Anonymous: People Skills list [DRAFT]

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  1. Anonymous: People Skills list [DRAFT]

    Ok, have gone though the Anonymous: List your skills thread, and pulled out all the posts from those who have been online here this year 2009.

    List of people

    Profile: LocalSP
    Profile: subrosa
    Profile: ohioanon
    Profile: FromTheMountain
    Profile: zebrafaced
    Profile: HubbardyCupboardy
    Profile: Thenidiel
    Profile: Anon777707777
    Profile: BlooAnon
    Profile: The Shadow

    Profile: bAnon
    Profile: anonym0us
    Profile: anonymous612
    Profile: Ravenmore
    Profile: Optimisticate
    Profile: AnonymousTomorrow
    Profile: pwnon
    Profile: crockhat
    Profile: Namenlos
    Profile: ryangiggs

    Profile: juche
    Profile: Kambridge
    Profile: Ogsonofgroo
    Profile: AnonymousTrotskyist
    Profile: **zero**
    Profile: Django
    Profile: Pamplemousse
    Profile: ScudMuffin
    Profile: cubby
    Profile: peerless mantis

    Profile: anon2487
    Profile: Neiteio
    Profile: Rihan
    Profile: cbusanonandon
    Profile: Skwee
    Profile: blackking
    Profile: ReaganYouth

    Profile: Anon556
    Profile: narCONon
    Profile: Deetinator
    Profile: Lacelotte
    Profile: anmoyunos
    Profile: anonquarff
    Profile: twelve
    Profile: Rickglass
    Profile: uouV

    Profile: Mouseyhair
    Profile: DaftAnon
    Profile: avideogameplayer
    Profile: DrLux
    Profile: genxanon
    Profile: Anon1990.572
    Profile: anon0004
    Profile: Santa
    Profile: MrKushington

    Last Activity: 1 Week Ago Profile: AnonRR
    Last Activity: 1 Week Ago Profile: PenneNoodles
    Last Activity: 1 Week Ago Profile: teh_platypus
    Last Activity: 1 Week Ago Profile: Ironhead
    Last Activity: 1 Week Ago Profile: VictoireFlamel
    Last Activity: 1 Week Ago Profile: Esper
    Last Activity: 1 Week Ago Profile: Draken
    Last Activity: 1 Week Ago Profile: emplode
    Last Activity: 1 Week Ago Profile: 8895
    Last Activity: 1 Week Ago Profile: godolphin ( only 1 post :/ )
    Last Activity: 1 Week Ago Profile: Kehan ( only 2 posts :/ )

    Last Activity: 2 Weeks Ago Profile: xenucam
    Last Activity: 2 Weeks Ago Profile: justachataholic
    Last Activity: 2 Weeks Ago Profile: Sargo
    Last Activity: 2 Weeks Ago Profile: anonameusfawkes
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    Last Activity: 3 Weeks Ago Profile: SciFITOlogy
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    Last Activity: 3 Weeks Ago Profile: kybo
    Last Activity: 3 Weeks Ago Profile: NonsensicalTaboos
    Last Activity: 4 Weeks Ago Profile: skidmark

    Last Activity: 03-17-2009 Profile: BoombaGoomba
    Last Activity: 03-15-2009 Profile: Forgott3nAnon
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    Last Activity: 01-26-2009 Profile: ElrondHubble
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    Last Activity: 01-01-2009 Profile: PFD
  2. Re: Anonymous: People Skills list [DRAFT]

    Profile: anon2487

    Anon Needs YOU:

    We've achieved a lot and Co$ is reeling in a way they've never done let's get imaginative, kick some fire into our machine and get some good operations rolling: Lulzy. Viral, Srs bznss ops that'll provoke Co$ into showing their true colours, clever pranks with an eye on the media, investigative research...stuff that's just plain entertaining...we've got a LOT of options :D

    If you have skillz and a certain amount of time you're prepared to use on the right project, please list them in this thread. It's then a simple matter for people to find the abilities they need, and PM you with the details and a link to the Op. Some you'll have time for, some you won't, some you'll know you HAVE to be a part of, other's not so much!

    What skills? Everything and anything, with the exception of things that could help identify you if they were known.

    Web Design. Video Editing. Writing. Telephone Research. Legal Pointers (not advice). Online Research. Joke writing. Graphic Design. Skilled shooping, Song writing. Programming ... the list is pretty much infinite. Whatever you know you're good at and could be of use, stick it down, together with a rough amount of time you're prepared to commit.

    If you're able to link to an example of a graphic you've done (or whatever the skills you're listing are) then better still. That way it makes it easier to know who to ask.

    BUT, please don't just stick your skills down and leave it at that...this thread is for using: by YOU, by ME, by EVERYONE that's "Keeping Chanology Working."

    The only way for us to keep firing on all cylinders is with good ops: one's that are entertaining and effective. Preferably the sort of thing that you can't help but be involved with, or - if they're ongoing - are addictive as hell. These don't just pop out of nowhere: we've gotta look to things that other people have done or are doing; sometimes to copy, sometimes just for inspiration. This could be from culture jammers, wartime psy-ops, DIY gadget sites, hacktivist groups, award-winning guerilla marketing campaigns that happened in Brazil...the list is endless...but it's down to us, down to YOU.

    Anonymous NEEDS YOU:

    History and laughter are beckoning.
    Let's do this.
  3. Re: Anonymous: People Skills list [DRAFT]

    Profile: anon2487

    Skillz - Ability:
    Online research - Good.
    Phone-based research - Good.
    Writing - Not my strongest point, but passable.

    Number of hours I can commit:
    4-5 per week for the right project.


