Anonymous Stops Narconon From Visiting Oklahoma School

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    This is good too, but my thought was to keep it short, hopefully get them interested in examining the links provided. However, we shouldn't poon using identical material, so...
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    That is why I like the idea of one representative sending the main email. Maybe before the other poons.
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    The Regional Accreditation Officers need to be pooned. This is the department I was asked to inform in order to start a state wide internal investigation. The RAO's are the watchdogs for the Department of Education and Narconon was put of their radar last Tuesday Oct. 25 regarding Purcell Jr. High. I also handed them copies of the CA ban on NN and the Anonymous PR on Purcell Jr. High School.

    Regional Accreditation Officers with counties listed below:
    Larry Fry (580) 336-5641 (NN has been to many Tulsa Schools and Collinsville Schools)
    Creek County (Drumright, Mannford, Pretty Water, Oilton, Olive), Noble County, Osage County, Osage Interlocal Cooperative, Pawnee County, Tulsa County (Berryhill, Collinsville, Jenks, Keystone, Owasso, Sand Springs, Skiatook, Sperry, Tulsa High School [Booker T. Washington])
    Exception: Noble County: Except Perry
    Charters: Deborah Brown Community School, Discovery School of Tulsa, Dove Science Academy, Tulsa School of Arts and Science
    Nonpublic: Metro Christian Academy, St. Paul's Lutheran School
    CareerTechs: Central Technology Centers, Tulsa Technology Centers

    Shellie Gammill (405) 379-5773 (NN Arrowhead Country, Pittsburg County)
    Choctaw Interlocal Cooperative, Coal County, Creek County (Bristow, Depew, Gypsy, Milfay), Hughes County, Okfuskee County, Pittsburg County,Seminole County, Seminole Interlocal Cooperative
    Charters: Epic One on One Charter School (Graham)
    CareerTechs: Wes Watkins Technology Center

    Kim Hale (405) 615-7329 Cell
    Beaver County, Cimarron County, Dewey County, Ellis County, Harper County, Major County, Roger Mills County, Texas County, Woods County, Woodward County
    CareerTechs: High Plains Technology Center, Northwest Technology Centers

    Kaye Jones (405) 818-0049 Cell
    Alfalfa County, Garfield County, Grant County, Kay County, Logan County, Oklahoma County (Bethany, Edmond, Oklahoma City Elementary Schools [Britton, Buchanan, Cleveland, Edgemere, Edwards, Eisenhower, Emerson Alternative Education, Eugene Field, F.D. Moon, Gatewood, Green Pastures, Hawthorne, Horace Mann, Johnson, Kaiser, Linwood, Mark Twain, Martin Luther King Jr., Monroe, Nichols Hills, North Highland, Putnam Heights, Quail Creek, Ridgeview, Sequoyah, Southern Hills, Spencer, Stonegate, Telstar, Thelma R. Parks, Wilson] & Middle Schools [Belle Isle, Emerson Alternative Education, Rogers, Taft], Putnam City)
    Charters: Dove Science Academy, Independence Charter Middle School, Justice Alma Wilson Seeworth Academy, Stanley Hupfield Academy at Western Village
    Nonpublic: Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School, Southern Nazarene University Lab School
    Career Techs: Autry Technology Center, Francis Tuttle Technology Centers, Pioneer Technology Center

    Lynn Jones (405) 330-6118
    Five Star Interlocal Cooperatives, Lincoln County, Oklahoma County (Choctaw-Nicoma Park, Crutcho, Harrah, Jones, Luther, Millwood, Oakdale, Oklahoma City Middle Schools & High Schools [Classen School of Advanced Studies, Douglass, John Marshall, Northeast, Oklahoma Centennial]), Payne County, Pottawatomie County
    Charters: ASTEC Charter Schools, Harding Fine Arts Academy, Harding Charter Preparatory High School, KIPP Reach College Preparatory School, Marcus Garvey Leadership Charter School, Oklahoma Virtual Charter Academy (Choctaw),
    CareerTechs: Eastern Oklahoma County Technology Center, Gordon Cooper Technology Center, Meridian Technology Center, Metro Technology Centers

