Anonymous Takes Down the US Chamber of Commerce

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, May 24, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    As the battle between those who are bound and determined to protect intellectual property (IP) and those who want free reign over the Internet continues to make the news as reports of the Anonymous group lashing out against the potential Protect IP bill hit the wires. In their latest strike against perceived injustices went after the United State Chamber of Commerce’s site.
    Currently, the US Chamber of Commerce’s site is having intermittent success, the latest Anonymous attack was successful in one thing: disrupting the functionality of the site in question. The question is, does this kind of mischief help the causes Anonymous so readily defends or does it make it worse? It’s not like Anonymous’ attacks are going to endear the group to the lawmakers who want to leave a footprint of control on the Internet.
    Is a DDOS attack really going to make Senator Patrick Leahy rethink his position on the Protect IP bill? Incredibly doubtful.

    They also followed through with their threats, regardless if their desires are met, and the attack was indeed successful. The US Government uses Drupal? Who knew?

    While it may be easy to get behind such shenanigans, the question remains, does Anonymous’ website attack strategy help in relation to meeting their “demands?” Considering the Big Brother approach the U.S. Government is adopting concerning telecommunications, one would think such mischief would only make things worse, while leaving the opposition embattled, determined to nip such behavior in the bud. I’m surprised the RIAA hasn’t tried to plant “stolen files” on Anonymous members’ computers in an effort to facilitate their response. I guess that’s why the group calls themselves “Anonymous.”

    In other news, considering Anonymous actually targeted a government institution, it’s also surprising the lawmakers in question don’t put pressure on Twitter to out the identity of at least the person running the group’s Twitter account, targeting posts like this one. Would they even need warrants to do so? In today’s world, it’s really hard to tell.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Looks like we may be reaching the point at which the underlying lameness of ddos becomes unavoidably apparent.
  3. Anonymous Member

    I personally don't think a DoS attack will help the freedom of informatioin cause. America is hard headed as we know so this might just push them more for the bill. We really need to setup more rallys to grab more attention and spread the word. Without the numbers of people we will lose this battle.
  4. Anonymous Member

    While I don't advocate ddos I have to admit that it's been effective in some instances, but the US is not Tunisia. Unfortunately I think that people will continue to ddos until it becomes totally useless as an attention getting tool or it attracts too much attention from the wrong sources (cf Germany and piratepad). Best case scenario is that when and if ddos becomes totally worn out as an option people get creative and start thinking about alternative (and hopefully more entertaining) ways to use the internet to fight for internet freedom.
  5. WhiteNight Member

    ..... DDoS isn't going to make them cahnge their minds. Surely that must be entirely obvious.
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  6. SwordofTruth Member

    Atleast the news will pick this up and hopefully people will get educated about any new bills they are trying to push through.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Apparently not; you will know that it is entirely obvious when people quit doing it.
  8. Anonymous Member

    no comment.
  9. Anonymous Member

    I saw the thread on /b/...some of the /b/tards were suggesting to hack e-mails to get embarrassing stuff on some of these politicians...
  10. Anonymous Member

    Because the bill's not fucked up enuf to fight it on its (de)merits...?
  11. Anonymous Member

    That's what I'm talking about!
  12. Gorog Member

  13. we need more anons to attack these c*nts.
  14. Ersatz Global Moderator

    HI! Just a friendly little reminder that we do not condone illegal activity here on WWP.
  15. Dragononymous Member

    You obviously don't know how this forum works, do you?
  16. nah i don't ddos anymore i only do it for the lulz but yeah i think we need to raise awarness about this. Hit every site with a video or advert saying what the government is trying to do a video is just the start but maybe we can make it bigger. Flyers, Protests at washington. Face it we know something the public doesn't and they have the right to know
  17. Azote Member

  18. Anonymous Member

    inb4 b&

    Isn't anonops supposed to be dead?

    and what do you intend to accomplish with thier mails? what do you expect to find?
  19. Azote Member

    AnonOps dead because a guy has some addresses out of his drawer ...?

