Anonymous Stops Narconon From Visiting Oklahoma School

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Anonymous, Oct 20, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    A 372 square foot porch, he can relax in his rocking chair and watch as the police come for him.
  2. Intelligence Member

    ROFLMAO,..., you might not be far off on your asssesment:):):)

    Mmmm,..., I think I LOVE this THREAD:)

    Must write: "A David Love Letter" to Thread Starter:)


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  3. Anonymous Member

    I fuck you not tis is a staff pohoto from N-Arrowhead
  4. Xenu Is Lord Member

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  5. xenubarb Member

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  6. Intelligence Member

    LOL, is he related to Yvette Shank, OSA Canada?



    Mmmmm, interesting indeed.

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  7. Intelligence Member

    (((BIG HUG))) Barb - - you do AWESOME work and are relentless in your Quest:)

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  8. Intelligence Member

    I must lay down now - - rest up for weekend of dox:)

    Almost forgot. Phamacutical Company is behind in our pay, but will adjust
    in a fat Christmas Bonus:)


  9. Xenu Is Lord Member

    He uses Opioids?
    Dr. Gerald Wootan

    Oklahoma Suboxone Treatment

    715 West Main Street
    Suite S
    Phone: (918) 299-9447

    Suboxone is a prescription medication specifically designed to ease withdrawal from highly addictive opiates like heroin and the popular prescription pain medication OxyContin. Dr. Gerald Wootan is a suboxone prescribing doctor located in Jenks Oklahoma. Contact Dr. Gerald Wootan at (918) 299-9447 for more information on drug detox from opiates using Suboxone.
  10. LocalSP Member

    I sent tons of poons on this and didn't receive one reply, zip, none, nada.
  11. xenubarb Member

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  12. Intelligence Member

    Suboxone?! Geezzze! Amazing! - - this treatment is not used often in Canada. Methadone mostly.

    It's all a Replacement Therapy Treatment Process. Canada is leading the
    way in Vancouver, B.C., but I'm too tiede to explain:) Basically, the Heroin Addict at
    the Vancouver detox is given 35mg of Methadone and weaned doen over 4-5 days to Zero
    to alleviate Heroin withdrawal. Then NO drugs at all!

    Instead of just replacing Heroin with equal Methadone for years, it's all over in 4-5 days.

    It works!!! - - but that's another Press Release:-

  13. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Do you have these?

    He is listed there as receiving 121,000.00 in 2002 from NARCONON ! IN 6 YEARS A MILLION DOLLARS ! ! ! ! !

    Gerald D. Wootan (DO)Contractor Medical director

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  14. Intelligence Member

    Who is this "Xenu Is Lord" person - - looks like a Hubbard spawn. I'm just kidding:)

    I'm so tired; getting giddy,..., LOL

    Good night to all you fantastic Anons.


  15. Intelligence Member

    STOP! STOP! STOP! - - posting,..., LOL. I'm an addict to this Forum and must "Withdraw",..., LOL :)

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  16. patriot75 Member

    I seen him both Fridays while I has there. He stands out from my memory
    because he was livid when I told him that I had to threaten NN with legal
    action in order to get my blood pressure meds. He went completely off
    at the staff within MLO office at NN.
    And he was the best neck cracker in the
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  17. Anonymous Member

    The suana makes my eyes all sparkly!
  18. Anonymous Member

    Wooten you haz expose
  19. Suboxone is an amazing drug to help treat opiate addiction, there is a small amount of opiates in the medication and it blocks the effects of heroin so the addict will not use heroin on days they take suboxone. .

    The major problem with suboxone is that it needs to be taken every day and the user will not have the overwhelming cravings however if they skip the dose they can get high which many choose to do at various times.

    Addicts love to lie and pretend they are recovering while simply using suboxone get them through for a bit til their next 'real' high.
    The pills are also used by addicts to barter for stronger drugs and cash as they are helpful to other addicts in dealing with the after effects of heroin use.

    Research has found that the 15% (in any treatment program) that actually kick the habit eventually do so because they have finally reached their bottom and finally actually truly want to get better.

