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    Following several high-profile teen suicides in Canada and Britain, a Vancouver-based children's online safety group is calling on Canada's communication regulator to oversee social media sites that allow anonymous users.

    What they should be focusing on is educating kids on how to be safe and anonymous online. Forcing everyone to disclose their personal information isn't going to make the internet safe. It's going to help make easier prey for predators.

    We truly do live in a defining time when everyone's freedom, privacy, and security is at risk.
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    This same ‘blame the social media’ crap is also occurring in my country.

    There are a few high profile cases, and in each the parents are more than willing to go in front of the camera and tall all about how their little precious was viciously targeted by ‘anonymous trolls’ and hounded until death. This is bullshit, but it you cannot really have a sensible discussion on this issue given the absolutely plethora of “won’t someone think of the children??” wankers prepared to screech and play the sympathy card.

    In the extremely unlikely case that any of those parents, or relatives, of the deceased happen to come on here I have got a message for you:

    These so-called ‘anonymous trolls’? They were people who knew your children, and if you bothered to read the actual comments this little fact is clear as day. Does it make you feel better to buy into the delusion that these were ‘anonymous trolls’?

    You think taking away the social media element of this would have helped? Sorry, but you’re deluded. Your kid was getting bullied by people known to them – both online and off. In some cases reading the fucking comments themselves is enough to see that the majority of the bullying was occurring at school, and was being perpetrated by so-called ‘friends’ of your kid. You really think the absence of social media would, somehow, have prevented these shits from continuing to bully your kid at school and camp and whatever? The same bullying they were engaged BEFORE it ever ended up on social media. In fucking case most of the comments online were about things said at school, and yet the parent who feels the need to foist their ignorance onto the public doesn’t feel the need to mention that aspect of the story.

    Suicide is a taboo topic in my country. It is just off-limits to even attempt to address the issue in a way that does it justice. It was only two decades ago that suicides were covered up in order to secure a proper burial, and the rawness and refusal to confront the issue is still alive and well today. Many ‘social commentators’ are all too happy to discuss the rising suicide rate and brand it an epidemic – and it is a bullshit narrative. Suicide has always been with us, but due to cover-ups and refusal to discuss it many muppets have actually managed to buy into the delusion that, apparently, this shit never existed in the past. The sheer fucking naivety is staggering.

    Here is a great example. Every so often a puzzling car crash happens. A straight road with no potholes or obstacles, and yet the driver managed to crash by hitting the only 5 metre stretch of wall on the entire thing. Naturally, a naïve and backward community will make the mystery the gossip topic of the day and speculate as to what could have caused the accident. Had that community being capably of some raw honesty and capacity to meet difficult topics head-on they would have found the answer easily enough. You think if our cops had guns that these deceased would have went for ‘suicide-by-cop’ instead of ‘suicide-by-car-crash’?

    And that is the sickening aspect to all of this shit. The parents and relatives and social commentators and community leader wankers are all talking about how awful suicide is and about how we need to do something. The truth is that you don’t want to do anything. Not really. If you were genuine and rational about this you wouldn’t be making a furore over social media, but rather discussing this topic properly and seeking out the real sources and community issues that did cause the suicides. It is far too easy, and apparently also far too seductive, to blame an easy (and wrong) target than get to the root of the issue.

    The sickening part I referred to? That our society has gotten so intellectually inept, and our ‘discussions’ so bereft of substance, that emotion and sympathy-faggotry rules the day. Ultimately these same parents and relatives, by allowing themselves to be sad deluded mugs too eager to accept a comforting truth than properly honour (and learn from) the memory of their deceased kid, are doing far far in contribution towards future suicides than any social media website. Peddling simple (and unfounded) narratives pollute the social consciousness, and make it even less likely for that society to deal with the issue suicide – because if you cannot even discuss an issue, frankly and honestly and with due deference to the factual record, then you are not only ill equipped to deal with it, but are actively impeding any hoped-for progress.

    This is anecdotal, but I think it has relevance to here. I recently had a discussion with an old school friend of mine who agreed with this. When I think back on those who I knew who an-hero’d, I find an incredible correlation. There were not the folks telling the blue jokes, or cracking any gags about suicide. They were among those most reticent to even discuss heavy topics. Maybe there is a valuable lesson in that observation.

    Parents and relatives who task themselves with the righteous quest of ending social media (and anonymity) over the death of their kid are targeting the wrong thing, and the overly-simplistic shit they are peddling is weakening the already weak national discourse on the topic. Until the nation can actually discuss these issues, without emotional hysteria and without mistaken assumptions and without shocking ignorance, then we’re fucked. Talking, when done openly and honestly and without restriction, helps – particularly for people need a forum to open up about the things affecting them in their lives.
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