    The CoC has developed a defense against DDoS attacks, we can not achieve it by hand.
    Another way to crash their servers (and to annoy some) is to make mail bombing attacks with their own addresses. Another kind of DDoS, actually.
  20. WhiteNight Member

    Obviously you're not encouraging anyone to actually attack them, you're simply helping journalists and so on find out where to go if they accidentally find themselves on this site.
    @Azote shutupshutupshutupshutup just say yes
  21. Azote Member

    Absolutely. Sorry, it's so obvious that I forgot to mention.
  22. Budd Member

    "The United States Chamber of Commerce (USCC) is an American lobbying group representing the interests of many businesses and trade associations. It is not an agency of the United States government. The Chamber is staffed with policy specialists, lobbyists and lawyers. Politically, the Chamber is generally considered to be a conservative organization. The Chamber is one of the largest lobbying groups in the U.S., spending more money than any other lobbying organization on a yearly basis."
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  23. anon0004 Member

    I am 12 and whats going on in this thread?
  24. i don't wanna get involved with anonops the last time i was involved was when they were trying to organise attacks against sony.
  25. Azote Member

    I think it will take time for all Anon regaining confidence in AnonOps, but the error of an individual shall not compromise an entire group ...
  26. Ann O'Nymous Member

    I had the same reaction. Reading again OP, the author might refer to something else (but what ?)
    AFAIK, the action against EDF in France - leading to this legal action in Germany - was not a DDOS one, but more like hacking/cracking.
  27. SwordofTruth Member

    I take it you mean the DDOS in reaction to SONY demanding everyones details who visted a website regardless of what said person did after that ?
  28. sooleater Member

    the text form the v& in germany fomr the hoster. There the pirat party germany hosted:

    now back to topic:

    and this op sounds extremly dump
    not normal dump.

    maybe someone are sleeping the last 10years
    but do oyu know spam filter?
  29. Azote Member

    They use mail adresses of their colleagues for mail bombs, spam filter is therefore of no use, it will not block messages that are considered as "authorized" by the server.

    And, actually, this trick seems to work.
    The CoC has a defense against DDoS attacks, they found another way to overload the server.
    Even if the emails end up blocked by any spam filter protection and additional interest is to flood the server.
  30. Ann O'Nymous Member

    TL;DR A French prosecutor asked the German police to seize PP's hard disks after a DDOS attack of EDF's site (biggest Electricity provider in France) has been down for 14 hours.

    I stand corrected. But I seem to remember reading that other actions happened too.
  31. MochaKush Member

    Who better to decide what happens with the internet than the ones who don't understand differences between
  32. DeathHamster Member

    Some other people who are also using the Anonymous label are attacking somebody somewhere.

  33. Ersatz Global Moderator

    We do not promote illegal activity here.
  34. Azote Member

    Nobody forced anybody to do anything illegal. It is simply a presentation of what was happening, with other people.

    Moreover, the DDoS is not clearly illegal. It is legitimate for the actions of Anonymous, Vicious Man has even explained, the DDoS is a weapon of Anonymous, we do not hide behind phrases neutral.
    The law tells us to do what is written, not what is right.
  35. Dragononymous Member

    It's a site...
  36. Herro Member

    Hey dicknose, it's easy for you to say that shit when you don't own the website and you're not on the hook if the feds show up with subpoenas. So take your self righteous high school level bullshit elsewhere.
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  37. Anonymous Member

    LOL! "dicknose"!!
  38. Azote Member

    I never said it would be nice for owners of sites being attacked, but now it does not matter, we are talking about the actions of Anonymous, legitimate and thoughtful, and no silly games that would target anybody.

    I am not defending the reckless acts of "piracy". But there is another story.

    Myself I own a site. If the State considered this site as "dangerous", you think they would look at whether it's "nice"or not?
    Furthermore, we all know we are taking a risk by doing these "attacks", personally I take my responsibilities and I know what to expect.
  39. Anonymous Member

    is there not a topic change?

    anonymous try to take down US Chamber of Commerce

    but failed on an loadbalacer and a mail server how was shutdown
  40. Anonymous Member

    Actually, Anonymous succeeded.
    The website for US Chamber is hosted at Rackspace. This is very interesting because Rackspace’s TOS/AUP explicitly states if a DDOS attack occurs (inbound or outbound), they will suspend the user account, or even, remove the account from their system all together. That seems to have happened.
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