Anonymous Stops Narconon From Visiting Oklahoma School

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Anonymous, Oct 20, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    I took his name off the staff photos on the Arrowhead wesite
    why is he listed there then? strange
    are thet trying to pull a fast one? heaven knows they wouldn't think of such a thing lol
  2. mnql1 Member

    Reply from David Love, forwarded at his request:

    Yes. Thank you.
  3. patriot75 Member

    I just a great conversation with Amy Ellis, she is the guidance counselor with the Purcell Junior High School. She is now well informed and is going over everything with the Principle and Superintendant. The chance of them canceling Narconon is around 80% right now, so don't let up. Amy needs to be informed from more people, she is a very nice person
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  4. patriot75 Member

    Dr. Gerald Wootan, DO, M.Ed
    715 W Main St # S
    Jenks, OK 74037-3553
    (918) 299-9447

    He was there in 2007 for sure, I remember him very well.
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  5. patriot75 Member

    A friend just got off the phone with Susie Williams-Allen. She had no idea about Scientology or Narconon. I am going to send her an email with all the info.

    On Monday she is going to contact the school. She says she knows everyone over there.

    It would not hurt to give her a call and chat. "I did but had to leave a message for a call back" CH

    She wants to become highly informed......I am compileing an email for right now.

    The Purcell Register
    P.O. Box 191
    Purcell, OK 73080
    Phone: 405.527.2126
    Fax: 405.527.3299
    News - Susie Williams-Allen
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  6. Anonymous Member

    No offense to you sir, but seeing as how you registered in February, and 3 of your 4 total messages on this forum are in this thread posting about results.... can you clarify for me that something is being done?

    I'm not accusing you of possibly trying to make us feel something is being done when in reality you are posting empty words, but my tinfoil is crackling a bit right now.

    I for one would like some dox, possibly an email you sent off.

    Sorry for the suspicion, but that's just how Anons roll.
  7. Anonymous Member

  8. patriot75 Member

    Here is the Oklahoma State Superintendent of Education. I know Janet pretty well, she is a great woman. She needs a little help from us....lets do our thing in order to get her full attention....CH

    How to contact State Superintendent Janet Barresi:
    Written: State Department of Education
    2500 North Lincoln Boulevard
    Oklahoma City, OK 73105-4599
    Phone: (405) 521-3301

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  9. over9000OT Member

    For those of you not from, or familiar with, the Midwest, an easy angle to reach almost any Midwestern community is to position something as removing choice from people. In other words, pointing out that Scientology limits choices available to their parishioners as well as trying to infringe on the rights of non-Scientologists due to their criticism is really a good angle to take. On the other hand, if you're a fan of the "don't even listen to me, go google this stuff yourself" approach, you might want to drop it for this particular push.

    Tell these people the truth and I can almost guarantee that they will do the right thing.
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  10. patriot75 Member

    My name is Colin Henderson, I am David Loves Oklahoma buddy, no worries I completly understand. Here are some of the emails I have been sending:

    I am writing you because it has come to my attention that Andrew Cuomo from the Church of Scientology drug rehab front group Narconon Arrowhead is giving a presentation at Purcell Jr. High School next Tuesday, October 25, starting at 9:20 am.
    Mr. Cuomo is NOT a Certified Drug Counselor! Narconon has many fraudulent referral programs, if you haven’t researched “ABLE” or “Narconon” here is a banner from the Scientology home page:

    I am tracking down how much Oklahoma tax dollars have gone to Narconon “aka..Scientology” program. I don’t know how to emphasis this enough, Narconon is not just talking about Drug Awareness to your kids, they are implanting basic Scientology dogma into your kids young minds via verbal communication skills and your paying them to do this! Anyway you look at this it’s wrong!!!
    I am including a few links to validate this information: Very Informative. Fox News report from DC regarding Applied Scholastics. Secular vs. Non-Secular My Personal Story with Narconon.

    I suspect you are not aware of Narconon, here are some highlight points:
    Narconon is a front group for the Church of Scientology
    Narconon disseminates 100% Scientology doctrine and practice
    Narconon attempts to proselytize Christians into Scientology beliefs among which are reincarnation and past lives
    Its programs consists of two things: a detox program and a rehab program
    The detox consists of a medically dangerous regime of 4-5 hours a day for up to four weeks in a super-heated sauna and a dangerous regime of mega doses of niacin
    The Detox regime is called "The Purification Rundown", and Scientology has stated to the IRS that it is a religious practice
    The rehab program consists exclusively of the study of Scientology doctrine using the same texts that new members of Scientology use in their indoctrination
    There is no standard-practice individual or group counseling
    Narconon is an anti-psychiatry hate group, disseminating the cult's belief that all psychiatric drugs are evil as are all psychiatrists, psychologists, and social service workers.
    I would also like to point out that Narconon has been found to be medically useless.