    The relapse rates of opiate addicts has always been in this 85% area which is why it's a crime for Scientology / Narconon to advertise over 70% success rates, it's a complete lie, absolute fraud depleting addicts and their families of 30 thousand apiece and more for this insane treatment that has never been shown to do what they claim and in fact the medically dangerous purification rundown does more harm than good.

    Narconon simply blames the addict for their failures and continues to promote bogus success rates to sell the scam.

    I've seen addicts go for months doing great on suboxone, getting cleaned up and then one day, skip the dose.......go get high....back to ground zero...again.....

    If used properly and daily, with doses being monitored suboxone can be of great benefit in keeping addicts from relapsing. the main problem as I see it is prescribing a bottle of suboxone pills and depending on the addict to use properly.

    Anyone who has beaten this horrible addiction and affliction deserves a lot of credit despite all of the shit they've done to support their habit. Narconon is the cruelest of Scientolgy's scams and abuses imho.

    The work David Love has done and continues to do in this battle against Narconon's incredible abuses just blows me away,

    We'll get doze Narconon bastages yet, dis is fargin war ya bunch of corksuckers, farkin Scientology Iceholes.
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  20. BigBeard Member

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  21. Anonymous Member

    The spelling of his name?
    Is it WooTAN or WooTEN?
    There are two spellings
  22. Anonymous Member

    on the Arrohead site it is listed as WootEN
    I also found this by a search:

    NARCONON OF OKLAHOMA HC 67 Box 5 Canadian, Oklahoma ... under the care of our medical director Dr. David Wooten M.D

    I think this Wooten or Wootan "MD" needs more sauce
    is is David or Gerald? Are they 2 different people?
    Is it Wooten or Wootan?
    I smell some win here
    You know what to do
  23. Anonymous Member

    Krisha Crosley OT PREPARATIONS Advance 177 2004-09-01
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    Narconon Arrowhead is the center of this international network and is also one of the largest and most successful drug rehabilitation and education programs in the country. To attend the drug education lecture call 1-888-585-0888 or visit
    www dot

    If you or someone you love needs help for drug or alcohol addiction, call 1-888-585-0888 for our Free Information Pack our visit us at http://www dot

    Contact: Krisha Crosley
    1-888-585-0888 or
    media AT
    www dot

    Took out the hot links
    And no Narcononon has nothting to do with Scientology! LOL!!!!!
  24. Anonymous Member

    WWP thread from 2009

    Narconon Arrowhead Sued over murder of Heather Spencer

    Turns out the family of Heather Spencer has filed a wrongful death suit in 2008 against the Bells and Narconon Arrowhead, which George Bell III attended before the murder. The suit seeks the maximum amount of compensation and punitive damages allowed under Mississippi law.
  25. over9000OT Member

    It's not a long trip from here to Tulsa. I wonder if it might be worth collecting up some Midwest types and having a go at them. Might not be too far for TXfags to come up...
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  26. xenubarb Member

    No, addicts don't "love to lie." Yeesh. Sure, they're fooling themselves, and might fool others, but what it comes down to is this. Nearly every junkie I've ever known has plans to quit...on Mother's Day, or a birthday, or some significant date. And it gets there and they start getting sick, and then quitting next time gets more attractive as they get sicker.

    Check out obigaine. It's reportedly damn near miraculous in helping addicts quit, but our govt. won't allow it because in some dosages it's a hallucinogenic. It could end a LOT of suffering if our govt. didn't have its head up its butt over the War on Drugs.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    ears perked up
    dooooo eeet
  28. Anonymous Member

    so anyone find out what is the exact story on this guy?
    Is it WooTAN or WOOTEN?
    same person?
    David or Gerald? same person?
    why are 2 diiferent spellings used?
  29. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Yes he has used both names but they come back to the same address and phone numbers.
  30. Anonymous Member

  31. Anonymous Member

    I suppose there is a normal explanation for using multiple spellings?
    I say this guy should be looked into maor
    Starting with his credentials.