    Mat Luse (405) 501-0828 Cell
    Cleveland County, Grady County, McClain County, Oklahoma County (Crooked Oak, Mid-Del, Oklahoma City Elementary Schools [Adams, Arthur, Bodine, Capitol Hill, Columbus, Coolidge, Fillmore, Hayes, Heronville, Hillcrest, Lee, Mark Twain, Oakridge, Parmelee, Pierce, Prarie Queen, Rancho Village, Rockwood, Shidler, Stand Watie, Van Buren, Westwood, Wheeler, Willow Brook] & Middle Schools [Jackson, Jefferson, Roosevelt, Webster], Western Heights)
    Charters: Santa Fe South Charter Schools
    Nonpublic: Mount Saint Mary High School
    Career Techs: Mid America Technology Centers, Mid-Del Technology Centers, Moore-Norman Technology Centers

    Kevin McKinley (580) 658-5373 (Lawton, Oklahoma RAO)
    Beckham County, Comanche County, Cotton County, Greer County, Harmon County, Jackson County, Kiowa County, Tillman County
    Nonpublic: Lakeside Reformatory (Granite)
    Career Tech: Great Plains Technology Center

    Linda Proctor-Moore (405) 517-2582 Cell
    Carter County, Garvin County, Jefferson County, Johnston County, Love County, Marshall County, Murray County, Pontotoc County, Stephens County, Tri County Interlocal Cooperative
    Nonpublic: Oklahoma School for the Deaf (Sulphur)
    Career Techs: Pontotoc Career Tech; Red River Career Tech

    John Sheridan (918) 906-5754 Cell
    Cherokee County, Creek County (Allen-Bowden, Kellyville, Kiefer, Lone Star, Mounds, Sapulpa), Muskogee County, Okmulgee County, Tulsa County (Bixby, Broken Arrow, Glenpool, Liberty, Tulsa Elementary Schools [Addams, Barnard, Carnegie, Eisenhower International, Eliot, Eugene Field, Grimes, Key, Lee, Mark Twain, Marshall, McClure, Park, Patrick Henry, Phillips, Remington, Robertson, Salk, Wright] & Middle Schools [Byrd, Clinton, Edison Preparatory, Madison, Nimitz, Thoreau Demonstration Academy]), Wagoner County
    Charters: Cherokee Immersion Charter School
    Nonpublic: Job Corp, Parkview-Oklahoma School for the Blind, Sequoyah High School
    Career Tech: Green Country Technology Center

    Larry Stogner (918) 571-8209 Cell
    Adair County, *Delaware County, Haskell County, Latimer County, **LeFlore County, McIntosh County, Sequoyah County
    Exceptions: Delaware County: Grove Only, LeFlore County: Except Pocola
    Nonpublic: Cookson Hills Christian School

    Mike Teel (918) 786-2605 (NN has been to many Tulsa Schools and Collinsville Schools)
    Cherokee County Interlocal Cooperative, Craig County, *Delaware County, Mayes County, Nowata County, Ottawa County, Rogers County, Tulsa County (Tulsa Elementary Schools [Academy Central, Alcott, Anderson, Bell, Bryant, Bunch Early Childhood Development Center, Burroughs, Cherokee, Choteau, Celia Clinton, Columbus, Cooper, Disney, Emerson, Greeley, Hawthorne, Henry Zarrow International, Hoover, Houston, Jackson, Jones, Kendall-Whittier, Kerr, Lanier, Lindbergh, MacArthur, Mayo Demonstration, McKinley, Mitchell, Owen, Peary, Penn, Roosevelt, Sequoyah, Skelly, Springdale, Whitman] & Middle Schools [(Carver, Cleveland, Foster, Gilcrease, Hamilton, KIPP Tulsa Academy Prep, Lewis and Clark, Tulsa Met./Franklin, Whitney, Wilson], Union)
    Exceptions: Delaware County: Except Grove
    Nonpublic: Bishop Kelley High School, Cascia Hall Preparatory School, Monte Cassino School, Town and Country School, Victory Christian School
    CareerTechs: Northeast Technology Centers, Tri County Technology Center