    It is appalling that the Purcell education system is spending tax payer dollars on funding this propaganda effort by the Church of Scientology. There are surely many other people, including yourselves, who are quite capable of educating the students of Purcell on the dangers of drugs.

    I am not sure what you can do about this, but at the very least parents and children need to be warned, and perhaps you could attend the program. Christian pastors also need to be made aware. Unfortunately, many are still ignorant. However, the threat of Scientology to Christian students in Purcell has now come very near.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Anonymous delivers!
  12. RavenEyes Member

    This is a public school system, meaning that the laws of separation of church/state (First Amendment) apply and are very specific, and as applicable to Christian entities as they are to the cult - or to any other religion in relationship to the public schools within that district.

    The threats that need to be highlighted are of the cult's not-so-subtle goals of:
    • indoctrinating students about its religion
    • incorporating its anti-drug and anti-psych propaganda machine
    • promoting Narconon's dangerous practices - not of a threat of swaying students who may practice a different religion (Christianity, for example) in their homes because by law that shouldn't be an issue in the first place with any vendor/educational program.
    There are very effective secular anti-drug programs/presentations available for schools to use to educate their students. That needs to be the recommendation/focus.

    Edit: This would also be a great opportunity to educate anyone in Purcell about Applied Scholastics and its connection with the cult.
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  13. RavenEyes Member

    I agree. The bottom line, regardless of how many choices it does/doesn't offer its parishoners, however, is that the cult defines itself as a religion (with tax-exemption status) and, as such, has no legal place within the public-school setting.
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  14. xenubarb Member

    I emailed that lady.

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  15. moarxenu Member

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  16. patriot75 Member

    Can I share on FB Narconon Exposed?
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  17. Intelligence Member

    Hello Colin:) - - Of course you can, bet some Anons on here don't go near FB,
    and for some good reasons. Security on my Facebook messages was compromised
    and I had to tighten down the hatches.

    Facebook has served it's purpose well for me and continues to do so. Most people on Facebook
    do not ever come over to WWP, except when I post links to here, which is often.

    Colin and I are the Admins on "Narconon Exposed" - -

    Thanks Colin for all the hard work you've down in Oklahoma and the contacts/connections you
    have shared with us. Bravo!

    It is incredible, the effort everyone on this Thread has done and accomplished! I see win after win on this one:)

    It doesn't matter how much or little each person contributes, it is the willingness and intent.
    With these wins, I truly believe Narconon and the COS in the United States are going to be
    in for one hell of a ride over the next few months. The Cult is going to pay dearly.

    Everyone on here should be proud of how each helped to accomplish shutting down Narconon/Scientology being
    allowed to exploit and indoctrinate children in USA Schools. This is quite an accomplishment; now watch it Snowball:)

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  18. Intelligence Member

    Boy, does it ever! :):):)

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  19. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Part #1

    This might help, it was used on the Illinois poons. You might want to copy and paste.

    I wanted to inform you of information I have regarding the serious nature of the Scientology's "Good Choices" & "Applied Scholastics" being pushed on your school district by the actress Nancy Cartwright. I understand it has been stopped but you will want to read this anyway.

    As you may or may not know, Scientology is behind these programs. Despite recent claims they are secular, they are not!

    1. The books often have references to or credit L. Ron Hubbard and there is documented proof that these materials are designed to indoctrinate children in the most rudimentary level of Scientology.

    2. Money made off these books is forwarded to Scientology and this has been documented many times.

    3. These front groups push Scientology ideology in public schools if given the chance.

    4. Scientology often will not give up once rejected but has a history of suing under the guise of discrimination and at the same time targeting public officials for courtship to win them over.

    Recently Scientology and it's front groups have joined forces with the Nation of Islam (NOI).

    The FBI refers hate group classification to the Southern Poverty Law Center, where the NOI is currently listed as an active hate group. The Nation of Islam’s symbolichate for Jewish people, whites and Asians is well known. I do not want suggest that the NOI and the KKK are the same thing, but there are some similarities, with the biggest one being a hate campaign against other races. Can your school system afford to have Scientology who teaches that they are Homo Novis, a Ubermensch mentality, promoting its introductory programs in your schools?

    To make matters more complicated, the founder of the Scientology organization, L. Ron Hubbard, was extremely racist. I have included links to videos of his racist comments below as well as other reference to claims I raise herein.