    Profile: Anonymeep

    I am communicanon.. trained in how to best bring across a message to a certain group of people.

    I have a reasonable amount of time available but due to med problems currently very limited attention span, so I don't want a big lump of work to do on my own - it wouldn't get done. Best suited would probably be to send me drafts I could comment and suggest on. Also me and my stormy brain are full of ideas for brainstorming.


    Profile: anonameusfawkes

    Graphic designer; more illustrator/indesign/quark/layout/typesetting than photoshop, but not too shabby with the latter.

    Also a decent writer. Note the use of "latter" in the above. Pretty skillful, eh?

    As well, I'm an excellent brainstormer and idea generator.


    Profile: cubby

    Central US here...
    Mucho experience writing, editing, and proofreading.
    Some filming, film editing as well, though i don't currently have any useful equipment as regards that.
    PM me for details, I can devote 4-5 hours a week


    Profile: AlabamaAnon

    Not sure how useful my skill set is, but if it's needed, contact me.
    Writing-Very solid writing skills (Honed by years of debate team in high school and college)
    Public Speaking/Recruitment-I can talk to anyone, about anything. Very outgoing.
    Military security/law enforcement training-USAF Iraq/Afganistan veteran.
  4. Re: Anonymous: People Skills list [DRAFT]

    Profile: CherrieZ

    Well let's just say I have a LOT of free time :)

    I usually get assigned the tasks that nobody else wants to that's me in a nutshell! I can write and do internet research and I'm SUPER good at organizing stuff (thanks to a mild case of OCD).

    For Operation Reconnect I've collected a good representation of protest vids and posted them on my youtube channel YouTube - Anonymous1075's Channel (I'm putting it in order at the moment!).

    Msg me if you need anything guys!!


    Profile: anonymous612

    Good writer, when I know my material, but I prefer essay/article-length stuff over composing a flier and *WILL* put too much shit on your signs.


    Profile: ElrondHubble

    I can write, speak, act, sing, draw, animate, sticker up a town,and a whole bunch of artsy-fartsy stuff. Yes, I said artsy fartsy; I'm not above that.

    I'm currently working on a Marcabian National Anthem, but I do not have good enough (or easy-to-use) music software in my possession.

    EDIT: I also forgot to mention that I'm decent in Photoshop as well.


    Profile: AnonyK23

    I can write, speak, and research. Just give me a topic and a word limit and I am set.

    Time: enough. yes, that's it, enough.


    Profile: calliope_cat

    PR princess

    edit: choir girl
  5. Re: Anonymous: People Skills list [DRAFT]

    Profile: Sargo

    Skillz - Ability:hmmm i can count by twos...tpye faster then speck, took drama and public speaking

    Online research - Good, helped out in online resque and with the progoganed video.

    Phone-based research - Good called gamestop requesting info on BATTLETOADS.

    Writing - I'M GOOD BUT EXPECT SPELLING ERRORS..OHH I LEAVE CAPS ON..damn it thoughti ..nvm.

    Number of hours I can commit:

    3 hours nightly usaly moar.can't do shit in person, but i've got a list of ny contacts for press.


    Profile: CathyLong

    I work in an advertising firm, Manhattan. I can say no more. But I CAN tell you exactly what type of paper best replicates the feel and glossy look of a magazine page. 32lb dbl-glossy lazer color paper. HP or Xerox works best.

    Also, I write book reviews. Currently finishing up my Dianetics rip, so, if you need it I will forward it. Soldier on brave anon.


    Profile: AnonymousIsLegion

    I can do telephone research, databasing and technical drawing.
    I'm also pretty 'handy' manually - things like woodwork and basic metalwork, all fine and good. And I can take a computer apart completely and put it back together again (in the way it was before I dismantled it) in a pinch. I also did 19 months working as a computer technician so I can fix them too, not just break them up. ;)


    Profile: Anon1990.572

    I'm a general all-rounder. I've got the dedication to complete something when it's handed to me. I particularly specialize in electronics, pyrotechnics and organizing people if they need it. I just come up with ideas and find the best way to fulfill them. PM if you want anything doing in these areas and try your luck for others - I seem to be able to do all sorts or at least find a way to do it.

    Just ask and I'll do what I can to give.
  6. Re: Anonymous: People Skills list [DRAFT]

    Profile: SciFITOlogy


    Online research - Very good

    Video editing - Decent (above most of the YT things we have out there)

    Sound editing - Decent

    3d modeling (Non organic, am an architectural engineer by trade) - Very good

    Website layouts and shooping. - Decent

    Am good at communicating with members of law enforcement, also have access to a govermental lawyer - ?

    Can build things, can wire things, can fix your cars - Don't try to ask for it

    10+ years in 7 different computer languages, extensive networking, database and tech experience. Game and interactive application experience. I understand these are unlikely to be skills useful to the public sectors however I'm placing them down just in case - Very good

    Lots of free time at work - Yay?

    PS: Am not a good public face...dreads and no help in situations where I may scare people (unmasked pamplet handouts, birthday parties).
  7. Re: Anonymous: People Skills list [DRAFT]

    Profile: Anon515

    -Graphic Design (posters, fliers/pamphlets, cards, etc.
    -Copy Editor/Proofreading
    -Mailing/Contact List Creation
    -Internet Research
    -Video/Comments & Ratings Gopher

    Fair amount of free time


    Profile: anon0004

    English- high lvl
    German - perfect
    French - mid range
    Latin -good

    Routers and Firewalls(especially cisco) - good
    Prgramming (especially object oriented languages) - good
    Databases - good
    google bombing, mining, wartubing, proxy using etc.. very good
    (could make tutorials for all this...)