    Keith Votravis (918) 469-2218
    Atoka County, Atoka Interlocal Cooperative, Bryan County, Choctaw County, *Hughes County, **LeFlore County, McCurtain County, Pushmataha County,
    Exceptions: Hughes County: Holdenville Only, LeFlore County: Pocola Only
    CareerTechs: Canadian Valley Technology Centers, Indian Capital Technology Centers, Kiamichi Technology Centers, Southern Technology Center, Southwest Technology Center

    Ed Winn (405) 751-0769
    Blaine County, Caddo County, Canadian County, Custer County, Kingfisher County, *Noble County, Oklahoma County (Deer Creek)
    Exceptions: Noble County: Perry Only
    Nonpublic: Riverside Indian School (Bureau of Indian Affairs), Trinity School
    CareerTechs: Caddo Kiowa Technology Center, Canadian Valley Technology Centers, Chisholm Trail Technology Center, Northwest Technology Centers, Western Technology Centers
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    I can't tell you enough on how important this Department is. If the Inspector Generals office recieves enough info regarding 3 deaths at NN Arowhead over the past 2 years will be BIG time. They report to the Attorney Generals office (Scott Pruitt) . The best contact that I have for the AG office is . It goes like this Inspector Generals report to the Attorney Generals office then the AG office insturct OSBI (Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation) . The importance of this is I am meeting with AG Scott Puritt Nov. 20th in Lexington, OK (Just south of Purcell, OK) with a dear friend that is a huge political player in Oklahoma. This has the potential of The State of Oklahoma Mental Health Board revoking NN certification.
    Office of Inspector General

    Report Fraud or Employee Misconduct

    To report allegations of welfare fraud or employee misconduct, please call the fraud hotline at (800) 784-5887 or send an e-mail to the to the OKDHS Office of Inspector General.

    When making a report, please provide as much information as you can about the allegation you are reporting. Be sure to include all that you know about the persons involved.

    Information may include the following items:

    • full names of persons involved
    • dates of birth of persons involved
    • Social Security numbers of persons involved
    • Race and sex of persons involved
    • OKDHS case numbers
    • Employment information of persons involved
    • Any vehicle information (tag number, make, model and color)
    • Other information that might be helpful in investigating the complaint
    The OKDHS Office of Inspector General appreciates you taking the time to report this information.
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  6. Hi Everybody, Melbanon create this Flier mid way through last year at our Narconon raid. I thought it might be useful to send to people as well.

    Narctraz - Scientology's Narco-CON

    Hope it helps
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    McAlester News-Capital, McAlester, OK

    November 14, 2011
    Local Narconon leader speaks out on conflict over school presentation