    In this little write up below it is spelled both ways! lol

    Diet and Detox with Dr. Gerald Wootan"60 min. from Tue Aug 24 00:00:00 CDT 2010 Show - Researchers have found that we ingest dangerous chemicals every day in our food, water, and the air we breathe. Dr. Gerald Wootan, author of Detox Diets For Dummies, helps you understand the effects of these chemicals on your body and find safe, gentle methods to expel them from your system. Dr. Wooten is the medical director of Jenks Health Team in Oklahoma, a practice that specializes in integrative medicine with a strong emphasis on natural detoxification and nutritional supplementation. Dr. Wooten will explain how dietary and nutritional means can bring children with autism forward.
    About the Author

    Approximately 1 child in 91 is diagnosed with autism, which gives autism the undesired ranking as the most prevalent childhood developmental disorder in the United States. 67 children will be diagnosed today - that is nearly 1 child every 20 minutes. Autism is treatable and children are significantly improving or recovering following appropriate therapies. "Autism One: A Conversation of Hope" hosted by Teri Arranga, includes discussions with the most experienced doctors, researchers, and therapists in the field, parents of recovered children, and advocates for the children and families. "
  32. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Funny it is Wootan in public but Wooten for Narconon??? I wonder if this is to keep his name out of public view.
  33. Xenu Is Lord Member

    He is also on a list of doctors against vaccinations! It looks as if he uses the two names in relation to what he is pushing.
  34. xenubarb Member

    Kinda like Jan Wendy Eastgate Meyer. It's not illegal, but very misleading. Scilons like to have a few extra names on hand, in case they soil the one they're currently using.
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  35. Xenu Is Lord Member

    It could be illegal depending on why he is doing it. Also it is unethical for a Doctor to use a name not on their license.
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  36. Xenu Is Lord Member

    In 2002 Narconon paid him the 100K + sum under the name Wootan and listed his address as: 4320 E 100 ST S

    That comes back to:

    Situs address
    4320 E 100 ST S

    Owner name

    Fair market value

    Last year's taxes

    Legal description
    Subdivision: WOODLAR

    Legal: LT 9 BLK 3

    Section: 21 Township: 18 Range: 13

    Situs address
    4320 E 100 ST S

    Owner name

    Owner mailing address
    4320 E 100TH ST
    TULSA, OK 74137

    Land area
    0.92 acres / 39,960 sq ft

    Tax rate
    T-5A [JENKS]

    Legal description
    Subdivision: WOODLAR

    Legal: LT 9 BLK 3

    Section: 21 Township: 18 Range: 13

  37. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Doc type

    Dec 1, 2007
    WOOTAN, GERALD D GORDON, JEFFREY L $650,000 General Warranty Deed 2007138606

    So Wootan sells his 650,00.00 home to move in to a 150,00.00 home after making a Million dollars in referral fees to Narconon?
  38. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Problim # 1 he is listed under Wooten for

    Jenks Health Team

    Domestic Limited Liability Company



    Formation Date:

    8 Jun 1998
    Registered Agent Information




    20 Aug 2010


    715 W MAIN STE 5

    City, State , ZipCode:
  39. Xenu Is Lord Member

    It looks like he might be involoved with:

    205 E MAIN ST N
    Owner name

    Fair market value

    Last year's taxes

    Legal description
    Subdivision: JENKS-ORIGINAL TOWN

    Legal: LT 15 BLK 16

    Section: 19 Township: 18 Range: 13

    205 E MAIN ST N
    Owner name

    Owner mailing address
    6649 E 88TH PL
    TULSA, OK 74133

    Land area
    0.08 acres / 3,500 sq ft

    Tax rate
    JK-5A [JENKS]

    Legal description
    Subdivision: JENKS-ORIGINAL TOWN

    Legal: LT 15 BLK 16

    Section: 19 Township: 18 Range: 13


    Bought in 2007

    The Busniees name does not come up listed in the state Corp Commission ???? Anyone know who is
    Name Type:

    Legal Name

    Corp type:

    Domestic Limited Liability Company

    Formation Date:

    8 Jun 1998

    Registered Agent Information

    CHRIS ECONOMOU ************************


    2431 E 51ST ST STE 105
    City, State , ZipCode:

    TULSA OK 74105

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