    Connections / Streetwise / get a clue - lets say 4 on a D10

    some writing skills also present and serious looks ;-)


    Profile: anon11

    I can do digital and analog painting and drawing, especially comics.
    Decent Shooping skillz.

    I can translate English to German and the other way around and can write English summaries to French or Spanish Articles or news reports.
    I am also fluent in an European Language I will not name here.


    Profile: ancientone

    Being a small business owner I do a lot of: web design, photography, video, writing, publishing, selling, buying, apprassing, public speaking and anything else one might need to do to run a business.
  8. Re: Anonymous: People Skills list [DRAFT]

    Profile: Mouseyhair

    - Media spokesperson, have spoken for anon on radio and mainstream television and done magazine interviews
    - Press contact, press release author/editor as well as grammar nazi
    - Newfag mom and keeper of local bi-weekly mailing list
    - Artfag: I make XBOX HUEG signs
    - Write/designfag: I make flyers in .pdf as well as .psd or .idd
    - I speak English, Dutch and German and am willing to spend a few hours properly translating something
    - Scanfag and dedicated media thread starter
    - In possession of OCMB account
    - Exceptionally skilled at getting the Old Guard drunk off their asses
    - Researchanon: can speedread and gather/document any information
    - Own and have read several Hubbard books
    - Contact for nearby anons, can organize a very nice mini-raid in under an hour
    - Enturbulator: can get Scilons of most levels to listen, enter discussion and come out thoroughly enturbulated (tested on part-times, pre-clears, nice old ladies and a celeb OT5, all of which now know all there is to know about Sara Hubbard)
    - Wiki editor for local hub and ED
    - Occasional huganon

    Exceptionally bad at:
    - Explaining the tax situation
    - Security
    - Singing and dancing
    - Baking caek
    - Megaphoning (I can't stand still with the things)
    - Web design
  9. Re: Anonymous: People Skills list [DRAFT]

    Profile: twelve

    Programming, research, writing.


    Profile: genxanon

    SKILLZ- Grammar/Spelling Nazi

    I am a hands on person.. Need a Illudium Pew-36 Explosive Space modulator? I can fab it out of duct tape and paper clips.
    Got a lulzy idea and want to know how it might be made? Fire me a harpoon...


    Profile: ChurchOfCylontology

    I'm a master lurker (no raids yet) and I have limited time (maybe 2-3 hours a week). I have some legal skills and a lot of financial analysis and business skills. I've got a few degrees in all that.

    I reads gud and writes gud too.


    Profile: norma_scock

    Network engineer (CCNA, MSc)
    Programmer & accredited Ethical hacker
    Hosting websites, forums, IRCd, podcasts (I have my own linux server)
    DJ (complete with parts of a PA system)
    great at proof-reading/writing docs
    good cook


    Profile: AnonymousTomorrow

    I have access to a recording studio and talented musicians. We can make any Anonymous recordings needed, and maybe a proposed Anonymous theme song?


    Profile: bAnon

    shoop and flash
  10. Re: Anonymous: People Skills list [DRAFT]

    Profile: PFD

    in general: artist.

    in detail:
    -independent filmmaker. Covered all aspects in one project of another (screenwriter, producer, director, editor, actor). Filmmaking's my passion so that's my main awesome skill.
    -graphics design
    -print media
    -web design
    -sewing: I made the Yoshi outfit i wore to a raid- i can sew anything biatches!
    -fundraising events, gaining sponsers.
    -flash animation
    -human resources
    -lurking on enturb instead of posting (i got brisanon to rage at, local community can deal with me raging, not the global one :p)
    -debating and raging :O :p

    Got other tools but the above are the main things i deal with and have experience with that was gain from some sort of 'formal' project. No OMG GUISE LOOK AT MY DA PAGE bs ;)

    btw- I'm in the middle of an IT and multimedia degree- majoring in Software Engineering and any aspects involved in those I have atleast basic knowledge if not more.
  11. Re: Anonymous: People Skills list [DRAFT]

    Profile: Farcicle Pseudonym

    I have a degree in Advertising & Marketing and work in PR so:

    - Press Releases, give me info and I can structure, edit, title and basically make it news fodder for you
    - Audio Editing, I've just won an award for the corporate podcast I produce
    - Graphic Design, anything you need, artwork, advertising, fliers
    - Advertising, I know how to reach the people you want to reach, I has the demograqphic profiling skillz, I can also help you to grab attention without pissing people off
    - Web Communications, stucture your site so that people will actually read it!

    Contact me if you need anything :)


    Profile: Anon556

    Some ability with Java and C++. Good at optimizing code for speed and effeciency. Some skills in 3D animation


    Profile: ScudMuffin

    Video Creation
    Analysis and Planning
    Liason (Police mostly, and council, have done some with media)
    Flyer/Sign/Poster Design
    Flyer/Sign/Poster Creation


    Profile: Anon_Vimto

    I can write....songs, poems, limericks, etc.... i can paint, act, sew (for costumes and banners), trained at 1st aid too....make stuff, face and body paint, photography, video name it i can do it...except sing....
  12. Re: Anonymous: People Skills list [DRAFT]

    Profile: blackking

    Reasonably good programmer (experience in Java, C/C++, Visual Basic (had no choice) and PHP). Also, I'm mildly shit at design, but I can create a W3C compliant and, more importantly, user friendly website if I know how people want it to look.


    Profile: FromTheMountain

    Graphics - More towards layouts than actual designs, but I'm alright there too.

    Web - But of course. I'm good at following cross references, but fail at script and such. Ich bin nicht ein hacker on steriods... or german.