    By Jeanne LeFlore
    Staff Writer
    McALESTER — Earlier this month, Narconon Arrowhead in Canadian was prevented from presenting its anti-drug presentation at Lawton Public Schools. Gary Smith, CEO of the facility, said a disgruntled former client and what he called a “cyber-terrorist” group, Anonymous, is the reason.
    Smith said Anonymous sent mass emails, called the school district and “scared” district officials into calling off the presentation.
    Members of Anonymous have been arrested recently for hacking into multi -million dollar companies such as Sony, Facebook, Bank of America and the New York Stock Exchange, according to
    Located in the former Arrowhead State Lodge on Lake Eufaula, Narconon Arrowhead facility is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility.
    In 1996, the lodge was purchased by the Church of Scientology for $1.9 million through the nonprofit Association for Better Living and is used by Narconon.
    ‘Drugs are
    Former Narconon Arrowhead client Colin Henderson admits his affiliation with Anonymous and said the group is helping him inform local schools about the truth in Narconon’s affiliation with the Church of Scientology.
    “Besides the fact that Narconon is a religious organization, it teaches the Church of Scientology’s belief that all drugs are bad,” Henderson said. “I let the schools know that if after a child is taught that all drugs are bad and that child should stop taking his prescribed medication and suffers a life-threatening illness or death, the school could be held responsible.
    “And that it’s against the Constitution to have any state-sponsored religious programs in the schools.”
    Narconon is registered with the state of Oklahoma as a non-profit 501c3 public benefit non-profit corporation.
    A Narconon Drug Education school curriculum given to the News-Capital by Smith states all drugs are deemed poisonous.
    “One very important point to understand is nearly all drugs are toxic. In other words, most drugs are basically poisonous ...
    “Before we wrap up here, a quick quiz; ‘Sometimes drugs are needed, but they are all? (Answer: Poisons),’” according to a Narconon Drug Education Elementary Education School Curriculum dated 2007.
    Smith does not deny Narconon’s affiliation with Scientology. “Narconon was started with support of L. Ron Hubbard, who started the Church of Scientology, and the church still supports Narconon through its Association for Better Living,” he said.
    Red Ribbon Week
    According to the Lawton Constitution, the canceled anti-drug presentation at MacArthur High School was slated as part of an annual Red Ribbon Week observance.
    The school district did not confirm the reason for canceling the Narconon program.
    In a statement from the school’s public relations department, “Several valid questions were released about a drug-awareness presentation scheduled at a local school in conjunction with Red Ribbon Week. Because there was insufficient time to thoroughly research the issue before the scheduled date of the event, the Lawton Public Schools opted to take the prudent action, which was to cancel the presentation,” according to the Lawton Constitution.
    Smith said Narconon is thankful for its affiliation with the Church of Scientology and that the facility has received several commendations, including a Citation of Congratulations from the State of Oklahoma signed by Sen. Richard Lerblance, D-Hartshorne, and a proclamation signed by then-Gov. Brad Henry making Feb. 9, 2009, Narconon Arrowhead Day.
    “We are just trying to teach kids about the dangers of drugs so they never end up at Narconon,” Smith said.

    Contact Jeanne LeFlore at
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    "We are just trying to teach kids about the dangers of drugs so they never end up at Narconon,” Smith said."

    that is SO out ethics!
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    'Pooned Jeanne LeFLore with the link to the California report on Narconon.

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    What's funny is, you can tell which information she included from Scientology.

    It's cunning that the cult gets its black PR digs in by being quoted, but it would still be nice to see a little more effort at correcting some of the obvious inaccuracies.
    "Members of Anonymous have been arrested recently for hacking into multi -million dollar companies such as Sony, Facebook, Bank of America and the New York Stock Exchange, according to" (this is a well placed piece of crap that is totally non-sequitur to this story and positioned to discredit whatever is said about anon below it.
    Who says we're "cyber-terrorists" besides the cult?
    Anonymous has no members.
    " still supports Narconon through its Association for Better Living" --Now this is a flat out lie that any monkey able to wield a mouse should be able to debunk. Internal charts reveal that Narconon funnels money through ABLE to the top entities, not the other way around. Money never flows downlines, except in Dublin, where the mission is deemed important enough to keep on life support. (it's the only Scientology presence in Ireland.)

    As far as "flooding emails" goes, administrators are probably grateful that this stupid, ignorant, misinformed and confabulous detox of L. Ron Hubbard's wasn't given legitimacy on their watch, thanks to a bunch of cyber-terrorists. Yeahwat?

    It's dangerous, misleading junk science. The application of these theories causes death and permanent health issues. That's why.

    I give the article a 7, and that's being generous.
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    ^^^^ So 'poon the writer with the facts.