    Recently their organization has been losing large numbers of public members and staff. These ex-members are speaking out and they are talking about human rights abuses including, but not limited to: beatings, forced abortions, child abuse, labor camps for doubters (called the Rehabilitation Project Force), disconnection of people from their families and targeting ex-members for harassment. There is also a confirmed ongoing human trafficking investigation by the FBI in relation to Scientology.

    Furthermore, “Study Tech” doctrine, deceptively repackaged as a secular revenue stream under the name “Applied Scholastics,” with Scientology's "Good Choices" being a front for it are being pushed in public schools. This is known to be a tool to target children for indoctrination into Scientology, and has, unfortunately, already worked its way into DC public schools under the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Title I programs.

    Scientology “Study Tech” has been proven to not hold up to the marketing claims promoted by the Applied Scholastics (AS) franchises. Applied Scholastics has also been dropped from the list of approved NCLB providers in five different states during the past two years, due to under-utilization and lack of evidence-based results.

    Scientology also has a history of being convicted for fraud worldwide and this program is not immune from their con. Our children deserve the best education they can get; sadly, the Illinois schools have been targeted by Scientology. The kids deserve better than this and I hope this matter is investigated.
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  20. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Part # 2


    Video 1: Scientology member in a recording beating a child in a Scientology School, while telling the child to look and a picture of L Ron Hubbard. This members name is Wally Hanks and he was a high ranking member (OT-8)

    Video 2: A ex high ranking member of Scientology talking about her observation of extreme child abuse.

    Video 3: Scientology children being interrogated in Gestapo like conditions.

    Video 4: NIO / Scientology member who ran for DC Board of Education grabbing protester:

    Video 5: Same member singing “we will kill you” to a protester who has a V for Vendetta mask on his head (7:30 into the video) He also makes other threats earlier in the video:


    Direct proof from Scientology's own documents on how these programs are meant to indoctrinate the public.

    Applied Scholastics Exposed (investigative report):

    Applied Scholastics Exposed info pack collection:

    List of states using Applied Scholastics:

    Additional information on Scientology “Study Tech” doctrine:
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  21. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Part # 3


    Video 6: LRH mocking black people down south in his own voice:

    Video 7: LRH saying Asians are “Chinks” and saying they are “useless”:

    A debate about LRH using the N word:

    The only African American to reach a high level in Scientology (Jesse Prince) says David Miscavige, the current leader of COS, called him the N word all the time and is a total racist (LRH called black people “slow” in audio tapes) (Jesse talks about his kidnapping)

    Other racist quotes by LRH:

    I understand, currently this matter might be a dead issues in Springfield but make no mistakes about it Scientology will keep pushing its agenda. If there are any questions you have let me know. I can provide studies, videos or other needed information for the above listed programs. Due to my concern of our nations children I felt compelled to share this information with you. I have also forwarded it to many of your peers but feel free to pass it along to anyone you want.

    Put all three of these together and poon away!
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  22. patriot75 Member

    Dr. Gerald Wooten
    Jenks, OK
    Phone: 918-299-9477

    I remember this guy back in 07'
    I don't have his email...yet.
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  23. Intelligence Member

    Colin, did you see this Dr??? IMPORTANT!!!
  24. Intelligence Member

    Does anyone know the equivalent to Canada or Quebec "College of Physicians" in Oklahoma
    and what their address is? Dox are ready to submit for Formal Complaint, with Canada Case Precedent.

  25. Anonymous Member

    He owns


    Filing Number:

    Name Type:

    Legal Name

    In Existence
    Corp type:

    Domestic Limited Liability Company

    Formation Date:

    8 Jun 1998
    Registered Agent Information


    20 Aug 2010

    715 W MAIN STE 5
    City, State , ZipCode:

    JENKS OK 74037

    Dr. Gerald Wooten


    Jenks, OK
    Gender: M
    Specialty: Family / G.P.

    Answers Email:
    Online Appt. Scheduling: N
    Accepting New Patients: Y
    Phone: 918-299-9477
    Med. School:
  26. Intelligence Member

    Narconon-Scientolgy Expose CBC TV - Radio Canada Montreal

    The Xenu Story Included:):):) DYNAMITE!

    This includes a hidden camera into Quebec Schools by Narconon Trois-Rivieres Staff!

  27. Anonymous Member

    What he looks like
    Gerald Wooten
  28. Anonymous Member

    Now you do
    Gerald Wootan, D.O.
    Jenks Health Team
    715 W. Main St.
    Jenks, OK 74037
    Telephone: 918-698-7735
    Fax: 918-299-5325

  29. Intelligence Member

    I'll take good care of this ^^^^^ issue :)

    Should be interesting indeed,..., LOL

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  30. Anonymous Member

    Here he is being referred to as a MD

    Oter info
    Jenks Health Team, 715 West Main Street, Suite S, Jenks, Oklahoma 74037
    Clinic: 918-299-9447, Fax 918-299-5325, Email:

    66 years old.