    Writing - Getting great grades in language, so I'm pretty comforable with written media, especially letters, etc.


    Profile: anonym0us

    Nitpicking in any language... a.k.a. Grammar Nazi.
    Also musician...
    What!? It's a skill!


    Profile: JimmyJames

    Video editing.
    Flyer design.


    Profile: Thenidiel

    1. Grammar and spelling Nazi when it comes to Kraut talk.
    2. Bringing candy to the protests
  13. Re: Anonymous: People Skills list [DRAFT]

    Profile: Ironhead

    I'm good with vids and writing. need something done PM me.
    I also work with audio visual equipment...for raid purposes.
    serbo/croatian translator


    Profile: VictoireFlamel

    I'm a hollywood/mediafag. I like to help. That is all.
    I'm also really good at writing tl;dr shit that is easily misinterpreted.


    Profile: Optimisticate

    I have excellent research skillz and putting together tangents that don't appear to be related.

    These skills do not, however, lend themselves to halfway intelligent writing. I would be more than happy to present info to a literary fag.

    I want to help.


    Profile: subrosa

    Technical Surveillance Countermeasures
    Electronic intercept Technician


    Profile: justachataholic

    I are a really gud pikchur takr :) Just ask mi kitteh, guise!

    Semi-professional graphite artist and photographer...I also play bass guitar and have at least a miniscule knowledge of military-type stuff (18 years in USAF and counting)...
  14. Re: Anonymous: People Skills list [DRAFT]

    Profile: AnonymooseDK

    My skillz include mostly grunt foot soldier stuff (taking pretty pics and vids)

    Great cook, especially pizza.

    Gay, so if you know of a scilon(or anon:) who is closeted I will totally do him

    Can translate to and from Faroese, Danish, English. Can read all Scandinavian languages except Finnish(but who the fuck can read Finnish anyway).

    Reasonable with research, give me something to read and i'll tell you what the main points were and write the draft for what is needed to get across.

    Good with internet research as well:)

    Love dancing and am VERY good at it:)

    Fluent in fagganese:)

    Only downside: Not good at leadership stuff, so if you want me to do anything tell me.

    EDIT* Have the SECRETDOX.rar file, if you need for me to focus on a particular book I will totally do that:)
  15. Re: Anonymous: People Skills list [DRAFT]

    Profile: kybo

    my skills:
    Writing/Editing: experience in essay writing, contacting media sources to get media attention and creative writing. I'm finishing my bachelor in English.

    Some Organizational skills: used to run a non-profit art gallery with my pocket change for a couple of summers.

    Limited photoshop skills: I'm a media coordinator for a club; basically, I make posters for events and put them up around campus.

    Public Speaking: I've done interviews, manned informational booths, talked to people of various ages and I work customer service in a call center.

    Artist: Been doing chalk designs for a few mini-raids, also do signs.

    about 4 hours a week, depending on work schedule and the project. Some I'll be able to devote more time on than others. So PM if you think you got something for me to do.
  16. Re: Anonymous: People Skills list [DRAFT]

    Profile: knightmarish

    1. can drive a car
    2. machinist (manual/CNC Mills and lathes, and other machinery)
    3. also can weld steel and aluminum
    4. fast typer
    5. can order pizzas like non other!
    6. also can cook just about anything
    7. also good with internet research

    don't know if machine tool would do any good, but can't go wrong with what skills God gave ya...


    Profile: skidmark

    I am a published author and a Business Analyst by trade. Simply, that means I can take a crapload of crap information and do crap to it that makes it readable. Then I mash it all into various programs and turn it into a beautiful information filled booklet. I am also the resident grammar nazi.

    I also managed a web design team for years. If you need someone to stick a stiletto up the asses of our various slacker designers, I'm your gal.

    Other than that, I'm a foster parent for the largest Christian agency on the fricking planet. That means if you ask me to watch your kids, they will come home knowing plenty of cursewords and I will have told them to shut the motherfuck up at least 9000 times.
  17. Re: Anonymous: People Skills list [DRAFT]

    Profile: narCONon

    experienced protestfag reporting in.... rebellion and disent is in my blood. By the time I was 5 I was sitting in the road in front of trucks, protesting live export with me dad.

    done all sorts of shit like that.


    Profile: PenneNoodles

    Cute looking girl. Easily approached by the public during protests (I'm a lot less intense and, uh, unusual looking compared to most anon)

    Future law student. Undergrad in psychology.
    Used to sing opera. Decent soprano/good mezzo soprano.
    I have two arms and therefor can hold up a sign.


    Profile: DaftAnon

    Translating (3.5 languages)
    Spy (TF2 ^_^)


    Profile: Rihan

    1 organisation
    2 translate (german, english)
    3 fuck up others minds with senseless stuff
    4 is being a total moron a kind of skill? if yes i got this skill over 9000!
  18. Re: Anonymous: People Skills list [DRAFT]

    Profile: **zero**

    I am good at IRL skills mostly, black ops. I have been on a few "missions", all solo and out of the sight of anonymous and whatnot. I also have two jobs, and I am an insomniac, giving me a lot of time to do whatever.

    I can get support from friends when Im at college, so I have the ability to get /b/lackup whenever starting next month. My basic writing skills are decent, but im good with philosophy so many ideas that capture the identity of anonymous (or rather, the lack thereof) I usually step in to help. I used to lurk think tank moar and contribute where I could, but it seems like everything goes on well without me. I generally don't view myself very important in the scheme of things, but why not, I guess its a good thing to have as many people as possible.