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    This isn't correct. The Dublin Mission settled a court case out-of-court with an interest-free loan from the IAS war chest, to avoid a judgement against the CoS. It had nothing to do with keeping a presence in Ireland, or flowing money downlines.
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    Maybe we should put something together about "Anonymous speaks out on conflict"? If one of our namefags who called the school would contact the paper it might get published. It could lay out our opposition with supporting dox from the numerous court cases and scams that Narconon has been involved with; second chance, david love, refund scams, etc.
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    Hi David, it is not clear to me if the speakers at school get direct referral money, if any family members of school children went to Narconon. That may explain that teachers keep inviting them in. A possibility of bribe and corruption. Here a few elementary principles were busted for accepting kick backs from school lunch provider.
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    I don't think this is the way it works. Last year the Catholic chaplain of Manhattanville University founded by Roman Catholic nuns sponsored the launch of the the 2010 World Tour of Youth For Human Rights International.

    I was appalled and called the chaplain. He said that he had been contacted by John "I smell pussy" Carmichael OSA director for NYC and asked to sponsor the launch.

    This guy was completely clueless about Scientology not having done the minimal due diligence of reading the Wikipedia articles on Scientology and Scientology Controversies. He was completely unaware of cult abuses.

    So I think most of these Narconon engagments come from the usual OSA hard sell and acceptable truth machine. When I spoke with the woman in Purcell, OK, who wrote the article in the local paper she had barely heard of Scientology and had no idea about Narconon.

    Sheer ignorance, naivete, and cult deception are sufficient to explain why Narconon (and Applied Scholastics, YHRI, TWTH etc) get into the schools.
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    I be a pooning today....;) I had a lengthy conversation with Jeanne LeFlore at the McAlester News Capitol. The paper is treating this as an open article. While I was on the phone she recieved an email regarding the CA ban og NN and asked if she should run with it, of course I told her YES!! She asked me to resend a letter to the editor from earlier this year, so I just did.

    Good day,

    I am writing this letter to the “McAlester News” regarding a recent article “McAlester 2011 Annual Camber Banquet”. It has come to my attention that Narconon of Oklahoma Inc. was awarded the “Large Business Award” by the McAlester Chamber of Commerce. It is my firm belief that “Business” and “Saving Lives” are NOT to be intermingled for any reason without public knowledge. Was Narconon awarded this “Large Business Award” for doing what they claim to do “Saving Lives”, or were they awarded it for their contribution to economic development for the McAlester, Canadian, Eufaula, and other surrounding communities of the Narconon Arrowhead facility? I would have to believe that Narconon was awarded this because of their contribution to local economies. Businesses are supposed to make money and grow. Contrast this with “Saving Lives”. Saving lives is about just that- “Saving Lives”. It’s not a business at all, it’s your Duty to Humanity. Putting others first instead of yourself, not for money, fame, leverage, power, or influence, but for the sake of doing what’s right is the very essence of “Saving Lives”.

    I am a small business man out of Lawton, OK. I would like key in on one aspect of doing business, creating leverage. Businesses look for opportunities to create leverage all the time for the purpose of generating sales, negotiate contracts, and to gain maximum profit. There is a difference between leverage and manipulation. With this being said let’s look into how Narconon creates leverage for their business of “Saving Lives”. First, you need to know who Narconon of Oklahoma Inc. really is. Narconon Arrowhead or Narconon of Oklahoma Inc. are under the umbrella of ABLE International (The Association for Better Living and Education). You might ask who is ABLE International? Well, ABLE International is the organization that oversees Narconon International, Criminon International, Applied Scholastics International, and The Way to Happiness Foundation International. So, who are these organizations and why should you care. “ABLE International was formed for the purpose of supervising and coordinating the promotion and dissemination of the Philosophy and Technology in secular fields by organizations formed to use the Hubbard Philosophy and Technology in those fields.” If you look into who ABLE International is and why they push the “L. Ron Hubbard Technology” what you find is that the “L. Ron Hubbard Technology” is the foundation of the Church of Scientology. ABLE International is deemed a “Various Sector of Scientology” by the Church of Scientology and directly receives their orders from the Church of Scientology. All of above mentioned organizations are complex front groups for the Church of Scientology that are deployed for the sake of recruiting vulnerable minds into the Church of Scientology, which is big time “Business”. Very simply the Church of Scientology is using front groups under guise of a secular organization for purpose of “Profit”. You are being deceived on a grand scale.

