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Discussion in 'Production Studio' started by дпопумоцѕ, Jan 30, 2011.


Tell me what you guys think.

Love it. 18 vote(s) 43.9%
Like it. 14 vote(s) 34.1%
Dislike it. 8 vote(s) 19.5%
Hate it. 1 vote(s) 2.4%
  1. I just made this wallpaper. Simple, yet good looking. This particular one is for people with 1920x1080 monitors. If you would like a version of this picture for your monitor, tell me your screen resolution and I will format it for you.

  2. Perikles Member

    I prefer mine. Although we seem to share an aesthetic.

  3. Yours is nice too.
  4. Perikles Member

    It's stolen. But it does rock. As long as your hide desktop. :)
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  5. A Challenger Member

    Can i haz wallpaper thred?
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  6. ZeroC Member

    Mario style text in 2011.
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  7. WagTheWog Member

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  8. A Challenger Member

    man, greyscale that sh*t we ain't no at&t using orange
  9. Rockyj Member

    Can we add some tits on the suit?
    Come on at least one?
  10. Gotta stay with the classics
  11. Anonymous Member

    How's that Atari XL800?
  12. Kilia Member

    I used to have around 32 wallpapers on my website for Anonymous to download.
  13. What happened to them?
  14. Kilia Member

    A couple people complained that they were not good enough. I don't know if my posts on new wallpapers updates are still on here now. Will go look.
  15. Post a couple if you can in ITT.
  16. Kilia Member

  17. Kilia Member

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  18. I like them all. Except for the third. It doesn't go with the theme of Anonymous.
  19. Kilia Member

    Thanks for the info, anon. Much appreciated.

    EDIT: Have deleted the third one and uploaded another in it's place.
  20. WMAnon Member

    Two versions of the AnonStillAlive background:

    Uploaded with
  21. Durga Member

    All thumbnails link to the full size image over on image shack:
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  22. an0nim0uz Member

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  23. M4db0t Member

    a little creation of wallpaper from my desktop:
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  24. Dragononymous Member

    cup of wtf?
  25. M4db0t Member

    ??there's a problem? Don't understand!
    Sorry for my poor english..
    I post a bigger version:
  26. Nick_Nolte Member

    Sure is shitty in here....

    I can even see text thats either a website or copyright on the bottom left corner blurred out
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  27. Dragononymous Member

  28. M4db0t Member

    Nô blur, only pixels, i get the Background on the net & make other things myself...
    Thx for your comment... Anyway.
  29. Nick_Nolte Member

    I get stuff from the net too, but I actually take time and effort to make something worth sharing with others. Regardless, your background needs work and you do still have that text in the bottom.
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  30. M4db0t Member

    then i change background :) #\(..)/#
    here's another:
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  31. Dragononymous Member

    Don't you agree that that looks atleast a bit better than your previous?
  32. M4db0t Member

    Sure it's the same...concept...
  33. Nick_Nolte Member

    It's better.
  34. Dragononymous Member

  35. M4db0t Member

    a small variant of the last one:
  36. No_Name Member

    here's mine =]:
  37. Dragononymous Member

    What's with the LulzSec/AntiSec stuff lately?..
  38. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, I find the latest image to deviate from Neutral Chaos and arrive at an image of identity which is misleading.

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