Anonymous Stops Narconon From Visiting Oklahoma School

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Anonymous, Oct 20, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Red Ribbon Week program is Tuesday

    By Susie Williams-Allen - The Purcell Register

    Published: Thursday, October 20, 2011 9:07 AM CDT
    Students at Purcell Junior High School will host Andrew Cuomo from Narconon for Red Ribbon Week on Tuesday.

    Cuomo will speak to the students about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

    Parents and the public are welcome to attend the hour long program at the junior high school auditorium starting at 9:20 a.m.

    Officials report a major problem plaguing parents today is prescription medications sought by children. Over three million United States teens abuse prescription drugs, according to Lock Your Meds.

    Every day, 3,300 more children begin experimenting with prescription drugs, the official estimated.

    Lock Your Meds shows 70 percent of children who abuse prescription drugs admit to taking them from family and friends.

    Since prescription drugs, when used as prescribed, can improve a person’s health, many teens believe they are a safe way to get high, according to the National Family Partnership.

    Some disturbing facts presented by the National Family Partnership show 2.1 million teens abused prescription drugs in 2006.

    Another fact is 3.1 million 12 to 25-year-olds have used over-the-counter cough and cold medications at least once to get high.

    The National Family Partnership also revealed nearly one in 10 high school seniors admit abusing pain relievers.

    The speaker Tuesday will touch on all the pertinent areas of teen drug abuse.

    The more teens and parents know about the lifelong effects of drug abuse, the better the chances of keeping a child from getting hooked.

    For questions regarding Tuesday’s program, contact Aimee Ellis at 527-6591.

    Red Ribbon Week program is Tuesday – Purcell Register
  2. Anonymous Member

    damn it!
    I wrote to MANY highschools and baords of education warning them about them about Narconon
    they are still falling for this crap!
  3. Sonichu Moderator

    Aimee Ellis at 527-6591.

    Seems the only Purcell I'm coming up with is.... Oklahoma?,_Oklahoma

    According to wikipedia, that area code whould be


    Perhaps we should shower her inbox with Anony love?
  4. Anonymous Member

    This is happening on the 25th at 5pm
    GO GO GO!!!!!

    staff directory

    main number
    The Purcell Junior High Phone Number is (405) 527-6591 ext. 3304

    • Principal - Bret Petty
    • Counselor - Amee Shaw / Homeless Contact
    • Secretary - Kerri Howell
    • Secretary - Barbara Lambert

    201 Lester Lane
    Purcell, OK 73080
  5. Anonymous Member

    Any ideas for a good, safe approach to warn them? Seems like the only way to get through to them is via phone, so we need some short and sweet phone messages.

    I think nothing much more than, Google David Love Narconon might help to shed light that they are inviting controversy to their school.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Counselor / Homeless Contact is Amee Ellis, not Amee Shaw
  7. Anonymous Member

    Andrew Cuomo:
    "Recovered Addict Shares His Story Across Midwest Schools"
    press release posted on Oct 16th

    former addict, Andrew Cuomo, has been reaching out to schools during National Recovery Month and Red Ribbon Week to share his story of recovery from drugs through Narconon treatment services.

    (PRWEB) October 16, 2011
    “To help our youth avoid the effects of drug and alcohol addiction I want to share the story of my descent into that world and how I fought and struggled to finally conquer it,” says Andrew Cuomo. A former addict of 15 years, Cuomo has turned his life around and dedicated himself to helping others through drug prevention efforts reaching several southwestern states.

    Cuomo had a long history of abusing drugs and alcohol starting with the use of alcohol and marijuana at a young age. His addiction got so severe that he felt he couldn’t relate to others unless he was high. The use eventually escalated to hard drugs and he completely lost sight of his goals in life.

    Reaching out for help, Cuomo participated in several drug rehab programs without success. Eventually, he had a caring family member that finally intervened.

    “When my father was on his death bed, he asked me to make him one promise before he left this earth – to get clean, be happy, and live well,” says Andrew. “I kept that promise shortly afterward by enrolling in the acclaimed and highly successful rehabilitation program at Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma.”

    Cuomo completed the drug rehab program and decided to spend his future contributing to educating others on addiction and doing something that would benefit society as a whole.

    “Specifically, I saw there was a great need for the younger generation to get real-world, useful information about drugs and addiction, without the scare tactics,” says Cuomo. “It became my mission to reach as many kids as possible, to get them information they would need to make their own educated decisions about drugs and alcohol.”

    Since he started, Andrew has educated more than 21,000 kids. In addition, in the last few weeks Cuomo has traveled across four states including Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas and Kansas educating more than 5000 kids.

    “I feel I’m able to make a positive impression on my audience because of my first-hand knowledge from the years that I struggled with addiction,” he says. “As a result I feel the groups I speak to are able relate very closely, as so many in the audience are experiencing what I’ve been through. I have had great success in delivering drug education to tens of thousands of people, both children and adults in the Midwest.”