    Now, back to how Narconon creates leverage in “Saving Lives”. It’s simple, Narconon International was established to work in the “Secular Field” of drug rehabilitation. This “Secular Field” was chosen very wisely from a “Business” perspective, from this perspective we can apply “Secular Fields” to the term “Profit Centers”. At the moment of the conception of Narconon International leverage was created. Narconon uses “hope” to create leverage against individuals and families in desperate need of it. Narconon uses “hope” as leverage against them in order to grow as a “Business” and this is what stimulates your local economies. This is an immoral approach to “Saving Lives” and “Business”. Individuals and their loved ones battling drug and alcohol addiction are extremely vulnerable Human Beings, NOT “Profit Centers”! It’s wrong to deceptively impose non-secular “or Religious” teachings on one’s mind without their consent or knowledge!

    I am afraid that there are human rights violations happening right now and there is nothing being done about it. Just to describe a few of the alleged violations are; HIPPA law violations, psychological harassment, insurance fraud, and to top it off Narconon’s advertized success rate of 70% is a complete fraud. Most lawsuits against Narconon end with settlements and gag orders. I was a client of Narconon Arrowhead in July of 2007 and seen it with my own eyes. Personally I am a born again Christian however my problem with Narconon is not because of the religion of Scientology behind Narconon, it is because of the deception that the Church of Scientology is using it to further its growth and wealth. I firmly believe that I was sent to Narconon Arrowhead for a reason this is why I am writing this letter, it’s not for me, it’s for you.

    Colin Henderson
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    Narconon of Oklahoma is a Deadly Place


    This is the story of two men who attended Narconon Arrowhead last month. Both became ill. One finally managed to leave but not until after the death of the other. The details of one leads to the details of the other and while more information is pending on the death, there is enough available to give you an idea of what was happening and why Narconon Arrowhead needs to be investigated and shut down.

    On October 25, 2011, Thirty two year old Gabriel Graves complained of a very terrible headache, a worsening continuation of the one from the day before. It started after he began going into the sauna part of the Narconon drug program he'd gone to in order to get help with his addiction. He had been sweating for hours a day after taking the daily increasing amounts of vitamins - the combination of which, according to the materials he was made to study, were to remove drugs and toxins from his body. He complained about his headaces and his pain, and asked for pain relief but was denied any each time. Instead, he was told to get back into the sauna.

    continued at

    Rest in Peace, Gabriel W. Graves
    Condolences to your loved ones.
    His Death Will NOT Be In VAIN!!!!!!
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    fucking assholes
    32 years old
    OMG why is this madness allowed
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    We know the answer to that. Scientology used-car salesmen go out and schmooze deep. And nobody bothers to check anything.
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    I just pooned this.........Just for you Bruce Pyle and Gary Smith...(tips the hat)....;)
    This is a internal letter from Narconon Chilocco New Life Center to the Church of Scientology’s Department of Special Affairs.

    Oklahoma got duped in 1992 DON’T LET IT AGAIN HAPPEN PLEASE!

    Narconon Chilocco New Life Center
    New Life Without Drugs
    August 18, 1992

    Dear DSA (Dept. of Special Affairs CoS):

    It has been a while since my last briefing but the wait has been worth it because there is big news to announce.

    Narconon Chilocco now has officially won its battle with the Mental Health Board when the board voted unanimously last Friday to exempt Narconon from certification requirements. In a nutshell, because Narconon is nationally accredited, it never has to apply for certification again and the Mental Health Board relinquishes their control over the program. This is a first ever decision from the Board and Narconon is the first non-hospital program to ever be exempted in this fashion, and is the only non-hospital program in Oklahoma who is nationally accredited.