    Going along with the /b/lackup, I have an entire forum of people roughly 25-30 who are willing to research on my behalf if needed I have not used that resource yet, nor do I think we will need it, but if it comes to a big point in the protest, I will point them to us. They are very wary of us, but with my support they are willing. I just need a reason for them to get in at this point, an incident in which their help will be valuable. (such as a point in which massive amounts of research is needed, which may or may not happen) So they are on hold.
  19. Re: Anonymous: People Skills list [DRAFT]

    Profile: anmoyunos

    I take pretty pictures.
    I can shoop.
    I can make protest signs without words trailing off at the end because I didn't sketch it out.
    I'm fairly well-versed in computer geekery.
    I have balls, and you will lick them.


    Profile: teh_platypus

    Internets Know-How
    Personal/ computer Security Shiz (Applies well to being followed etc...)
    Comms (Radio communication, telecommunications etc...)


    Profile: Darkanon5

    Basic Computer repair skills, Some photoshop, plenty of time available and tons of music. I'm also pretty good at organizing things, strategies, fucking with people's head along with a decent sleuthing skill. I also have a discount at the local hardware stores so that may come in handy Oh and I have a lazer printer for mass printing jobs...should come in handy


    Profile: Vismund Cygnus

    I've got a body.

    In addition to this, I'm proficient in Photoshop, have access to a tuxedo, fedora, and Guy Fawkes mask, and can confuse the hell out of people. If you've ever read Catch-22, you'll know what I mean. Also, I'm good for various black ops around the greater Boston area.

    Some skills that aren't too helpful are my artful photography and musicianship. :3
  20. Re: Anonymous: People Skills list [DRAFT]

    Profile: Deetinator

    I can do flash animations and have an amateur knowledge of pyrotechnical chemistry, if that helps.


    Profile: An0nym0us1337

    I'm a Developer, 1337 hacking skillz are available.
    Internet Researches, Converting and Editing Files, Spamming&Flooding, good at making people angry. Great Knowledge about teh internets.
    Got about 40 hours per week ^


    Profile: Lacelotte

    1. I am fully trained infantry soldier with excellent OBUA skills
    2. I am very good at writing complaints letters and jumping all over flaws in English law
    3. I am an seasoned Fruit & veg grower (so Anons will never starve)
    4. I am an excellent lover with the ability to charm even the most stubborn, man hating ladies (this claim excludes lesbians who have hands like shovels)


    Profile: ryangiggs

    1. deep -in the dark- research, while the world sleeps.

    2. creative ideas.

    e.g. Protesting the IRS (read about it somewhere here the other day).
    Sign, or acted out:-
    Daveyz/Ronz? hand holding a scientology/occult cross with strings,
    making a puppet dance. The IRS logo is the puppet. The cross is the thing
    that puppetteers use.

    I checked out the IRS logo online, and the logo seems to have a little
    man on the right. Add some shoes to him and watch him dance!:p
    or just use whichever part of the logo the public recognize best.

    you can slap me if you want.
  21. Re: Anonymous: People Skills list [DRAFT]

    Profile: HubbardyCupboardy

    I'm a freelance photographer; have been shooting the protests/mini raids over the last few months and such.

    I also do journalism in my spare time and love writing, so need someone to ramble on and inject interest into statements, I'M YOUR MAN.....OR NOT.

    I'm also confident in talking to the public/leafletting during rAIDS.
    I can provide facts on the most pointless of things.
    I am also a Grape breeder.
    And love teh trollin'


    Profile: abattoir13

    Art - drawing,painting and some gimp/photoshop skillz...
    Medical facts and applied advanced first aid training
    Kickboxing/Kung-Fu (Mantis style mostly)
    Debating skillz...
    Basic law understandings...
    How to speak to law enforcement in a proper manner
    Cooking skillz I makes a mean pork roast (no baking I suck at it)
    to name a few for me


    Profile: Pamplemousse

    Mmkay, most of these are probably completely useless, but you never know...

    -Speak/write French pretty well.
    -Same as above with Italian, but at a slightly lower level.
    -Seem to be able to attract paedophiles of up to the age of about 24.
    -Slight grammar nazi.
    -Fairly good grasp of Latin.
    -Can read Hirgana, Katakana and... whatever the Greek (and ancient Greek, to some extent) alphabet it called (When I say read, I just mean read aloud. I probably couldn't translate most of it).
    -Can run on very little food and sleep for quite a long time.
    -Can be pretty energetic if I feel the need to.


    Profile: Kehan

    -Filming and Editing

    -The workings of the Police
    -Our civil liberties and how to use them
    -Many many loopholes in the system
  22. Re: Anonymous: People Skills list [DRAFT]

    Profile: AnonymousTrotskyist

    Writing Excellent. As long as i am interested in the topic, i can write a great paper.
    Video Editing Good. Im really good at getting the timings just right, and matching emotions with certain scenes.
    Graphical DesignDecent. Am best at small posters, and usally model my stuff after Societ propaganda.

    NOTE: I am a bit of a perfectionist.


    Profile: RebelScholar

    Writing- A+ honor student in college
    Reading- A+
    Music- very talented guitarist. working on an anti-Scientology song!
    Computer skills- above average, some programming/hacking skills
    Public speaking- Good Speaker, Loud Voice
    Very good at making points, sharing ideas.
    Want to know more? e-mail me :)


    Profile: NonsensicalTaboos

    Research: I'm fairly good at digging up obscure dirt and filing it rather nicely

    Artsy: I've made a few posters and am currently designing some nice fliers.

    Infiltration: Speeks for itself and whatnot. I'm a fairly non discript person. I blend in well and have a nice personality to boot. My passion burns within when the need be. SO if anyone needs someone as close to the inside as they can get, I'm your gal ^^^.

