Anonymous takes on Maryville, MO for another rapey coverup

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by anon walker, Oct 14, 2013.

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    What a load of CRAP! I guess being against rape is radical. Maybe in Maryville it is.
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    It's weird though, cause if the author was trolling, he (unfortunately seemed to win.)
    Too many outraged feminists (which will feed his sickness) posting.
    Not enough calling him out on the "I'd do better had I planned it" shit.
    Sad human being who probably will never see how ignorant he is. Just my opinion.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Well of course he could have done it better than a bunch of women! Sheesh.
  5. Anonymous Member

    He's just a troll sucking off of controversy. He doesn't win. And there is nothing wrong with outraged feminists.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    What would it make me if I wanted to hang these rapists by the nutsacks over a lit fire?

    Would I be an outraged feminist or a sick fuck (like usual)?
  7. Anonymous Member

    Depends on why you want to do it I suppose.
  8. System Member

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  9. Anonymous Member

    The kid who thought he got away with rape just hired himself an attorney from Kansas City to defend himself against the prosecutor and sex crimes task force from Kansas City.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Details or dox plox?
  11. System Member

    i sent an email to the Missouri Attorney General's Office last week here is there responce:

    Thank you for your recent correspondence relating to the criminal allegations of sexual assault/rape in Maryville. Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention.

    After the Nodaway County Prosecuting Attorney requested appointment of special prosecution, this office announced it stood ready to assist in reviewing the case. Subsequently, the court appointed Jackson County Prosecuting Attorney Jean Peters Baker as special prosecutor. We appreciate the court’s swift action to ensure that the case receives a thorough assessment and that appropriate action is taken.

    The input of sincere, involved citizens is vital to good government, and your comments and suggestions regarding the issues facing our state are always welcome.

    Please contact us anytime you believe we can be of service to you.

    Brenda Siegler
    Director, Constituent Services
    Missouri Attorney General's Office
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    HMMMMMMMMM, the site needs donations, i wonder how this stupid opinion will affect the incoming donations? Rape is never ok. I can not think of a religion that approves of it. I am pretty sure he offended people on the right as well as on the left.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Why does it need to be broke it down as feminists/ non-feminist? Does ensuring the safety of 51 percent of the human race constitute a radical agenda?

    No one should be raped, ever. Period. That certain agendas are pushed to excuse it should prove an interesting pattern to pursue via internet.
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    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Maryville Mo., teenager, who has been at the center of a rape case which made national headlines, was in a Kansas City hospital on Monday night after attempting to take her own life.
    Daisy Coleman is the teen who claimed to have been raped by two high school students when she was 14 years old. Her family has accused prosecutors of dismissing her claims.
    The rape accusations made by Daisy and her family subjected them to harassment from several Maryville community members, including both parents and students. The case eventually caught national attention.
    RELATED: Sexual assault case casts national spotlight on Maryville
    Melinda Coleman, who is the mother of Daisy Coleman, told FOX 4 that her daughter tried to take her own life Sunday evening.
    According to Melinda, Daisy had attended a party for about an hour Saturday night and had been attacked immediately afterward on a number of Twitter accounts. Melinda said her daughter is in stable condition at a children’s psychiatric hospital in Kansas City as of Monday night.
    A special prosecutor has been appointed to handle the new investigation.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Revelations are being made that Daisy Coleman, the girl at the center of the Maryville, Missouri rape allegations this past Sunday night attempted suicide.

    The attempt on her own life, tells the teenager’s mother, Melinda Coleman, purportedly came after Daisy’s friends went on to write ‘nasty’ messages in recent days to her daughter.

    Adding luster to the teen’s sour mood are assertions that hackivist group Anonymous ’dropping’ Daisy’s case after a recent incident this past Thanksgiving which saw Daisy Coleman being run off the road whilst driving.

    Told the mother via the UK’s dailymail late Monday: ‘They didn’t help with anything,’ as she went on to ask on Facebook where Anonymous were now.

    Reiterated Melinda Coleman: ‘They didn’t look up the license plate number of the person who ran my daughter off the road. They didn’t do anything to find the video (of the alleged rape), they didn’t do anything to the prosecutor, who I believe tampered with evidence.’

    ‘Now Daisy is being bullied on Facebook to the point that she tried to commit suicide last night and she’s in the hospital and they don’t know if she’s going to be OK.’