    Cuomo’s efforts are particularly special over the last weeks as the country has just celebrated National Recovery Month and are heading into National Red Ribbon Week; both venues celebrating drug and alcohol addiction, recovery and prevention.

    For more information or to schedule a drug prevention lecture or to get addiction treatment through Narconon call 800-468-6933.



    Comments are open!
  8. Anonymous Member

    that info was directly copy pasta'ed from the school website
  9. Anonymous Member

    the school calender read Red Ribbon Pseak 5pm on Tuesday
    other places say it is in the morning for an hour at 9:20 AM
  10. Anonymous Member

    this guy has been busy.
    posed in the Southwest Akansas Daily:

    In connection to Drug Awareness Month, Andrew Cuomo, Drug Education Specialist with Narconon Arrowhead, presented a drug prevention program to students at the De Queen Elementary School on October 3, 2011.

    Pictured above—Carter Rivas, Andrew Cuomo (Drug Education Specialist from Narconon), Kennedy Winship, and Bailey Ward, fifth graders
    Submitted by:Brenda Clowers, LMS
    De Queen Elementary School
    Danielle received 1st runner-up in the Jr. Miss division & Demi received 1st runner-up in the Little Miss division.

    Since when is he a drug education specialist?
  11. Anonymous Member

    if you Yahoo or Google Andrew Cuomo, COS plastered his name and story EVERYWHERE
    this shit has to stop
  12. HellRazor Member

    email addresses are posted on the school webpage:

    Principal Bret Petty:
    Amee Ellis:


    (405) 527-6591 ext. 3304
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  13. Sonichu Moderator

  14. BigBeard Member

    Point them at the stories regarding NarCONon getting tossed out of California schools after the state reviewed the garbage they were presenting.

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  15. Anonymous Member

    You can also call or snail mail DeQueen Elemenatry School in AR and make sure they are made aware of who visitied them this past Oct 3rd.
    THEY HAD A VISIT FROM SCIENTOLOGY aka Andrew Cuomo of Narconon Arrowhead

    De Queen Elementary School
    233 Treating Plant Road, De Queen, AR, 71832-9804
    Tel: (870)584-4311

    their website is terrible
  16. Anonymous Member

  17. Anonymous Member

    DO EET!
  18. amaX Member

  19. LocalSP Member

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  20. moarxenu Member

  21. Sonichu Moderator

    Turn that raeg into action and fire off a poon!
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  22. Anonymous Member

    Any advice on getting through their spam filters?
  23. Anonymous Member

    Pose as a concerned parent? "I just saw all this stuff on the internet about David Love and these terrible things that go on in Narconon."
  24. Anonymous Member

    I suspect that addressing too many people in one email, or including too many links may trigger the spam filters.
  25. Anonymous Member

    BCC prevents the other email address from being seen by the Receipient.

    Instead of posting all the emails in the "TO:" field, post them all in the "BCC:" field.
  26. Anonymous Member

    this guy Andrew Cuomo is on tour of the midwest states as mentioned in an earlier post and is hitting all the schools.
    need to head him off before he hits more schools and keep an eye on him

    Poon the Midwest schools ahead !
  27. Anonymous Member

    How do you poon all the midwest schools?
    You poon the media!
  28. moarxenu Member

    OK. Here is some info and ammo.

    On Purcell from City of Purcell website: "Purcell, Oklahoma is an active city with population near 6,700. Purcell is a outer suburb of Oklahoma City located along I-35 corridor in the central part of the state,"

    Dale Bunn, City Manager, City Hall, 230 West Main Street, Purcell, OK 73080,, 405) 527-6561

    Chamber of Commerce, ,,
    Char Page is Executive Director. other officers are here.

    Here is the Purcell Schools page. We might as well poon all the teachers in the grade school and high school as well.


    Colin Henderson, is ex-NN, and lives in Lawton, OK, 90 miles away.

    Colin's Story - this should have a lot of appeal. He is an Evangelical Christian and explicitly asked before entering NN. They proselytized him anyway.

    Narconon International Oklahoma Timeline - NN has been investigated by Oklahoma medical authorities. Excerpt:

    13 December 1991
    The Oklahoma State Board of Mental Health finds that Narconon'stherapy is "not effective in the treatment of chemical dependency" and "is not medicallysafe". It refuses Narconon Chilocco's request for certification for services to a 75-bedresidential drug and alcohol center established on Federal land owned by the ChiloccoDevelopment Authority.

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  29. Sonichu Moderator

    ^^ Good find!! Excellent Ammunition! Fire a new volley, with the "Local News" Harpoon tips!
  30. Anonymous Member

    may want to poon these people?