    Rally Troops: I'm a fairly organized person. I can do calls and get people where they need to be when the time comes for that.

    Feel free to send teh messages to me.


    Profile: MaskingJudgment

    Organization: OCD + Desire for Win = Well planned ideas / well outlined websites and papers.

    Public Speaking: If I know what I'm talking about, I'll make sure everyone else does. And they will FUCKING LIKE IT.

    Writing: See Public Speaking.

    Charm Points: Because talking my way in or out of situations deserves a cookie sometimes.

    Dancing: Epic Tauren dance. Also available in slutty girl dancing mode.

    Raging: MaskingHateMachine. I will most likely pee on your shoe - with or without provocation.
  23. Re: Anonymous: People Skills list [DRAFT]

    Profile: Kambridge

    Flyer design.
    Making Beer Cupcaeks.
    Bringin' the lulz.


    Profile: meatpin

    Ok w/camera.
    Can have quick sarcastic wit.
    Prolly doesn't apply here too much, but I manufacture printed circuit boards.


    Profile: anon766

    Music: play guitar, bass, keyboard, and also sing decently.
    Writing: I can write very well about things that matter to me.
    Recruitment: I try to get as many people as possible involved in our cause.


    Profile: TCbulldog

    Im good with navigation in london :D
    im good with a digital camra (vidio or photo)
    Im very very very good at wall grifity :D but as princible i dont keep any pictures of my art (its more unique that way :p)
    im good with printing, I print any and everything at any and every size :)
    i speak turkish which is a plus plus :D


    Profile: anonquarff

    Audio recording and mixing
    Lighting designer
    sound engineer
    events managment


    Profile: Ravenmore

    Studying Web.
    Took a Psychology course as part of the web degree plan.
    Read Art of War.
    Can blend in online places fairly well, i think.
  24. Re: Anonymous: People Skills list [DRAFT]

    Profile: Late

    Learning to hack
    Finding anything on the internet (ex: Old Gregg 34)
    And a little bit of everything else...


    Profile: zebrafaced

    I'm good for acting, sign-making, and talking to the public about the cult.

    Charisma and nearly-pro photography skillz (though I have a shitty digital cam from WalMart).


    Profile: Mazumune

    - Fluent in German, English, French and Spanish
    - Basic PHP skills
    - Decent literature and writing skills (2 years college course)
    - Good with photoshop (2 year full vocal Art + Media course)



    Profile: crockhat

    Main skill of use atm is IT, and with that, collating information.
    Hence, my scndoc project

    Soon I hope to have a demo available; not a problem, given that I already have hosting set up. Will be asking for feedback and ideas then



    - Graphic design (Photoshop to da maxx)
    - Photography
    - Urm... silk screen printing stuff? :B
    - Also have a laminator \m/
    - Learning Derren Brown mind-fuxing psychology. Oh yeah.


    Profile: Rickglass

    -Mental instability
    -public speaking (I have no problem being a complete douchebag on TV)
    -OSA spotter
    +10 Glass liver FTW (hence the name)
  25. Re: Anonymous: People Skills list [DRAFT]

    Profile: supportanonymouss

    Professional web design with Photoshop, Flash, HTML, and CSS knowledge.

    I'm taking on so many projects right now don't expect a full fledged site from me, but if someone wants help getting started i'm your man


    Profile: xenucam

    i profess modest skill in video editing, with a minor in butthurting scilons.


    Profile: Midge

    Im great at debating... Not your plannned dot point debating...
    Pure, Intense fighting with knowledge...
    Oooh and im good at ideas & remembering useless/ful (depending on where i am!) facts
    And im in QLD Australia... no family in Co$... so im not afraid to argue :)


    Profile: elux42

    i can make web sites or anything related to that.


    Profile: emplode

    Uhm. Webdesign, mainly I suppose. I did some flash games/animations. Also pretty handy with Adobe Photoshop. Other then that, not really.


    Profile: terdfergason

    Data Entry
    Bringing the LuLz
  26. Re: Anonymous: People Skills list [DRAFT]

    Profile: BlooAnon

    Graphic Designer
    * Adobe-ing (Photoshop/Illustrator/Flash & Action Script {learning}/After Effects - Learning)
    * Typography
    * Type setting
    * Illustrator
    * Web Designer (still learning details in CSS)


    Profile: AnonRR

    My Personal Skills
    * Film Editing (Storyboard and Basic Editing)
    * Cinematography (Willing to shoot for LULZ)
    * Writing (Anonymous Address Videos)
    * Think Tank (Organization and Planning)
    * Concept Art/Propaganda

    I'm currently working on directing and writing my first professional film and will be more than happy to help out with anything. I've been using cameras since I was a toddler and hope to become a screenwriter in hollywood. PM me with whatever you need help with.


    Profile: Math

    Portuguese as native language
    Studing Computer Science
    Concept Art (Banners, wallpapers, flyers, signatures and other stuff)


    Profile: Anon777707777

    PR, programming, public speaking, experience as director of operations for a company, writing, and some legal grounding.


