Anonymous - Press Release 4/26/2011 - OPERATION DARKNET #OpDarknet

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    Anonymous - Press Release 4/26/2011 - OPERATION DARKNET #OpDarknet
    For Immediate Dissemination

    In contradiction to the best practices of Anonymous, most VPN's, Tor, and recently I2P users have been prevented from accessing certain IRC services that have previously been associated with Anonymous. The only option left is to connect to these US Based (and otherwise FBI/CIA/DHS friendly/controlled) based IRC servers using your own internet connection with little in the way of privacy.

    I2P, or the Invisible Internet Project, is a secure, encrypted, tunnel-based darknet used to maintain anonymity while hosting or accessing content within the darknet, or via proxies to external services on the "normal" net. Created anonymously for the sake of the anonymity of others, this is a great alternative to a centralized system.

    I2P is an internet within the internet, unmonitorable and uncensorable from outside. By default, anonymous mail, anonymous filesharing (BitTorrent, Gnutella, i-Mule etc), anonymous chat (IRC/Jabber/I2PMessenger) and anonymous web serving are provided with the installation. Treat I2P like your own private internet, free from interference and oversight. Think privacy, not paranoia, empowerment, not suppression. We have users around the world using I2P to evade censorship, not least in Egypt, Tunisia, Iran, China, and other locations where state level interference is routine.

    Moreover, with I2P, you can create your own IRC channels and Ops--there is no censorship, and no authority. With the ability to create your own channels and attract anons to your ideas, you will once again, see the beloved agency return to you.

    Now is the time.

    Learn more here:
    Download I2P here:
    Follow instructions and soon you will be connected through I2P, completely secure and encrypted. Just connect your IRC client to and you're on board
    #anoni2p, #opcannabis, #opdarknet, #anonportal and #i2phelp are some channels you may like to visit once you are.

    Full Press Release:
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    You've been trolled.

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    Take note that 2nd and 3rd posters suck cocks.
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    Especially second poster! Can a mod moderate that by chance ?
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    Hmmm.... my sarcasm detector is twitching...
  7. Pretty fucking cool.
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