Anonymous! What is Your Profession!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Grey Anon, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. Grey Anon Member

    Anonymous! What is Your Profession!

    Saw this video and thought "Hey what better way to explain Anonymous then to pull a 300?". I would encourage anyone and everyone to do this for the next protest or even take video from the current one then respond to this video!
  2. I am Anonymous, and I am an aspiring chef.
  3. Boyks Member

    Internet tech support and full time student studying electrical engineering. This sounds like a good idea actually.
  4. Anonpower Member

    Aspiring journalist currently in college.
  5. AnonymousCCCP Member

    I'm a porn star.
  6. I knew there was something about you.
  7. AnonymousCCCP Member

  8. Amomynous Member

    Professional Cupcake!!!

    That's like... so much win.
  9. Rumi Member

    Oh what the hell...

    I work retail at the moment for my main income, but hey I make $15.40 an hour so it ain't quite so bad. Also a stock investor and trying to get into real estate.
  10. Full-time student studying to be a forensic anthropologist!
  11. Currently a student, but will one day be an epidemiologist.
  12. Undergraduate student of psychology, and also tutor of the same subject at my university.
  13. Fry Member

    student, looking at a career in psychology. ^^

    By night however. ¬_¬
  14. anon78941 Member

    What this person just said. Only not the "A-Level student" part

  15. dawnanon Member

    Student, aspiring musician.
  16. I wonder what it means that so many of us our students.

    'nother one reporting in here. Graphic design.
  17. Anon3318 Member

    Artificial Intelligence/Robotics Engineer.
    ...And as a side note, a former hacker on steroids. Literally.
  18. UTANON Member

    Aspiring Novelist
  19. I am Anonymous, and I attend university studying the double majors of Law and Medical.

    And a Bachelor of Psychology. SCIENCE OF DEATH AMIRITE
  20. Casey Member

    I am Anonymous, and I am a student.
  21. I am Anonymous and I am a striking screenwriter
  22. I am NOT a scientologist

    and this is all that matters
  23. ballsy Member

    When someone asked this we all replied "WE ARE A LEGION WE DONT NOT FORGIVE WE DO NOT FORGET"
  24. AnonyTsunami Member

    I fix communication equipment.... I mean....

  25. Opacic Member

    Bachelor of Computer Science student.
  26. xenuftagn Member

    Graduate student, teaching assistant.

    I read a lot of psychoanalytic theory for my degree--I actually had "The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis" in my bag today while I was at the protest.
  27. Lazn0r Member

    Will you defend anon for free? :wbm:
  28. Lazy-ass law student here, I'm going to become an attorney just like mah idol phoenix wright
  29. Computer Science student... SECRET HAXXOR OMG NOOOO
  30. sagus Member

    aspiring lumberjack

    I mean information science student....yeah
  31. Network Admin/ Tech Support
  32. anonEmouser Member

    network engineer
  33. El Gato Member

    I am Anonymous, and I am an entertainer.
  34. Anonojester Member

    Aspiring Musician.
  35. rogue Member

  36. AnonNow Member

    Yeah, you ask this in London and you'd better have earplugs!
  37. Gulf war Vet, currently working for my state government.
  38. Helvetianon Member

    Multimedia Design Student and part-time illustrator
  39. NotAffiliated Member

    I won't say what I do (I don't want to give too much info out) but I am not a hacker.

    Let's just say I'm a concerned citizen.

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