    Yet despite gaining media attention of her case late last year and bringing awareness of the harassment she and her family had endured, Daisy Coleman has once again tells the teenager’s mother come to be bullied again.

    Told Melinda Coleman: ‘She had been pretty good, when we were doing interviews and she felt like people were supporting her and honestly being in bigger cities where people were more open-minded it was helping her a lot.’

    ‘When we got back here where we had to be quiet, it became really, really hard. For both of us.’

    Melinda Coleman goes on to tell that this past Friday night, Daisy attended a party with a friend only to later arrive home to a stream of abuse on her Facebook page from two girls who she previously counted as friends.

    ‘I had let her go to a party with a friend, she was there for an hour and a half. Then she came home and saw Facebook. (One girl) decided to write something saying “you’re a fake and a phoney,” “you wanted it” and “you’re a slut” because she went to the party,’

    Another girl allegedly chimed in, calling Daisy a ‘hypocrite.’

    From there, Melinda Coleman went on to attacked the pair online, sparking a heated back-and-forth argument.

    ‘I was just really angry. I couldn’t believe these girls writing such horrible things to my daughter and defending it,’ she said.

    ‘She has been through so much and she has done so little. All the other kids are out partying and doing all this stuff and she isn’t, she’s at home with me all the time. The second they see her at a party for five minutes drinking a Redbull it’s all over Facebook and they’re tearing her to smithereens…

    ‘They just won’t leave her alone, Literally, I have a large grocery bag full of the messages that I’ve printed off Facebook. Full of them. F*** you comments, get out of town, all of it.’
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Is that really all that US law enforcement can offer?
  21. eddieVroom Member

    There's no money in it.
  22. Anonymous Member

    is it bad that I lol'd when the mom thought anons should be the one leading the charge to help again?

    "Told the mother via the UK’s dailymail late Monday: ‘They didn’t help with anything,’ as she went on to ask on Facebook where Anonymous were now.

    Reiterated Melinda Coleman: ‘They didn’t look up the license plate number of the person who ran my daughter off the road. They didn’t do anything to find the video (of the alleged rape), they didn’t do anything to the prosecutor, who I believe tampered with evidence.’"

    Lady Anonymous is not your personal police or investigative force. We made you a media whore, cause we felt like it, now we have moved on. We are not your white knight.
  23. Anonymous Member

    So, while I agree with you- fuck you.
    Fuck you for failing to see that this mother was hoping for the ky help. She doesn't get Anon. I kinda fogive her because her daughter was raped and there was no justice.
    NYPA? Yeah, ky is probably off to prison (who knows) and no one gave enough of a shit to bring great justice. She is pissed because her daughter deserves as much as the Steubenville victim.
    She does.
    Fuck you.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    She does - but IMO the mum is looking for Anonymous to do the job of law enforcement.

    (Her expectations of Anonymous are out of line with reality, unfortunately).

    She has been let down - by the police.
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  25. Barkingdog Member

    Yeah, but the whole reason Anon stepped in with Steubenville is because the police wouldn't do their damn jobs. That's why we stepped up. The mother is literally begging for help, she has nowhere else to turn. How much longer until that poor girl is beaten? Or raped again in retaliation?

    We have to step in and make them pay. If not us, who?
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  26. Barkingdog Member

    I know the Mom comes off as whiny, but who can blame her? She's been let down twice, first by the cops, and then by us. Anyone here who has connections to Ops needs to get them off their asses before Daisy Coleman is fucking killed.
  27. RavenEyes Member

    Anon DID step in, and there is now a well-respected prosecutor from Kansas City who is looking into the allegations of wrong-doing by law enforcement in Maryville. I know much about her, and she will get to the bottom of it, and will not be swayed by any good-ol'-boy politics. They brought attention to this matter, and that is a good thing. But, Anonymous is NOT law enforcement, and sometimes, whether one likes to admit it or not, LE and the court system might be the only ways to bring true justice to a situation like this, right or wrong.

    There are other groups in Kansas City (and Missouri), such as MOCSA (google it and look who's a member of the Board of Directors) who are also assisting in this situation. Justice will hopefully be served, although it may take more time than anyone deems appropriate, let alone desirable.