    This marks the end of a two year battle over certification which has cost the state of Oklahoma an estimate $2,000.000 to fight. So it gives you some idea of how much the psyches and ARM figures think Narconon is worth to Oklahoma. The Chairman of the Mental Health Board admitted in the Friday hearing that they had taken money away from other programs in order to pay for the cost of the Narconon battle, but in the end, it was the Board's own psychiatrist who made the motion to exempt Narconon and end the nightmare that was started by the Mental Health Department in 1990.

    All statewide media covered the victory and touted the decision as a reversal of the early denial of the certification to Narconon. Over 100 telephone calls came in within the first 24 hours from people all over the country offering congratulations on the win.

    One television station in OKC announced to all of its employees that Narconon overcame the Mental Health Board and incited a standing ovation for Narconon. Even the Mental Health Board seems happier. After the meeting the Chairman of the Board approached me and thanked me for coming and asked me if she could come out and visit Chilocco now that this war was over.

    Overcoming the certification issue has been the biggest battle for Narconon to become fully operational in Oklahoma. The only remaining step is obtaining an occupancy license from the Oklahoma Department of Health or a similar exemption from having to be licensed. This would bring Narconon acceptance from virtually every sector possible and open the door of the center wide for all publics in need of substance abuse treatment.
    Currently Narconon is still only taking Native Americans, but in the next few days this status will be changing to include all drug abusers from all states and countries and remove all barriers to expansion. Now is the time to promote.

    If you have people in your area you know of who need substance abuse treatment, call us. There are many ways for people to get onto the program here and many alcoholics and addicts have health insurance which covers their treatment. FSMs (Field Service Members) are greatly needed on most registration cycles with Narconon and there is a need for promotion in the field of each org.

    Tell people in your org and in your field that Narconon Chilocco is going to be accepting all patients and to start making arrangements to get people out here. If there are Narconon public in your field who still need help, regardless of which Narconon they were serviced at.

    Promote this one big and I will let you know when the final victory over Oklahoma comes through. And if you see any press in your area on our victory (via the AP wire story on our hearing) please let me know and send up copies of it.

    We are also rapidly expanding our staff here to meet the upcoming client needs and we are looking for people who are admin or tech trained (or want to be) who might want to come and live in Oklahoma at Chilocco and work in the largest drug rehab center in the world.
    I look forward to getting any feedback possible on this victory, so if you hear about this through your public, or even through your enemies, let me know.

    Much Love,
    Bruce Pyle
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    Didn't the "final victory" involve the indigenous tribe finally giving Narconon the boot?
  25. patriot75 Member

    Yes until ABLE purchased Arrowhead from the Cherokee or Choctaw Nation
    Yes it did until The Association for Better Living and Education purchases the former ArrowheadLodge in northern Oklahoma from the Choctaw Nation, for a sum of $1.9 million. It was reported that the land was purchased in 1996. Not 100% sure if this is correct because I thought it was in 2000.
  26. patriot75 Member

    I am briefing Oklahoma's future Gov. He lives in the Tulsa are, the only thing I haven't got to him yet is the list of Owasso, Tulsa, and other burbs of Tulsa Schools that NN has been to. I thought it was on this thread. Can anyone refresh me?
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    WTF! The Cherokee are permitted to sell their land???? NOT in Canada is this permitted.

    ONLY 99 year leases are permitted in any agreement between a First Nations and any other person/entity.

    Colin, are you sure the "purchased" the land outright?

    Not that is really makes any difference, in reference to the Cult moving in
    and circling the wagons. (no pun intended,.., LOL)

  28. patriot75 Member

    An international group with ties to the Church of Scientology is buying the 256-acre resort property and plans to lease it to a Narconon drug and alcohol abuse treatment center, officials said Tuesday.

    The nonprofit Association for Better Living and Education will pay the Choctaw Nation about $1.9 million for the resort, said Gary Smith, executive director of the Narconon Chilocco New Life Center in Newkirk.

