will not let you start anymore fights

    We will expose you to everybody and force you to fail.

    You lack the capacity to understand how we think and act upon it thanx to new technologies. there are millions of screens and cameras on
    the internet and your bosses will never have enough power to stop them.

    you have the opportunity of saying...g have a human duty of questioning the orders you receive.

    You are not to blame for the social political situation we are suffering but you can be the ones who unchain one that will be much worse.

    Remember the change is happening and will happen with or without you.Police should protect its people not the interests of the leaders.

    we are the people
    we are the only system
    we are anonymous
    we are legion
    we do not forget
    we do not forgive
  14. WhiteNight Member

  15. At least some of the spainanons are informing spain they are not terrorists. I support these guys through and through
  16. Anonymous Member

    Zeitgeist cult.
  17. Anonymous Member

    And: Not Your Fucking Private Army.
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  19. DeathHamster Member

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  20. He did help translating the video for us..
  21. Anonim1 Member

    yes i did but you can judge for yourself if my intentions are other than to inform.

    i am in the streets every Sunday in my city's center square spreading the word, meeting with people who think alike.

    I ask only to watch and judge for yourself

    if you do not thing this is happening then youtube: Europe revolution, Spanish revolution, the dates of past sudays and big european cities (paris, amsterdam madrid, barcelona, etc etc.

    this is happening now and the media is with them!

    i am anonymous,
    i opened the thread
    it has only begun

    PS: i did not see zeitgeist
  22. You keep on spreading the word of our cause.. we need more anons everyday to help with our operations. And the uk is gettin involved on june 30th teachers and everyone from students to people from every corner in the uk. Anon might have started this as well without even knowing but hell im going with my guy fawkes mask and showing that anon cares about the uk.
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  23. new guy Member

    They are not zeitgeist fags.
    Consider in the media for months there have been articles about Anonymous OP's.
    Activists are flocking to the Anonymous banner.
    They are Anonymous,but they don't know Anon culture.
    Are any of you ITT surprised that they personal army /r/ whywefail.
    There are activists from all over the place on their forum.
    It's going to interesting to see what happens.
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  24. Anonim1 Member

    Thank You!

    any support whatsoever is welcome, i met wonderful people during the last month, many of them helped with translating the messages from anonymous in other languages, our countries language especially, making the videos with the translated text, printing flyers with the messages, participating in cultural events and making art with this theme, trying to make others open their eyes on what is happening.

    I am anonymous!
  25. Anonymous Member

    So true.

    Bad thing is, this guys some times fail hard at logic. Just call them out on their critic on capitalism, they might just tell you you're stupid...
  26. Anonymous Member

    A one year, three phase plan, and phase two isn't going to be discussed or debated or even presented until the time comes, maybe five months from now.

    I'm so glad that no one is leaderfagging or private armying.
  27. PresidentShaw Member

    So now, anarchists are trying to personal army anon?

    Why not, they can be anon too, I still hope they die painfully of death and AIDS though.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    Then can we steal their A-in-a-circle symbol? (I always wondered why Anarchists all used the same symbol. Go figure!)
  29. Anonymous Member

    Top photo on Drudge.

  30. god dammit
  31. none given Member

    Irrelevent and stupid.
  32. none given Member

    I have a vauge idea that these people are trying to do something grand a good but they themselves have only a vauge idea what that is.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Somebody must know what those three phases over the next year are.
  34. none given Member

    I'd like to be wrong.
  35. Anonymous Member

  36. cfanon Member

  37. new guy Member

    What is the plan is full of moonbats and fail.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Hate to say I told you so.
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