    That Daisy is now in Kansas City and receiving psychiatric help at a great facility is a very good thing, and it's too bad it took a third suicide attempt for her to get the kind of help she needs - and I have no idea what decisions were made, or why, for her not receive services prior to Sunday's attempt to end her life. The city has one of the most-comprehensive rape/sexual assault centers in the United States. I pray for her complete healing, and that she and her family relocate there sooner than later. (Her mother's initial intent was to move there once the new investigation phase was completed.)

    That Daisy remained on social media after the initial fall-out is what appears to have led to this most-recent suicide attempt. This is allegedly her third attempt at suicide, and there should have been people responsible for her care IRL who were advising her and helping her until she became more stable/recovered before she threw herself back in the lion's den of social media. She's a kid, and didn't (I believe) understand the ramifications of continuing to try to fight back online. Adults around her should have, though. She is very brave, but doesn't have the luxury of an adult brain/CNS to maybe make the best decisions for herself at this time.

    Former friends were able to continue to bully her online, as well as sick and/or evil trolls. Freedom of speech and all of that aside, in my humble opinion, it is safer (emotionally, if not physically) for her to distance herself as much as possible from the former friends (who are now instigators or at least participants, in the online bullying) and random internet trolls. The same goes for her mother. Many of the posts that were on FB pages prior to the suicide attempt have been deleted, but having seen some of them - neither Daisy nor her mother should be online right now while everything is so raw and while the investigation has moved directions and good, qualified people (seriously) are trying to sort it all out, and get to the bottom of the injustice. Mother and daughter attempting to fight back via social media set them both up for more trauma at this time, and Anonymous (more than anyone else) should know the damage that can be done online, including the baiting, triggering, etc.

    This is and isn't Steubenville. One of the key components of the success of the Steubenville situation is that there was a YT video that Anon discovered/found early on made by that idiot (who should've been prosecuted, in my opinion). I don't remember hearing that a similar video exists in Daisy's case, yet Daisy's mom in her rant was begging for one to be found. I also think it's wise for Anon to reflect on what KY is currently going through. Yes, it's easy to say he did something wrong, or blah blah blah you wouldn't have gotten caught/whatever. It's easy to say just about anything when you haven't been in someone's shoes. The justice - the real justice - in Steubenville happened once Anons backed off and let the Grand Jury do its thing. Adults were charged for obstructing justice. It sent a message to school districts and cities everywhere.

    Daisy's mom doesn't understand Anonymous. I also don't think she understands what is/can be done legally. She is grief-stricken, and rightly so, so she likely isn't thinking as coherently as a parent with a healthy, unraped child would be. In one article, she basically condemned Anonymous for not hacking into the prosecution's emails. You all KNOW that doing so would not help Daisy's situation or her case - and if you don't know it, you SHOULD know it. On her own, personal FB page, she doxed the minors she blames for bullying her daughter into this latest suicide attempted and invited people to basically attack those kids. That's illegal, and it can't serve Daisy's situation well at all.

    Bless all of you who are outraged at the Maryvilles and Steubenvilles and others like it. Help by getting laws changed, by getting good curriculum into the hands of kids, by paying attention to the true effects of cyberbullying on its victims, by volunteering at your local rape crisis centers, etc. Don't help by hacking or attacking or going after anyone. Please.

    It's hard enough to survive a rape and a heinous cyber attack.

    How do I know? I've personally experienced both.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    I can't blame Daisy's mother for being confused about Anonymous. In one breath we're all-powerful internet detectives and hackers, but the next we're just people talking shit online.

    Don't misunderstand me because I am in no way advocating anyone here should do anything illegal, but once you take that out of the equation, what much is left for Anonymous to do that couldn't be achieved by any other victim support group?

    Why didn't Daisy get better medical help sooner? I've seen Mrs. Coleman say she doesn't even know if medical insurance will cover the current bills.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    Not 'sometimes', always.

    Getting media attention. Anonymous is good at publicity, mostly.

    You are Anonymous - Anonymous is you. If you think that something needs to be done then it's up to you to do it.
  30. RavenEyes Member

    Note: The following information has nothing to do with Anonymous "re-engaging" an op or twittering campaign.

    There's a hearing today at 1:30 that is closed to the public. Following the hearing, Special State Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker will make an announcement regarding the case. There's been no definitive declaration as to what she will discuss, but there's anticipation in Missouri that she will announce whether there's enough evidence to move forward to prosecute.