    Arrowhead State Park and the Arrowhead Golf Course will remain under the control of the state Tourism Department, spokesman Ron Stahl said.

    Choctaw tribe spokeswoman Judy Allen confirmed the pending resort sale, which is expected to close in a couple of days.
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    Mission complete date 1/31/2012!!!!!

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  31. Sonichu Moderator

    It says "Non-Medical" so it's basically saying, "your program in no way meets medical standards". I see it as something like the certification they would give Alcoholics Anonymous. This is useful in case Narconon tries to pretend they are medically sanctioned. Because it clearly isn't here.
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    all narconons are "non-medical"
  33. Anonymous Member

    It's still an endorsement of sorts. The state should kick Narconon out.
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    so how do we make that happen?
  35. patriot75 Member

    ^^^;) ;) ;)^^^


    1200 NE 13th Street • PO Box 53277 • Oklahoma City, OK 73152-3277 • 405/522-3908 • 405/522-3851 TDD of Administration Team.pdf

    Kimberly Poff
    Inspector General
    Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services
    (405) 522-4058 email:

    I don't have anyone elses email or phone number, but notice the email naming convention (First

    Commissioner / Terri White ?

    Chief Operating Officer / Durand Crosby ?

    Deputy Commissioner, Mental Health Services / Carrie Slatton-Hodges or ?

    Deputy Commissioner, Substance Abuse Services / Caletta McPherson ?

    Deputy Commissioner, Communications and Prevention Services / Steven Buck ?

    Medical Director / Stan Ardoin, MD ?

    Consumer Advocate General / Deneka Cain ?

    Inspector General / Kim Poff I know is good

    Director, Community Based Services / Jackie Shipp ?

    Director, Consumer Affairs / Jim Orsi ?

    Chief Information Officer Director, Financial Services / Richard Bowden ?

    Director, Human Resources Management and Human Resources Development / Donnita Heck ?

    Director, Information Services Systems Process Improvement Coordinator / Michaelle Statham ?

    Director, Provider Certification / John Hudgens ?

    General Counsel / Dewayne Moore ?

    Director, Prevention Services / Jessica Hawkins ?

    Director, Public Information / Jeffery Dismukes ?

    Director, Advocacy and Wellness / Jim Orsi ?
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  37. Anonymous Member

  38. Anonymous Member

    “Whether this is your first or your sixth rehab, we will help you make it your last. No single form of treatment works for everyone, our specialists will help you find the right rehab program among the thousands of rehab centers nationwide.”
    Very misleading statement, the only program that fits their “Approach” is Narconon. Too bad they are ashamed of Narconon to mentioned its name
  39. xenubarb Member

    I'm pretty sure 'non-medical' means they shouldn't be cramming you full of vitamins and cal-mag. In doses used here, vitamins become drugs, and administering drugs is a medical treatment.

    So they're not really "non-medical." They're "quack-medical." It should be stopped.
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  40. Sonichu Moderator

    Vitamins don't "become" drugs... they are vitamins. If the people in Narconon are lying about their docs (cwutididthar?) then that would be excellent Ammunition to report to these people..... Anyone got some more intel on how they "prescribe" "Medical" advice?

    Edit: It's not illegal to take stupid advice and poison yourself by taking lethal doses of Niacin. it IS illegal to claim you are a doctor and that these doses of Niacin are safe.

    Although.. i see where you are coming from. Where do you draw the line? AT what point is this spiritual line, "According to my religion, it's perfectly safe to take this much Niacin." Come into conflict with the fact that Niacin in those doses is toxic? How do you go about preventing, or enforcing something like that? How do you prevent them from advising people that this is a bad idea?

    I'm not sure there is any legal way to stop them from suggesting that the Purification Rundown is dangerous. The government expects people to turn to real doctors. For the Real doctor to say it's not good for you. But can the government intervene when "technically" if you go to a quack and he tells you up front, "I'm a quack" and you still listen to his advice, have any laws really been broken?
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