    Dr. Wootan is affiliated with 1 hospital:
    Select Specialty Hospital - Tulsa Midtown
    6161 S Yale Ave
    Tulsa, OK


    Patients may also know Dr. Gerald Wootan DO as:
    • Gerald D Wootan
    • G Wootan
  31. Anonymous Member

  32. Anonymous Member

    The two addresses are 12 min away from each other

    1. 5.2 mi, 12 mins

      East 91st St S

    2. 5.9 mi, 12 mins

      Creek Turnpike E

    3. 7.1 mi, 13 mins

      Creek Turnpike E and East 91st St S

    Driving directions to E 88th Pl, Tulsa, OK


    W Main St

    Jenks, OK

    Head east on W Main St toward E 55th St/N Date St

    0.9 mi

    Continue onto E 96th St

    0.6 mi

    Continue onto South Delaware Ave E

    0.5 mi

    Turn right onto East 91st St S

    2.9 mi

    Turn left onto S 72nd E Ave

    0.2 mi

    Take the 2nd left onto E 88th Pl S

    0.1 mi


    E 88th Pl

    Tulsa, OK

  33. Anonymous Member

    Then you will love the rest!
  34. Anonymous Member

    Full home address and number
    Gerald D Wootan

    (918) 794-9012

    6649 E 88th Pl
    Tulsa, OK 74133-503
  35. Anonymous Member

    Happy yet?
  36. Intelligence Member

    You MUST watch this video - - I just uploaded this to Yourube a few minutes ago. Any School Board
    who watches this will "Jaw-Drop!"

    AND this is nothing compared to what and who I am working with right now in an Investigative
    Report. It will blow sox off, A mulyi-Province interview with several ex-Narconon Patients, Senator,
    Government Agencies etc. Anonymous WILL shut down this SCAM! I promise.:):):)

    And "Yes, to the above post - - am I happy "I am Over The Top in Happy-Pants" - - ohhh, I need a tissue, LOL :)

  37. Anonymous Member

    Full name
    Gerald Don Wootan

    Wrote a book huh?
    Detox Diets For Dummies

    From Detox Diets For Dummies by Gerald Don Wootan, D.O., M.Ed., Matthew Brittain Phillips

    To be truly healthy, you have to limit the amount of toxins entering your system and be proactive about detoxifying the harmful substances already in your body. By making smart food choices, improving your eating habits, boosting your health with dietary supplements, and exercising every day, you can decrease your toxicity and improve your health naturally.

    He shares a phone number with another clinic and Docs but same address

    Anderson Clinic

    715 W Main St
    Jenks, OK 74037
    (918) 299-5038

    Gerald Don Wootan
    715 W Main St Ste S
    Jenks, Oklahoma 74037 (1,050.78 miles)
    (918) 299-5038

    (0) Testimonials |
    Write a Testimonial

    Rate this provider: star-off.png star-off.png star-off.png star-off.png star-off.png

    Map It & Directions | Send to Mobile | Visit Website | Print It


    Michael Dell Hendrix
    715 W Main St Ste S
    Jenks, Oklahoma 74037 (1,050.78 miles)
    (918) 299-5038

    (0) Testimonials |
    Write a Testimonial

    Rate this provider: star-off.png star-off.png star-off.png star-off.png star-off.png

    Anderson Leon DR

    (918) 299-5038

    715 W Main St Ste S
    Jenks, OK 74037
  38. Intelligence Member

    You Anons are Blown' ma' mind - - you have no idea how excited I am. If you only knew what
    I can do with this info,..., LOL :) - - OSA Does, and are CRAPPING their pants right this minute!

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  39. Intelligence Member

    Thank you mnql1 - - my cell phone can't post on this Forum, so I figured
    out how to get the message posted:) - - But I can email no prob.

    What a team eh'?

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  40. Anonymous Member

    Then this will put a smile on your face
    6649 E 88th Pl S
    Property type: Residential
    Land value: $29,000
    Building value: $156,000
    Total value for property: $185,000
    Total market value: $185,000
    Land area: 10,984 square feet
    Condition: Average
    Exterior type: Frame Masonry Veneer
    Number of stories: 1
    Number of bathrooms: 2
    Roof cover: Wood Shake
    Carport area: 528 square feet
    Porch area: 372 square feet
    Garage area: 504 square feet
    Year built: 1979
    Sale date: 10/01/2007
    Sale price: 185,000
    Assessments for tax year: 2009

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