    As for medical insurance issues, it is unlikely that Daisy's mom will need to worry about that. It makes for sensational journalism/parent hysteria, but there are many things in place in Kansas City and Missouri in general which make it almost a moot point.

    What concerns me is that this alleged rape happened almost two years ago, the child (yes, she's a child) has tried to commit suicide THREE times already (per her mother) in her young life, and she needs long-term help, healing, and for people in charge of her well-being to have not put her (or allowed her if it was her choice to go) on an interview junket and remain on social media until she was healed.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    What things? Genuine question, I'm not in the USA and not familiar with the system.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Social media keeps getting blamed but the fact is it was verbal attacks from people Daisy knew, and not anonymous strangers, which pushed her over the edge. I rage hard that anyone stoops to such a shitty level.

    I just hope Daisy's OK and recovers without any long-term damage.
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  33. Barkingdog Member

    I can barely install shareware, let alone publicly expose cyberbullies, or track down the scumbag who tried to run her over. My power is limited to writing angry letters to the authorities.

    I am no hacker, but I know some of you are and that you may be able to coordinate with Ops in ways that I can't.

    I am but one, but we are legion. I can't do it alone.
  34. The people she knows IRL are using social media to spew the hate and she IS getting attacked by "strangers" in comments all over - that is why social media is getting the focus. She wouldn't see the hateful things if she took a break from the online world for a bit, and she wouldn't be tempted to respond to them, which is she is doing online. They're baiting her. If she isn't around to take the bait, the damage caused by those losers wouldn't have any effect on her. They're not saying things to her face. They're cowards as are all cyberbullies.

    She needs to be better protected and, for now, that might mean she doesn't go online.
  35. Barkingdog Member

    She's probably using social media to bolster her spirits with the messages of support, and to keep from being lonely since she can't go out much with the PTSD.
  36. RavenEyes Member

    Your suggestions will fuck up her case. Her mom doxing the cyberbullies and asking people to help make them "famous" (her words) are not going to help her own daughter's case, either. Why don't you calm the fuck down and wait 4 whole hours to hear what the Special Prosecutor has to say.

    For the record, in Kansas City alone, there have been over 1500 REPORTED "Daisys" since she was allegedly raped two years ago. That is how many actually went to the hospital to get a rape kit/exam. Multiply that times 10 for a better number of the actual number of rapes of all ages (last report was 4 months old - 93 yrs old) in just ONE city (15,000), as most don't ever report or come forward. You want Anons to hack all of their cases, too? It's particularly special that you don't have the skills you think are needed so you try to PA those who do.

    This is a systemic problem, not a "one poor girl" issue. There shouldn't be a poster child for rape. There should be a united outrage at the number of people getting sexually assaulted (female AND male, of all ages), the very small number of rapists who actually get convicted, the even smaller number who spend time in prison for raping, and the antiquated (or lacking) sexual prevention and rape crisis resources available in this country. There's also the whole "recidivism" issue, too, because without proper consequences and significant treatment, rapists continue raping. It's rarely a one-time "Oops, I raped someone" event.

    You'd all be disgusted if you knew how many rapists don't ever enter a courtroom due to local politics, outdated laws, nepotism, etc. Maryville (and Steubenville) are just two tiny examples of a MASSIVE problem. Fix the problem, and don't hide behind the "I can barely download shareware" bullshit. There are many grassroots organizations who are legally and tirelessly trying to change the problem. They all could sure use the strength-in-numbers that Anon represents. Get involved. It likely means getting away from the computer, and it certainly doesn't involve hacking and other illegal shit. With the way the current laws are, there will be more KYs facing legal battles than the rapists themselves. I don't think that's what anyone wants...
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  37. RavenEyes Member

    Please don't talk about PTSD unless you, yourself, deal with it. You obviously don't know about the triggering effect that this OBVIOUSLY has caused her, based on her THREE suicide attempts. I know you mean well.

    Edit: If she wants to use FB to help with her loneliness, then she and her mom both need to make their accounts private, choose their FB friends wisely, etc. Both accounts are completely open, and anyone and everyone is able to spew whatever crap they want to because of that.
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  38. System Member

    easy on the PTSD comments i had it before it's not fun and it's serious
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