Anonymous takes on Maryville, MO for another rapey coverup

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by anon walker, Oct 14, 2013.

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    Anonymous, Maryville And The New Vigilantism | The Daily Beast

    How did Anonymous go from a group devoted to goofs like the rickroll to self-appointed victim's advocates in Maryville and Steubenville?

    By Jacob Siegel, October 19, 2013

    After helping, and botching the Steubenville rape case — drawing attention and outing villains, though not always the right ones — Anonymous is at it again, slaying demons in Maryville.

    Last two paragraphs:

    The greatest problem with Anonymous vigilantism is that they’re even less accountable than Batman, not only masked but formless. Where the law fails and authority abdicates its responsibility, there can be a case for vigilantism as a morally justified legal trespass. But the vigilante, to make that claim, must be his own moral agent willing to stand behind his appeal to justice.

    One way of understanding Anonymous’ evolution might be to recognize that in the quest to try everything, once they've arrived at the same conclusion as many other inveterate seekers, it gets lonely out there. So it’s best to focus on a few things you find gratifying and stick around long enough to reap the rewards. Somehow they have moved from hate talk to hunting haters, or at least those people they see as such.

    The two-page article is here:

    The author on Twitter:
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    Um, so ignoring rape is somehow ok because we wear masks?
    What a shithead.
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    He's making the mistake of assuming that it's all the same people. For starters.
    OTOH Daisy's article is awesome! Go, Daisy, go! We support you!
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    It's official!
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    Buckle your seatbelts, Barnett and Zech. It's going to be a bumpy ride.
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    She looks like a fantastic choice.
    Also if you go to the rally, please post photos!
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  11. Anonymous Member,0,4460082.story#axzz2iOwdGNZY
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  13. RAPE CULTURE is thriving in the Capital of the Confederacy at the UNIVERSITY of RICHMOND.

    I don't know how many rapes have been covered up, but I do know of at least one and I'm sure there are plenty more. A friend in one of my classes told me she had been raped by a football player but when she reported it to the administration they dismissed her complaint and no action was taken - sound familiar? Perhaps because they just built a huge multimillion dollar football stadium.

    This winking at sexual misconduct can also be seen in the tenured faculty when the former Dean of the Humanities (now a Psychology professor) was charged with sexual harassment and had to settle the case. Other faculty and administration helped to deflect repercussions and the offending Dean covered his settlement costs by eliminating two popular and successful teachers.

    Most recently, University of Richmond students started a "Richmond Confessions" Facebook page where I've seen several disturbing postings. The worst was by a new fraternity member who told of watching his frat brothers pour something into the drinks of girls who came to their parties - and to his credit, he expressed dismay.

    The University of Richmond is a very powerful presence in Richmond and hugely bankrolled by a bevy of wealthy donors. If they want to blacklist you from local employment, they can. Several years ago, a VCU student intern in the UR counseling program C.A.P.S. committed suicide and few on campus knew about it but the Director of the program was dismissed - what's up with that?

    There is a *warehouse* of skeletons at the University of Richmond and I'll bet ANONYMOUS can expose them. A hit like this to the university would do righteous damage to their slick PR campaigns that portray the campus as a progressive, diverse, and caring community - all of which is false.
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    Posted on tomorrow's rally FB event page.

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    Sadly, it probably actually isn't safe for them to attend.
    I hope people are peaceful. Looking forward to the photos.
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    That quote from originated from a pastebin of a letter written by Melinda Coleman to Anonymous. Here it is, in it's entirety:
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    According to the JusticeForDaisy fb page, people claiming to be Anonymous (but who obviously are NOT) have caused them trouble. This really pisses me off. I know anyone can claim to be an Anon but this is such obvious manipulation by people who support the rapists. ARRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!
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    Here is part of the live stream of the rally. Camera panning area before it begins shows many more than 70-80 people. Rally was reportedly peaceful, local police were polite, and more pictures to come. It was cold, windy, and many people were probably not able to get to Maryville after work in time for the rally. It's a small town out in the middle of nowhere. Plus, parking restrictions meant people had to walk quite a distance to get to the actual rally spot. Had it been held on a Saturday, I'd guess there would be many more attendees.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    A beautiful day.
    I am not meaning to be an asshole, but why the fuck did the organizers rely on a news channel for livestream? if they did not (and something got screwed up- okay then.)
    I am glad for what happened today- but before certain anons dis ky (you know who you are) maybe you should take a breath and appreciate.
    God Bless opmaryville, Daisy and Paige.
    (And if you don't care for the God bless them stuff, may peace and justice prevail.)
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    @courtneyscole Well done! Beneath you soft voice I heard strength.. … #justice4daisy #opmaryville #rapeculture
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  29. Anonymous Member

    can't figure that one out. imagine if steubenville only had live streamed from the local news. Sorry- that is today.
    Certain anons need to plan better.
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    Thanks for the updates and photos. Looks like a strong crowd!
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  31. [IMG]
    Washington Post
    Missouri town in uproar over teen sexual-assault case
    The Seattle Times - ‎10 minutes ago‎

    A rally showed support for a girl who said she was 14 when a popular 17-year-old boy gave her alcohol and sexually assaulted her in January 2012.
    Google News:
    Related Maryville » Missouri »
    Hundreds rally for Mo. teen in sex assault caseU.S. News & World Report
    Special prosecutor appointed in Missouri teen rape caseCNN
    Highly Cited:Fear and frustration engulf MaryvilleKansas City Star
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  33. Thanks so much for the links, Win!.

    Good discussion in the comments to the Kansas City Star 19 Oct article, which itself contains useful links to dox on the case.

    I can only applaud the newspaper investigation and the activists who pushed for the rally and the re-examination of the case, while appreciating their measured reactions to unfolding events.

    The harassment of the children, the firing of the mother from her job, and crucially, the burning down of her house, tells me at least that the good people of Maryville need to look at their own actions, and be held to account for them.
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    Ever consider for a moment they are trolls?
  36. Anonymous Member

    IMHO it's due to Anonymous actions.
    We scared the shit out of them by our part in Steubenville. The main stream protestors were awesome, but we doxxed the counterprotestors,
    Some businesses in town and a college are fighting a onslaught of bad internet reviews.
    It's harder to support a rapist after the girl has been left to die. This boy had an important family but was a small time criminal and probably not very popular in the town.
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  40. TMOT Member

    I agree. Apparently, RIce has made a statement that his change of mind (can hardly accuse him of having anything like a heart) was brought about by CNN's coverage. But we know who runs this - and why CNN covered it, for that matter!
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