    Profile: anonymousoverseer

    Community organizer
    Effective Strategizing
    Great Public Speaker
    Computer Iformation Technology (using WORD to its fullest)


    Profile: Draken

    How to deal with law enforcement
    Bringing lulz
    How to evade stalkers
  27. Re: Anonymous: People Skills list [DRAFT]

    Profile: Ogsonofgroo

    Writing> Yup loves ta do that, fairly adept at expressing thoughts and ideas.
    Math> Sux but can add up the years of Lron's adventures, at over 100 years how the hell did he have time to write :D
    Music> percussionist for over 35 years, played with some good folks
    Enturbulator> Give me time and I can piss anyone off, though this is not my goal it certainly helps with>>>>>>>>>
    Troll hunting> Not always successful but finding me in a dark corner may not be a good thing if you're looking to mess around.
    Research> Those who know me well know my tenacious attitude to finding things out in the depths of the 'interwebs' (that one still cracks me up sheesh), if it interests me I have the time to go looking, this does not guarantee I won't get distracted and head off in another direction though :(
    Ex's> I seem to have more than a few over the years, guess I'm good at alienating people or something.
    Art> Been an artist most of my life, from a family full of artists, favour pen&paper&ink, rock&other hard materials.
    Listening> Yup, talk away, don't mind me while I get drunk tho esp. if yer depressing me.
    There's more, um, like fixing stuff (give me something broke, I'll either break it more or get it running), driving (taxi anione?) must be a skill, killed a dog once tho :( , PC related issues (hey if its broken I can't break it? amirite?) mostly curious abut security issues tho.


    Profile: 8895

    (In No Particular Order)

    1 - Cinematography & Still Photography (When/Where Equipment is Available)

    2 - Most Studio Art, from Drawing to Sculpting to Printmaking (Decent at each, Pro @ few)

    3 - Audio Engineering (Been awhile) (Live and Studio)

    3 - Graffiti/Wheatpasting Techniques (Legal AND Illegal) (LOTS of experience)

    4 - Civic Engagement (Everything from School Board Meetings to Grassroots Campaigns to Wheatpasting Propaganda to Ad Campaigns...)

    5 - Espionage (LIMITED experience, lots of know how) (Hell I'd go undercover in the Co$ if I had a financial sponsor)

    6 - General DIY Techs (Name it, I'll help ya design and build it)
  28. Re: Anonymous: People Skills list [DRAFT]

    Profile: AnonSigmaChaos

    1. I am a pretty great writer, of all forms.
    2. I am great with mathematics/statistics.
    3. I am great with people, very great actually.
    4. I may not be as social as I could be, but I can get attention and persuade with concrete facts, along with astounding research.
    5. My research skills are exceptional, could be better, but I can do a lot if I'm asked to.


    Profile: The Shadow

    Crude Paintshoops
    Referring to myself in the Third Person
    Counter-Death Stare


    Profile: juche

    Video editing (HA, NOT A P)
    Text editing


    Profile: BoombaGoomba

    Drawing (pencil/paper and digital)
    3D modeling
    Culinary Arts
    3D Animation
    Mind Control

    Oh and a whole lot more...that I cannot seem to remember at the moment


    Profile: Zoot

    I have decent editing skills, some experience in organizing protests. I'm currently finishing up my medical course so I may have something to offer in that department.

    And I have mad caek maeking skillz >:3
  29. Re: Anonymous: People Skills list [DRAFT]

    Profile: sefewet

    - martial arts(more an allrounder) but i only fight when someone wants to duel or only when its needed(example if someone is in danger).
    - research(if someone asks if i want to research something specific)
    - i have some connections to higher people you can say
    - i can teach some stuff, like infiltration and i wanted to learn it the dutch guys but before i had the chance they kicked me from the chat.
    - i can learn people how to disappear(not with smoke or anything) but just in the crowd even if you wear a mask.(send me an pm i will give you the things how to do and the rest yourselfs need to train).
    and NO i am not trolling or anything...

    i seriously want to teach but i must keep myself anonymous so send me an pm if you want to learn people.


    Profile: Esper

    Ability to carry on a conversation in Korean like a native. Can't translated essays and shit, though.
    - Writing
    - People skills. F'sho.
    - Time, time, time.


    Profile: Santa

    Fast thinking-Actually,too fast thinking,it effects my speech and writing,the go boom.

    Natural language talent-i can learn new languages pretty fast,in the 7th grade after less then half a year of studying arabic in school, I could talk and write in arabic pretty well,but now i can't remember nothing.

    Great knowledge about firearms.

    I got some knowledge in electronics,right now I'm learning about it.

    I play the guitar,and really good shooting stills pictures


    Profile: Django

    Musician. Film and Video composer. General Audio guy.
  30. Re: Anonymous: People Skills list [DRAFT]

    Profile: pwnon

    I'm a motivator. I have an ability to hype people up and to keep morale up. I also have skill with one-liners and dry, sarcastic humor. It may not seem like much, but its gotten me out of sticky IRL situations in the past. Not many people can turn someone threatening them into a public mockery.

    Also, I like to plan and try to get as many looks on something as possible, before committing. I'll weight cost/benefit and difficulty and objectives.

    I can't write very well (handwriting) but I can come up with puns and one-liners (as I've mentioned) so that might do something. Also, I saw it mentioned earlier, but I have a large MP3 collection and CD collection, ALL legally obtained. I don't believe in piracy, so if need be, I can bring music to an event and not have to worry about proving ownership.


    Profile: Shirotsuki

    My skills lie in many fields, but whilst being extremely proficient in them, it could be interpreted (pessimisticly) that I am indeed a Jack of all trades, yet a Master of none. I, however, view this as a welcome trait. It is this that leads me to strive to acheive my goals in order to prove this to be an optimistic profile to carry.
    In essence, I can turn my hands to anything needed of me. Be it field work/protesting or writing (not that this really matters, eleventy-billion other people have noted this as their skill), I would give it my all.
    I eagerly await the destruction of the cult, and shall celebrate our solidarity being an underlying cause! :D


    Profile: cbusanonandon

    I am an aspiring English teacher with a particular interest in Classics (as in Greek, not Chaucer). I can do written-word editing and suggestions for fiction, essay, research, etc. I'm not so good with the legal stuff.
    Besides that I'm a decent logician. I wouldn't be surprised if I'm already on an SP list because I got into an argument with one of their people at a tent at OSU about the impossibility of "progressively becoming infinite" (my words, he agreed). Get me into an argument and, while I may get a little loud, I follow the logic pretty well and make counter-points that have yet to be rebutted. (I have an interest in philosophy; it's the reason I'm studying Classics). Granted it doesn't take much logic skill with scilons, but it's worth it if someone wants to send something official somewhere.