    Welcome to Mid West AEYC!
    A Region of the National Association
    for the Education of Young Children

    The purpose of the Midwest Affiliate Alliance is to serve Member State Affiliates by providing programs and services that support organizational development and leadership development
    some contacts

    Diane Purcell Midwest Affiliate

    2039 SW Collins Ave

    Topeka KS 66604-3224

    her term:
    10/1/2009 9/30/2012

    Holly Turner

    Public Policy Chair
    205 N. Michigan
    Lawrence KS 66047-2707

    Affiliate Council

    Lawrence KS 66047-2707

    her te 10/1/2009 9/30/2012

    moar contacts here:

    and how about this guy in Detroit?
    David Gamlin is the Director of Education and Youth Development for New Detroit
  31. xenubarb Member

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  32. Anonymous Member

    I was able to contact Colin Henderson, and he is hopping on this. Keep the poons coming.

    I think I am going to title my emails, "Cult of Scientology at Purcell Jr. High". Lotta Baptists down there; should get some attention.
  33. Anonymous Member

    THIS!!!! is getting good folks

    LOVE when the hive works together so quickly to squash something.
    It makes my little heart swell with joy

    GO GO GO you glorious bastards!!!!!

    Andy boy has to stop filling these kid's head with Scientology mumbo jumbo crap
  34. Anonymous Member

    nice one Barb!
  35. Anonymous Member

    The info on the school website says Amee ELLIS.This is an exact copy/paste from their web site.

    Main Office

    Bret Petty Principal
    Amee Ellis Counselor / Homeless Contact
    Kerri Howell Secretary
    Barbara Lambert Secretary

    8th Grade Teachers

    Brad Lucas US History
    Kurt Gray US History
    Courtney Green English / Reading
    Pam Kyzer Reading
    Krysta Matthews Pre-Algebra / Algebra
    Alen Misak Science
    Juleigh Wright Reading

    7th Grade Teachers

    Pam Kyzer English
    Debbie Lemons Geography
    Krysta Matthews Pre-Algebra
    Mike Savage Math
    Angie Wren Science
    Juleigh Wright Reading

    Coaching Staff

    Brad Lucas 7th & 8th Football
    Steve Clary 7th & 8th Grade Softball / 7th Grade Basketball - Boys / 7th & 8th Grade Baseball
    Kurt Gray 8th Grade Football / 7th & 8th Grade Track - Boys
    Pam Kyzer 7th & 8th Grade Academic Team
    Mark Moring 7th Grade Football / 7th & 8th Grade Track - Girls
    Jamie Roberts 7th Grade Basketball - Girls
    Mike Savage 7th & 8th Cross Country / 8th & 9th Grade Basketball - Girls
    Paul Wollenberg 8th Grade Basketball - Boys
    Angie Wren 7th & 8th Grade Cheerleading


    Jennifer Conklin Band Instructor
    Sharon Cottingham Librarian
    Jacob Gonzales Choir Instructor
    Mary Lancaster ELL
    Haly Murray Family and Consumer Science
    Delores Scott Assistant Librarian
    Jamie Roberts Keyboarding
    Paul Wollenberg Technology

    Tara Anderson Special Ed. Teacher
    Kim Bacon Special Ed. Teacher
    Shannon McGowen Special Ed. Teacher
    Betty Cormany Special Ed. Assistant
    Jennifer Henderson Special Ed. Assistant
    Jackie Robinson Special Ed. Assistant

    Custodial / Kitchen

    Susan Bennett Head Cook
    Carla Lindsey Cook
    Jerry Jennings Custodian
  36. Anonymous Member

    Look for names of the district's School Board members, too. They need to be alerted, as well.
  37. Anonymous Member

    anyone get an answer yet?
  38. Anonymous Member

  39. Anonymous Member


    Nobody gets away with selling $cientology to kids. Not even Andrew Cuomo.

    Here is why.
    Teachers and school executives, please read the following link to understand why Andrew Cuomo cannot be allowed to talk to groups of children.

    We hope after reading this that you can understand the frustration and anger at the news that $cientology is still duping the education system, and the children.

    L Ron Hubbard (founder of $cientology) recommends Scientologists put teachers and students on "meters" (E-meters), and give "daily mental activities" -- which is what they do in Scientology.
    It is interesting to note that Hubbard's obsession with sex and violence become apparent once again, inasmuch as the hypothetical case he chose concerns a teen-age girl who was raped.

    Teen-age girl shows up in Hubbard Guidance Center who has been beaten and raped by teen-age boys at High School and withholding it since. Audit it out, get parents to OK investigation. Call in press. Release story of vice and crime at local high school with the Org doing the investigation. On subsequent days, criticize laxity of police. Criticize principal. Finally, take more teen-age sex cases. Just day by day deal off a new action to the press. String the story out. Take an action. Hold a press conference. Put students on meters. Put teachers on meters. Get parents to sue. Finally, advise school hire a permanent mental consultant and give daily mental exercises to "teen-age monsters." Then wrap it up and skip it. You've made something evil become something good attained -- Scientology in schools.
  40. Anonymous Member

    ^^^^ L Ron Hubbard actually wrote the above, as $cientology law.

    And if you know ANYTHING about $cientology - the law of LRH is to be obeyed without question.

    Get Andrew Cuomo the HELL away from your schools, folks.

    $cientology is mind-cancer. L Ron Hubbard was a child abuser.

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