    If anyone has anything, you can email me at . I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
  31. Re: Anonymous: People Skills list [DRAFT]

    Profile: Anonymous15421

    9 years of organizing experience, lots of research skillz (not bad for a dyslexic, eh?), press releases, and enough legal knowledge to get through most court cases just fine.

    Oh, and a consuming passion for the destruction of this cult


    Profile: Forgott3nAnon


    - PHP & MySQL
    - XHTML, CSS
    - UNIX/Linux Administration
    - Graphic Design
    - Photography
    - Web Design
    - Video Editing
    - Special FX
    - Paper/Flier Designing
    - Writing

    Hours / Week: 10


    Profile: avideogameplayer

    List of skills: writer/blogger
    Willing to write about any Anti-Scifag/pro-Anon news reports and comment on them.
    Timeframe: various.


    Profile: MrKushington

    Photography - Got a great 7.1mp camera, hasn't given me a problem yet.
    Showing up - Because that's half the battle.
    Time I can dedicate to the cause - 3+ hours daily


    Profile: ReaganYouth

    I just graduated from law school... I can help with any legal questions. If we want to get this done right, we have to fight fire with fire (ie, the whole reason i went to law school in the first place).

    Let me know how I can help
  32. Re: Anonymous: People Skills list [DRAFT]

    Profile: Skwee

    The skills I have and think are relevant for Anon:

    -Translations to and from Finnish/Swedish/English

    I can probably squeeze in about 2-3 hours per day.


    Profile: peerless mantis

    I can fight, play guitar and sing ;D


    Profile: LocalSP

    Can build pretty much anything or can do "How To's"
    Excellent Photographer sadly lacking good equipment. 25 years experience.


    Profile: DrLux

    My skillz are data gathering, Linux security and IT security in general.


    Profile: godolphin

    All I am good at is protesting. (Ex Fathers 4 Justice), Good legal UK demo's, Publicity stunts etc.! I was always in the background. Never did the stunts myself (too much to lose)
    If that's any good to you pm me
  33. Re: Anonymous: People Skills list [DRAFT]

  34. ohioanon Member

    Re: Anonymous: People Skills list [DRAFT]

    skills - graduate medical degree.

    Not so well versed with healthcare policy, but very good at physiology/pathophysiology/pharmacology/primary healthcare. I can back up any health related statement I make with a literature review.

    I have access to thousands of journals, can do a literature review on just about anything to see if it's evidence based (such about success rates for alternative therapies like the purif rundown, etc).
  35. uouV Member

    Re: Anonymous: People Skills list [DRAFT]

    I feel lame I haven't done this sooner, my bad guize.

    How I pay my bills:

    Tons of scilon and chanology propaganda things saved
    Good at th/i/ngs
    Full time chief
    I'm always on top of the web's news (from chans to google, comics to celeb gossip [I have a crazy amount of RSS feeds I clear everyday!)
    Good a shooping and video editing

    Please feel free to PM me about any projects, I am very open and always looking for shizz to do.

    Great work on the list. Kansa.
  36. Neiteio Member

    Re: Anonymous: People Skills list [DRAFT]

    My skills can be broken down into four categories

    -Escape artist: I run hella fast, probably because I'm so damn light (58kg). I'm moderately flexible and strong, so vaulting up and over fences is no problem for me.
    -I made my own riot gear. Provides full protection against rubber bullets.

    -Basic web design: I can code an entire website in Notepad and Notepad alone. It won't look very fancy, but at least it'll work. I'm best at ripping audio/video from various files/sources.
    -MSPaint Artist: I can do some pretty fancy stuff with MSPaint.

    -Scientist: I've done extensive work in microbiology, inorganic chemistry, quantum physics, and kinematic physics. [Mod edit: Too much information, guy. Yuck.]
    -Researcher: On a similar note, I have access to multiple scientific research databases: PubMed, Leiden University, PsychInfo, etc. I've written many research papers, and my grammar is impeccable.
    -Debater: I'm good at debating, and can convince people to believe the craziest things via my enormous cache of useless trivia.

    Work Experience:
    -Medic: Worked with a volunteer ambulance corp. in New York in 2001; more recently, I worked as an Assistant ER Technician in Florida. I'm able to think clearly and [re]act in high-pressure [medical] situations/emergencies.
    -Computer Repair: Worked at a computer shop in Florida. Specialized in virus/spyware removal.
  37. Re: Anonymous: People Skills list [DRAFT]

    So is this ok to people?
  38. none given Member

    Re: Anonymous: People Skills list [DRAFT]

    It's a thing of beauty.
    And a very, very useful tool.
  39. eleven Member

    Re: Anonymous: People Skills list [DRAFT]

    I can write well, if I say so myself, and am articulate. I can also put together YouTubez involving slides and music. Photoshopping skills improving.

    Internetz research skillz also good enough to have caught and named a hacker in a non-chanology related incident.
  40. Anonymous Member

    Re: Anonymous: People Skills list [DRAFT]

    Throw this stuff up on the wiki?

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